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7-6-14 Paranormal Science

Jul 8, 2014|

Find out what other local (NEPA) businesses have paranormal activity.Want to know about more about Local haunting's? check out http://www.theshadowlands.net/places/pennsylvania.htm For more information go to http://www.hauntedplaces.org/haunted-places-near-me/

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Paranormal. Society and -- Okay. -- Okay. Good evening everyone welcome to another edition of animal science I'm Joseph Hough and I stand -- No -- from -- rebound from a hopefully happy and safe fourth of July weekend filled some time now hunting -- formulas could spend the in laws time. Had some some fireworks this year has already three times in my brother was in the game three fireworks and -- news good news for the -- around town. I am. Also unfortunate marks are with us again hopefully he'll be back again next week we -- -- in the lab he's been absent a couple weeks here but I. Duty calls -- -- right. If they -- -- in -- checked our FaceBook page are you know -- we're talking about. Local establishments. Today's going to be the -- local establishments. That are reportedly haunted. From. My guests by people who visited there. I'm paying we talked about and talk about local pubs and eateries are such as eye candy Gammons. -- -- -- -- Shiny and in golf course resort. It's just just some of the some of the few we we're talking about com. I mean believe it or not I'm saying you tutors there's if you want a calm person but most people realize oh yeah this is it's all over it's really common and most in my opinion most buildings do have a hunting and or just so I mean they may not be active with this not to -- and you look at the history you know there's just in the area alone I mean we have so much. And so many restaurants and and god eateries and -- -- from a -- like resorts and stuff from the history go back to the eighteen how much love me just put up the pocono area. Did they go back -- know pretty far. Tom we've investigated if you humble talk about those two. There's you have the candle shop up in the Poconos Compaq has a phenomenal shrink. Session where the good doctor. Actually unfortunately. I'm. Policies tests that are operated on a few well mom spider monkeys for yellow fever and non you know back then it was a little Kruger that it is now. I'll tell us you know word former crude he has now from both say what it's the history as fast in this area and you in motion controller realizes. Most people probably gave you some of these establishments are stated these establishments and never know. I agree if it doesn't mean this something's gonna happen every time someone's there if they're you know worried about staying in until teller haunted restaurant eating their. -- -- -- -- -- The wife Laramie hello Paul -- bush asked not to be or may not from the Airbus -- -- Italian -- establishment. As a really good history behind it actually you motorists from now. It was actually boarding house and slash. -- station proper drop off areas in the area. And -- boarding council upstairs her -- drifters and and I mean some unfortunately came in were able to stay there. And for whatever reason they reported while sitting near someone recognize -- point Harrison Harrison there on the show you how -- reported a little boy. That they see -- renowned in the dining room just walking through. And down. Hillary are still teeter -- fuels that wants to come in or reverend Patrick so often but I mean just an issue the place alone I mean thrown her trash it's nice home. I'll tell you what it's it's beautifully re good food I wish I can mention their name to -- -- not to put. Hossa I mean just that alone now -- a little boy has to do I think there until the time and they don't you know these so there was this little boy to our care customers have seen him. You know from some of the waitresses have seen them the cooks here and I mean just you know little -- these things there's little boy walking through -- Well thanks to some of these buildings -- a 102 years old the little boy may live there -- exactly something might have happened a 150 years ago that nobody is aware of and we have yes -- from all around the area but one of them on the biggest things that that personally I've I've seen some stuff on that come. Back in the day -- to go on around them here would be handicap this. And you know I mention and am of course because I -- if you if you if you if you Google it'll it'll come off so I'm not sorry Purdue and our trade secrets here but. I don't individually -- there's a bartender. She reports to me upstairs. Was really active and done. -- telling real stories that -- ever gone there you'll notice he usually happens around 10 o'clock at night for some reason. The lights -- just trying to Jim Angle back up. Very brief almost like total power surges but -- always happens at the exact same time. No actually got a name for their spirit George. That's right he didn't think they do they named them so how many so. Active there I mean Oxley when I've witnessed it myself and I didn't see George by any means but I scene of the electric activity can say you know any defects than the mining and stuff like that no blood from a -- fields. And I've been there witnessed it. There's some also one of the bartenders. It was a male he was telling me that I -- -- go and they can change a tap some stuff. The door close behind the door open behind you so I mean I just react to their RI -- -- love to get my interest and toilets flushed he said doors open lights plates move prime silverware rearrange itself absolutely. And it's an international stuff and that's history the billing itself to so. But I don't you start with the clearly wanna start to have