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7-2-14 Karel on the Street MKT / Fireworks 2

Jul 2, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Pete Carroll on the street nine at the 41 annual harvest a market kids what did you like about today to eat anything yet. Now what you wanna eat pizza and pizza -- what about -- That's irrelevant and good girl. You know pink cheeks which your favorite thing about coming to the farmer's market -- get this you know up close down about you get at night. All daddy he's pulled up the wallet now he public you all the markets. Does everything that they have offered see what's available. Nice to bring the Stanley down it's great to get super you know in the fourth of July. The fourth of July mean to you and X. There is the things. That I hang in any kids -- free. -- -- America. Right it was signed the declaration of independence and now I forget George Washington thank fashion he. It's not Nicolas Cage it's not Jefferson ex head Abdullah. What that's all I'm actually getting together from my house I didn't pool party. Celebrating in putting off some of the low level fireworks to a -- towards the city rules if paint this it's Carol I'll see. Street.