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Andrew Staub Interview

Jun 25, 2014|

WILK's L.A. Tarone speaks with Andrew Staub from the PA Independent.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

At 738 just that thinking in the embrace coming people who may have been listening to be in 1985. Hot -- years later I'm still. God there's like a lion on it is Andrew's body on the outlander of course because he's a work in the US citizens boys in town. He is now would be Pennsylvania independently Saudi about the online publication over and over again as one might. Daily stops and now we have Andrew geared to -- talk about BS story. Not any product yesterday about the budgets and now what. What happened in an Israeli and a first of all thanks for being here tonight. So it totals 29 point one billion dollars. Got the nod from the House Appropriations. Committee and as our candidate that house floor is that about right. Actually -- former house floor a couple hours ago yeah. So they actually days they had the vote today you have the person that came around the House Appropriations Committee yesterday as a person that they -- on the house floor today. I it was a vote of a 10293. I'm mostly along party lines. And how I read. Your story they are you there are a lot of gas is on revenue here including. A reliance. On this day all of the liquor stores. To fun this budget how realistic is that. Well I think it's definitely a risky proposition at this point and announced partially because they're counting on. Pair of 380. Million dollars in revenue. Bad -- you know. Did and fortified right now that this state how Smart about what a privatization last year. But the states senate hasn't pastors and other maturity on track at least you know right now capacity or -- If you are a country in the cart before the horse period thank you almost 380 million dollars. -- isn't that the -- you just use that term risky now this is coming off. -- year where in my estimation and I think revenue figures were a little inflated last year I mean Arizona's line items are calling for 4% increases. I in revenue I'm like wow where is that coming from and we've got a budget hole. -- just seems like a very big chance to take tipped pass. A budget that 380 million dollars isn't a lot but it's. Fairly significant in you're counting on that from Symbian is nowhere near a done deal. Brave and I ethical thing to remember though is that while this might have been voted on how today. It's probably far from what the final products going to look like. I even the house appropriations chairman and has stayed out represented employees Madoff was was pretty. Very confident that this is going to be changed in the states haven't somehow both have very safe Ornette. Over there YouTube might see something like separate fact from natural gas -- and you know I think maybe this -- privatization doesn't make it through. So we don't. You'll you'll probably see this sub budget bill changeover in the -- and then even governor corporate probably half has failed has failed. The death row a couple of things here this is quite a bit different from the governor's original proposal was in its first -- I mean the governors is a little -- was 29 points to work 29 point three billion. Yeah yeah the governor's proposal back in February I think at about 350 million dollars more than just spending plan. His -- are a lot has changed since then I have had several straight months worst state revenues have come in lower than they estimated. They ended -- DO CNN changing financial picture. How what are the big difference is right now from what corporate I was back in February 1000 proved to be. Education funding corporate wanted to. You know pretty substantial amount. Education funding put in their -- block grant program for forty million dollars. How that didn't make it -- in the house budget instead they're looking at -- a hundred million dollar increase but only seventy million of that is actually going toward via. The basic education education company that we don't have an impact on the classroom. It's odd because I -- his original proposal I believe was twelve billion dollars overall -- education and about five point seven basic and findings of this one those numbers a little bit smaller. Yeah that the house bill is suddenly you have more modest increases to education. I have to give a lot of democratic lawmakers that are you haranguing that point they think it's not nearly enough help these struggling school districts. Well that's that puts the governor underdog position because he's you know he's getting hammered for par on call cutting education. Went -- he never cut education he's actually increase of finding about what should have via. Stimulus out that -- Rendell spent on education. And if by -- budget -- looks anything like this one becomes law. He's gonna have to defend a quote unquote education spending -- because. The final version will have increased. This sounds so ridiculous that increase education funding just not to the original proposal is that right I mean. It's bizarre but. I think corporate has been encountered opposition for a long time and that. They don't lose a lot of money in federal stimulus status that expired for education. So while you know he's getting hammered for cutting education is trying to point out that sustainable fish you know billion dollars. -- finally had expired but he sort of still lost I guess he's the argument there is seen -- you know even if you have both sides are a little bit right. People are seeing customer our terms or higher property tax bills down they're they're buying any of this idea that it now. Education funding is not where it needs to be. Wow I've seen the property tax increases in the school district Thailand then and now when the governor -- that I blame the local school board -- that the way -- -- money. I'll -- you mentioned the magic word that the magic words that there are many people. Are under the belief that this is the magic panacea if we just enact. Even a 5%. Extraction. Tax. All our funding problems will go away bottom Aaland -- the -- revenue estimates I've seen are that 5%. What call about. 