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Lou Barletta Interview

Jun 30, 2014|

L.A. Tarone's latest interview with Congressman Lou Barletta.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I seven's money -- I'm very happy and pleased Italian on the news trigger line is eleven district congressman Lou Bartlett out. And Lou good evening thank you for being here I couldn't make hero press conference this morning but you had. Some expose him shall we call them charger is Zorro. Whatever they had this this morning. Well there -- some of my frustration. Came out we -- fruit trees and you know each seem very. Closely. The issue that I was dealing with carrier enable and empower every time somebody a Washington. What talked about. Not amnesty you're way to citizenship. Or refuse to enforce immigration laws while our borders are open. You know I mean there was an invitation for trouble and arbitration for people to come to the United States illegally -- senate through the legal process. And you know would it -- humanitarian crisis right now very silent. It's a very large job crowd -- Bob miner is not at the border and when it started. I talked about Imus program boy it is kind of odd that a bunch of by ten year old and I realize not all number ten year old some of the -- 1617. Years old and members and MS thirteen a whatever is on scene there. -- pictures and videos on television emanating from that area even -- the national media hasn't covered. That's all these Gonzales I just woke up and -- -- go to the United States today. Think it's and so alive you know about. You know leader Massoud a record number you know where he grew up good numbers unaccompanied children you know are -- of a larger number one -- Iran animator and how these children. We've also been changed to President Obama. Past is poultry which is called balk at deferred action for children and basically. What that. What that policy is is that you -- he warmup we will mark Porter and each show any Meyer. Who have been here for at least seven years. Probably would to what values that law enforcement can't. Investigate whether or not a person who actually telling the truth so basically it's just think you know our. So decree passed into space since that time and then -- call after -- -- was passed. Only thirteen and number shut up over thirty some thousand children. And now or of course mr. Johnson has bristled over -- 112 room. I'm told I'm told something -- found. Now I I think he said that right now were already. Act or above 60000. -- is yes I don't know what is it five weeks six weeks since the the biggest. Rush began. That's right and and -- -- public hearing what's secretary Johnson. I took issue. Oh with the fact that the administration is acting so there's been. There are also saying that goes zero to -- Often do they can the president just recently met with president of Mexico. Joseph Biden just recently. Went to Central America to look popular government fairest to. I haven't been blues trio participated in trying to stop this from happening again I -- a little our fire recourse for information. That the department of -- weren't security without. I'm not a request a proposal for any contractors sure chaperones. Who wanted to go look for the government to four approximately 65000. Unaccompanied children. Who live in January. I was OK you just answered my very next question I was gonna raise -- actually heard that in an NPR story over this weekend. That our Freedom of Information Act found a request for proposals. For transportation. Service is dated in January. Not to transport approximately 60000. Miners around the United States. How does that jibe with G were so surprised this just started out of no where. Troy at what they're absolutely been there I have I held -- in my -- it's. I'd like question the secretary and then you have a -- -- question I had left after that is why are we why are they acting surprised now. One you know why are we not prepared for a former Homeland Security what is what's created the bad things from happening before they happened in the if we knew that they were going to be at least 65000 unaccompanied children of all we wouldn't elaborate. Somebody did he and VHS they want when we Paraguay earlier way to rehab. Facilities itself to reduce a bit about why do we cut for the president of Mexico and Honduras and El Salvador Guatemala. Then there -- what point are we going to make them responsible how long has now become America's problem. To further add to the intrigue I suppose I also heard a story our members on NPR's someplace else about a purchase order. Her request for a purchase order for underwear opt to side is five acts. God that's not the nine year old kid. No it's not. LA very very very anywhere from five to seventeen years old and no one really knows the proper -- do so slow. Well many of their young adults serve and small children. But the problem the problem if yours is right now. That our Border Patrol so busy. -- early running daycare centers are babysitting changing diapers warming formula. Half of that nobody watching the store. And very easy for the drug cartel -- -- world. -- gang members and -- -- and terrorists. Pretty easily enter the United States whether -- not. You know this serves anyone's plan to create this -- -- certainly you have an opportunity and and that's -- bad people look -- they look for opportunities. Cartoon -- get into the country and international security problem we should -- -- National -- well on -- border right now. You know somebody needs help while our Border Patrol babysitter. Well I I don't know if you got to hear the -- president this afternoon he talked about he didn't necessarily say the National Guard. Along the border but he said he was going to issue an executive order. This kind of innocuous and actually it doesn't sound like a bad idea you may think differently however about sending every available personnel. -- To the border on number one did you hear the president this afternoon and number two any moved into -- you want to hazard a guess there's so whom he was talking about. Well I I I I did hear LA and you know I was sort of heard that in February when they don't succeed try a thousand kids were common. You know talk is cheap and you know I I really do believe purposes and took our first. That's something -- needed to be done but that's. Too late but some perhaps the leader right now of the continued -- -- this -- and and then we go back to the countries that are involved grant -- the president has sent numerous times in the past week that you know. Don't send your families here are your children here. We're gonna deport them -- the truth fares there are hearing and Homeland Security. Very cute children have been sent back. Although -- feel the sound bites. You know make you feel like we're gonna do something like I have very little -- were actually planning on going yeah. Well I did that again today among the sound by side you lose this afternoon. On the -- president's speech was him saying I've told them don't -- and we will send you back. What the numbers show is that actually happening you just made reference to now that it isn't. And then -- very very pure are actually being sent back they are I. As. He correctly. Identified you don't want to -- -- and they're really is that our responsibility to our -- children and then try to play well. He's somewhat -- profound remembered or somewhere in the United States -- -- -- children and young adults. -- Ronaldo that's right small children. This problem tomorrow have been sent. From those countries but I would have been called for body territory here many board here here illegally. Now bringing their children here. You know what he would -- again in the direction universe to create another problem but you know our -- what we -- -- are these children. Number one -- -- all concerned that that exists not only court for the children themselves but for anyone who comes in contact Kurt. Is what Google -- come -- contact and not even know what. And who returned the children over tour are we doing background check all them. The political will be taken custody of these children do we know looked good family or family member or both -- That's taking these children. But do we know anything about them whether or not certain third child predators or whether it was you know anything about them book and these children in more arm. Then they may already have been him. That that kind of answers my next question I was gonna ask when there is no family or when there are no family members. In the United States we can't readily find them -- whom are we turning them over so obviously that question is yet to be answered. Don't try to question -- no for an answer or when I go down to the border how far our face there as well as you know the broad brush all concerns trump. That we also have they begin could transport. Obese children because membership numbers that are amassing. The border. Whether or not he's reportedly transporting Christian these children to communities around the country be blue. Everyone has been screened. I am here so that's should be a concern of everyone. Well I I notice ending this actually has been happening nobody else had really reported on this solo we did. During my tenure at W while landed there were a number of diseases -- just about wiped out in this country. Then all of a sudden I made a big come back tuberculosis. Is among them shag is diseases and number mum. And in this case I saw a story it was from a questionable source I grant eras from Bob bright -- But. They had a reporter or an editorialists when every wise. On scene and he was saying that Colorado. And and and some of those diseases. Are very calm and among this. This rush. I'll miners. Who have I hit the -- border. DD UN any confirmation of battery any reason to suggest that it's true. What what what we do know there's certain units its former -- you much reassurance how. Well release information that not go 100 children were racially hospitalized with throw what why and slow I saw that. And matter and according to Border Patrol of four -- agent. How protester part of notre for inspection would still -- -- and Charlie. Great trip there are saying so much Jason that there are seeing. With. With Leo pretty miner Terry Erick tuberculosis chicken -- gave these. In Swine Flu or -- ten dollars. You know again you know that he it's an extra 48 to 72 hours worked -- also pressed. To come back so we transporting children around the country -- all we know there are certain. Tomorrow you know what would what is called cut pensions -- as well poster drug cartel were ordered. He really the human trapped her current tour making a million dollars in their -- -- -- are there out there making 7500 dollars for trial