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6-25-14 KAREL MOVIE 2

Jun 26, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Hey it's Carroll's through Chris -- on history literally on a movie set in downtown -- -- I am so excited to be on the set -- the -- -- trust me. It's being produced by local film producer Chris that's -- we got checked the army is on the set. Making sure everybody is well taken care with direction and ladders and -- Yes it's an independent. Film right now and and we're going to us -- minutes of the festivals and September deadline for Sundance are gonna trying to finish by September and hopefully get picked up by major. Studio I -- the production designer so we're responsible for everything. That you see on the screen other than the actors -- the wardrobe we are simulating the exterior of the New York City banks that Charlie our main character works. And you know we we saw this -- good as the revolving doors in the front sets back a little bit. And keeping all the shots fight. -- is perfect for New York City. That puts a big sign that the shot always seen this building and shot. And at that plays which is a rock band from the area. It's basically their music that's in the movie so a couple of bad these are in the film we filmed here for about three and a half weeks prior. And today we're just doing -- three days this week we were uses some local people in the film as -- being a busy New York City street. So -- people walking around in the background and it's fun. Paint this Carol I'll -- -- street.