500. Million dollars I mean that substantial. But that's only 200 million dollars more. The -- -- already guessed from the gas industry under act thirteen. Right I think that there are some Democrats who wanna put. Severance tax on top of the impact -- -- see all. -- effectively at least you know that's what senator Jay cost says the democratic minority leader has has today. How they were looking you know potentially. But I can move to on top of each other they begin a little bit more revenues that way. I and I would be. Probably pretty close at 800 million dollars then you run the risk in the gas drilling industry saying okay we're gonna operate what we have open but not the money anymore. -- you know it's kind of day at the age old argument we've heard here in Pennsylvania dedicated tax the gas industry. They're gonna leave. I don't the first tried to get people as they all the resources are here so they got -- day. So it coming you know it's such a lot of the same old same mold that we've heard over the severance tax debate. Right sort of a chicken NEA. Tom -- One place where Pennsylvania has gotten hammered wins in a row and hit yeah I would say hammered within the last. Close do we year has been gaining revenue. I is down. -- it is likely to continue going down New York State is ready to open casinos I know there under consideration in West Virginia. We took a lot of our gaming revenue from Atlantic City. Other states are now jumping and what about gaming revenue how much does that count and on the balance this budget. Well I've -- -- -- -- county North County budget I mean there was some talk. Earlier this this spring you know about the possibility of online gambling and looking up back then they had some hearings on it and comedians about it but. That's really kind of died down I haven't heard a whole lot about that right now but doesn't look like they're going to be. Looking that way for revenue. If they did you know that come output. I'm pretty quick plan to do it that are too much time left. And clear if the -- any consideration and I'd just heard a little wishful thinking here -- -- about sports betting. Odds are alike Montana and Delaware -- -- you can forget as a gonna happen in Pennsylvania because New Jersey just lost a Supreme Court case the other day about that itself. -- -- gaming revenue down. Has there been and I guess at this point I'm trying to get several legislators on this program and -- well we can't now until the budget sandalwood and the budget sales are running -- -- I'll push to out of the out of the picture. For the gaming revenue gone down a lot of that was pig for a special projects to seek the -- cap program. -- hasn't been much discussion about what might. Be able to get done on what may be. You can get and and his property tax going to be effect property tax relief gonna be affected because gaming revenue is down. I haven't heard anything like that but it's also comes and I haven't really been looking you right now I know I've -- kind of leg. On the same page I -- -- the lawmakers have been finding that are following this state. Right and Harris now appear by independent fiscal officer and 570 million dollars in the red at the end of the fiscal year that is as of midnight. July 1 stats we have had is the gas yesterday is that an optimistic or pessimistic view gonna be a lot more than that. I think it's. Kind of on track for what people thought earlier probably a little bit. You know worse than than people expected but it is it's not been. I guess I'm surprised -- disappointed we did have several months of declining revenue goals through -- that it -- surprise I think people military deal went. Back up to how wild the missile I remember last right Eric on last year at this time to talk about the budget and that were like projections. Of several different line items. Where in the revenue department expected increases of like 4%. And it's criminal and some of them stand. Gee where -- why. I don't really get an opinion or Arafat there's been much discussion is on Capitol Hill. Is it. That the administration. Over estimated the amount of revenue we receive it would receive in this coming year. And is now reaping the the the negative result of that. Well I I think a lot of people probably overestimated -- against the administration overestimated. DIF file which is you know this kind of independent group that's going to look at from its finances I also felt they overestimated as well. I'm very they came out this year might have been somewhat of an anomaly are expecting maybe some some rebound -- -- -- that. I'm I'm I'm sure there are open for that -- I mean yeah when you look at unemployment figure is. The metropolitan areas listed do each month by the ad Department of Labor and industry leading unemployment rates are all now what went wrong. Well today there was some federal tax for change I think that when no effect in 2013 and I'm. -- not sure of all the each Obama but that was one thing that they I have so far it has. You know something that that contributed to this where I guess you know come after the war actually hated. Earlier than anticipated. Saying get fat that benefits this year that was one of the reasons that they had. Has played it. How likely is any form of a severance tax and is it likely to be only 5% there's anybody looking at rob McCord 10% saying hey that might be a pretty good idea. I don't think it was chasing along the lines as of 10% I've heard you know around 5%. I think there probably is so -- some momentum behind it we've been hearing that for a couple months now that. You know more more lawmakers are more more Republicans are starting get behind that -- and how often in the senate -- I think you'll probably see a serious discussion about that at some point. In the next couple of days it's. Is it seems -- poll. Severance tax or at least. Not immediately dismissing severance tax comments from. Republicans are coming mainly from the senate like -- -- IG paid it someway some lip service is that accurate are my part or -- just looking at the wrong comments. While I'm not sure exactly recover from. You know we've we've heard a kind of all around us from some Republicans about how. You know that there's some momentum toward an effort from -- a few people in the states senate to do. You know Johnny -- Jack it up there hell no because there's some. Do -- I think you've been behind some list pushed too tough on the democratic side but I do think we've seen sort of you know building momentum for the. Next stop is the senate Appropriations Committee is that right. I I think that's where we go next time I'm not entirely sure I am still working for my story click the -- up to figure out where that is going to. Chances are low budget being in place by July 1 it seems a -- kind of slam. I had saved it might be slim I'm -- because you have some time off schedule and enjoy life and I'd like -- -- for July 4. But it's populated stuff from heavy lifting to do there's still the other possibility of pension reform out there. Governor says he wants back on before he considers new revenue helped -- how serious is going to be about pushing for that it's not included in the -- The final budget they can't stand himself I think they felt a lot of work to do it very very good chance so we're going beyond the deadline this year. Is there any chance this is like what was the year there Wendy Rendell weren't real long 2008 I think that was in 2007. Ran all the way to September is that likely happening and. -- and that was 2009. When I'm pretty pretty deep into the you know. September and October -- I don't think we're initiate things like that this year I think that he did how did you really can't act. Creating considering it's the Republican governor Republican -- as a public and now. I think coat so eventually get to something I think you know I think -- played -- like a couple days away. Okay well that's completely we can certainly survive that are right Andrew is not from the Pennsylvania independent. Has always reject the -- paper every morning we'll look for your story tomorrow on what happened today in a very not reading the -- may be independent you should be its PH. Independent dot com and I thank my shot thanks -- -- -- again hurt yeah.