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Jun 28, 2014|

Saturday June 28, 2014

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The following is a paid program the views or claims -- -- not necessarily those of WYOK. Staff management or sponsors. It's time for -- and -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And good morning good morning how are you today I am well Mario just wonderful thank you could. And for having wonderful time now since we're officially in the first week of summer. These days quick tip from ray yeah it's great -- throw. What was hot the last couple days I know humid high paying now for -- but not nearly ninety degrees that's coming up I think next week. I could handle it went in the eighties but. Ninety's. And now I wanna go somewhere north make it stick I am. Anyway let's go and underworld -- boys home now. I'm Sean will be home next week has for the fourth of -- that yeah -- couple days you mentioned happy about ten now Tommy will not be home until enough October. Com. Yeah and may -- scratched my message very you know. But he's he's good he's good -- So I think going on the world events and planning. I am. No I mean -- -- just it was an idea what TC EMC's ball is coming up in October but of course we had a meeting this week so. That's always a great time this year it's at Mohegan Sun. As far as as the new coach can learn -- -- to a hotel good. Which is beautiful man so that's eight April October 18 from the sixth annual. I don't last year it was a blast and hopefully this year will be as. It's now bigger because they can hold a lot of people how many people live holds. I think said it's between seven and an 800 I think it's huge too big place. Twelve of the last one I went to was probably the second one agent and other with the bath yeah yeah and that was that. But the woodlands. And yes that had at least 500 people. I cannot believe how much to us how much support they get. And where does -- street that they got their accreditation. It is on the street but it's not official what else on the street Canton street. Which is wonderful for them yeah -- and it makes it. It's wonderful event all they struggled to achieve now it actually means something yes they got -- premature of those that make a difference. And the thing is that it's right here and our own Netherlands -- just a wonderful thing. So I also wanted to talk to about a couple things happening. With Shakespeare. Yeah summer festival this year first is a hell layer yes. Caribbean -- Miss adventure not adventure about a misadventure under the stars and what they're romp of mistaken identity. Practical jokes swooning cook -- serenade instead. And a masquerading. Gender bending heroin William Shakespeare's -- twelfth night yeah. Running from July 3 eleven through the thirteenth. July 11 through the thirteenth and eighteenth through the twentieth as they -- park in Scranton which is always a fun time. And if you think you know the story of Cinderella Pinocchio and Peter Pan think again Lan and then a couple. Fairy cakes a world premiere written back and written and directed. By F five time Tony award nominee Douglas Carter -- We'll keep you on the edge of your seats wondering what can happen next. In the University of Scranton to royal theatre and that's where it'll happen. On July 25 and 26 in Scranton Pennsylvania. And finally if you want. Boring stay away. This Xperia what's being facetious I -- expected -- this experience the cause immense joy. Oh yeah -- -- and a compulsion to spontaneously. Say. A lot of not all -- do you guys become sure with the very model of a modern major general. And the pirate king at the University of Scranton to royal theatre once again presenting the classical -- musical guests when it is. Send -- The Pirates of Penzance on August. I'm from August -- August 8 through the -- excuse me. All shows that they just talked about are free to the public -- free to the public thanks to grants and many opportunities they're getting to put the sun. For more information you can contact 5706143313. Or visit WWW. Scranton Shakespeare festival -- -- for more info so do it because it's a great -- I think this is the third year. And it is free of the public and both all of these will be a great time for also gone CM. Have a question that maybe you don't know my main map and go hand. I've often thought about going to some of those. Outdoor in the park Kenya and which migrate it to people sit in chairs as they set knowing how to keep food on the people who bring the car cart. Yep triggered all the car. -- -- think you are eight people bring I'm. Blank hits yeah -- all of those people and they have this summer the Sunday I and the I think the Wednesday night -- -- Music series add to the park. People bring everything sit in Poland a pickup truck and sit in the back of their truck come in their car. The lawn chairs anything like beach chairs anything people bring go to -- blankets and a little picnic. And it just depends on if you want them you know be with some pants or just stuck in the bluff above the -- that'll be crying at times. You know one time my mother -- and I was a little girl she was put me outside and it got my grandmother's house later this year and I had a diaper and I she -- to put me and I'm an ant mound and -- were actually canceled my diaper. That could explain a lot I -- this. Week. You need. Tanzania and poorly yeah how do we know -- I told I don't remember I just had a baby but my mother