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Jun 21, 2014|

Saturday June 21, 2014

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Following is a paid program the views or claims may or not necessarily those of WI OK staff management or sponsors and it's time for what are you really. Just don't you we do. -- in Atlanta on W lie okay. Morning. Good morning you. -- CNN -- we are alive today. And this beautiful Saturday morning. It's just so weird with headphones on now because he has not prudent you know what though it's a good thing about this -- I can still Wear my glasses on task ahead. Because they have those that's because someone. God's peace prize and the middle of the my headphone has been there that were just perfect perfect you yes. I thank you for those comfortable and there -- So it's a beautiful day in the neighborhood. We're doing -- around and around this week I know my. Probably Wednesday couple shout out some people -- And you and I. Were asked to -- I crystal lake hotel guests we laugh and we have very lovely time -- BS Wednesday evening. It was a very perfect night time and the food was excellent and so we want to little shout out to. Our friend not tell the very end crystal lake hotel guests and -- what a beautiful night it was. Tranquil and then with no humidity and hand the view was beautiful moon and the sun setting on the lake glistening. It's quite nice setting up a nice picture for you it was US open. And the food was just outstanding -- even my eight vegetarian -- yeah. Let's -- would mean most perfectly grilled vegetables -- it was great. Could I I had a -- was kind neat yes it was a love that. I'd like to -- first network immense talent OK I can get any money capers. I had -- -- -- well I'm sorry they're my favorite but -- they were good mentally good and everything PS and then dessert. It was a lemon it was key -- what he recognizes say it was a lemon Akeelah and it was weird though with psychic Kate key sort of Lindsay can't you -- your day to night. And then that blueberry compo. It's at least say was yeah hustle area actually -- yes they were tiny little hump. And it's always -- surprise the desert yes I would say it's always wonderful well yes we have fun and Petro -- in Napoli who. Do you enjoy lamb hit a wonderful time pump pump gas. He did indeed have traces -- -- -- I -- it science it is this one of those things you know lived it. You know it's there now so you might think about that you can tell I mean I've been married. Couple 23 but. -- Played Australia -- -- -- you forget but it's on its own ranks yeah you know it's out there and a beautiful summer night it was -- isn't great -- just can't. New -- and then. This is they're saying now now Friday. Yesterday I was -- mean hello we're really new news. Just moments -- that usually can't I now days that we're always talking at the end of yes so late yesterday. -- Friday evening. And I went to. The first time I was ever had bar Louie at Mohegan Sun -- And I was there for a kind of party some -- time. Acknowledging a wonderful event in their lives and -- group of people and we ordered from the menu. And it was a very interesting menu because it was mostly that kind of stuff that you would expect. At any good bar there was a lot of fried foods and stuff like that but it was it was really good it was a nice place. And less fair and then went to. -- -- Jim dandy net emissions -- out there and AJ bridges we can't JC bridges to listen to a friend of mine. In a group that he performs and it's called. And Nancy James. And it's just so and and it's a man that he's James and she's man they say okay what you think it's -- one person's name yes thank you Nancy James and. Sydney and it's not it is it yes -- -- now that's what's your last cent an hour now. I don't know her I know him. Okay that's the reason why I went to initiation -- that dark longhand. I wonder if it's the Franco Lucy's -- Contain him and I think that's a name Nancy. Anyway contact Susan my singer and he's. Singer guitarist candlelight goes Jimmy buffet style can impersonate. It was a crowd had known it was none unfortunately you know it's hard to keep people in Sinai it was an inside JJ says Louisiana summer night it's hard to -- outside. So it was nice to see some friends there and they'll miss us and and then of course I forgot where was I Friday afternoon. At Lakeland golf course. For the east saint Joe's ex Hillary -- turnaround time has sucked in around. Did you play or did you hang -- what what it's called playing. Well Fiat car because you don't know now I just kept whacking at the ball her but I -- Stiller really was a captain -- land yes another kind of and I can't hunt -- she clearly does next I can I don't even though I don't know how to miniature golf and I know that's -- -- -- -- -- thought that's what the miniature golf and came into effect is and I could putt. Well OK I couldn't handle under I thought -- putting I was really good and I -- so we did that. Then there are many women there and I met one of the other top 25. From this past year -- -- and Australia. From Sanofi Pasteur she was there. -- -- Martin can't former. Top 25. And I'm trying to think who else was -- that there was a six -- There were two sets -- threes. Robin's sister appreciate. And Duffy believes her last name. And Mary Bogart who is an