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Maximize Your Health

Jun 28, 2014|

Saturday June 28, 2014

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Following is a paid program the -- or claims made -- not necessarily those of WI OK staff management or sponsors this is doctor dollar share schemes just is a reminder of the -- -- on the show is the general nature is for informational purposes only and is not intended to take the place of professional medical advice or treatment also consult with your physician or qualified health care professional. If you have any health questions never delay or disregard seeking the advice of a medical professional because of something you are on this program. You're listening to maximize your health with your health coach doctor Dan ghoulish SD. All your questions at 570830098. Or 1804370098. And now maximize your health with -- doctor Dan ghoulish S ski. -- -- listening to maximize. Your health with your health coach doctor Dan -- ST here on W I L team's radio. As always I'm privileged to be here to share my passion. And where I feel I can help you get healthy and well from wherever you are right now so whether you're struggling with heart disease diabetes. You're trying to lose weight. Fight the flu get your immune system stronger may be overcome asthma or allergies. Or maybe it's not your health that's struggling maybe it's a friend or family member or parents or a son or daughter right now may -- who's suffering list. Headaches ma chronic migraine headaches. Maybe you're struggling with sciatica pain shooting eight -- radiating down the back in delaying or maybe. You're just diagnosed with an autoimmune illness on this show we talk about lifestyle measures that you can begin to put into action right now. To maximize your health to take your health from where it is now which for some you know were all at different levels of health. Every single one of us it's not that were either born healthy or born sick. You know most people believe that -- but that isn't true at all the fact is that each of us most of our school what -- ever our future outcomes are for helping dependent on our daily actions and our daily habits and that's what this show maximize your health is all about it's about giving you. The action steps. You can begin to apply for your cells you can share these with your friends and your family and loved ones. To begin taking your health to new heights so on this show we talk fitness we -- how your body functions honey your body functioning better we talk about foods we talked a lot about foods and definitely on today show. -- life program I'll be talking a lot about nutrition especially when it comes to children how do we get our children to eat healthier. To commit to eating healthy foods overall the sugar and processed foods said at that they're being marketed to. And we also talked a lot about stress and mindset -- and really that's where it all starts is between your ears. And so many times when I consult with people people come -- with their heads down. I've even had people cry when I mean you know and tears of just sorrow and sadness and despair over the you know I've got myself so far I'm so far. Off track of where I should be or where I'm supposed to mean I don't think there's any hope for me but you know what that's where having the right mindset the right thoughts. Filling your head and surrounding yourself with people. Who will help encourage you. And strengthen -- those are the people you -- surround ourselves with some -- you can really live your life cheerful potential all areas not only your health but in your relationships. In your education. In your field of work. OK and just whenever other hobbies that you have whatever other goals maybe Sunday listening right now you run five k.'s and ten -- and half marathons and I know here in northeastern Pennsylvania is seems like there's multiple races going on every single weekend I know many members in my practice. Tell me about different races and they did don't. And you're constantly setting the bar higher for yourself setting goals for yourself and that's great and that's what we wanted to encourage you the listeners here. To maximize your -- to start doing so this is a live interactive show so if you have questions. I have answers for you can call me up right now with your questions of 5708830098. Or 180437. 20098. Could be any type of health related question okay. If you're gonna come lying you're gonna argue and say I don't believe in lifestyle I don't believe in and I believe it's genetic science shows that assists this and that and this -- -- showed -- debate who's smarter. In -- I am not the smartest person I'm not claiming to be the smartest person I'm just here in this position because. I feel there's a calling on my life to help people I have a deep Kerry desired it it it to help people that's why a wake up every single day that's why a look forward to you. The next and the next day and who can I help who can I encourage you can I. Provide the right information too today that it can literally be a game changer in their lives. So then if you have questions -- maybe it's for yourself or maybe it's for a loved one who isn't listening to the program. Call me up right now at 5708830098. Or 180437. 0098. And we're gonna go right out to the phone lines we got Johnny from lark smell. Johnny how are you today. -- are you let me. