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Kathleen McGuigan, Scranton School Board President, and Corbett

Jun 25, 2014|

Kathleen McGuigan, Scranton School Board President, talks to Corbett about the school board and superintendent

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Canceling the Morgan thanks for taking time to talk with us today sure. So when you went home last night and fought through one had just happened. What are your feelings. Well. -- can explain how that's feeling because it's broken. And he. Students to discuss and school districts and the administrator that we just -- -- And it that they were forced street crime because they were unable to do their jobs. Due to board -- parent. One -- prepared you statement. What what. -- what. What made you sit down and write out a statement with these thoughts and feelings what what what was going through your mind when you decided to do that one did you decide to do that. A little -- Probably very anxious. -- the meeting would call will air on Monday night. We -- we found out from the -- secretary that stricter true. We're undercutting and then recapture the special meeting didn't even -- Let me know it and now. Taylor wanting to call a meeting. Town then you know I do wish to go to will be loud popping public speculation that troop. Plus eight not -- -- proprietary curriculum and instruction. And to provide serve elementary education. We choose to leave. I think it's significant to know. That both obese people. Are good and mean deficient truly are -- culture and nick and mr. Medina case still. Being a homeowner in the area. Com general. Take a job in an area that got lucky this year the live event -- -- and that's. And -- Troy Cooley in this case to take a significant -- car. -- -- -- -- -- it does but I think what what she what's even more striking is the fact that. Bill King does not seem to have a job to go to he's resigning. From a big salary position. He's he's a living in all the always going to be -- -- as for want of a better word a consultant. He's -- a -- in -- 46000 dollars severance pay one year's salary and then be paid in 2000 dollars a month after. He is officially retired I talk to people today and they just don't understand -- I know -- -- personal issue but what can you tell us about that arrangement. Yeah well I'm the two men in search king. Your I should get the contract they were to be -- -- try out earlier. And floated on enthusiastically. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And should change. The mood crushed her like you live election have decided not to contract. Can tune to the detriment of scooter differently. Our stats and you know we will pay attention. We will play whoever country and assistant superintendent. Why won't be paying king. -- I'm not working. And there is discussion. About who might fill king shoes I'm already heard names thrown around. It actually means chair. Of the board meeting did not pan. Any discussion can. The men are born Mountain State -- don't understand that there are only burden under the board room. And that's what. Upsets me as a as a Scranton resident of Scranton taxpayer. Heard names -- I've heard names. But in the official capacity of discussing. A replacement. Hasn't taken place so in the minds of a lot of people. If it turns out that that did a name that we've heard floated. Burns up -- the replacement. People what do you think that the fix is end and that's part of what you were dressing. In your statement when when you want this so called majority how did you like that. I am enjoying I don't know the majority think you are discussing -- we are facing this majority. Our board members. Where -- day one day create themselves as this block room granite. That is gonna call all the shots. Not their discretion. I would think it can't happen to talk to me I don't like to meet and I don't know Clinton support. I doubt it actually want it to the people who can -- and the district two -- low income up -- I don't remember when you did that there was there was this revolution that seemed to come about. I sure as the accusation your making you you you -- -- number and then I believe that it's important that the accusations. Continue to be brought forward that light continues to be shined on them. Anyway the you can ask for. An audit and investigation inquiry we know now that there are issues of of health coverage. For former employees we don't really even seemed to know who might be getting health coverage that they're not entitled to. Is there any way that you can ask for an investigation into all of this. And it's not been on the health coverage and I'm being done by. Hello can control and collection include. I would just -- searching and then match that would include east end. Just got pregnant and very give anybody. Who is getting in China it is an -- go through it. I'm actually got a shot any new this is not -- -- I -- and we're waiting to hear from her on -- Do you believe. That there is a reason to suspect criminal behavior among your colleagues on the board. -- -- -- showed that it's criminal behavior. -- Again. These Croatian and certainly coordinate their bigotry and thanks. You know -- well. -- Stuart -- content of the boardroom. And so in the director's meeting with the administrator in the kitchen. And all of this. If there -- women become an issue. You're -- your statement accused the school board member -- one of nepotism I was interested in seeing in the paper today. That keyboard recently hot. Why are doing wrong ones first cousin. As a clerk. We sure did not abstain or even reveal the relationship. As required by the district's anti nepotism policy how did you find out about that hiring and the fact that we're one. Voted for her own cause. -- are actually from. Her. But I didn't know rich Hewlett a relic champ I want to ask that you get huge disappointment and director while Mitch can listen to at least get an entry. For example. That. Not illegal I mean you actually have a board rule we have been trying to conclude from -- -- played well. Criminal behavior but certainly it's -- protection Carolina and you can include members and I support. No absolutely not and you also accused side to Lockheed of pressuring their school principals to buy textbooks -- weren't needed. When the teacher said that they were not put abuse why did that. -- And why he stated publicly that she wanted the book collection. -- because if you -- the actual. And found -- millionaire isn't disconnect it and change the curriculum isn't sort should be. She's actually from both true and curriculum. And the south peace and. And let the curriculum and let's kick up shelter will be -- -- from an English technology coming true. Well -- didn't -- how we can cops put out. We can't get a lot of. The -- should not -- to find the wage true. I'm glad I'm. Now ocean and the curriculum so that it. Mean there are brought. This followed the company would do well when you can't call -- -- -- school districts. This book that they would probably -- -- -- meaning the bill first and -- valued at somebody structured thirty years older more. So so when this issue of books first came up I was somebody who couldn't understand why students didn't have books but it's it's not because. They wouldn't have more oxygen because they wouldn't have books that were updated or that they didn't need because of other kinds of technology now that might take the place of the of the printed page. Iraq connect to Turkoglu hurt I'm -- women in this from cricket ground. Farm so. -- and inflammation. I get -- day and did he actually implement. She. Claimed her -- -- the board meeting at which you wouldn't teach her. It was hard tasks can order the book and combat. Certain import tries to blame this. The superintendent for because I still can't get -- -- superintendent can ask what -- fighting broke. We have so I'm. But this program will change. The country and need this many blocks the country the orders. And and the superintendent had no I know during the talks with the -- of problem that is called -- superintendent. Depiction children from the abrupt. Because we're no longer using them because they were -- and out of state. So as of right now there's there's very little that the average taxpayer can do or is there something that apparel. Parents and taxpayers can do to demand more accountability which it seems. Is why you're the man they. Hulu. Demand more accountability -- we can't compete Canadian every school district. You can be -- to join them if you look at -- new record you can launch the PTA. What's happening in the school. A good way to control the public can get into the school. -- -- -- I don't know what I I didn't know that and I remember when the mold issue a press god. Exploded a lot of people got very interest and as they well should have I believe it's time. Two address the mold that calls itself the majority on the Scranton school board. Neutral explode these people who are very simple on -- a car. -- hope that behaviors. And. And I completely agree with you I think that you're doing the right thing I think you need backup be needed the support. From PPL -- you need to support from people in the community or paying taxes. And that's pretty much what we need to. Focus on what we need to do if there if there's one last point you'd like to make what -- decaf Wayne McGregor and. It's virtually certain to -- make change for the better it's. Essentially keep moving and director actions makes about. Makes perfect sense to me it's common sense and that's the best sense. School board president counseling a wait and -- time thank you.