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6-29-14 Paranormal Science

Jul 8, 2014|

Rev. Robyn Marie talks about the Paranormal Showcase on June 28, 2014. Also the "ghost hunt" that took place afterward in the theater.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Paranormal. Science. -- -- And I stands there. We're on its own music here. All right listen to music. Swallow -- to show I actually want Amazon interest and we can we have different Anderson weekend com. For social restarted because of freedom during the end of emotion for -- happy fourth and what's coming up and we won't be on the year to -- worse off right wash your honey yeah happy fourth of July have -- foot joy and be careful. Naturally especially having fireworks and drink and nothing -- maybe don't want to be careful thanks. But -- again tonight we have the reverend Robin Murray with us and national talk about the panel showcase that. Especially that the science -- that I'm here I'm right. And nom and the award anytime we had there and also the other coast until afterwards another something unfortunately I don't think it was attended. No -- another engagement yeah as soon as that I and I know -- I'm -- -- profession just -- reforming so lots. I know we unfortunate we're not -- that goes on but I heard her when great and I had a somewhat local mom Roman -- -- hello thank you for having me thanks for coming and we appreciate it. And so on the paranormal showcase how long. What what what did you what did you anticipate and quality come out as far as you speculate how everything going against great speakers they're always yes Jeff sleeper. -- on them we hand John Higgins for king now from New Jersey. And so we head rob Henry from West Virginia. Original West Virginia paranormal. So -- McClain and ray is speakers we had -- Simpson who talked about youth development. And tell myself of course and I didn't demonstration of photos trying. You did the -- and first time I miss -- -- I was looking forward to that took him. It was this pretty wild download and we had some outstanding vendors to. So yeah. Did I mean annoying and while it's not a one cent on it wasn't just paranormal either like there was the hum there's a -- from self defense on suicide yes I'm tracking the name of it. Italy's case we now but I'm she had like damsel in distress that's -- -- normally I'd -- -- -- yes liberals on the martian days there actually on stun guns but I guess she had them enough. I'll say what she issues are great individual and ugly. I -- reading for her on drilling piazza however serious -- turn a lot of issues kind of position by our our our table there and -- what a wonderful person she. And just your job alone dishonest stuff I mean she just she is an awesome awesome work in his in this conferred for some girls out there that. For the ladies out there that are you don't just feel -- little bush should comforted -- are secure yes. New Jersey as preventative and yes absolutely everything from like you said the stun guns to Mason rush also. I'll not take your chance to hear rob talk a little bit. On I had a very good speaker kinda mark was there also and I'm. Can you tell them about this topic for the Cisco on this topic for second you talked about your member of actually Ellison and only election. Usually I'm not doing anything ethnic problem she talked about Tom the history of paranormal. Which I was very interest in paranormal investigators in the history of Vietnam he offered a little bit of a different -- from -- and then -- was I appreciate you know. I do know about the history of it in and you know different I mean. Different avenues people came from knows it didn't just happen in this country have been doing for years passing -- is also plans. You know you go back to the yeah. The native Americans and she's been. And as Americans which -- You know they had the sweat lodge and stuff and that's -- found their their spirit -- are -- any -- -- kinds of stuff and what the white man's -- people call -- nations the native Americans called visions and -- and those visions they would find. Olympia crawl rule for bear -- may be -- that supposedly what are -- -- Erica and just and that -- to catch him absolutely I'll tell you it's that that's an awesome yourself so if we ever. -- and their families listening out there has any idea when I don't Powell's you come up around October. I don't know if you call and let us know I'm I'm more eventually lost house -- I was probably 1820 years old and unfortunate Russians who back. Product and that's the most amazing thing -- -- I'd never been the one I'd like to do that's a toss in the judicial Manson fans who dances I mean it's just it's great it really is great consensus on some time. But I'm charms of it without the panel showcase you said you did some reading something you can. Only as many many readings I always get slammed as usual ally when I left you -- -- -- -- behind -- -- -- -- behind -- -- people waiting for you this I don't know. I know but you know I like to use my medium show up and use a lot of different tools they used several cards and crystal's friends. You know many different Indonesian tool both. But some of the medium ship is. My main focus whenever amusing I try to connect with experience around -- and I worked through them. Very much like you would just saying the native American news -- animals. And I can do that is well so if you have -- a pet that's passed away I can go through them to maybe reach your grandmother or years. Sister or whoever is passed on. Really less interest and that's your entry I've never and we -- individual wants of -- talk to the animals -- right here and I'm not gonna talk to her again because. I -- we did unfortunately most people know that Tom McCain and partner -- -- has passed on. And I would love to know I'm -- territory sinking feeling -- is doing -- Sean. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Podium virtually did -- my father one point time however without the Europe is still Riviera yeah. -- -- this is a good man and just mentioned a -- the they were for the most part insufferable I mean when I when I left the home now left and her mom and -- say they're kind of protect them and he did just that I. Yeah Obama listen to them like you would -- which was -- He almost unheard of when you lose your stuff they're great connection they're really the enemy was part of a family mom we'll show -- I don't want to connect with an illness so I'm really. -- ninety -- nineteen -- the Swiss you know many many different types of animals. You know birds and I fish I suppose I haven't tried data. But I mean telepathically there there -- able to communicate and I instantly. On the to have their feelings implanted all spring to mind. Really I know how they feel about do you and certain people. And tell even their little pet friends senate passed and is still playing. So you know. 'cause in my hand two little mom. All India particularly is server. And down the wanna pass and they said. They sort of don't still plays with -- delicate issue plays by herself what she never did before. And just run around jump around Roth account for like almost like the other to a player when when the old alliances like you never know I mean yeah I mean. I can only imagine I mean I'm sure they are playing like they scandals could get right here he's us an email -- is here but I mean the fact that matters is saying. Funeral may be I think that's awesome if they pressure placed -- each other and that is just scrape it really is. It really is. She's -- I apologize in advance humorous listening I have not. -- passed maybe we can develop some type of science issue number -- bond and I'm also an allergy but it's. It's I'm doing these very well so a lot of defense for not talking much -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The Eric I I don't know -- right -- ANC's assaults. She sultan have everytime you make it's it's not. That's not doing well here. But I am so -- you've taken continue to explain by the way I'm going to set off Mike for seconds -- change you can you explain what you were doing. Yes so you know I did a lot of photos crying and people had sent me photos ahead of time. Which was nice and the -- is shared some with means that the handful pitchers against yes CS sole you know I don't know if you wanna take a look at. The particular ones and I pulled out. When people send me photos is no guarantees and I'm going to see something in every one of the pictures. But they will be Weiner may be some more and then I'll be able to see life and animated -- through them. And certainly to connect to attempt to now this isn't. Necessarily a picture of someone that has passed -- -- of the past. They can just be a property. I'm making the outdoors like for an investigation. Or it could be just. And anti -- your home. So wind never really nowhere it's gonna come from. Not looking at the tape we just gave me in the ass so far year. Right I did it all really you're you're good OK so now you can see -- -- these things out against the photo shoot and I might like to report. Yes hate each of them and I put things in quotations. -- never changed the wording. Disappearance sesame -- -- because I figured you noted everyone has certain phrases certain. And will -- things that maybe only EU in the spirit no. -- this way you understand the genuine. Delivery. Of the message said it didn't come through me. It's from spirit right from them right yes. Very private things and soul on. You know you -- picture of a lady next to an elderly woman in the middle innings and another couple of the younger people paying him this it you know I can apply my logic and looks like a family. -- -- In the kitchen. And you know why he angrily don't know you or your family or anything other than -- -- this great show -- -- beyond. But the first thing was said. A voice came to me and she mentioned sister. And I felt -- -- this person is talking about somebody that was may be still in the photo. It was her sister on the other side. Now I needed to confirm if the leading in the middle has already passed yes she -- okay. Now has her sister passed yes recently. Okay. Seoul. And well it was after the photo so. You know these waves of my letting you know all stand on the other side they're together. And she's saying she's with her sister -- -- she's maybe the Monday has recently passed -- identifying that this is her sister. You know in the picture here -- think so these are things that you you know you would have to look into when confirm right. -- that they told me something about one of these ladies associated with real estate. And I don't know if somebody was selling your house of -- -- to a realtor. -- -- Properties themselves but something was relieved it in the air from the one lady in there is possibly looking for another piece of real staying home. I'm not sure if she ever sold real safe before they know they're looking for another yeah I mean it didn't have to be about fails in particular but they won't