engineering and -- O'Hara was also -- And that's that someone was this just yesterday. The -- now because I was going to say I -- Natalie earlier at the chamber yes joint board meeting prior to that okay. So this was -- come up hurry up and get up there because. But I didn't know was that there are different tee off times against us what you say. Because there was so many people who signed up two places tournament. And so. I was supposed to be I thought 2 o'clock so I was there for two but it wasn't -- straight. And then there are people that starter earlier. And people who were starting to play so we like our advertising for the hour than I did two season you were any good friend just look what I had no golf clubs. Now I thank you keep despair in your in your car. Ten inch you know when you chase like brown dogs or something hands racquets out tennis read all this draft -- that happened yes. And so it was a good it was so. Very much out there this week and week. Usually I'm pretty well yesterday in general just the whole day at a hotel it was is its ongoing campaign again I'm -- Yes and Patrick was actually called the whole time -- the whole time. Yes indeed. And I also want to say hi to his classmates. How are here this weekend. For the fiftieth. Class reunion. From the University of Scranton. Classes 64. Music is there a part can scenarios and is he going now where is it that the University of Scranton where else. That okay. Why not. Because sixteen for how many years 5050. 1964. Month. Fifty years of college. Wow -- yeah excellent time yeah. I was to break. Them. Yeah. And fill -- you do this -- yeah I mayhem. BM meeting kind of tweaking it and have a lot of time went out with samba last Monday night. We kid around and caller sounds just the board of directors of the board of directors and and it was there's six of us and that's. Tracy Doherty and best Hopkins. Friend to bestow -- Mary Kate Culkin. And -- were falcon McNulty. Who Patrick loves to say your name of ram and yours truly and we were at the pollen so we sat outside in them. -- back area and we have. A very good time we -- cut maybe once a coroner and to this we say a board meeting and we go out somewhere. And we wanted to be outside because it's just so pretty and nice. And so we had a great time laughed laughed and laughed talked talked talked. So we have a good time but other than that then I -- the third Tuesday night I was over at the am the I HM center. From my -- because. The -- HM. Committee is the deep. There's a group of people who are raising funds. For the I HM retirement fund for the sisters who have been sentenced a very big part of a lot of people's lives. And day not a Gil Martin had asked me to come on a Canadian help out and so Tuesday night we were over at the center and we were writing invitations for the event which will take place which I'll talk more about at a later date but it will take place on. August 9. At Mary what new appropriate isn't it. GM and I figured I now and they are just I have to tell you I was not I was not. I'm Catholic educated although you know church in catechism and -- and fun stuff. But I love to be around these sisters of course I then send my children to Catholic schools but I eat. Was not but I love them and I love because every time you see one you want and a non her sister and they just say. -- you know when they hang up what they talk to -- on the fun and I said to sister and Bob sex she the other day we spoke and she said. Got a black issue before we left I'm -- -- -- -- -- because they won't let me say that because I always feel a little more blessed that day when they say they're praying for you would act I just there's just a good feeling they are the greatest ladies. And damn well you just your friend's sister Mary Alice was a tackle and nose area and Jacqueline Hanna was there -- when most probably USA difference here. But it isn't just in the see her because she's always -- tonight caprice and I -- that the I still a sister Mary Ellis is a great gal she just he she is she's the best. And any time any of these. Nuns I just want them there and there's just such as soon in -- way about them then and maybe I can say that more because I didn't go to. Well. Look you know let let me give everybody -- he has not curious apprehensive -- stories you know. But that's not really I mean there -- wonderful so anyway that's coming up and that's. Going to be a good thing for them. And we'll see what happens and I'll give you more scope because that's also the same weeks as these I'm tenth annual Scranton jazz festival takes place. They moved to this week become this year to the second. Weekend -- I guess I really didn't mind but they had to because of the venue. And so it's now the eighth ninth and tenth and on the ninth that Saturday night. Manhattan Transfer is playing. Which is going to be really bake -- dreary why they -- it because of their best of -- and it wasn't the availability of it was the venue availability yet gratis and they had something huge happening and they just didn't. Couldn't give up the space because after remember. To get that thing ready. They have to black glass that pavilion in the back. Couple days in advance car wash it down you know power wash it and keep it. A no cars so that the senate can take place on Thursday it's just they have too