told me. That's been very bad news for me. Because I was kind of child that you could put out in a mud puddle and I would come out with a white dress and -- come out clean because I can't stand I'm still like -- I Ellington I never listened to monitor playing the -- man that. Somebody in most of the wonderful family photo I know I'm FaceBook isn't -- -- -- what I hope. That was your sister that our Hydro -- that was on your mother's lap yes she was brand -- in my -- I was right in the middle my grandmother cabin was holding me I had I was the most adorable on an -- now. Again I have no hair and big green eyes and it's. You know affairs -- and I'm gonna like -- like China and my name MMI dad's mom who I look. Just like it's holding me okay and as a matter of fact I saw the other night I had seen that picture before a bad name my cousin named Adam gets. Every old photo imaginable -- palace and I love to see them. And when I saw what I showed -- the picture I kind of crap to me and I you could see was like the bottom part of my grandmother's face and Meyerson who is holding you know. I said my grandmother he said oh my god she looks just like them. Bottom part which is exactly right because that's the part from the top of the nose down -- looked more like my father yes you know so that's. Funny because he looked just like his mom but it's spooky when you look at her and well it was interesting photo because I was trying to figure out I'll use my father was in -- he was sitting I stayed behind my mom Michelle and my mom had viruses that we had that was 19620. Okay 'cause I was a year old embargo was just born found unconscious. I was a great photo now I -- yes it was everything she does get there at the best so tell -- I must say. And we had to you know because my dad has such a big family there -- twenty. He'll try any of us first cousins -- -- doesn't seem like allowed some of these big you know I now have the cameras but that was pretty big for us and done. We are used to get together on Friday and Sunday nights of my grandmothers and watch lassie milk. And Easter crowded today and we would just -- -- there's also a good one out there with a bunch of us on the couch -- and then I'm sitting at one side and and this pretty yellow dress son and white little black shoes and white sacks and for one reason one -- -- -- and the only over here and the photo was taken I'm like really really. CSMC get chastise -- I'm getting like a lottery says like relating to sell anyway. That was the usual yet so yeah they're and I love to look back and those kind of things -- -- good good flicks yes. So bring your blanket and go to the Shakespeare's so festival I think I'd rather have those we have those so when it comes stadium chairs. That's folder open not pump and they're made of canvas and they have little places -- between your drinks again who knows perfectly. Sort of in your case your vodka bottle yeah why are you yeah well Patrick it's -- -- -- yeah it couldn't have would definitely be. It's nice to be outside and I love and either listen to music or watch a play or do you know anything baseball any of those outdoor activities that you can do and relax. In this beautiful weather is good Andrea nice tree. It's great that we have the whether he did this John Huntsman makes us crazy that's what people of Florida -- I know because the weather's so nice all the time about your favorite came from -- do you want him feel the same my great guests at the and people since it's so hot in the summer months well OK so you just put the air conditioning and it's no different than we have to be inside and that's. In the cold well at least when you walk outside it's not freezing. True. So well how the story today out boy oh boy let's do that one. And chairman now. Meredith is a woman in her early sixties who has worked all her life since she graduated from college with a degree in business. Back in the day -- many options for women as to which college degree they would choose. Teaching nursing her business. Meredith fashioned a career -- -- saying what's her original employer for over 35 years until she was old enough to retire at 62. For years of experience -- her salary entitle her to a traditional pension benefits. Which took care fixed monthly income for life it was close to 70%. Of her last year's salary. That's an -- well into retirement but she soon realized she was bored to tears. She had managed to save quite a lot of money over the years and treated her nieces and nephews well. There are now graduated from college moved away from their jobs and we're establishing families of their own they no longer needed her. The organizations. She was so passionately involved in a while she was working. We're now run by a nose in another generation. And did not need her to provide guidance -- computer programs and apps. Gave them a wealth of information she had no access to show. She was feeling useless and irrelevant until she came to see me we talked about her passions and her interest in life. I ask your question. What -- causes -- issues in the world when she loved to see resolved before she left the planet. She sat back and really thought about that after some reflection she said very clearly. I like to and the childhood hunger in this country and I wanna give them a safe place to go after school. With that information we delved into the Internet sites that match up volunteers for both of those causes. And armed with that she contacted two organizations which