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6-25-14 KAREL MOVIE 1

Jun 26, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Hey it's -- to Chris -- on the streets literally on a movie set in downtown -- -- I am so excited to be on the set at them because trust me. And I have. A member of the bad -- was also an extra on the set his name is Ron Szymanczyk tell you what your role in this movie -- Okay in this movie Chris let's go used to manage the bad news -- and he wrote a movie. Loosely that's part of the base in the badly so I actually today. Drums in the badly so I played drums in the fictitious knows fictitious fictitious band in the movie. We renamed it the damsel so I'm a drummer and advances in the movie and. Investor day and Vanessa what is your role in this movie trust me -- named Rachel life playing -- in and out and I'd say it I guess. I. -- -- characters are very closely connected and I are excited about it. And being in this world. He had gray and you know leave we should have shot some of this -- previously -- -- receipts now on. Looks very which I learn is the way to say it -- looks very -- There. Not bar. Let's bury her to looks very OK so it's very it's like a prison that is like a fruit or like an animal never replace you going and entering. Paint this Carol I'll see him. --