mention -- -- And about an ancient. They said that -- of yellow salute if she's selling a house may -- she was just recently getting an ancient terror. Something mysterious thought him and maybe that's held since she's selling our interests in buying has to do something with spirit. -- -- and also they have an interest and it okay. But you know again and we give either report and you can do little investigative work and see Helen makes sense. Sometimes the person I pass messages to has no political. He wouldn't let this go so until say I don't know that you know his name is -- And some of the thing is they tell you go back home and pass on. This information. Because maybe there's somebody in their photos and needed to hear that didn't so it's not. Exactly you but it through use of -- coming -- them. OK okay the dog. A picture of Don and his beautiful. On the heat there was a -- there and it it was animal spirits it was talking to me and because he was so active. Com I couldn't tell if it was necessarily exist juggernaut it was the one that energy that was blowing around behind me. It was like a dog running back and -- And it was right up in my face very vibrant and very very friendly you have a feeling just as the kind of dogs it would mean anybody in just are leaking his face. I'm also he liked to chase things -- lemmings in general every dog likes to chase things. That this looks more like equality of hunting. Like he he won in two. You know maybe go -- traveling with somebody and you know specifically go after. You know an in Florida again if you're hunting her someday I don't know. I don't know how to -- then. They said. Something that sounded like CD because I always tried to get names. Excellence his true name Sadie. -- mean anything. Not that mean when you want me tell you get a -- dollar. -- UK and I was just looking through my notes to see if I actually got the name of the stocks not -- eighty witnesses Marley. -- OK well I do hear things like EV piece so it can come kind of broken. And as you read this report I kind of -- long needed it so you could get the feeling of how it was said -- it sounds just like names flowing through wind. So lie you know the beginning to die off Jose ending could die off. And you know again it's really up to you to determine how this fits into your life. Com I also -- it's a sad day. Yes there was very sad and some. You know it was unexpected. That this would have to happen yes but the dog was telling me that there was pain in her links in the feet. OK correct yes song. Especially the feed itself the path. And every -- and if she was carrying she was in down. Did you choose soon but the stock down yes we and the choice okay I'm very sorry. But I -- And I wrote cancel you can see you know everything's time stamped in all of last. What I'm surprised I mentioned I never said that the dog pass away or anything you were just going right on that assumption mine Gary -- got -- -- I just tell you how it feels. And you know like -- think sometimes when there's still so vibrant it's confusing to me to know if they're actually on the other side. Horry you know there's still hear me it can be another dog to pass its talking about a dog it's a life. And I think Joseph was mentioning that her -- you know the living dog still sees a little friend and spirit in -- playing with them. So on there's another one here -- And this is a covered bridge. This will be interest thinks so. This one was interesting no I never know where these places are and you know it through investigations should go to all kinds of covered bridges. This could be any place in the picture is very very dark. So I eat you know just seeing shadows of living people there think airlifting. In the distance on. It almost looked like there was so lynch I mean it is water going under the bridge. I don't -- still -- wait. It looks like there was a role of soldiers. Because they were very. Light you know transparent to look through I couldn't see a lot of detail. But they were very uniform in howl they were marching. Behind each other almost walking in -- in a very direct line that there were several lines of them. And it's them almost like eight blue. True to the so there the bridge itself and that they blew through it they win intuit. And I can't seem roles of some one after another coming up in passing through it. Then it was very very quiet and very calm. And there was another experienced it I can see the back of a man standing here and I -- anyone's faces so I don't know -- soon. But there was an apparition that formed right beside him. And he was telling me that this person in the picture has a lot of pain. So it was same particularly look like a lower back and the links -- Com so he was very concerned about him so I don't know if this is a relative of the -- and they came and -- You know this was maybe just an apparition in the areas that kind of associated with him for some reason but he was very concerned about how he felt right you know very compassionate. And now the last thing. I looked over and there is a tree at the distance. And it could barely see it be -- -- very very dark. But then after racing team award a sentry. He walked out of it and Hutu was very lie aid in the area Ian transparent so there in a very good space. -- as far as the soldiers that I saw walking towards the bridge. When I see it like Chad and there are there like -- I think this is a reason at all. If there was no communication. No one looked did. Each other no one looked at me of course