many things gone and so was moved to the second weekend. So anyway that's going to be nice in and again it's the September 10 annual and everybody's excited about the -- hand transplant I think it's cool. So yeah plus -- stuff is happening coming up this summer of color it is power play. Is so yeah and then the rental we were writing invitations and that was when I was doing at TH and senate. And you know another big and just to give fresh out and dismiss sister -- a firefighter loved her so she's an electronic county commission for women bored with make. And I think it's just -- Their group of women board review I have a I have. You never -- I shouldn't be so that should have been good and I. Want to I had known everything out. King you're beginning CNN I'm sorry that this is too good yet now as this -- a time when people say. You know I was in Europe I was abroad for two weeks really how wasn't I -- Anyway we can take it really could take a quick break break and let's not if you're listening to Larry when shall be right back. It's Saturday morning -- Korean -- and now. -- -- Had no. Good morning -- good morning. And just may have been helpful with what it took only because I'm used to having them well now we were clapping away. Hello everyone you're listening to -- and Lynn show this Saturday morning and we our lives and -- he did indeed he did and I'm Larry cat. And the honor of Larry can enterprises which is a fundraising PI and special event business and you are. Lyn Evans. And I am the president and CEO of northeastern financial consultants. Where fee only financial planning firm in clarks summit. -- and. Right so we have some things talk about this morning we do and yeah I -- is -- Good numbers here we are I have to just tell you this before you start -- and my timing you know he as you know he will he work anyway yeah. He works for the gap as a senior analyst because he got promoted over a couple months ago. And the other night he called me. To tell me that he he moderated a panel discussion for any said Ford be our NIC did you say PR -- no big. -- beyond banana republic because they are -- by the gap. And he told me how he got to have that happen for you to do then he's told me but I it's too long and I don't know every detail. Anyway he I said how did you like it. He said mom I love doing an IC CS atomic keep doing those things could get a set yourself apart doing something else other than being a great. Analysts do we -- to something different. So I was -- as so anyway we talked about it and he was all excited to tell me that he did this so we hung up. And then late I was in bed and I heard my text collapse on them because texted me this hour so I looked and it was Tommy and there was a copy of an email. And site. Got up and I looked at and it was the president of the -- Jack Calhoun who sent to Tammy. An email at 833 that night after they finished the and California time and said. You know regarding thank you when you said time I want to thank you for -- that you do -- had to do and to make this happen. Maybe you have a career as a talk show hosts. Who. And the reason he -- -- of course is because he's thinking like. Hey you know I say we don't like it was so cute because he didn't put anything -- just. Sending that email I thought it. Isn't that cute because I know what he was thinking he's like man I think I believe Jeanne you know actually so we -- that -- So you I was so proud of my almighty god and -- and I mean it makes my car. -- And flake out or can't hear Gammons the next generation and but that was Q. -- well. June. So when you have to -- a couple things I was looking thinking about and probably we should during -- end. It is because they're relevant to many of our. Guest experts -- We'll drop followed today -- one was -- something that had to do list. People who sell there houses on short sales in the -- and we talked about that a couple times when. And he's our leader -- but it was when Jeff was here. And we talked about why that's not a bad thing if -- can get. The the mortgage holder to agree to do that and generally speaking here in good shape. But there was another little thing that happened that I don't know the people are aware of and unfortunately they're gonna find out about it the hard way. If they do the shorts else. And if it's. Let me just give an example because a lot of people may not understand what I'm talking about here but. Let's say that you decide that you wanna sell your house and your house is worth 250000. Dollars. And Europe. And so are your house is worth 200000 dollars and your mortgage balances 250000. Dollars on. -- he's still owe the bank 59 dollars technically so if you do short sale what -- saying is. The bank is willing to take the 200000. And forgives the 50000. That has worked fine because us all the problems we had since 2007. With the good work these debacles and blah blah blah. But the problem was that it that difference between. The amount of money used sold the house floor and what you -- the bank in this case that 50000 dollars. Was not considered to be income to you which under. Times the tax law it is. If you sell something for less than what you -- that difference is considered to be in -- even though you don't get it is considered to be her portables and come. And you have to pay ordinary income tax on the