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- John that you wanted to call back and I can I'd be happy to answer that that question for -- it's a great question. Now tell discover that maybe I'll answer this question without him calling back end has something to do with -- series should we go it's different her balls types of things army should go with organic mean non organic meat or is any meat. OK to consume whether we get in -- subway or whether we get it. From a local farm. The reality is is that meat is OK to eat it. In small amounts as long as it's organic. Grass fed pastor. Or freer range or wild -- those -- the key words you wanna look for on the packages. Meats and those are found at wegmans. Some of the other supermarkets in the area now are certainly carry different types of organic meats. But that's an area where you do not want to sacrifice. Your health did you know wanna eat and conventionally processed -- there's many dvds and videos and documentaries -- go on YouTube right now and you type in food change if you type in food matters especially food eating food it's got its FO OD food. I NC. -- and -- K food ink and if you go on you to be should be able to find some videos. Of food he -- and it really talks about. The animal in the streets of how. How inhumane -- animals are raised since the dirty conditions the environment the cruelty that goes with -- and it's something that I'm against. -- enough for those had the conditions but I am. Someone who does he meet so many New York begins are vegetarians -- you know a lot of your very passionate out there to get your message to grow. The sciences concluded that clean animals are okay and small amounts due to their high healthy fat content their high levels of protein. Vitamins minerals herbs amino acids so those things you can actually debt from good quality. She may rewrite he's organic mean it's not the ones that they grow to be so large because they inject them with growth hormone steroids antibiotics. To kill off all the types of infectious substance is what does that mean I mean throughout that week is the consumers are ingesting those if that's the type of meat so the quality -- is everything you we never sacrifice for anything conventional. Always spend the extra dollar to four organic. Need. So today's show -- kick it off you're talking about we're gonna shift gears here a little bit but again if you have health questions call me right now 570883. 0098. -- 1804370098. Also I you respond to your emails I welcome -- or emails. If you have questions you're too bashful to call in here to the program live. You can always send me an email at any point I usually respond within 48 hours to your emails. See you can email me your health questions at PWR. CH IRO. At gmail.com. One more time PWR. CH. IRO. At gmail.com. And I will respond to those and another thing I wanted to say it's too is for those you who listen to the program we're on every Saturday from 11 AM to 12 PM. I wanna hear from you I wanna know what's topics interest you because and I'm just speaking things that. I think are going to be helpful for you -- and maybe there's some other subjects out there that. You know you might wanna hear that I haven't covered before and. Let me know about that. Please send me your comments your questions. Q email PWR. CH IRO at gmail.com. And I won't give back to you I will consider your recommendations for future topics here on maximize your health. And and look forward to hearing from you getting some feedback from you as well so I wanted to take up the program today talking about fives. Benefits. Of exercising in the morning -- morning exercises actually proven scientifically to be the most effective time. On many different fronts in levels. To help build healthier stronger more fit body so number one. It consistency is is this thing were more likely to stick with our exercise plan if we do it first thing in the morning. Now if you have a of a family if you have a a job where you work from eight to 495. If you're hours change maybe you're on different ships all the time and it just becomes so impossible. To find time to exercise because number one you're just rundown you're exhausted at number two. Financially it's a struggle number three you feel that you're not shape to exercise -- -- so many reasons and excuses that we can find. To talk ourselves out of of why exercise is something that should become a pivotal. Saying a pivotal and part of our day that should be set in stone for the fact that it's going to its investment in our health. -- -- If you commit to working on the morning. The first thing you weigh less likely to have the excuses just you know excuses excuses excuses and many people create. Plus you won't be exhausted but in fact people who work out the morning you've shown to stick to their exercise plans better than people who plan to exercise afterward. A study was -- showing that people who commits. Exercising in the morning actually stick with their work as is more consistency with their exercise plans. And people who exercise at the end of the day number two. Exercise first thing in the morning leads to better cardiovascular. Endurance. Better heart function so working out the -- -- can actually increase impacted exercise hasn't your heart. One of the ways that your body now actually wakes you up is by increasing -- levels of hormones. Like adrenaline which causes your heart to beat faster. This means that you can eke out some extra -- cardiovascular benefits when you work out in the morning now there's a caveat here if you are somebody currently diagnosed with heart disease. Any form of prayer peripheral arterial disease any heart related disease if you have heart problems it's it's important that you consult with your position first. About working out first thing in the morning because research also has shown that. Extra heart activity if there's an underlying diagnosis or condition can lead to chest pain. Even heart attacks or people with underlying conditions so he won a consult with your position first. Third benefit of exercise in the morning is that has a brain boosting power. Gets our brains functioning better so. Exercises been proven to increase mental focus and -- for up to ten whole -- supposed to work outs of that goes for some of those listening right now -- For saying that I feel like any ideology and forget -- forgetting things and I'm you know I feel like it's just the old age -- feel it's. You know we we say sometimes we joke around saying all right we -- and dementia or alzheimer's or something like that which isn't true. When we start become more forgetful that means it is diminished blood flow to different regions of our brain that control memory. So by simply committing to an exercise plan especially first thing in the morning if that -- set the tone for the rest your day. By helping create better mental focus better mental acuity of up to ten to twelve hours -- post exercise. So you can do cardiovascular. You can do high intensity interval training you can join health -- gym and