so. That's the difference. Between that bridge is in Gettysburg just outside experience. -- this -- -- -- -- if that's the British sex okay Gettysburg is very very dark picture so I really can't tell with say half. -- Delis and that it was taken in the right there is something else are talking about Motown look really simple answer to maintain Jolie won't touch and the other part. I understand that you know what she said about the gentleman in the pitcher and without Emerson literature. I don't know what. Yep -- -- imagine you're someone with a soldier insight OK Simon you -- -- okay I'm in general about -- this -- investment. It lets me and not actually -- we have take number April -- back and in the second. Hey it's mark tries from paranormal science -- get that feeling like -- a thousand demon staring at your back. Are you comfortable in your own body like -- possessed with somebody else's -- and suffering or you don't need an -- really chiropractic school. Dedicated to providing the best chiropractic and rehabilitative care possible terror practice we'll get you back into the body you remembered chiropractic school. 569 pierce street Kingston PH check them out on the web and getting chiropractic so dot com and TIX on the end and we'll call 5702885800. And get back to living. -- -- This controversy. As some listeners. Spontaneous in like mentally and turn. Oh and welcome back to animal science not talk one team -- -- -- Before we -- -- from break we are actually down this little confusion or pitcher I have seen the pitch before Arsenault of the stance a minister Robin. Armed with that being said the look at the pitcher on the brakes and down the with a one session bridge and you get that done I mean I'm at the time for the pitcher was taken. I did not have an injury. But I'm assuming that wind. You know maybe that when they came through yes very much sense and I've been injured so. From it's calls like that only comes out to lower back in non. And of course -- -- like it was predicting if they knew it was coming but I think I guess on the one suing you know I don't know I mean that that's that's that's your Forte I don't know when I know. Since sunset sunset but you've been taken I have been injured and now. I do have lower back issues not problems. She fixed my legs and my feet and so and so forth so so sorry yeah. As long thanks -- for being concerned about America -- -- she was okay for you feel the compassion coming true that's awesome -- You know like you said during break you know where I was wondering how they -- on the other side -- they are. All they care about us just that's just awesome to me that is just especially not even necessarily knowing this individual who don't ever meeting him and I mean it. I am against her fans and I'm allowed -- may have you know -- cinematic. There's a meticulous donors are so listen I'm talking you chills when I am I'm Rivera may have met Mina -- and wherever it. I thought about that picture now Robin sitting right across the room from Joseph here -- but the picture. It's a look. Several people facing a ways there's no possible way she could -- -- connecting you -- -- -- -- pitch I know and united in facing in the direction or anybody recognize him. And the funny thing is in the one individually were coming down I'm just as I do know additional -- isn't even there pressure that I was not that person must has been with us. You don't trust it stands counseling on Obama glamour there. I well that's what I do our posts -- put upon. FaceBook Caroline so we -- -- on the panel wants a million dollars I mean there's just so American man is Google like going on -- -- just -- people to realize that you didn't you're picking out crosses it was like a lineup pitcher you know varieties of very dark again but I have some damage that -- hopefully we'll have enough you know short leash so he gets to you then realize that she remembered me out of the crowd so to speak. It's Arkansas and so forth but. They hit a spot on the spot. You'll only know with spirit tells me now and then I'll say they're not run around -- didn't see it they see it. There watching over us -- always. So I was another pitcher that you want to come on there or are. Yes the last photo in May BC wants to tell -- premises but this is up a couple little little farmhouse. Locally locally old farmhouse the people that own this house would rather be in that. Tell practiced very private they don't want anybody know where -- sat -- on the but as far as what you wrote there you can reveal that yes that's a problem holds a location wise and or not it's on a public facility no no I'll change. Thumb is that again there were a couple of -- sixteen malice here and did at first period began to talk to me and told me that there was a body. Buried. -- across the street. When Memphis an anti. And I can see this other houses founded in distance but he was taking me to a place where it was like a wooded area. They be behind these homes -- -- you know. -- -- in the neighborhood there on it then many voices came man. So there were a lot of experience -- world coming out around this one person. And some they told me there's so many people that are buried across. And they asked me to go look for the and they said -- an unmarked graves. And they was showing me a little none of maybe numbers. Of people you know just little markers season with numbers on them. And they were broken like somebody -- walked over them -- they were built over. And -- is it's just this horrible and and meet me