on December 31 of last year. That provision allowing you not to have to report that as income expired. So anyone who did a short sale from January 1 of this year Iran -- gonna have a very interesting. Message coming IRS. Stating that you know all you have. I guess the 1099 that they will send news with 50000 dollars of reportable income and you have to pay taxes on it. Why because that's what they're tax laws say anytime you sell something for less than a mortgage bets on -- alone on a you'll have to report their differences income. That's always been the case but in 2007. Think they came up with there's tax code that says those situations where they are short sales. People were not packs on the different. So what do you think is it with -- basically accountants should let them know these things before they do this I didn't I mean I'm an accountant slime I know when you knew nothing about that. Well that's what I'm saying this this is something people don't understand why it's considered bad it's it's being forgiven -- because there's still. That money that you had borrowed forgiven or not you should be if that should be. I don't get that well. I don't get it either it's not necessarily. I'm sure there's somebody. Up. In the tax and budget. Place would say deal with how this is why what is considering its -- capital gains now so what -- what what did you ordinary income ordinary income -- yes. So here's an example in this particular. Article that was written in June 15. There's -- a couple whose wife is expecting a baby -- -- in coming months and they face a difficult choice if he doesn't close on the short sale. He loses the opportunity to relieve his family a significant debt but if these cells and congress doesn't extend the law. He'll be hit with a tax bill that and no way could he afford he said. So it's what's holding it up. In the senate the finance committee approved reauthorization. Of the mortgage deadlock. As part of a larger extender package of tax benefits. But the actions stopped on the senate floor. When majority leader Harry Reid refused to allow an amendment that would have killed controversial 2.3 percent excise tax. -- medical devices. That's a funding source for it obamacare. And so if it's alt tab rolled into the same bill. So. What Reid said is that he's refusing to allow any votes on that. Before November because I could impact the election results. Because of obamacare. So the point is that in this case. They would 175000. Dollars -- have to report as income. Because even though they don't haven't even though they don't have it because that was the balance that was owed to the bank. And it will be a one lump -- bill because it's not included -- in their W two oil and everything Manning has ordinary income one lump sums it probably would push them up into another axis -- any meaning that could in Carmel where they are present tax bracket stuff is cleared tell. Yeah no I mean seriously you have people who think they're making so much when they're bumped up and it's not necessarily. It works well that way but well you never know I guess depending on how much -- short. Right so that's what I'm saying people should be talking to their CPA CPA definitely because. That's the only person you're gonna get that actual information from and get it correct and their their experts who can. Can legally tell you that staff. That's true. So Simon Says a word to the wise to remember is keep our eyes hanging out -- that because at this point you do not have that. That benefit that was there from 2007. So. Make sure and how likely is the IRS gonna get paid by some people who. Are selling short because they can't afford to live in the house how are they gonna pay that bill tell kind. I don't know but that the point is though -- put an Doug -- -- -- and -- they -- do all kinds we can't that's just crazy because in other words. -- at least you getting withholding and all that other stuff on your regular. In -- -- is just going to be lump move right out there. Yeah it's just throw ran into the pot. Lovely yeah maybe we should have we can talk to. And Jeff slash Anita and see if there's some info they can get on that made that that there again CPA by. -- checking out. -- but the thing is usually if they do pass something like that it's retroactive to the beginning of the year. But if they don't like he said he doesn't wanna do anything before November because it doesn't want to impact elections. It could happen in December. And then okay were -- for the year. Well that's always like this with anything now -- it well. Now because and then go off on their Christmas vacations and and -- intentionally not come back. Until after. Terms of the year so that happens so. But in any event that was one thing. So the other thing we wanted to talk about is what to Smart women do after divorce. We've talked so many times about how you're supposed to do things in preparation of divorce. And how you enacted during the phase of the divorce from the time that you actually filed till the time it's final and you have custody in all the other things. But rarely do we talk about what women do after the divorce don't get married again. That's a good hitters and that's good. This is an interesting take on is because I think isn't this really fascinating to see. How people perceive themselves and