required her to visit. Inner city faith based agencies. That offered after school mentoring children. She then raced out to a local volunteer group from her united way to -- groups have provided lunches to children during the school year and during the summer. She decide to do both. The inner city agencies gave -- different perspective on life and she enjoys their relationships she has with two of the children. They've grown to include after school trips to museums. Concerts and picnic lunches. The local agency concern outlets have packed nutritious brown bag lunches for the local schoolchildren. Hope she does not me -- feels blessed to have contributed both time and money to ending this problem. Her life and retirement is full -- Alex. Forward again now and then every day the end of. That was a good thing and well and I was fun it was fun to see somebody connect and have a sense of purpose in life. And I'm finding -- a lot more baby boomers are looking exactly for that. Some way to contribute that's where their energies make a difference from. And unfortunately. We don't have too much encouragement to do that during the course -- lifetime. More like work work work and then I'm okay now value final now. But then it went -- well I was really happy to see here she's like a new person. When you do these stories you tell people that you're going to talk about -- you know. Now because I changed the names I don't know are innocent -- all dancing and to protect on the other her distinguishing. Factors are slightly to the site at least you -- I left it still is the idea is says it's still gets the point across. And that's what I. That's why do so there are a lot of the moment website to find a way. Lessons -- -- today announced. By the way I once took time he had his hand and can't get any -- man it's not -- slightly askew askew there you go okay. Up onstage and what did you think your real quick break everybody you're listening this morning till march in my -- Here is lowering inland. -- -- my name is Linda Evans and I'm the president and CEO of northeastern financial consultants. I don't have an access. And where fee only financial planning firm and clarks summit yes. And I'm thinking about it. People get freaked out about money they do it all the time. But. These are some. What we call thinking traps to avoid. Because I know he talked about the so many times on this show event. Money isn't just money from money has a whole lot of psychological. Components so it that's kind of what you were taught as a child. You don't even realize half the time that this is the tape that's running in the background. And then we make up stories about what money means. So this author. I'm says this is thought there're couple things that. People might want to think either big knowledge or verbalize that they think about money and how -- retrain ourselves to think differently. And the first -- she said was personalizing. Or external I think. And they what it is is when a financial problem arises. You leaders think this completely due to something that you did and that's personalizing and -- you blame everyone around you wish is external -- instead of taking responsibility yourself. For example if you were to lose out -- a promotional work. You might be tempted to attribute that to your own weaknesses are solely to the unique talents of the person who got again. According to this -- there are extreme ways to think about and these are extreme ways to think about the event. That's selling goalie hawks but this all or nothing approach. Isn't actually accurate you don't always have a window into why the decision went the way it did so don't form conclusions without accurate death. How to stop. You tend to personalize it's also easy to catastrophe -- for situations. You know what that looks like I always blow opportunities I'll never -- ahead. However -- rejection doesn't mean you're never going to be successful. First ask yourself if you're blowing this into a bigger deal bonuses. And if you're doing some extreme self blaming ask yourself. What you tell a friend who had this happen to hammer her. Admit to yourself that you can't know that it was all your fault or even a direct result is something you've done. Pointed -- is due to contribute to this is another question. You say right if that's recommended maybe there was a purely political reasons someone got the promotions standpoint. -- number two magnifying. And minimizing. What it is there's a human tendency to magnify the bad minimize the good. We're drawn to the -- -- let's say that you're trying to save 500 dollars a month for two years and then the money will go towards a down payment on a future home. After three months you find yourself focusing. On the 101500. Dollars that's left to go and feeling overwhelmed. You might science I think I'll never get there. How to stop instead of focusing on the daunting big picture goal ahead think about the 15100 you've already put away. The result rather than feel worried about the future you feel proud of the progress you've made. In fact the best way to make progress is so busy get started with the good habits and you already have. Third one. Over generalized thing. He sees stranger's Ferrari in a parking lot -- think. He's allied Irish and I am he probably makes hundreds of thousands of dollars and had a beautiful home on a perfect example. Why is his life so great minds so bad. I relaxed fun times I think I can find myself doing that they're not not that. It