think of an and I -- -- this question in here this is me asking you. Was there an asylum healthier or some type of medical facility. It was there to -- -- it was never an asylum in the area for me what that home was once owned by doctor drew was in medical like this from the get sick everybody came. That area. Yes years and years back okay. And I just made some suggestions you know would be an asylum because I was thinking this a lot of the minute half of those types of KE you know field felt there -- unmarked create drives. Sold it that's the kind of looks that I was getting in the sense of just. But they told me you know with the lake and care giving facility. So in this case it's associated with a doctor and least none of them will just leave it at that happened -- that the. Right OK can I don't know what's out there win this. Goes back to we know exactly what date now the other thing that happened after dad was in this was definitely an -- and residual haunting. And again they don't look -- no communication. It's it's just like a shadow of them going through. Your life as they did at the time. And there was a role of children. They walked across San property cut across the street and it looked like they -- On a field trip -- something like -- so really Caspian skipping along. And how does it make sense that makes a lot of sense yes I don't know if a school or something else there who would attractive field trip. The family that live there that was a large family got lots of children all the fact you can say they. Whether they were skipping out in the field where they're skipping out to -- schooler where -- food they they've fallen a role. Skip and along so. I was a large fan when he well they were very happy. So it was different than the Frist. We've disappearance sixteen through because they were looking for their great Satan. So as far as the first group I've heard. Rumors that this past -- Indian graves of their conducting what -- you know I loved it's I think elbow -- assume. You know I couldn't really put a year to live they they didn't communicate enough with me and I can always revisit a photo new. Can I -- back -- meditate over tonight and see if they wanna continue the conversation. And many times they do in the second or third time around. Because it's almost as if they recognized me. So -- more comfortable telling me things and they. Trust me not to touch up dozens are chosen say they probably start to get used to do you know collects a conflict anything else we -- that's so funny -- -- -- once before they know you're not there are two actually he didn't -- -- the site to look for the people user. The power -- not so good either and we. I mean I think I was still in the Olympics info like you know so this economy surely you're you know you're genuine -- -- OK I think that's actually awesome that they do that ranking I love. Do I really always welcome them. Mean it's very good -- yeah well that's photos trying to think that the so humble families -- any questions Thomas who threw the numbers up announced -- 57083. Users are mining. Or when he heard -- -- or Germany we're -- text talking to 99404. Tom I'm sure Robin you know my answer some questions or unknown okay I'm also I think that would be great. Excuse me it's a solid citizen and -- storm. But I could also DM if you want to talk a little while the I'm dvd ghost coast to fire from -- Yes that's what struck me today area I don't Pennsylvania. And times you know shooting the film which is the second version of -- the fire -- the continuance. And this is a dvd that I created in a movie it actually went into cinemas and only selling to countries -- -- went around the world news -- -- from Australia and Scotland and everything else how they felt about these things sent. Formed some of the laws and certainly easy union. And the coal miners union. For America. Now tying the series and I'm coal miners might you know John grandfather worked in the coal mines is just you -- -- -- it was a huge area to really wants. I like -- Cole. -- I was denying new pieces of -- on a barbecue night so that was my life. So I in -- it's -- -- to find a hot plays the hip with the grinch. A dead people and eight and didn't -- some paranormal teams -- may be gone but nobody really did extensive research. And I felt what would be better -- A ghost town is burning underground. And spirit told me then we should go there. And they gave me the name of this movie. And real and it was golf is a fire. And what's funny is that in doing research. After we filmed the film because you know we didn't know what to find down there. That some. You know they work. Four -- five years that happened. And then the middle of the town in Centralia and actually burned to the ground. -- rather our honor and history to find in of course they would build up and start over again. And does this possible in town for the coal mining industry. And you know coming from out of state and again not being associated with the cell phone is fascinating. And I found a lot of -- years of history and different types of spirit from. Native American with a one -- tribe that was cells there which we didn't even know the name of the -- It took us two more years to find out all of these things after winds. And of course film wonderfully the live lives they are modern day. As well as you know isn't a big city. So was this a lot of people -- passed away that we were able to contact him. They told us about all the pro Reid said having the flags and bag pipes and