quite a list here Arnold free -- I wanna hear from the people out there please meet. We got approved the station -- that we people -- listeners are just talking to open -- out there. Com I'd love to hear from people or as some his status whereabouts announcer and really has something that we don't know of please -- us a call it's 1804. Through -- through -- money for a Seminole 830098. We can always text talk to. 99404. Love to hear familiar luxury experience USS. And -- singletary. Yes we mentioned a couple whom the Houdini museum -- discretion. Most people know that that has -- activity being punished here doesn't hurt as a force spiritually essay answers there and they I don't most welcome investigations and that. I'm not sure I don't know but I know they do have senses they do publicly admit places Condit. Then it's it's not here you do any. No by no means not him it's like a mother goes that he was ever hear what he was actually ever in the museum to enough. No but a lot of his so it's it is amusing about him and a lot of his -- is -- is boxes is. Tools to Iraq there are a lot of his -- something's good just happy to be attached to solve our someone could be absolutely right I -- commercial have to be -- -- -- -- And then allegedly -- the other one I mentioned our FaceBook was the shiny inning golf resort right. -- there's so supposedly a woman that walks around. -- to the lobby into the dining room and just no -- just walking around the building. In. She's letting yourself into bathrooms she's flushing just toilets locking the doors from the inside and you can indicated in the bathroom there's nobody in their doors are locked inside America they just common. -- -- Shania was really -- in the seventies I mean that was half and back then I'm not sure exactly what you can do is they do now but -- I armor being a child listening to lock in stay up late at night and -- -- we WS pounced -- -- we. And I'm still shocked me was that in I'm like -- that those guys are like really big and and and that time. You know I guess that time my fuel hum. Doing there in their commercials and advertisements and Aaron Murray -- Chinese Chung in China and -- -- -- -- the Delaware to the right call. -- -- -- the older you know people are from our medicine armour shot in the Delaware Poconos that was so honeymoon resort to the world you know what I mean we really went there booming I mean I mean armor here if you know me I'm a history so to read up on things and I'm. I mean yeah how close you be surprised me how how much. I don't think people realize history behind the Poconos. -- -- your history shiny and back in that I guess within the sixties when I heard correctly. This lady this -- he walks around she was murdered. Relax and she's murdered in they're not saying what -- to -- is near the -- So you stay there and you know lobbied for oh maybe have an act of -- I wonder -- I'm sure some of the employees have -- -- be more inclined to talk to if you ever go there. If you do know history come via the building itself what I know a lot of people from the series to go up there and stay there so if there's anybody out there is. Just heard any stories and knows anything about that we'll hear from text those Hollis we'd love to hear it. -- -- -- these you know it in person shot. Com. Farmer correctly also of the things I heard were a piano playing as a true. The China thing at least had control room and obviously did yeah -- -- -- -- her piano music and then meal period music of food or dance when he was shut down this from the employees used to lock. He should say that was a major things there. The other -- this is. Old property lots of properties hotels take up front it it could be somebody in years ago -- dining room up. The music playing -- on some of the spirits around some of these properties maybe native Americans. My -- I mean at this whole area. -- them to realize you know I mean native Americans were -- in the area that really work. How many hits Susquehanna River here and that's a soldier -- the didn't follow through the Fall River and that's that's that's that's only penalized -- lived. Com and the ceremony was also popular pretty heavy an important time right. Get another one out of Scranton. Anybody or go to the bench she poked fun and that you've been there today screaming like functioning extremely fast and there was -- -- what time that was a warehouse right that it was seen mortgage. More it was a -- lower -- 1917. Was a morgue. Credit and a lot of people died in went through it more because he had a Spanish flu epidemic in that time right and that's what it was useful or more. It's crowded. They're not saying exactly what's going on and there are other than there is a lot of activity. And unfortunately this place is no longer open. Close in 2012 yes yes. The adventures diplomacy notice who are also. Never actually -- it was -- -- -- meant for -- about ten. Another high -- entry years I didn't know really many details on the heard it was an. I never knew who utilizes a more than -- it was like the county morgue alone worth the time to -- so intense it sounds like it was used as piece. An emergency -- -- was a warehouse. The Andersen L dancing tell people we're dropping you know you can -- families are dying right I actually need someplace to put these bodies. And they had nowhere else and that's the used commands that. Now one other place we know very well old mill village. -- she could see as they're usually almost every year for your careers in October will be there to pass a very very nice place. Very active placed in this if anybody has ever been there. They can probably attest that they probably seen something maybe leasing the wheels on the stage coach moving away against. You know if it's foolish to say that