that's what. Or a child and mother built with a child and look for 75 under or just the child. A drug cartels. You know the Lugar to notice is very good program. Right now. As well or those who you know we don't know if it's -- what what gang members are able to come in and he noted these are not just small children. Oh cool cooler air and they're not always separate everyone. Aren't quite going to be doing in the cold background checks -- I don't know -- you can. Well -- make reference to the money that is being paid smugglers I have a four page eighteen story here. Odd that details and sending around someone named Gladys -- more right. And -- her believes that if she got her fourteen year old son here that he would be allowed in the United States and he paid a Smart and she paid a smuggler. Between six and 7000 dollars -- get them here south Iannetta has been reported by mainstream more news organizations just what you sad grow. Opened up their airfare are very. So we do we do know for a fact and we do know that you know it's -- human traffickers that are. That are transporting. But you know the -- and over a thousand miles -- impact. Still questions that come in my mind there's you know there's no -- American merit now later on current. Aren't there in prison in Mexico or Europe for a few months now that 65000. Children give. Across Mexico they have some caucus immigration laws and our other guests how this happened and how how -- however -- -- -- gets so many. People across their country illegally into the United States. If -- absolutely is -- cool lots of issues here well. One of the most intriguing ones always talked about Mexican immigration on this program often in the four and a half years I'm here in Mexico is. As a much harsher immigration policy. I'm in the United States dies you can be jailed you can be turned around and and send back on the spots. How are they getting across Mexico southern border to get to the border with the United States I mean it that's. Well look it's a thousand miles from her nose hair and so because they don't sort of -- who who argued. -- that it wasn't our President Obama does talk a policy move. That should not deporting children. That. Wasn't saying all these children that one time to her country the United States that they were simply -- because of the violence. In the senate armed or Guatemala I have return calls the door and I don't doubt that that is the case with some -- I I can't recollect -- hear this dismount from pilot upturn. Here in the last few months. That are creating all these people from -- -- to the United States in the -- running sixty. Isn't there anywhere in Mexico that would be a safe haven. Why come a thousand miles and risk their life -- -- this children are being sexually abuse along the way by the traffickers themselves learn. You know everything bad that you can imagine happening with some of the people who work part transporting these stronger and all happening. So why would you come to the United States that it's not for the street ignore the primaries so. -- -- what they thought they were going to get when they got to be if he regarded here because of our lack of a four month old immigration law. I ask you about another bombshell new dropped today he said the you have evidence and apparently you've seen these zoning application of a group known as the US committee for refugees and immigrants. Would like to turn out more apparently are applying to turn the old album on hotel. On -- -- and not church street Denver those not familiar with his arms and this is sort of like hazel this version of the hotels sterling. -- into. What is improper termer refugee camp Joker -- tanker. How how the first of all this is what I -- say and write and secondly how how did you confirm that. Well let's -- committee for refugees and immigrants. And I confirmed -- I did talk to us city official look -- for mayor -- -- they want what I learned over column. So you know -- will not go there wasn't looking who -- control group that you know I just out on the street. And not you that's concealed for a could do an immigrant church very Europe. Comparable. Organization that's what some place sentiment in my press conference let's spots from shall. Only organization and -- -- -- trade so probably lyrics financial players. Four refugees -- -- and immigrants from -- No doubt that's what to do so it's because it's not that this organization and so. A contradiction you get older and they can sound good but the problem. That nobody. You would prefer wonder how are you know shouldn't. Should not be something that's made public before. -- beforehand then what -- screenings are going to be done what kind of concerns are worked out and get a true that's. If there can be any cost for the local community. You know you all -- pulling. -- walked out towards schooling and open area and already facing overcrowded conditions you know what -- be responsible for real well aren't a lot of questions. It's -- moving people around the country. Now you're mayor when mince acquisition mad billion and other problems and some from back from all the -- so called dobbs gone there's one guy held up -- number -- -- convenience stores after getting out than. There are always people escaping from -- that got the BA colossal pain. And the worst thing was -- new insect this city didn't really have much control over it because it is it as