everything that. We'll go down misread it and it was really happy memories there were more modern. But and we also. Golf with the and the history of the coal miners coming and and the plate of their families and then the suffering that everybody went through and of course changes again coming back historically than America. You know win the moguls through there where there and we went to some of the -- from the area that still exists and and some you know some. There's quite a bit that we found and of course everything that's in the film had to be confirmed before I released it. Right and so animal Yasser names and also asked don't I don't -- -- -- and -- backup rotisserie and there's a priest and put occurs sometime. Oh yes you know that's such a fact. He did in them public so you know women who was well well recorded. And he was trying to push people away from joining -- -- acquires in the movement against. How the coal miners why you would. Put a curse on those who -- well he said anybody that is anything to do with this he said he you know very violent this any pre so probably do. But he said I curse you for all eternity. And may you burn in the fires of hell and in -- -- paraphrasing but the actual quote is on here and in the movie. And of course it turned down four times the current silver with consumers and now it's perpetually burning. You know it's I'm just wondering how this is more of paranormal doctorate from doctors yes -- -- entry -- so. It's it. It's a form of Islam getting yourself. History is there it's not lost in the within the the film -- -- which is phenomenally I mean they have never seen I mean I just married a much copy you don't know thank you can't thank you appear calm but I'm going to go home probably either I'm washed China tomorrow would definitely. But weren't factors and -- here GS you're talking emeritus of the paranormal documentary is just seemed to me I love the history. Every -- history you know we we loses. And dumb as I say Irish special keeping the issue within them honest I didn't see -- for comment other than that happen just by reading this I'm sure you have a trust you have. And I just and that's mama I really do keeping mission something like that vicious purse returned. Thank -- -- of course everything that we learned tier I take you on the journey with us in the car even driving down there and you see thirty people. They came from six different states so we got different points of views from different types of paranormal teams. You know in some had families who work coal miners so mental lots of them. You know with what we found. And we had someone else it was actually native American sons and it meant a lot to him action you know and and you'll see where I was chased by shape shifter. So even have that type of you know it's really like -- an idea that's really and that's awesome and I he jumped over the wall and chased me reeling from. That is -- That is under the chase some Interfax that -- -- -- to -- that it is just a certificate had just to see that and but it would recordings. Of these types of animals and I sign of the black candidate. May end. -- I mean yeah he had they had the dogs are really. And I saw him more ocean front of me and I -- there really lost it there. And that was found so flaky but I looked into -- and they were recordings. Of -- of these animals suffer through the center of Pennsylvania. And truth Centralia. It's amazing how did Don did anybody else see that for -- -- -- the camera. -- they look quite a few that really so you know they didn't actually see that happen you know because I was. Alone as always these great things happen right. But I wasn't far from the people and the and they witness means running time and time he had dissipated at that point night. And some of them. But there were a lot of unusual things that happened you know different anomalies and you know -- ribbons of energy we're going through that area and launching on on film. You know contain and you see them live we shoot the stills. See you can see the back on the camera what we got a really great for the moment tough. Since Austin green I can I went to Washington is Diana I'll tell -- that's just amazing in itself but can you just talk about the ribbons and energy and I have to say this. I her -- and I am. Thought that I thought I had a party and say what every patient we took it was almost like a river and energy added it was amazing with that being said -- take a break and we backed by the ghosts and. -- -- I'll tell -- I was there's just for interest. It was those pitchers -- when they're in the break I'll tell you what actually understand morons come up with I'm -- went through doing really isn't -- Robin the last month they'll cancel unusual plus nameless and yet last night -- -- the ghost hunt but you have to theater yes -- talked about that a little bit for him. As the Phoenix performing arts center and we did a fund -- -- -- and I thank you guys so much for being supportive of -- thanks for coming out then. You know your mom was a big hit. Everybody loved her. And I. It was shown to -- hodgman yes -- on his final should come she's doing you know we had probably about 40 people in the evening to -- does physical stunts -- and we had. Rob Henry again from the original West Virginia paranormal. Yes he was leaving room. Sometimes but you know there were a lot of different perspectives and a lot of different teams they came out. And some it was nice to see them blend and see them all come together and see this