how they get through the transition have divorced. And and you just jump right in there any worry hold up thank you -- The first one she says -- -- -- why -- why am because I'm the resident divorcee. Did god put the foot put. I know well. I number one no more woe -- me now. Okay so are women make that mental shift from victim to survivor. And they take the necessary steps against their fully. I'm the one client summed up her recovery process I develop the strength and discipline to give my victim's feelings of a shelf life. And say to myself I'll get to feel sad tonight and then tomorrow it's back to business. An added benefit of taking this step is that you -- role model for your children especially her daughter. About how to recover from a life crisis and number two except the economic reality of divorce. This Mars women come to terms with the reduced lifestyle they have after divorce they reaffirm their priorities or commit to changing their lifestyle. They do not rely on their ex husband's. As there -- long term financial solution nor do they see finding another man as a solution. A lesser wealthier movie star your economic level will decrease as a result of divorce -- I don't agree with that may either but that's what does authors to allow us. The same income they used to run one households now running to. Women often don't get paid the same as -- these are all facts problems -- Number one makes up this reduction lifestyle I don't think you should never never okay if or when the time is right to make the decision to increase their earnings through their own means. Such is a better job. Increased hours or additional education and training. Yes yes and yes. I think this is probably. Referring to the first. Year after divorce when you're still trying to get your act struggling anti seminar actually struggled to young people get it to work guests and then you can. Go often do these wonderful things. Third thing is developing a ten year financial planning and I didn't write this so I'm not can take credit for this. Smart women take charge of their finances during and after divorce. They hire a financial planner or an accountant to review and organize their finances and map out spending in goals for the next decade -- Although daunting at first this stuff is immensely. Empowering. Looking at -- that the economic reality is a wake up call for most land one client said. I quickly saw that I need to be much more thoughtful about how I use my assets and how I spend when I'm getting in support. I'm now focused on my short term goals which is reducing my spending and finding ways to supplement my income. And my long term goals of getting the kids through college and saving enough to have which she calls a dignified life in later years. I feel more in charge of my future and less anxious as a result. And this one number four repeat after me -- I cannot change my ex. I love. Sued today is -- will join us today and to have a say in how you're XP days particularly related to kids that save yourself the struggle. It is strange way this step is about taking control of your inner life. By letting go of outside control and number five. Focus on the future -- -- growth and introspection. And build a relationship with yourself. Smart women channeled her energies post divorce into examining their life their goals -- mistakes. And how they can learn from the past this -- -- jumping into another serious relationship. They focus on their own life issues. They redefined their priorities and discover what's meaningful to them. They make sure fully into themselves as women whose identity is not tied. Into the role of mother or wife. What would be on your list for recovery. My -- Yeah I can jump into a new relationship -- after you give yourself a little of the time he's there's nothing wrong with that Lisa speaking from experience anyway. We'll be right back everybody you're listening live to the Larry lynch up. It's Saturday morning a little Korean -- and now. -- -- Could take me 10 good morning -- to tell my guys and my name right right. The first part of this as a right this second doesn't change it laid JK. Therefore staying up. Please please okay. I -- good morning my name is Linda Evans and the president and CEO of northeastern financial consultants. Where fee only financial planning firm clarks summit and -- and the owners like ten enterprises which is a fundraising appearance special event business. And we're here this morning -- resident guest. Expect. Doctor Barbara Tuchman we are going to be talking about some interesting things today doctor aren't we yes we are what are we talking about why -- we should talk about how. Do you proceeds -- -- -- yeah. Something that will. Affect all of us from absolutely. And since the sun is shining these stays in reminds me it's a good source of vitamin. Which helps keep our bones nice and strong I felt we should talk about the topic and see what other things we could utilize to keep our bones -- strong in this wonderful time of year. Does. It because I hear. Conflicting reports on message. -- think -- supplements of calcium and vitamin beer and every supposed to take with that is does that really work. So the whole issue of supplements on calcium. Has come under question in the past many years. We used to -- on all of our routine visits we would say you