lift some weights for good thirty minutes. I mean but get yourself committed to a schedule because as we said -- positive effects with cardiovascular endurance. Brain health consistency these are all important for our overall quality of life and health number four benefit better weight loss. If you're struggling to lose weight the best time a date to exercise and doesn't have to be for a long period of time it could be in as little as ten or fifteen minutes. High intensity interval training. Is. You will lose weight faster if you exercise first thing in the morning and if you go to the gym at the end of the day if you're doing an hour worth of -- on treadmill when the bike. So you wanna do the high intensity interval training an early trip to the gym has been shown to result in fewer food cravings throughout the day. Perhaps -- better working out in the morning means that your body will burn calories faster and more efficiently throughout the day. So the final point is energy. Now how many of us listening right now truly we feel like we're constantly with our Jim quirk constantly tired we lacked energy. But as a lot to do with some of the medications that we're taking that -- a lot to do with our mental outlook that has a lot to do with. The foods that or eating in the foods that -- with that we should be eating. So I wanna focus on exercise your exercise releases feel good compounds called endorphins. That boost your mood and energy levels in effect can last well throughout the day. If you get your work out in in the morning plus exercise in the morning can help you sleep better at night and during sleep is where your body's repairing itself. Towards healing and where your systems are beginning to get ready for the next day they're getting arrests. And in if you work out later in the evening since you're not getting that extra energy boo says you're trying to sell and for for the knights of such exercise in the morning is better than exercised in the evening so. History view these before we jump to a break. Consistency. If you exercise in the morning you're more likely to secure work -- Number two -- better heart function better cardiovascular impact number three brain boosting power. Number four you're more likely to lose weight effectively and number five. Energy if you have health questions about fitness exercise the types of fitness. Maybe foods to eat before or after work out on the upper right now 5708830098. Or 180437. 009. K I'll be back in just a minute. To maximize. Your health. Power chiropractic health center is northeaster. Pennsylvania's leading natural health care clinic when it comes to building and restoring your -- owned and operated by myself doctor -- -- just -- host of maximize your help our clinic specializes in the corrected chiropractic care for all ages -- else's rehabilitation nutritional counseling -- general health coaching -- And one of our monthly health workshops or fitness classes and let us be your one stop shop for all your vitamin supplement needs we utilized top of the line and not sabbatical from. Based -- life nutritional supplements including multi vitamins Omega three fish oil calcium -- by onyx can co Q ten -- If you suffer from headaches to arthritis heart disease diabetes or looking to him. Invest in ill health for the future and power chiropractic can help you call now to begin your journey to better healthy 293580. We were with all major insurance is so. Call 8293580. Or visit -- need doctor T and dot com and EPA -- DR ENN dot com power chiropractic is. Is located at 113 west and -- looks. You're shopping for a mattress searching through a haze of brands coil count sticking latex cooling gel memory -- fiscal elastic body contour -- -- are aligning ultra premium your little -- Next season we don't name which is why we aren't the only matches professional it's simply train to eliminate confusion and make finding the perfect match. All the things keeping -- -- playing -- mattress shouldn't be one of them and so possibly mean the managers professionals from. Make the mistake of shopping for a mattress in his apartment or furniture store 'cause we -- Find anywhere else. July 4 holiday sale price is unbeatable and how far he. Nearly every mattress in the store and Pamela feel easier and -- even have -- I series in more stay on select Tempur-Pedic then. Delivery on everything about my. Going on now only -- The matches professional. They might be electric. The other. We'll see the excitement live this Saturday June 28. International stars but -- -- who voted USA -- face Argentina. Families of BL US. Super -- I spend Christmas almost eight. Team and my sister was ruining my running -- with sixteen there was. Chris it was a nice okay my daughter Lauren was in preschool what happened in -- and Gerber got in July and I ninja -- disease. -- can happen to anyone anywhere any time any effects can be devastating. You can almost feel they're racing through your body you just strain and -- lost a hand on her feet and nearly her life to kill my brother. Vaccination is the best protection today health officials recommend immunization for children ages eleven through eighteen. This infection is critically. Parents need to you like. Any news station can save your child's life. Can learn more about preventing meningitis can visit our website again and -- US dot org. More call 18663663662. A public service message from the national meningitis association. This season maximize your health with your health coach doctor -- malicious. All your questions at 570830098. Or 1804370098. Welcome back to maximize your health with doctor Dan -- just -- local chiropractor. Natural health position. And the leader of health care here in northeastern Pennsylvania ready to help you take your health to new heights right now. I'm here to answer your health questions call me at 570883. 