as a whole project. And this is a really hot building. -- It goes back to 1898. So this is over a hundred years of furniture manufacturing companies and their -- -- trampoline -- and of course unfortunately. Clinton junior. Had passed away and the buildings. As so you know there's some trauma history Nichols when it. But does a lot of theatrical. Type spirit said that there is one home. They go back to me -- twenty's and thirty's Somalis and them saying age license plate that period that the -- from. But I'm busier now. And for the last twelve years of soul. They've had -- as this community theater. Which focuses on youth development. And and these are great kids say they go on to Broadway and they do TV and everything else they're very professional. And down. We went into the costume -- We went into you know -- -- trauma had happened net in this several floors and of course some basements and all of that. So are we had shadow people that showed up. -- we did some control questions with flashlights. Several flashlights. And they were going on and off like crazy TT two prior questions. So everybody was very hands team Baghdad. And some you know -- set of grids. You know the green grid and him and we were getting shadows some things some were crossing women this is numerous people that was sitting there seeing this happen. We have humming. And this was coming from two different flawless. At different times so I found that kind of interesting in the it was. Monotone kind of like chanting. Relaxed through through. Concentration Yellowstone essentially different. Did any BP's new PM they catch. -- -- -- OK -- national review we didn't have time yeah I'm sure it is anyway admit to any -- incident and a shooting assessment council vote and I know we will have that this week he and I will share with you mean that'd be great news file usually contact doesn't know if you can't make it to show where this memorial and a place on the -- -- on the Arizona problem. Couple weeks ago earlier I think Ortiz fair we gave our talk up there yes there was at least three young ladies yes that we're actually activists from over at the theater. -- and they're telling the stories about other hair brushes -- movies isn't always yet dressing rooms and actually move around yet and they every day this activity there. On the penal and you can stand there and and watch these things happen and they'll be several people and groups and -- -- -- things like last night all I'll say what I did not stay there for the for the ghost hump and I will say this I was talking to. The lady from. The crystals there must partner. And com. I'm talking newer features session set up the stairs and if yes Melissa Melissa yeah -- yes that is just clean their system. He had right absolutely and we talked I'll say well. And I mentors from mortars to another arm when she locked in the room the Wii you're in a different cells -- present she she has no laws is a very strong personality she gets yes. And without being -- I was talking to her and she hum. As we're talking I kept looking up because. I would swear I saw someone walking down the stairs or just an uneasy settle lazy and emotionally. I couldn't really see a settling Soledad but. And man knows you're talking you have six and Japan likes that motion my little bit light change where maybe this happened merely saw a doctor for about maybe 1520 -- and I. And I happen at least three or four times -- it's kind of we have -- anything -- 'cause -- kind of weird and always on the same -- some of it was a residual or. Every time like you know I -- -- from I don't think I laugh I don't know what was on their but definitely something -- on the -- -- to anybody report that -- I did last October actually really. And it was flake and residual it to -- happening over and over and he was descending on the stairs I was serious I think yeah. I'd -- our guys knew I silence and come on on my promotion and and a and -- and I'm glad. And another severe like I was telling you sometimes I use -- different -- -- -- -- what's actually going on right so someone else another spirit. Told a lump is yes he said he lives behind the clock. So we had to get the owner to show me where this great big giant clock was fun and that's where he stays so that's moralists with -- energy is trapped. Oh really -- so he's taking attached to the clock itself forty these -- crew beat. He could be since it was you know furniture manufacturing and now of course they have all types of theatrical sets they aren't. Send me a second hand distant second and a culture and you pick up all these residuals that come with furnishings and. And that's the thing most -- -- realize that much on the scanner rather for any means but you know I mean spirited attach itself to person place thing you know audio and I was right I -- I mean we've had -- investigation before even belong to the PP eight years ago -- -- -- -- a different team and -- just -- and then Ronald -- -- -- -- I think was almost a portal I mean. I walk in and I know I remember claimed immediate Manny means just sometimes a sense of depending on the day I don't know if you want to. On the left on campus but I'm I walked -- like you just feel that carpet literally was like almost like he's he's a word for text all use it like it was act as strong a lot. A swirl of a and of the of the of the power house like. There -- -- look at I mean I really Nolan film from my first timeout and I am going to use our left an impression I'm sure my development I'm not comfortable