today -- extend yes not to that extent the thinking and cool is that SOB and there with the Ferrari. -- what is -- she do to make that kind of money it's probably illegal you know. I they life. What she says is let's think more about the guy with a -- and how little we know about him for instance you might be in when he thousand dollars worth of credit card debt. And have 30000 left the -- student loans perhaps he has no emergency fund no retirement savings maybe doesn't have a job. Listen Shaq and stolen car. The point is when you don't have an information but you're perspective becomes skewed yes. And you make it may cause you different unnecessarily. And consider this according to researching the most millionaires tend to drive used cars. -- home. -- performing pessimistic. That picture this is 3 o'clock in the morning you wake up because of many rumors that your company's downsizing. You decide that you're gonna get fired. With no income you won't be able to keep up your mortgage payments so you lose your house then your spouse will be saw angry. That's Sheila Miller so go ahead take your kids. Still a tough time finding a good job and then into life yeah. But the idea of exactly as you say he'll end up penniless on a street corner wearing tattered clothes he's I have my blue blob of black. This behavior is often called catastrophic thinking and it's unhealthy don't. The brain can -- best friend or worst enemy sometimes. It can quickly sweep us downstream and horrible place has stopped us. It's important analyze what's truly possible -- isn't. If your company downsizing is you can lose your job and consequently your home -- possible. So thinking that's my motivation and positive way to setup an emergency fund that's over six months of living expenses as a safety net. But that's for the -- change should end. Is getting laid off likely to lead to getting a divorce losing your kids starving on the street come on. Usually this is where peoples are laughing in the spells broken. And remember everything seems worth the worst at 3 o'clock in the morning in a rethink your options in the morning. Number five assuming that someone can read your mind. What it is maybe you're live in boyfriend likes to spend a lot of your shared income a new video games or fishing equipment. Animation anxious. As the two you don't have a lot of disposable income floating around. You may assume that he knows this have a concerns UC keep quiet about it for days weeks months even years until huge argument Iraq's. By that point resentment is filled up your way beyond frustrated. Meanwhile he's confuses surprise. -- -- -- And guy all he says and Palin remember men are not deeper reality game that he can't throw us on us because we have no clue. Guys I was up if you have a problem with a partner spending habits and started conversation right -- to communicate that. And number six the reasoning with your emotions. Doesn't work. This occurs when you realize your heart not your hand to guide your thinking for instance you might think I'm feeling anxious so there must be another recession coming time. -- I mutual funds are gonna take a hit I could feel I should probably take out of all my money right now get out of my borrowing game plan. He's done this so when it comes putting money in the stock market are taking money out of -- talk to a financial advisors that math. About the state of the economy first for example. The housing bubble appears ready to -- again and the foreclosure rate is climbing those are concrete numbers you can examine winter advisor. Yeah I did is used facts and figures to form an opinion. Rather than your emotion. Never act on emotion. Well -- hear how efficient processes yeah exactly because that's the whole thing right it's just aren't logically working through whatever it is. You might just find it as those bands are really just. And most of -- end up with the same perspective after awhile I remember everybody. Freaking out two in 200820091. And again the market get me out Jimmie and I can't stand and so I told him I was the most highly paid pain in the butt. But this is what I'm gonna tell you brokered -- -- exactly. Where you are right. I can't necessarily do lose money if you sell it and I did that I didn't even call anybody. He's just the whole time just let go yeah that's I can forget. Exactly and need to let it go because I really -- you could if that kind of stuff can drive you crazy often leads. If it's unbelievable how I was first introduces an accident into. You're. -- up all safe and well is it all home you ask me sleep yeah I didn't implied. I hope known from clear brush just listening you know what -- Thinking in not getting guidance and I didn't know if that's what's got me through that whole thing about because it was pretty scary been. Why god. Now it's tougher and yeah oh yeah you know I am. To talk about too much. I just have to say that. One of the most wonderful women entire region and Ireland in like one accounting Miley Conway. Smiling Maloney kindly passed yesterday on Tuesday. And I just have to say. It she got her she was the so incredible not only has so as a woman and a sister. An answer -- as -- as a wife and must have been beautiful children she missed my neighbor Brenda street a block away. And we used to see each other driving our children to work school to work school in the morning and the last couple years of course Sean isn't I wasn't taking him. I didn't Sears often in the morning but -- you know it's