they -- contract would be. Unified judicial system and that contract called for state police oversight. -- -- we had very little control over -- -- and number really it there are a lot of problems and I hear no there there are so many unknowns about. About you know what will happen if consist critic turned into one another shoulder and I don't think federal government Lew -- He you don't should be transporting the children around the country you have control. Until the question burnt Serwer risk Troy there for the communities. Are prohibit people from other children love. A problem. Some background checks -- -- that we're not transporting any anyone who may be atrocious -- any kind of guy and Kurt I. Or any any culture and won't easily eventually go where they can't -- and the in the Altamont building -- -- you know what's the plan. For the children in the future and and they don't try to that it's up for your children -- well prepared to. Communities -- look confront this problem what kind of a mile away and I'm now finding out that it's it's true right in your backyard. Not I I got a feeling -- proposal's gonna have a problem in front of the zoning hearing board when it that deals with and I believe is next Thursday that -- Zoning hearing board means. Let me ask you a and old were all philosophical. Question you kind of answered these before but let me give it to you this way. That people eat then the people -- supportive. Of the miners. People who work underneath the United States they will tell you block. Aren't we supposed to be a humane country. Aren't we supposed to take care of people who are in need this is a country of immigrants what's wrong with accepting. This group of miners even if it's a rather large group and integrating them in this society. Well that's all we are the most compassionate country on the planet there's no question about that we also. Have the most generous immigration. How -- it's all -- no other country. Allows more. Immigrants each and then the United States goes and you know compassion these do start at home no way or more entry almost. Americans United States -- market about 81 entry almost full sweep under the bird somewhere. And I think that's a crying -- for a for a country as great as America and yes it's so heartbreaking. Situation but we are creating this. Humanitarian. Crisis. And now acting like it becomes. You know we've created dysentery and -- somehow we're responsible how. Of course pollinate that local we're witnessing right now -- you know I think we need to take care of there are many exploding -- American pair of home. -- it is very sad when you see a situation like this. I don't believe we should Archie couldn't put a man or woman who'd been asleep on the sidewalk tonight because I because group or another another terrible situation that we created ourselves. Kind of his -- that's a Gallup poll last week got a majority and a confront me here and I -- an overwhelming majority says. We want less immigration not more. Well there's been times when 100 women and so it's good news sent. You know there's another big consideration of scaling back the numbers are giving no new immigrants and and out of work Americans a better opportunity in a better chance to look at the job and I wanted to demand you're gonna make more money there and get paid. Higher wages and I you know he's sort of can control. And that would be. What people cannot. The good people can do any opportunities they can't cannot play it by -- Controlling them. That bringing in millions of more people I don't think -- to be -- -- you came here -- -- went to a natural relations ceremony just a few weeks ago and there were about five people from Greece -- countries and -- to me about -- harder -- to become -- American center that -- -- -- they have their life. Are complete now all America -- -- club took them. Who went through this process screw. Obey and respect American -- to -- now somehow treat them opportunities. -- in and -- and American tough century and that's what we do every time we reward people who. One would jump -- why and then and then there are coming and then there you know were they -- -- Most problems. Are and the people are hurt the most are the people who need the most help. I'll one final question while you're -- on the border on Thursday. I am a local border were having their hearing. Oh on homeland security and you know we expect to our tour -- go to the facility attribute children -- Border Patrol Procter -- officials there or not. Where I'm gonna get a lot of truck question ventured out I want to know. Well from our own government why they don't deal. So whether or not they feel that I do that the United States are welcome become complicit with the drug I. What would the cartel and human traffickers when we are completing that deal. -- that brings a lot of money could be human traffickers who are putting these children in danger and bringing them air you don't reward bad behavior bar area. You know saying you don't like -- but yet you know would would not -- and they can metropolis. Not till Collison must only a final when he got back telling indeed air. How different their current ROL when they ruled Liberia we're going to be touring in the morning Larry Arial in the afternoon and off all of trying to not been compiled. Heights congressman Lamar a lot of thanks very much variety of us and not good -- thank you.