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Jun 29, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

What little kitty it's -- on the street -- -- K and I met Karr recently taught in a vote about. Boating and water safety awareness. -- -- haven't but I just noticed you with your dog. I know she had a like this server on your happy tell me about it. I it's great farms that we can get an and app that they're easy. It's not as much on and then when he gets tired he's. Has you know -- device and then we can pick him up with the handle and come back and vote. The -- -- now not yet it's what entries -- Go out on the water below the water it's. Most of the time it's beautiful there it's relaxing. We've been honestly before -- hearing -- nature you see here there's -- I'm here with Robert. -- -- -- -- -- -- commander of the US Coast Guard and Hillary Clinton boating safety class all about voting safely one of the most important things on a boat it is you are. Personal flotation device were like Jack in his life jacket commonly caller right thumb yet they're required by the state laws to have one for every person that's on the boat and they need to be properly sized. For the person talk about they have to be readily accessible so that they can grab them that they have to in the water they Campion the package. Sealed underneath the boat somewhere -- can't get them so obviously there for your safety. You Wear your life preserver when you're out honestly now. Now but we have come on board system should have been. How about you do you have a certificate -- not a NATO boatmen's. OK so what's your job and about what is your predominant role. As many -- as possible look seriously -- patch -- for that wasn't driving. There have -- him. Hey this Carol I'll see you on the street. Were.