know make sure you're taking appropriate amounts of calcium and we did take. -- 12100 milligrams and get those calcium tablets we would recommend certain ones and and I think that what we're seeing is that we really don't need to supplement. So much of our calcium by pill form. What I would really like to see you do is eat your calcium. And you know I have some file give me some suggestions on ways to get your calcium that. I am much more of the Fuji about her kind of person where I say you know if you eat. A proper balanced diet time hopefully he'll get the amount of calcium in your foods. And then we need to absorb that digest and absorb that in a way that that is the better way to go. I'm there were some studies in the last -- several years that said that maybe too much calcium is bad for us. In pill form so we we really don't wanna be pushing the envelope when it comes to milligrams of calcium -- -- So what are things that people could eat that IR. -- -- about what is -- a power -- and I ask. Can't maybe some people aren't quite as aware of that -- you know -- our bones. You know it's over our allies they they -- model constantly so they're building up phoning tearing it down and re modeling that. And and up until about the time in my mid thirties you know it's grow bone grow bone growth bone but then after that time we end up breaking it down. And greater fashion than what we filled up. -- to a -- losing bone in our thirties. And so from then it's downhill slide. -- actually it's thought that approximately 44 million Americans are affected by these weakened bones. The fall into the category of osteoporosis. -- really sad part about that is that the risk that we take with weak bones is that. If we've all worked -- and injure our heat -- ourselves we can end up with a hip fracture. And there's hundreds of thousands of people every year that have hip fractures and here's where the real problem comes and a third of all the people that have a -- traction will actually die from the hip fracture. A third we'll have such a limited mobility that their lives will never be the same. And then the other third will have some form of them -- limit of inevitability but it they just will not be normal. And so. That -- that means that approximately one and two women in their lifetime will have a risk of a bone fracture because their bones have thinned to a point. That they're not supported anymore. So that's why I think it's really important you know my children often say to me when they CI a woman or even -- and with that hump on their -- Funny how did they get that way. Donna I recently we've seen just a couple people that there -- -- -- hump on their back is so bad they can't even look up anymore and it's so startling to my children to think. McCain fix that. And the idea is full maybe we could have prevented it and so that's really where my force comes and I know what it. Let me ask you one question about that I never understood this and I'm sure this is simple explanation. But we we talk a lot about elderly women who fall and break. I can't learn something some major bone. And they die from that I don't understand what's the relationship between breaking a bone. And dying how -- how they connect. Well you know the issue is it's such a look they're they're down in a limited position for so long did that it you know either they need to have it replaced and their risk of blood clots go up toward. They're health declined says they're laying in bed recuperating. Companies such a devastating blow to them that they just simply can't recover from that. Com so you know a bone healing it's hard to get back into the groove when they're you know year's peak condition so quickly when you're out flat on your back. Comes at some of these people men and women women yourself just cannot regain. That that level of ability anymore. I know some people can do beautifully with recovery and the and that. Pat -- but you know. I think -- because of the immobility I think they're afraid of what the pain may feel like to write to -- To try to recuperate and then rehabilitate. It's difficult in areas difficult and so you know who would who would be more at risk for osteoporosis. Well unfortunately it's. And then of course and on top of that. If you're a smoker or drinker or you eat you know the wrong foods meaning you know lots of carbohydrates lots of acidic foods things of that sort. You really are putting your be yourself at more risk. Naturally. Going through the change of life for menopause puts you at risk because estrogen is so important to keeping your bones strong. So you know we can see that there's all these different things that happened to us in life that just make a set higher risk for skin bones. And is it more true and women men and then it is greater in women than men but as I said men still getting -- -- occasional gentle rain that has -- the -- on his back. But it is much more common in women. So there's a tests that people may have already heard about you know -- the bone density study your accent is it is sometimes referred to. We're now there's something called he'll scanned or a pixie eastern hour. And you know which test do you qualify for really base is based on what your insurance company tells you. Not yet you know we love to say that everybody qualifies for bone density study by