I'm -- at this pressure actually was the first time Nash had reported that. He myself I know you were there myself on the Cole. Kids now not just kids don't like actual -- crucial coming 345 people a clip. And saying you know yeah I mean it was Huskies coach wheels moving. And we talked to the people at the you know our -- For Kaiser social economic it's impossible since it's basically -- -- -- it's not going to act in I mean I can see some people's imagination go but I mean they're from different groups people -- From one group. And we had two individuals Russia has scratches on them this time I went through the recession fears and new media manipulated and scratches one child when -- a -- had a scratch on his leg. Hi this is a scratch on her backhand and mental discretion on his back so different groups that -- now what is the boy you're really got a group the other -- since there was some prefer -- army staff plan to book there. You trust you Carl Cameron of the pitchers you have yes if you go on the PPA's web site sub sup PBA dot net goal there and look for old little village on their -- investigations -- we have a few their -- there right and when you find that when you're gonna see some pictures. Of the school cost. I took those pitches. What it shows is a series of -- of a black mass starting in the left side of the room. Nick Spitzer it's a little more -- -- this little more and it actually pass is right across. The whole -- -- pitchers very very interest -- and that we don't see the more taken pictures right and he's taken in total darkness so there's no shadow. We tried to debunks these pitches every way possible I mean we've. Manipulated that camera we tried to duplicate it was not duplicate that channel I believe at the same time wasn't machine saying. She felt something murmur -- -- current version central banks that are you ever seen him I was teamed up for that investigation with Virginia and -- usually tell me take a picture here taken LT a -- -- -- It doesn't always said why take pitches I'll take 2030 at a clip I don't supplemental -- trade press you have to do. I'm -- and we -- them just whatever this was passing across the room. Now as far as -- -- people have claimed that they be passing by and they've seen somebody looking out the window at them right right that's it it's a very active place. This is a is this -- state museum. -- -- -- -- GSA is state funded as a plus I know -- yeah funding was cut me right fielder Brian Weis a safe on the because it was like -- comment -- the -- Alas I knew. They did cut the state funding and -- looking for donations and stuff so it's it's a great place and a great place it's not only do they have the stuff that we're talking about -- tournament people realize a rule for all your round. On behalf of civil war reenactment so revolutionary war re enactments I mean especially busy place and internal -- -- history. And what is -- is this a whole mill village it's just it's a little village. There's a school -- does the -- this to dress makers there is actually a post office there there's a candy makers. The racetrack it's also I don't blacks from there and I I have to -- -- it was early eighteen hundreds this maybe I'll be said in its authentic it's a real. You know I think I amusing to some real and it's not it's each individual billion out walking through big hall. -- executives based -- didn't actually have. Pardon me -- covered bridge and I say in part because unfortunately I'm. He's vandals does so on fire once and -- -- pro life and retirement mean. But on the balloon apart they haven't sold to original -- cancer are covered by I don't know cover bridge and I'll tell you what. It's some it's a beautiful place to see it's still history it's filled with with paranormal listen if you will. -- there's just is discrete issue behind him like I -- to do a lot they they really do an -- and I choose to support them. Also if I -- close from -- -- all you want the other volunteers apparently just write a great people. There really really really and they can use the visitors they can just begin October maturity -- well. Will probably post when it's up there when we'll be there compelling us on the air yeah I mean go forward it's a little bit out of the way. It's not hard to find but it is a little and out of the way we recommend checking account actually. In another place Georgia -- replaced all the wells hosts. These -- all expense. I have I have -- I believe it's it from the eighteen hunters are correct are trying to. You know we did -- is built by a guy I've been named a just a sea landing. Has been kicked compared to the Amityville horror house fantastically and there are great strange debts treasuries fall Lenny. It's factory burned down his nephew was killed up to lightning strikes. The yen is fireman his barn trapping him you know on their body of a horse right I mean strange things it's. I guess for poorly and then drop dead for no -- reason I was walking in front of the house just -- die because you want trust. Well I can happen in any doesn't mean yeah but that policy and I guess just you know the history that you sense to us. Me. It was a rental property in the was two suicides and Ford debts and that rental property. That and you -- and also people I have not. And don't suffer mental and physical illness and alcoholism that now live there. This is so -- how -- it is not a solution we re talking on the doesn't think so mean except I don't know. I don't look it's up. Somebody's home now idle most its the business so much or what the says it's on the same feelings -- the there in the 1970s described unexplained depression and illness. Along with many other eerie events including bangs. Bob booted footsteps. Scruffy sounds shrieks moans bloody spot some of -- I -- on the floor on the walls he spots -- -- Kenny Wallace yeah I mean that and that's gonna Gettysburg if you if you look at sacks French. I mean stains are still there in some spots and to -- my blood that I don't know how much -- -- -- all find out gossiping I believe it is com. What else about that the house here from. Those stretches appear on the bodies are found parts of the from people's bodies us. People are pushed downstairs. And one girl pushed on the stairs but simply floated to the bottom on her. Plus that's -- the cost -- millions -- and Diana from somebody like Jim pushed to another spirits up this image it will say something nonsensical thing. On the -- this to go so well dressed man and young girls to. Saw the animation wonder I mean I don't know if this is isn't just a mentally let's look into 'cause if it's. It's only sell off was rented -- -- -- professional some type of I'm. You know. Austin museum and I'll see you go visit Carolyn Dennis how Osama but -- when -- do a search and businesses out of -- shows up so I don't know if it's a business or also maybe it's also it's for sale right. You know I don't know prior months. Hustled into -- retirement how some walks -- profile bacteria down there and and they found there are some body parts and yeah. In and around the area right so I mean that's not men and one -- good about that house I don't know I'm the same thing as one -- and on more. We just took a sense experience. I really don't have that my list only because it's a little farther way only -- Lleyton maybe 4050 miles out of the most from -- I have here. That's anybody was visiting -- site -- bridge. You're gonna separate picture up. Does the president get more comments but there was he looked at -- right on that pitcher. You're gonna see. The great figure will say. Constant shadow person and it's something definitely there -- -- if your interest in looking we have one pitcher -- from Gettysburg and so expert. -- endlessly you know I had a moves last week. Robin -- her -- reverend -- -- she. You know again she can kind of excuse the pun Denon. That's pitcher is and that's also mean that's our Marino that's -- for the -- that I stand submitted. The individual with a lower back pain in my age it's obviously me. What that being said there's a -- there's that that shadows. Person if you will. And -- when he gets to take it pulled up look at it and you'll see their system. We are all there but this person's just a little different that pitcher he's a little different everybody's nice and clear except for that person. Little bit different -- actual movement. But I -- we're going to we'll talk more about that we come back and we have a caller on the line so we'll talk to them. -- may contain material released on. There's some listeners. Spontaneous in like mentally and turn. All right welcome back to little lions. I am before we left -- very -- talk about GM. The first Gettysburg and I can -- in the -- places that I Kashmir the caller on the line and I wanna get to five. -- going to be -- for more experimental -- house Bobby with us. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Anyway but well -- yes I'm very familiar with that. Even back in the seventies when they first made the papers that's. That's so fearful he would get a bit. And recently they -- up for sale and there's the woman who lived in it for the last. Twenty years or so it passed away -- had left it to her children and they didn't want -- to the house went up for sale. And I -- I was so familiar with. Kim who bought that house. -- -- and John Baptist who he I think you know -- and eight and another that's investigator. We're there I -- I had tried but believe it or not. I was concerned about. That's some innocent bystander might come invite to help not knowing his history. And then -- -- -- I actually considered fighting and how old. There's two. Is there anybody else. Some of the things that the -- -- this -- you are correct there have been suicides and a hundred million -- that's. And then. But I just want to say that the current status is that came after district but -- month has decided to sell it but he's going to. Excuse me he's going to a friend it is. In Texas. So that's what's going on now the best of my knowledge but it's a scary place at. There's no question that. I'm I'm yeah I've been -- there. Other people have to and there are. A lot of good videos on the -- the -- -- how did you take it out there's the White House has been around in the basement itself. And nobody would live there. I would sit down in the basement. I mean her daughter would come and visit him finder down in the basement communing with. This period. Well look but there are many many places in this valley that are Honda and of course the question that you don't you don't want to give them a wave their businesses. But here's one that's kind of funny. The good Citizens Bank that big -- you know the big Citizens Bank building used to be the miners -- of the united and thank us wealth. But it's closed in February and around November I was talking to somebody who worked there and they had. And I can't wait to get out there every day when we worked the elevators open up type -- help. And but apparently there's a ghost that. You know we're riding the elevators I don't know I guess I noticed when I brought my father used to work in that building. And then in the 1950 somebody jumped out of windows. So maybe had two vehicles did if I don't know what -- that's that's. I'm very I think he's very many places but of course if you haven't mentioned -- slower than my goodness the whole town is full of gold. We have -- our -- really into -- Yes certainly -- at the -- -- -- -- mentioned was actually on TV is being -- with Harry's ghost. An -- Packers but