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WILK News Radio>Audio & Video on Demand>>7-8-14 US Congressman Lou Barletta with Sue Henry on Influx of Illegal Immigrants into the US

7-8-14 US Congressman Lou Barletta with Sue Henry on Influx of Illegal Immigrants into the US

Jul 8, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Classic and hazel ten US congress and the marlin and told the media about his. Forthcoming trip to the Texas border with Mexico to take part in the house homeland security committee field hearing. He is with us this morning and -- I'll OK to talk about that and as some of the developments that are. Moving along in the meantime Lou thanks while we appreciate it. Permits are true. Sure and that's about the trip the took. Last week and your testimony. On Thursday -- in maybe some of the things that you learn by going there because I think sometimes he get a better impression. If you go to places and see what's happening. Well there's no question that you can't go there in them and two weeks you are pure hard. Are the conditions what the Border Patrol our our. And the -- -- -- the conditions for the children themselves who am trying to get the root of why this is happening. And the we are doing the right thing -- these children can not like it's true that our government account troops. The Rio Grande. But at least there is a -- appears border crossing. -- in the United States. And so serious problem I have what I saw these children and where they are now simply the Border Patrol can come or. There's deep it's thirty children. In a -- Are so poor little word would you want to call. And every four hours they'll pick them out in to a garage. Not so that they can if they can get out of anger comes. They're section of the -- or or roped off where I'm. Any children -- let's turn -- -- side. -- the court TB. RBs and Goldman were. Literally just put up around one -- and abroad where they had this very. And that Border Patrol simply can't handle what's going on right now it's so far it's really hear a situation earned them -- -- you decide that. You know go to another act you are a -- and how we're doing the right thing and what should we built up to one mother grandmother actually Scioscia. He -- three little children -- 77 there IndyCar. So we put a -- whether she was com welcome all up. It took seven days. To go the United States for a -- from the other side and I we talked about it it was -- -- -- daughters. -- in Pennsylvania. They were here illegally. And they've -- 70000 dollars per child to the coyotes. To the drug cartel to our. To bring them here to the United States. She -- there's you talk about her -- here. -- -- at one point or Honolulu. And which can excise them both children almost drowned. There have been talking to children they wanted to go back -- Guatemala they were crying that they want to go back to -- Ramallah reform come come here so you know. Another side to this story. Is that the side of the story -- regarding the conditions in Guatemala. What what is making people. Want to get out of there are so desperately. Butler debaters turnout too because you know there are any indication that anything has changed in Guatemala. On doors and El Salvador that's where I'll wait for the children and -- and some -- adults. Are coming from -- I want to air in those countries there's no way to defend our Homeland Security. During. Back in Washington was the reason that they were coming because of this. This violence is no question. I thought I do believe that some children how -- for that reason to -- there there have been no reports -- the violence has increased. Dramatically. That would cause us. Over 60000 children and -- countries all of Kaka and when you -- the same problem now what has happened. That I do believe that Barack. Part of the resurgent. That we have this situation back in 2008. That people mostly. Introduced -- -- wasn't -- more than an anti trafficking of travelers who it's thing. Bill. That changes the way. And George -- -- -- so wouldn't it magical six. She's introducing blue bell and then bush -- that. It changes the way we treat unaccompanied children. -- contiguous countries. And that given greater legal protection and children from. Are our neighbors Canada and Mexico. -- -- placed in the care soldier from Central America. Or any other country other than Mexico -- can't. Content children don't get turned around and sent right back. Because from Central America out your place the -- relatives. There in the United States. They've given -- our military. And support they have artillery. Felt very -- coaching anywhere from three to seven years. From the time and you can't. And the number of children and young adults -- -- Scott was well over 80%. Say never come never show up for repairing. And -- here. So. There he felt he not mention her I think is the biggest reason was partly in 2012 President Obama. Change but also they would talk our preferred action for children. So that children aren't there have been brought here that's doesn't. Under the age of sixteen and they've been here seven years for attempting to corner. The -- and public policy also. Doesn't allow. -- immigration officers to an investigator. Investigate whether the information they're given this true or not. Of the -- For making anywhere from. Around 7000 dollars a person -- rumored that they have. He conducted throughout Central America that could -- source. We're going to be given to anyone that comes from the United