0098. Or 180437. The 0098. This is a -- program today in an ally you're probably sick now at the hole right now -- you're going on a hiker stroll and you know just enjoying this defines summer day that we have shaping up here in northeastern Pennsylvania and we definitely have to savor this day because we don't get. Enough for these days. I'm sure most of you will agree with that. So we're going to shift gears here. Actually before I do that I wanted to announce again that if you're who if you would like me to discuss in the future. Maybe have a specific topics you would like to learn more about when it comes to health may be it's vitamin. What's another good topic as a non -- we just recently talked about as a under a UN natural solutions to treating asthma or even reversing asthma. May be one and 05 or seven strategies how to improve your digests of health right now. And he wanted to know more about herbs. You know herbs are popular subject today in a -- herbal remedies he is teachers social type of things extracts. Are more commonly today being used then pharmaceuticals. Antibiotics so. There are some herbs that have similar properties to antimicrobial antibiotics those types of things without the side effects. So that's a maximize your health is all about us all out real natural real health care it's not about I'm not here to tell anybody is stopped taking pharmaceuticals I'm not here to override any type of on the medical recommendations that you were given from your primary care doctors -- specialists I'm simply here to give you -- to give you the listeners in another row to take. If you're dissatisfied with the rose that you currently in and the cars you are currently dealt with compact. So call me with your questions at 5708830098. Or 1804370098. Also I would love to hear from me through email. I mentioned this before the break but you can email me at PWR. CH IRO. At gmail.com. That's PWR. CH IRO. At gmail.com and they usually respond and 48 hours C York. Questions comments and feedback and I welcome -- especially on -- you know concerning topics on future shows. Here every Saturday and maximize your health radio so wanted to shift gears now and talk about and this is a subject that AME. I don't wanna say it makes my blood -- that sounds kind of harsh. But it didn't because my stomach churning a little bit down but I'm not a parent but I don't I don't have any experience in that area. But when I when I see parents who kind of nonchalantly. Just let their kids in real rather than be a role model a leader. Someone who is respected from their child's. I see many parents to kind of let their kids pick and choose to do whatever they feel like doing. And if they react to the kids react in a wave where they're not insisted they don't want some things they don't want to see you do something the -- -- up. Susie doesn't want a little Johnny doesn't -- and therefore. I can't do -- -- You know that that debt liberal type of parenting that just that gets me going -- to. And when you go out into a public place and so you're probably nodding in and shaking your heads you know you got to a restaurant not to a mall he go out to a supermarket and kids are just so -- I'm behaved and on discipline and they're just a run into the stores are running into you and screaming at the top of their lungs. I meet parents. If that is you. I know and the -- thing for the group listening right now and -- might not apply to anyone listening right now but if it is you please. Get it together. You are responsible for your child's not the kids' fault you know and those of us out there who are quick to you know we we we. And we we blame on the kids you know parents we need to do a better job of disciplining our kids so what the subject I wanna shift gears here and talk about now is food. The foods that we give to our kids. How what is the right when he got a great article was just written here by medical student son of doctor David Perlmutter. I'm who's a doctor functional medicine. His son Austin Perlmutter -- -- is currently a medical student he put together six is that we can start to lead our children to eat healthier again. Even if we've failed in the past -- parents even if you know we didn't know we didn't -- -- we just kind of whatever we are told what ever wherever daycare nursery school or. Bad habits so we have this as adults. We passes on to our children so. -- how to undo the bad habits for us as adults and for our kids because our kids only. Operate under the guidance and discipline and supervision of the parents OK we know that. So. The question is -- you know and let's say use a pairing is starting to change figures still having trouble getting your son or your daughter to eat healthy they refuse to eat healthy they refuse to eat their vegetables. What do we do as parents -- -- -- convert them from eating poorly to eating healthy. Guess I'm gonna cover hair so a child's interest is mainly end. Sugary foods processed foods foods at BC on television -- said they they go on now on their computers and they're. Little ipads and they see these little these ads everywhere. Being marketed to see kids tell when they're shopping with you mom and dad and you have toddler aged children and their walking through the grocery store wind field. This supermarkets are intelligent. And K did the producers of these food -- sugary processed junk foods that. Millions of children across America are consuming. And it you know tons every year and they're set at certain high levels of different heights for children so that it's going to catch their -- Okay so when you're going there's there's certain parts of the grocery store that you might want to consider avoiding. Especially for the sake of your children's health. So all of us to cereals the white starches salty snack foods. That's what's being marketed toward children and those are typically the taste buds. That our kids are developing. Here today in America. Now. Here are six ways to begin to lead your children the help their number one is don't give in their cravings. Kagan -- this this has to do with what I mentioned a few minutes ago as being a disciplinarian. Not being. A dictator not being someone who is physically mentally abusive with your children that is not what I'm saying. What I'm saying is you need to create boundaries with your children they have the respect you look at. If if that's something you might you might need other types of of counseling and things with you might need to seek out but that's something we have to work on his parents. Okay and is. Boundaries. And can. Understand that by giving junk food to your