such a incredible lady who flies every day of her life to last two and a half years to beat cancer. And just to -- just watched the beautiful thing video for -- coast coaches vs cancer which she yet was awarded. -- I'm not exactly sure that exact title -- -- you know and allow us to remember I don't remember Olympia. What she had a video was of -- -- -- spent Miley and mark and talking about the children in each other separately and -- yet together was. Beautiful and and her family the Maloney family big Irish family. And the -- Stanley Jack -- Red -- street from me and his brother who is -- husband mark makes up the street. And I just want them to know that they are in our prayers our thoughts. And just to publicly say that done. From the minute that Molly was diagnosed an open about this in the prayers and that -- people who pulled together. To help her pray for her and her family. Was unbelievable -- people continue to including Tuesday night where there was a huge prayer service. Which I couldn't make because I had. -- had a previous engagement in -- spending get home until 9 o'clock but nonetheless. I know was packed and it was packed when they had too many time they didn't. So I just want to say one. Terrific and wonderful beautiful woman and this world is sounds. It's just it's not as happy as it was with her in it because she was truly remarkable and to her family and her wonderful husband week. Send our love and prayers and done. I threw her children she will live on and so I just -- meant. Everybody -- please pray for children seven of them. She did such a wonderful job what I young is the youngest I think she's nine if I'm not mistaken. And they oldest daughter lives in Philadelphia and the rest of those kids are in school here and there. And just stand. I. Finally is a terrific -- last year it was just for me. The Sunday Times -- -- yes I was saying she she knows my mother and zero PM yeah. And just to terrific terrific. Woman sound. I don't think about it's. I -- -- blog posts and this week. And this -- And I sit there recently a friend on FaceBook posts of some reflections on the deaths and relatively young friend. He reminded himself and all those who read the post on the fragility and brevity of life. She cautioned all of us to live each day like it could be your last and the other usual musings on the subject. That makes me think about those who when given the choice of retiring earlier even electing to take Social Security so those are qualified. Consider only the number crunching to see how they would how much it would get an early age verses if they waited till later. How about considering the possibility you may not be alive for those four -- five years when you be able to maximize your pension plan. -- hold off taking Social Security until 87 -- it could be irrelevant if you're not here to enjoy them. Certainly there are valid reasons a look at the options underneath all of that expectation that he'll be in good health and alive. To make that choice we have no guarantees. We can only base on heredity lifestyle and current health and even with that information. We cannot discount enough to freak accidents and oblivious. Paths of mother nature's fury. So let's consider the parent now and take your benefits when you can. If you want to retire and live a different life grinding announced for another few years could take its toll on your physical and mental health. Considering their retirement is more than an economic event. Okay how so Tony just can't name -- used to say -- -- cheapest in it to win it. So let's take a real quick break and we'll be right back you're listening this morning to Lorraine mine shaft. Here is -- -- Good morning good morning power you today. I'm good. And I am told him -- OK we have a little different guest expert with perfect morning that the now. I'm telling you would have someone here from fidelity bank of fidelity bank has decided they wanted to give up their spot to something that they think is very important. Kansas fidelity is a very important sponsor of the race for the cure. They decided that they would like to have Thomas -- would be represented them today in their spots. And -- is executive director of the Susan G. Komen northeastern Pennsylvania. Association I guess I wouldn't -- affiliates affiliates from and very happy that you're here found comfort we'll thank you so much went in thank you Laurie it's great to see both -- you used to adopt. So tell us about the race for the cure this year what's what's going on for for so when is -- well it is said. Hamburg between when he if they need is our tour when he for a Trace how how it's hard to believe that all these -- passed by January where yeah. You're talking about photos earlier when I look back in see photos of my children back in 1991 in myself I almost unrecognizable to. It's just hard to be leave their office and has gone by. And that we have from nineteen to. Such support. From the community from our sponsors from the people and most of the people who have been with us have truly -- -- for this whole journey over these 24 years. -- -- including one of our own right here Larry Larry's been a volunteer for comment for many many years. Well because we say all the time. More and I say very we can we must never forget that fed what. This isn't an issue with it happens to men get of course you have breast cancer but very -- it's a women's issue. And women I was living and -- and dying of this disease and we need to do