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Karel Farmers MKT 1

Jul 2, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- on the street at the 41 annual farmer's market. Usual sights here that we have a lot of -- here tell me about the beekeepers daughter -- you do. We are honey producers to be happy and -- -- you know local property here today to the community. -- business it's really -- it's really get. It's hard to make the money. I'm well it's it's time consuming you get down. Actually there when -- those beekeeper outfits with the -- in the netting on it know what we do we have failed and things like that out in some putts but not use -- bodies it. What if Tyson is viewed it comes down to the. Farmers market today my have a lot -- producer like to sell and there's a lot of great customers down and looks very. I think the weather was mr. did it affect your crop at all. Yes and no we're kind of slow start to the outside. When I do want to work recovering some stuff up but luckily we we have greenhouse so that put us ahead. About the offer me the farmer's market is really the start of the summer season but I got so fresh hill -- -- to handle -- and also some -- let -- which is actually incredible. That's a great thing for me keeps me healthy during the summer looks a little bit invasive. Hey this Carol I'll see you. The street.