children when they refused to eat something healthy you're doing them a disservice here robbing them of being healthy. Your putting a food that's going to create inflammation sickness and eventually in the long haul disease. It's completely understandable I would rather give our children something the. Eat then nothing and off however if they outright refuse to eat healthy meals in favor of waiting for the favorite snack. They're manipulating you the parent and winding up on healthier for letting your kids be a little hungry because they refuse healthy foods is not going to hurt them once they begin to understand that they can't just get whatever food -- like. They'll start coming around what you would like them to eat so that's where you have to put your foot down as a parent and say no. And explained to them if they're at the age where they can understand listened and comprehend what you're saying. Teach your children. You know that's good for them to learn don't just hand them everything that they ask for everything that they want that support parenting. That's going to set them up to be failures as adults OK sorry for the rant here but I see it all too often. So what I'm what I'm saying here parents. Be a leader -- positive influence what so that one day when you're long and on your kids are going to take values that they learned from you. And they're going to pass them onto their children and their grandchildren and. Could things things are going to sit. -- them to be leaders into a successful business people on people you know successful parents themselves one day. Insisted develop healthy relationships and teach could healthy principles and pass these along generation after generation so it starts with you. Don't just -- well they already have their thing weighs about them at eight there ways are their ways because of what you taught them. Okay T start teaching yourself now if you haven't but if you haven't you paid to change. You need to put your foot down and not just hand and everything that they want. If they skip a meal because they refuse to eat that's okay once they start to understand that OK there are rules here there are boundaries here. They are my father and mother and I need to listen and Obey them. They know what's best for me. Then they'll start coming around and listening number to structure your meal times and data shows have family meals Bruce's health and general well being and adolescence. When your kids eat with the family you help them to associate food with a positive group experience. This also prevents them from eating meals on their own when they're more likely to choose unhealthy options number three. Do you want to begin creating a kitchen opened closed policy I know with my mother. She did this with me growing up. Kitchens close she would say we it we would always have our family meals together we have lunch together during the summer when we -- off from school we would have she'd make its breakfast. We have launched. Patent kitchen would be close between males it's not you come -- whenever you want and you binging you -- out in front of the TV here in the computer the iPad with your favorite box of chips or cereal or cookies or -- You're sitting there are snacking all day that leads to sickness disease those are poor habits that lead to you. -- outcomes in the long run. It's so. You wanted to close the kitchen in between male Superman unlimited access to waste an empty calories throughout the day. Finally chosen again -- -- choosing not to eat dinner musical have to stick it out till morning consider running if they were -- -- to do with us being better disciplinarian -- parents. Number four gift choices within reason it's -- -- and again I'm not -- to be so authoritative and so. Straight to where your kids feel like it's it's just an abusive relationship between the parent child. What I'm saying is offer them choices but only offer them healthy choices offered them an explanation -- they're at the age where they can comprehend and understand what's right from wrong whats good for -- for them. Teach them explain them explain them the difference between you especially if you was apparent car are learning in -- reading -- applying this information to your health. I beginning to eat healthier food options. Explain matching your children say to them. You know. My goal or -- but Jennifer whatever their name is. These are good calories are back calories the foods that grow in nature like vegetables organic vegetables and fruits that are free of pesticides and germs and pollution. These your body can recognize they can turn them into healthy hearts and healthy immune systems and healthy bones and muscles that you grow up to be. Healthy strong and Smart. Intact but if you're eating all the Clinton white powder the sugar in the process foods the grains these foods because you inflamed. They weaken your systems so -- the organs don't last as long you can't think it's clearly you don't perform as well in school and in sports and activities. So it's a simple explanations and them and they may not get it the first time around a couple times around but it's repetition. It's practice it's the development of good habits that carries -- -- -- give them choices. One way to get kids he -- -- allow them to say it's. When you offer them the choice they'll feel like their voices are being heard which is important and be more likely to want to eat something good for them. Now that's where we fails parents we -- we assume that they wanna be heard so they get to choose whatever they wanna do they don't have to listen -- -- whatever they want they yet that is. -- parenting 101 that is. Failure of a parent you have to be leader you have to set boundaries. But. At the same time there's a fine line that you have to block walk into an end. Allow them say hey don't just be a control freak as a parent a -- can say number five -- buying junk food in the first place. If the junk food isn't in your pantry -- your refrigerator. There's going to be no junk food for your kids to eat so parents if you're snacking and if you have bad habits guess what your kids will develop the same habits. So don't be a hypocrite and say -- and since your Johnny need to start beating better