everything we can to completely wipe it out and through this race which I know branding issue chairing -- survivor pressure -- again. Yeah which is the group of -- still and then ended February once again valley we will have the eleventh annual. You can fashion show. Pink elegant fashion show with supports. They got komen foundation and I know that's not the term dialogue we say that I know since chiefs keeps changing. But Sally it's so important for people you know without the volunteers you have. Death race would never go mind I mean you've got people every year doing the same thing including people who are giving. Product TO correct. Correct and actually. You know we have about 400 found in tears -- so these are truly the behind the scenes people who. -- give so selflessly. -- -- themselves. -- time away from their families you know to dedicate. To this very important event and you -- race started back in 1991. The incidence rates for breast cancer -- one a one man. In eat in their -- that would develop the disease now it's every two minutes shakes the hand and dad. You know it's such and I apologize I just misspoke there but it's really was one in eleven women in 1991 and now one in each. But the about two years ago it was every three minutes and now it's every two minutes that a woman is diagnosed -- hears the words that you have breast cancer even with all -- resurgent all of the money and all the tech analogy. Well I think that's the reason why. He is because of the technology because of the awareness how -- are encouraging people to go get screened. So early detection is critical to -- and of course we're all about prevention. First I ranking and then doing everything you can't reduce your risk of developing this disease but. It is insidious. And we don't know what causes breast cancer so we can match. I'm forget -- we we have to be proactive. -- on health care to I'll make sure that we do everything that we can that's within our power to reduce our risks. Am -- the race started in 1991 we were all female. And people would just think that this was a woman's only disease so I'm glad that you brought up the fact that many different answer to Greinke. He can because I'm one of the early supporters of the race was doctor -- main. And actor domain -- home many people now he's a phenomenal. Arm. -- human being and also an incredible you know physician and certainly has a passion for this cause. And he approached it. Us and said look here excluding men from this and men get breast cancer -- are both their rates are very low low. They still get it now fast forward. We began in nineteen and you won as an all female event. Yeah men were not included in the race. And 1995. I co chaired their race with some narrowly -- Eric Cooper who we are now in -- Who has done incredible things on -- her lifetime in the community she was at one of those selfless individuals -- laughter very much. And daddy she. We talked about. You know look weak and doctor plumbing has been giving us this message and we're hearing a little bit about. You know men getting breast cancer let's open -- up to men because. At the end of the day. This really is about a social issue about a family issue. It it affects our neighbors. Our coworkers. I'm just about every money and we opened the doors to two men. And I have met many male breast cancer survivors -- and and and when they are diagnosed typically it's at a much complete your speech. First -- -- -- of the screening Dana Kennedy don't can't -- only really I don't know of the man who considers themselves to have -- yeah one myself so they're not really going Mair played but with the awareness. And with more Wear -- and people being educated about the disease and knowing that it is a real. On issue for a man. Debt they. That they are being now pro active in their health care. And we have men in her race and we have male survivors an -- race -- really tired you know and we are happy and and hopefully. You know at the end of the day we're all here for one reason and that really has to eradicating the nation and we can't do it without the funds. And we need everyone to register for the race it's nice to come down and be a part of the date. But truly the difference is made when you register -- because those funds 75%. Of them. Dream Maine right here where every one -- we covering nineteen counties in northeastern Pennsylvania. It's our priest that's our signature event and -- -- street -- pink pelicans I'm great effect. But it it's not. The type of the event like the rays now have time to -- this is a cost to register for the rest is just it's down well it's if of registration fee for an adult is 35 dollars but if you register online it's 32. So it's 32 dollars you get your race T sure you get your bidding you get all of the benefits of what's going on and race day. I'm from the vendors so food. You know people that are there that come in. I give so generously to -- two of the people that come to the race. So. Dad is defeat if you are student a senior. And child goes to those fees are reduced to Andy change -- eight dollars per child -- fifteen an hour for yet child twelve and under. And then it goes up to 151. -- funnier and 21 student thirteen to 21. And I still under the old impression that that this race occurs at C. As I called the Scranton memorial stadium anymore it's PNC stadium not me no no we have dinner at the courthouse square -- thank you very probably are. I want ER Perry 24 years yeah I need for years he usually ends and reform has the brains okay can't. NB 'cause the race has. Really catapulted. The awareness. Of breast cancer. You know throughout the the world. But for here locally in northeastern Pennsylvania it does who remains the largest. A single cause related fife TE fans. And it does so much over these past 23 years. 