with this of the and that's as I -- the actually was happening so -- And another another case for Iran they believed he. I'm mother -- attached to a piano told she -- -- issues -- the -- already -- you can't really well regardless of Arizona and reliable. Things and that's a -- -- is I think because music is music makes the souls yet. Boy things people and I played -- -- really love their instrument they really -- -- deep to play hard and I addressed himself to -- and the -- all of I mean. I think anybody you know there's have a musician or invest passion about anything you know what I'll -- an artist. And that we are just about anything more than be painting musician -- -- are -- are real passion about that you don't actually leaves an imprint on that item on the immaterial. And I believe you know he said you know it is just a piano was Yahoo!'s human player -- that's one of the biggest things we have -- the piano how she's doing good -- play -- night. Now for whatever reason that is I don't know could be child's spirit -- looks like annoyance or aggression be -- musician attached to it for the owner. But I'll tell you what -- and that's awesome because when they're done alternate and that impression -- -- -- I wanna join a separate that -- they're enjoying it and then the lost my heart rendering in that. -- piece of heaven that's right yeah I mean the guy could be you know the behind the whole clock things I was going to but I mean -- roaming and then. You know a little watchman -- Tuesday and -- I'm sure he could you don't do this we don't -- -- did it. Keep an open the building because they got a sense of duty. Like heat had to defend those stairs like she was saying maybe he went to the front door and -- -- you know is certain time. And so sometimes they're very conscious. Of the time here you know in -- present life. And so if they had to do something analysts say 5 AM it every day he was still open. Deaths from the residual will just yet. I'm wondering -- it's -- I think it's kind of make things it's unsettling just because -- a sitcom I at least three to four times and we get -- in hotels and things like say in -- -- staff for it didn't. Kitchens from. Mystery in hotels were there -- Lima. Money while we want to Gettysburg and you know what just laying down you've come from Milwaukee and now this years ago and -- on this iPod goes off. In his the music starts playing our phones and music comes on a chair and I was near it and his book bag and there's backpack -- -- And down we hears music music anyway so loud that we hear through the headphones are testament. -- he's like you never goes a lot -- -- brilliantly you have to talk but it was -- a spirit in my opinion the turn on just playing with -- whatever. And I mean usually -- I'm -- it was with a little little B fox and yourself. You're right I mean did you send it to play -- things turn things aren't you know and it and maybe the personal music on all of hotels and a -- I've seen a few things cartels are stated -- and I'm getting rather mean. It's just been -- amazing. Not that building in Syria that's similar goalie. And from what I gathered always was a furniture manufacturing their furniture sales ES three generations in the family. And of course now they continue one. The Clancy -- -- now is opening. A wonderful facility here in wilkes-barre so there's been a lot of talk about them on the numbers are still in the furniture -- -- I didn't realize you know battle that's awesome here. I know based on the older building behind -- to -- -- -- soon -- -- if you heard anything if there's any activity in that there was an old school an old building that these people part of their warehouse. Well maybe if they hear the still combing out. Check into engines again trying to sheriff holds -- residual run. We may get something. That's just that's going to be awesome I am proud to your credit crunches or come back I mean there was a good store. I but some of my furniture they're a year ago I was -- -- -- you had been in the theater. Who didn't know they had the building block her mark in my mom portion. Musharraf tomorrow but she she says lake union Schumer is even as the -- know younger you know individual going there's teenagers often passing through intelligence being -- -- it was there for comments on him on seven years old -- The only and she just can't assure members that sonar in the inferno. Engineers some sense -- mean that they wanting to surprise me about the theater there. And I drove by and I seen the signs anytime I don't theatre Phoenix and never thought nothing of it. But to play bills they have on their wall -- they do a lot of nice surprise ways shown and I I'm Sabina will probably a lot of trampled don't know -- there. -- -- thrillers -- -- -- and yeah I mean it's it's not a very large place but it's a nice place and they put nice plays yeah. I I was very impressed when I went to sea shells there. You know this wasn't just a bunch of kids friends getting together -- is the standard community type organization. So it's entertaining to damn. More than the audience and this was incredible. Italian aren't fortunate to have an opportunity go their butt off. How -- announced pricing -- their -- labels unseen. When did this but do we know that comes in music and -- again I want to thank you so much free time yesterday. Do these things together again things so this is eternal -- up running -- -- and sensor and and Robin thank you so much you can hand -- and everything you can and sleep tight.