when you're the parent. You know are -- late at night and you're drinking soda and diet soda and and all these empty calories in your. Grab a subway or McDonald's at the end of the day just for convenience sake. To create the life that you want if you want health you need to. Set up a lifestyle that is tailored to a healthy lifestyle it's not a matter of luck genes. Just been you know if if -- the magic -- strikes you over the head that you're healthy it's like. So many people believe that and the media and society is convinced many of us -- -- but that is not true so finally number six starts small and work your way up. I understand that you're not going to change your child's eating habits overnight. Do not be discouraged start by finding one unhealthy eating habit and work on that first. Maybe your kids love -- candy pizza begin by watering down the juice and then removing the Jews altogether. Once kids do you Sinatra would you start toning back to Q and even moved to the -- start with one food item at a time if your kids reading multiple types of junk foods and things that are not healthy for them. So that is those are sick strategies to encourage your kids to begin eating healthy number one don't given your child's cravings. Number two structure meal times number three create a kitchen open close policy. Number four offer choices but within reason five stop buying junk food in the first place in six starts small. And work your way up again if you and I know we it's a couple callers on the line and they hung up if you wanna called -- we're gonna go to another break I will take your calls immediately after the break if you call back and 5708830098. Or 180437. 00988. This is maximized your health radio with doctor Dan polish escape. Power chiropractic health center is northeaster. Pennsylvania's leading natural health care clinic when it comes to building and restoring your cell phone and operated by myself doctor -- I'll just -- host of maximize your help our clinic specializes in the corrected chiropractic care for all ages -- else's rehabilitation nutritional counseling -- general health coaching -- Attend one of our monthly health workshops -- fitness classes and let us be your one stop shop for all your vitamin supplement -- we utilized top of the line and not sabbatical from. Based -- life nutritional supplements including multi vitamins Omega three fish oil calcium -- by onyx can co Q ten this. If you suffer from headaches to arthritis heart disease diabetes or looking to. Invest and build healthy for the future and power chiropractic can help you call now to begin your journey to better -- 82935. -- Zero we were with all major insurance is so called 8293580. Or visit -- need. Doctor T and dot com and EPA and DR ENN dot. I'm -- chiropractic is located at 113 Weston road looks. Amazing fireworks display in any EPA hearing is. In downtown Scranton you'll. We -- -- of radio stations in cooperation with the city -- and electronic county commissioners them. Proudly present the spectacular celebrate how. After the biggest fireworks event ever seen in any NBA and get -- early Thursday afternoon all around the square after four you'll find great entertainment. Games for the family and the philharmonic presented by prudential retirement plus you can register and take part in the -- superheroes like okay. -- -- -- -- Fireworks display ever -- any. Casting -- come. July 3 downtown Scranton this brands tested spectacular. These kids to a New York. More than just I. Celebration. Diabetes. To raise money and it may -- It's the ride of your life it's it's ridiculous. -- diabetes dot org slash. Store did you know that the Nobel Prize was awarded for a medical discoveries that improve your sexual performance it's true nitrous -- was discovered to improve your sexual performance -- also miraculously improve your heart health blood pressure energy levels -- immune system diabetes arthritis pain even your memory and -- that's why millions of men and women have begun taking nitrous -- boosters this daily supplements and right now we're releasing free bottles of -- nitrous -- to you can discover the benefits for yourself be one of the first 100 dollars at 180403181. After extensive research and clinical tests nitrous oxide has been described as the miracle molecule of the 21 century taken once -- day -- not only begin feeling years younger but will also send you free test strips to prove it works discover how to get your free bottle of -- nitrous oxide and free test strips and 18040318131. Of the first 100 dollars 1804031. That he was. 27 PM head. You'll university has granted the last home game of the city shot -- -- pro -- very fast and get ready to show off what's more important admission is free couple. What soccer is the most. Get shot -- Quoting from the USA material makes Argentina the only thing when you go for. Field this Saturday 7 PM free admission when the whole family and really like. We shot this is WI OK powered by Sherwood Chevrolet into uncanny PA stop by Sherwood the view full lines of Buick GMC and Chevrolet. Back to maximize your health with your health coach. Doctor -- ghoulish SD. You are listening to maximize. Your health with your health coach doctor Dan abolish asking. If you like more information about myself my local practice here and wilkes-barre northeastern Pennsylvania and look at me up and that -- doctor Dan dot com that's an EPA -- DR DA and dot com on the website you'll find a lot of the information that's covered here on the program. There's a whole list so healthy recipes for breakfast lunch and dinner desserts. Health articles. There's information about chiropractic care which is my specialty. Nutritional counseling now we offer at our practice. We have a monthly fitness classes when David my assistant UEEC. -- fitness coach and he walked. Help you get in the best shape of your life putting you through a fat burning fitness routine. How we usually -- one or two Saturdays per month. So if you like information on that there that's available on the web site also appears someone out there -- -- learning out of him and you know what type of food plan should begin with there's a hell healing foods diet available there. There's also sample work out plans for -- you fitness enthusiasts listening right now. And maybe you've got to the place where you're born with your work -- and you want some new ideas there are plans on there. 