States but it's very well you can come you can stay in now's the time. The majority of the children are coming. From parents or mother or brother or little trips that are already here in the United States. Ten. I have pictures. Of literally trying. Trying -- so folks. -- -- adults. On the roof of the train. And a thousand miles. -- the United States. Believe -- -- but the bigger we need to do some legislative exercisable one. This all children should be treated the same just as -- and then Mexico racial tension not peace Politico has a common problem. Two that the president to enforce immigration laws to stop encouraging people come here illegally. But I think it could -- the bigger problem for me you're what I saw Anwar went -- Texas who is that Mexico. Com. And look at the major responsibility to close our doors El Salvador Guatemala. And Mexico as restrict immigration laws. And if you remember there's United States marine sitting in prison right now. 44 months and months because you made a wrong turn and ended up in Mexico. Let's go to congress for its 2000 -- -- a pretty -- over -- 100000 children. Thousand miles through Mexico. What helping because endurance. And get here to the United States where is their role and what is their role are they working hand in hand -- with the -- Then of course they -- who have been stopped once they're not enforcing the law as it comes to -- Is it possible to get those answers from Mexico would demand those answers to Mexico. Oh how I I don't actually have been done I believe are six months ago. When. At this feeling not they're not gonna but it all of it but I have inherent. And a request for a corporation a proposal. Toward Department of Homeland Security. Was -- chaperones in January. Anticipating. 65000. Unaccompanied children were poor or in the country United States. -- questionnaires that they knew that and how that they know that's in January. And why were we prepared. What we've done what you're doing narco cockpit to move the country and Central America and Mexico would strip the last two weeks. And Obama went to Mexico. Want to talk to the president there. And -- Vice President Biden went to Central America to. Again. Try to discourage any Warner but why now why not in January or somebody new barracks. And -- -- chaperones. Our -- so surprised now -- why are we prepared to -- these children being put the conditions. Are true one out of every three girls. Are sexually abuse a long way. -- -- -- -- -- I'm okay sized I have two questions about this that the chaperones. Some who who is who's hiring them who's paying for them. Taxpayers are a forum out after being fired through our contractors to the Department of Homeland Security. Than. You know again. What I question secretary of Homeland Security Jerry Johnson. How did you know -- us. Did you know this is going to happen and what we've gotten a stalker until now I know the president's use some towards now. But when you. He make this an issue credit and January if you knew this was comment I I've been the number of things we need to do a lot and I agree with Governor Perry. Where we need to National Guard on the border because the Border Patrol power the third time is still babysitting. Literally changing diapers warming formula. Watching. Watching the power and -- -- both -- children that are there are urban crime but drug cartel. Gang members and -- terrorist. -- -- -- In my opinion get into the country because. Other Border Patrol simply -- so -- that's number one we need to get the National Guard -- it shouldn't be the state of Texas whose job. Provide. Border Patrol for the United States. Because the people recommend they don't just stay in Texas. They Upton and all other states across the United States number two. I believe we should cut off any repatriation money that's going to. The countries involved. Were the Packers are actually. Through crowds the government took the government giving more victories countries and repatriate their citizens are obvious story. That's not happening they're sending them to the United States and really doing nothing. Could stop it and they -- we could question whether or not we should suspend or Nader. -- come to Mexico Guatemala or Honduras and El Salvador. Until they expect stepped up. And begin to take responsibility for putting these children in the center. It good do you think that the role of of the United Nations should be in this if Fannie. -- I'd much -- -- in the United Nations Stewart and Kirk you know looks to me that there are other -- -- percent and I couldn't handled diplomatically. It's in the very beginning. I don't know why the president is on interstate or 100% until now until became a crisis. That it would simply -- in January. Our credit -- it would out of her car -- -- well -- because of a major crisis occur. That these children are going to be put in the hands of of the drug cartel. And take into the United States. You know why -- -- not protecting the border why -- the president not going to tax cuts you know this week -- -- be here and he's going to be an awesome and he's going to be in Dallas but he's not going down to see what I saw at the border and you could be great call you walk. When you see what's your prize -- what's happening there. And you talk to the Border Patrol when you see their frustration and you can witness our national security is at risk because we simply don't have the manpower. And what's going norm. My problem -- sisters. There this year a number of children