33. Point two million dollars has and give an account and local education screening treatment grants. I'm right here in northeastern Pennsylvania. And I believe that that's an unprecedented figure for any single cause honey we're very silent variation. One fulltime staff person. A part time person and the rest volunteers. And certainly you we need every Friday. There could be on board and help us because we could not do what we do without their support -- So -- tell him where your -- too because you did see did move locations offices so just to let everybody remember about. We had an opportunity to be closer to the courthouse square which needed to make so much sense and we're in the -- building now. On the second floor. And and that really does Saddam. Give us deck -- kind of up close and personal time with our downtown on business people who. By the way had then I'm just nothing but incredible. In understanding. That they may have to delayed opening up their business for that day or even if they open it up. You know we want him to go painting decorating to show -- support as they're survivors walked by their place of business. And and that program actually I started a few years ago in -- McNulty is a volunteer their chairs stacked. Any just really taking off. Kansas could not and it is she just I mean I had the chills right now because when I think about half all of very -- shot that goes into. On raising awareness about the -- -- so that's for survivors and their families when they go by. They understand that people aren't fair free fan. This cold day in and getting myself. -- -- -- -- but this whole stage is really a thousand. The survivors it's about Ali it's about anyone who has been touched by cancer in any way shape or form you don't have to have breast cancer to come to the race and be recognized as a survivor brand. We want everybody to come of course there are many female cancer cells there. That maybe don't ever race for the cure but our race. Can -- that support for these individuals and I'm with other types of cancers and we one week we encourage every survivor to come out. And be with SN ID because it really is all about you in this about the whole thing. The holds up one game. We will not happen to have a race unknown. And it's and that we've. Again that is cult and that is what we all -- for and that is. It didn't we we are sick and tired of hearing these diagnoses that this is another woman. And a man has been diagnosed time and I I don't know it's it's it's everytime you turn around and every time you go. Which I do it faithfully when you go -- your annual mammogram and you walk I walk in a nervous wreck because even -- I'm faithful. Every year you never know what -- -- -- an -- -- and it is so scary and I sit there and I pray and I cry until they come in and say. Yes good musician and you walk out of there and that I'm not kidding you you I feel like I could do cartwheels on the way home because it is an unbelievable feeling. But you know that right in and their. Race though is all about the the successes I know has it is -- celebration of life. I mean before the race on Friday night we're going to have a luminaries ceremony in kind of a little party there. And -- at record at the courthouse where a passion and data so people can buy luminaries bags now if they wanted to they call our office sent. Our goal line mining and in download the foreign. And I -- -- back. There's so many ways to support this event. That's simple and really -- costly and if you wanted to be part of the -- kind of rolling your local businesses small business can't afford a large sponsorship hundred dollars gets you in the paint on -- wrong. I'm a hundred or more you know I mean whenever you can give. But these are the little things that are going to help us and of course every one that comes to the race needs to register. For the race I. That that's really critical everything we -- tell anybody Delhi quickly if you -- how they can get in touch with you and it's they can registered the day -- And it L east start taking registration at what time that morning -- -- registration is open now brand -- discount for hours on race day it's 35. They it starts at 6:30 AM and it'll stay open until ten me I'm kind. And then how they get in touch with you okay they can actually they can call our office at 5709696. Or seven to -- they can also visit us on the web based. Www.com. -- any key data for a cash and the great theory is contact us section they can send us your email request and we compile my. Afterwards and agility of the big shout out here to ration care says I cleared bless -- did give a big shout out. Shout -- -- winner Mandel is the chairperson elite chair and Shannon approaches her mom co -- along with Jessica Sierra and we go and the tab to act to. -- both Gretchen and -- an -- junior league members as well we're very proud of the so you guys down. And done and thanks to fidelity bank Delhi for being -- giving of their time talk about this wonderful cause. Thank you for you don't dally and most thank you I. For having him help handle pulled everybody is very good weekend. Be safe being nice and postseason that I.