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And you can also find me on to follow me on Twitter it's -- any EPA power Cairo POW ER. CH IRO. So yeah. I look forward it may be connecting with some some of you who are listeners maybe you're exciting your passion about that the show here you're huge supporter of the show you agree with a lot of the information. Do you apply a lot of the information may be it's provided breakthroughs in your health. I love to hear from your love to hear some encouraging words you can either calling here now at 5708830098. Or 1804370098. Or you can email me one more time. PWR. CH IRO. At Gmail. Dot com. This article I think I came across this past week he was on Forbes dot com. Again ranking. The top hat eleven countries in the modern world. So the top eleven countries are the United Kingdom Switzerland Sweden Australia. New Zealand Norway. Germany Netherlands France Canada and the United States have. And what they did was say two different factors could. About the hell are there -- various respective health care systems in this country so quality. Access efficiency equity. Com and healthy lives more than five -- -- factors quality access efficiency. Equity. And healthy lives were considered. To rank these thirteen or so are -- eleven countries. So in the end of it off when they the average everything together in Maine they gather all this data -- not do the study the study was actually taking him. The report that was done it was about 32 pages include a prior surveys. National health system scorecards wells data from the World Health Organization. Any Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development. And as I mentioned the five of the factors that war covered. So the United States where -- United States ranks with the United Kingdom Switzerland Sweden Australia united Canada France etc. We -- right at the bottom. OK but yet to we we pride ourselves and we convince. -- our our. Are. Those of us here in the fifty states in of the United States that we have rock solid top notch health care that. Is on compare -- with any other country in the modern world. Which is some 100% totally ridiculous to say and his one under completely. 100% inaccurate. According to the research and facts. And -- It's well except in the United States is the most expensive health care system in the world but many continue to falsely assume that we pay more for health care because we get better health. Or better health outcomes the evidence. Doesn't say this. And as I said the 32 page report taken from the World Health Organization Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development they first looked at quite. Quality of the indicators of quality were grouped into four categories effective care safe care. Coordinated care patient centered care. The United States fares best some provision and receipt of preventive impatience -- care so this is where you the United States and the best but. After this you're gonna see where we why we ranked -- by -- number to access not surprisingly given the absence of universal coverage here in the United States. Cable the United States to go without health. Go without needed health care because of costs more often people do in the other countries. Next is efficiency on indicators of efficiency we here in the United States rank last among the eleven countries with the united. Kingdom and Sweden ranking first and second respectively and the United States is -- performance on matters of national health expenditures and administrative costs as well as on measures of administrative hassles avoidable emergency room use. And you -- it duplicated. Medical testing. Number four equity the US ranks it clear last on measures of equity. Americans with below average incomes for much more likely than their counterparts in other countries report not visiting a physician when -- Not getting a recommended test treatment or follow up care or not filing a prescription or skipping doses were needed because of costs. On each of these indicators 13 or more. Lower income adults in the United States said they went to without needed care because of costs in the past year. And the final factor where a week or completely failed miserably were helpless under healthy lives and this is where. This really hit me like myself and other doctors who are fighting the good fight in sending the right message through word -- we're not being heard loud enough. And there's many reasons for that Bob this just kind of drives me personally to you to go harder to to really penetrate people who. Are seeking health to really. Continue to make a difference in people's lives and transform their health starting with you the listener -- the individual right now healthy lives so. All three indicators healthy lives. Mortality amenable to medical care infant mortality and healthy life expectancy at age sixty. Overall France Sweden and Switzerland ranked highest unhealthy lives. And. Another factor here was -- act apps is a universal health insurance covers a lot of these other countries like the United Kingdom and other countries across Europe and Scandinavia. They have access universal health -- other nations ensure the accessibility of care through universal health systems. And to better ties between patients and the physician practices that serve as a medical homes. And this is just out this past week Forbes dot com if you want this article when you wanna read more. And -- Monroe was a contributing writer Hugh writes about the intersection of healthcare innovation policy. On Forbes at Forbes dot com -- could check it out there. But when it comes to healthy lives that's where. He become responsible and you know what our media is greatly at fault for this because. Media is our primary RR I -- outlet in our irrigate outlet to -- learning to seem to understanding to comprehending. What. -- the public practices of the type of lifestyle that they lead. The type of medical the health care axis it's available here in the United States. -- -- All if all we're being told all we're seeing and