and it's a traditional X ray model. But that's not the case. So if -- to talk about your Texas scan which is currently still recommended it every two years even though they tried to. Extend that sound you know the government always likes to step in and say well maybe it's not necessary but. Currently it's still approximately every two years you're getting your bone density. And what you do is you end up with. Two scores on your test so they'll do a little X ray of your elbow. -- or your wrist area they'll do it a viewer I'm -- upper leg and your hip. Area and lower spine and they look at these areas in the they compare them to help feed twenty year old to see how much have you lost since your -- the age of twenty. They also compare you two other women in your age group. To get to scores one injured T score which compares you to be healthy twenty year olds and the other is -- Z score which compares you to women in your own age group. Most of what we talked back and forth in the opposite the -- score that we look at answered your T score is less than one. Your healthy normal bone strength. Anywhere from one to 2.5. We have bone thinning or that favorite word Bastille Piniella. And anything greater than 2.5. Is considered in the osteoporosis. Range. And so when you get a number assigned to you you know where you are in your come -- now the -- mosque and then that numbers compared to. Over the every other other year study to see if you're doing well or not doing well. So when people come in the wind you see your patience. And that. How do you -- then recommend these tests to them to when they see -- year earlier -- and then every other year doing it -- does that work yes we do we try to keep track of when they've had their last bone density study to make sure that we're changing them out there slipped to go scheduled -- next -- at the appropriate time frame and is that covered by insurance -- Most of the time yes I looked at as I said some people are now saying won't you don't qualify Fred Jackson scanned -- you might qualify for the he'll ultrasound is your screening test car. And then you put your little its foot and that little boot it is an ultrasound so I'm. Not test result comes back is -- you at risk or not if that test where abnormal than insurance companies would pay for the full blown -- on Texas scanned. So then what can people do go to increase there. Two DRE necessary guaranteed -- -- their chances so you know as I said before we talk about the foods and things that are most important and it really what it comes down to was the apps in the absolute minerals. That that create bone calcium being the biggest one. But the other ones are magnesium. Manganese. Boron. Strong TM all names that you know I'm not I -- rolling off my tire easily. But the environment or get a vitamin. KE. Claiming -- to comment of course are vitamin CN RBs. Come and so what you can do to try to increase those types of vitamins. You can eat foods that are good for calcium such as green leafy vegetables. Here we are summertime near perfect great teachers salads with the darker greens. Not necessarily the iceberg that the darker greens that tales the collared sound that Collard greens almost in spinach is a fast and I'll ask -- Is that I have -- broccoli is another one of those generate foods I'm nuts and seeds. Because they're anti inflammatory nature so anyone. I don't know we have. -- fish and flax seed great sources of calcium. They also can make you increase more of the calcium to your eating from your green leafy vegetables so you throw in some flax seed. The fruits of course are citrus fruits are tomatoes this time of year. Raspberry is cantaloupe all of those things help us -- and I accident levels which deep crease again inflammation. I'm even be adding some black pepper to your favorite salad will help with things. Saint Patrick take that can't -- black pepper love it. So you know let I opened the topic and corn on my staff and Patrick -- sending out attacking should -- -- -- I'm not a black pepper it's good for I think it's really any -- So vitamin. You know the unfortunate part is vitamin. And and quite honestly I'm not gonna suggest you that you run right out in the sunshine today without your -- again and of course to many but some black on you no longer absorb your vitamin. And the amount you need is really based on your blood tests and so you should ask your physician to check a blood test. To make sure you're getting the right amount to keep your bones nice and strong. And you know of course I'm all about balancing hormones -- and I. I'm telling you that estrogen is one of the most important hormones and so I'm here is say you know make sure your hormones -- as balanced as they can be. I won't ever start you on estrogen just for the sake of keeping your bones strong. But if you're already on and we wanna make sure that your you know getting an adequate amount. And if someone wanted to reach. You and heck you could help them at this time they do that -- -- at my office numbers 5703449997. And any email address the -- doctor Barbara Tuchman dot com is my website and you can reach me through backs him we can't thank you very much. So leave your leafy green vegetables and wonderful as true son again everybody have a great weekend we'll see is still. Beaten safe and being nice mom and I.