and the ball further. Part simply. Now being shipped over from HHS health and human servicers. And then shipped around the United States. There are no background checks and the people that we're turning these children over to. We don't know we're turning them over to child predators. We don't know third drug dealers are we knew we -- we hope any turnabout. Either the child -- the person who they're going to. The top. -- humanitarian crisis right now. So are you believe that that when the president is in Austin and Dallas this week that he should take the opportunity. To vote and see this with his own eyes so what you think is preventing him from doing -- Well they're going to be doing some congressman there and obviously not a priority. I don't know about -- know the club about the topics. Most of what the president needs to do outcome -- be up picks would be I would go to McAllen Texas first. And it doesn't he want the underrated on the way back. But is it certainly makes -- -- committed that these fundraisers are. More important right now than singing and talking. And then and realizing. -- saying the threat that we need to do Governor Perry was very clear. On what he believes when we should be doing and he's very disappointed he's also went to the president he's he's got bigger. -- -- it in terms of their -- in the money in the president is going to be asking for are on ABC news today they said it would be more than. More than two billion. Dollars. To do something about this they do know many of the details about what he's going to ask for what that money will be spent on and then it at this point what's your got some -- car. I'm gonna sit back and and read. All the because also open where this money is going what we're gonna -- be doing what are why are we using the money -- maybe we are. -- in in securing that border especially in the Rio Grande Valley sector where we're. Councilman here coming across. It's money just we're not going to be used for up to provide legal services. For the adolescence that are coming here and and again soon. Remember over 80% -- threw -- -- here and so I know the president is now saying. We're sending you back you know if you come here you're going home. Well not sound good. But before going through this same process so we don't count the change in the law. That doesn't happen a lot states but they must be turned over -- HHS. They must become a court date and I'm always there and after the Olympic they beat reporter so it sounds good but in reality it's just. I don't know what's going to be down and so before I -- -- to spending two billion dollars more -- taxpayer money I want to make sure. That's being used the way it should be -- -- -- order to stop this crisis these children are being put in more are coming here to the United States. Limit the -- they would read and why are we can't increase country is a well. I was doing the stop some of the violence and the -- why isn't Mexico. Patrolling the border between Mexico and Guatemala which is much. Was shorter in links them from the border with Texas and Mexico. Are they doing important work I would I would like to know what they're doing other letters. Really caught on this problem appear in a white -- America's problem. What what are these other countries. Are stepping forward. What's your reaction bed before -- go to the situation and in California where there are angry people who are blocking busses that are carrying. Some of these individuals that have crossed the border. Well I can understand could well what's you know what's going on right now because. Many many people across the United States are -- -- -- what are not what's being done before we begin coach and scored. -- children and young adults. Are in two other communities. You know whether or not proper background checks are done you know El Salvador. I have a lot of problems with -- gang activity. We know for a fact it's clearly young adults are happening association. Well look any gangs with the drug cartel let's bring them here what kind of you know before they're shipped all the medical screenings complete. Well we just moving young people around the country because we -- basically put them. Down -- down in Texas are all legitimate concerns for the welfare of the of the adolescent -- other child. And the communities that are going to who's going to be in court and they're going to be an impact on the school's. These are legitimate questions. Before we trust -- Our government can begin shipping. People who you don't know everything about or very little about. Around the country. How soon might that congress take up the issue of this funding because it seems that this is a humanitarian crisis is should be sooner than later. It's this week some hope chemistry. -- -- what the president is proposing. How the money is going to be spent. And and congress. Will do about it you know again there's a human -- we can't forget that. You know we can't forget that there's a human side and triggered her children are coming here. Some can help some of -- students are simply very sad situation -- The truth of the matter is if we're just going to be using the money to continue business as usual. Then they're going to solve the problem word here's the problem going to continue exist. -- does anybody believe that the drug cartel will also they -- we made enough money won't stop bringing. Children here. I -- central. US congress and blue -- and what does this morning on W -- -- we appreciate it thanks thanks so.