all we're hearing is. When you're sick you go for a doctor to go to your doctor may order tests. They treat the symptoms with pharmaceuticals or surgeries. If that's all that were being exposed to and that's all that we're understanding -- and an earth that's all that we believe exist. There were missing. Half of what's what good or great health care is. And that's the problem. Okay that's where. You listening right now sir you listen right now on this program man you are the ones that are responsible whether you believe what what I'm saying or don't you still responsible. Here in the UB US today there is no universal health care system. Healthy lifestyle isn't the most commonly promoted advertise through the media insist on. And -- just for example I mean you'll turned the local news on here and just here in the past couple weeks I mean. Different I'm not gonna name for corporations but Krispy treats and and a snicker bars and and 20 would this tastes great I don't know if I -- this sort. I really. Really that's that's where our local media is encouraging people -- it says that eat all like it's cool if you eat. If you eat candy bars or if you -- you know these different treats are loaded with chemicals preservatives process sugar and just complete garbage and then you look at the state of health across our region. You have all these hospital beds are full -- people with chronic you know diabetes where they they have. Peripheral neuropathy season their feet -- -- diets import lifestyles. Because of the information the media's feeding them. You you have other people who have chronic bad wounds and ulcers and pressure -- because they're just so. Mentally checked out and depressed that they have no reason our intent to change their life's. -- now because of. Whatever exists. Whenever the media feeds us it is always negative. OK so that's where you sir you man you know -- young person listening right now you're the one responsible for yourself. Learn what it's going to take to create a healthy lifestyle for yourself. Food is Madison movement is life exercise. Create positive thoughts surround yourself with positive people I know there might be difficult. Okay maybe you're in a job for here in a relationship right now where you're just you're just stuck. You're going nowhere. That might require some change on your hand -- require creating some boundaries. Four for some of -- right now in your relationship in your life selling your marriage India with your children right now. He changed I know change is painful. It's like it's like to Britain six letter word that we never won here. -- meanwhile sample we never written for many of us we never get to that are we never do that are we create excuses saying oh well tomorrow all change tomorrow I'll do this on tomorrow do that. You know what it's SARS with the you know the change SARS -- -- of health care is going to change here in the United States and we're gonna go from rock bottom last. Like current research is saying and we're gonna continue to climb our way up to the top where we should be. In the chain starts a few doesn't start with the White House hit it doesn't start with Obama hit it doesn't start with congress. Doesn't start in the Supreme Court. The cat doesn't start with your local congressmen are state it starts with you. -- learn to listen to this program go to my website at -- doctor -- dot com to listen to some of the past podcasts. -- podcasts there's even go to unwelcome news is web site. If you have friends or family at a state encouraged and they can listen live on their computers on their tablets on their ipads. If -- me get them -- -- if you -- a son or daughter -- -- in the looking for a natural health care provider someone who can empower. And help somebody develop a healthy lifestyle you can email me if you can contact me at my office at 570. 8293580. And myself or one of our staff can give you information for somebody in your loved ones area anywhere in the United States or even around the world. I'm connect -- with doctors and connect with different practitioners in the medical in chiropractic in and natural path at Madison. Anyone that would fit your needs. Will we will plug UN we exist so we're just not that we're we're just not the most they have allowed us ones right now. With the billions of dollars that we can find input into research since it again just to treat symptoms entry conditions. It's SARS a few starts at the healthy less hour to take a quick call here curt from Scranton Hoyt -- Eight -- and a great show are a couple quick point. It's a great research I read about. Not telling yourself with bacteria in yogurt without mice and how they had a positive -- effects. And -- things that might make sure nobody. And also wanted to mention first training again I think everyone should try doing your -- training works out there may think. And not -- to a morphing of concern out there -- a -- -- cold or not. -- about. -- Health Department officials say in the -- Pennsylvania. We're told not to talk about drilling. -- people hope will receiving you know there were reports spoke with the people here are -- they were told not to respond voters. But that the violence could and would treat unmet medical pity that I think should be addressed. Right right not to read that article -- thanks for your your support and your positive feedback and then that's great with a burst train though with -- Your first question our statement regarding you need bacteria in yogurt. You wanna be careful that you're doing a low fat and nonfat yogurt you always wanna go with organic. And keep an eye on the sugar contents Greek yogurt or goat's milk Kiefer. That you could pick up and everything natural or local health food store. Those are always going to be your best of first choice is Saddam also some rock cultured dairy price keepers really good run -- now from the local farm. Pasture grass -- raw cheeses. -- she's -- she's a sudden things are also -- with beneficial bacteria and along with other types of fermented foods thanks so much folks for listening. As always will be back next -- same time same place right here 11 AM to 12 PM on WI LK. And maximize your health enjoy your day enjoy your weekend. And I'll see you soon.