daughter Mary packer Cummings goes -- has been seen in the eighth Becker mentioned. Then of course there's the hand on the wall clock and seemed to jail time. They'll -- in this which Shelton he admitted that -- a story worth telling even if you most people already know what it's you know for those who don't -- you might want to recount that's so. I love. Let you go their -- plenty of places in this valley that are hardest thing. Obama -- answer questions you're -- As far as wells' house goes. Now has anybody gone in there and investigated do they want to be open to that and also if they did and why they're not trying to help the spears honestly so. This you know it's almost like may never guy to use that word but don't seem very happy servers and scratched in a row and they don't. -- -- They -- look at what the original equipment can't put Tim had just a guy who bought it in December and then sold it in April he had in mind that. He would. Cleared up enough -- that it was. You know there was an endangered anybody. And then they'd have the investigators -- you can just let you know investigators one group that trend and I'm in the data come in Turin did and -- what they got. And there have been many investigative groups could've been -- without. So but what happened was that he -- I guess he wasn't careful he should have -- he didn't have good site where but he ended up basically. Being caught up with the Hannity that's followed in the California so this seventh. Made it quite miserable and -- but I guess that's the prefect I who I think perhaps when the new owner. -- take over they're going to try to do the same thing that right now that is off limits and it's not safe I can assure you that. Okay act as I mean I would like to you know I'm not afraid and just as far as. Even the people are going to live there or possibly have a -- -- the spirits and they know maybe this one below Coleman some health and Intel crossed over here. -- I don't think it's somebody then maybe help them now. You're right I think there there are some human -- there they did some Blumenthal and I don't know if you saw the pictures but -- -- the voted again they did the room and all of this blood splatters and somebody Rome's fifth. And it didn't in one case. If there was a very strong suggestion that animals had been abused if it's not I think that somebody did some really bad stuff there that's so I can tell you. Right now. -- sun -- here. All right well. I'm keep got an idea I didn't hit a -- issue I assure the listeners if you you -- that would stairs and that there are many many other places in this area many. Thank you Bob -- appreciate okay are you gonna investor call and in total please we did forget about it looks very. There. -- don't think you -- place he forgot about. Deal stigma or building was a Red Cross building twelve might -- -- -- -- still watch the steps -- what's from a building I am I have heard that yes things. Yes idea SARS thing you not know. You know it's just. The world's trouble filling girl's house just you know it just about calling in knowing that now. You're everything I mean we always leave to chance reminiscent leave a 100% and no correct and -- have some type it took me a -- to grab a hold them and yeah I just thought we both know Bobby has partial reform stuff and not for him how some type of facts -- the kind of volatility and by no means want to when you read here you talk about it but. Tom parceled out hope that they actually get somebody that I costs amount housing -- not initially our group just to somebody -- it's an -- How he told sun's out the side in the spare arrangements like the person that had the house and I don't recall the name that you mentioned -- went to California right foot he tried. In people if you're out there you have a problem in your house call somebody in the knows what they're doing. -- if you do a little bit -- you might find the same situation. Is this person -- sentiment attached -- -- that's that's the hardest thing you have to be sure your cleanse yourself guest machine do everything right. Are you can find yourself into that predicament. Same time we we've we preach about that for lack of better terms all the time now. Tom -- what religion you are you know trying to. Trying to comfort yourself signal some say is whoever wherever per you have to say. -- would try to account comes -- and and Michael Paul White lights on the no negatives came to us and so and so forth. Com that's one of the good things about PP we do practice that only go out I'm individually and in sometimes as a group itself on the investigation and I would just encourage those bomb -- everywhere from amateur professional help protect ourselves. Never go alone which is the biggest thing. And if you do baloney he's still so I don't wanna go alone just suggestion don't. You say say occurred referred to on the thank you look up to and then -- kind of just protect yourself and say the biggest thing and then we cure cancer that cannot protect yourself. Does these things will attach immunity. I -- whatever reason they may -- just to move on to somewhere else and you're gonna help them exactly how much less -- -- -- dressing on the whole you know possessions I don't know unless it was question -- that -- doesn't -- -- for what actually thus -- you clarify that you know when I'm telling -- that he -- things -- or harm you or your family -- but sometimes just a local spears and Selena high energy -- the just wants some money can't. Dubai itself for the cash on you and sometimes. Because of their attachments we tend to take on there. Awesome person I mean sometimes there there there there ill feelings or the -- and they may have been you know. There's a dollar wonders out there but just protect yourself and protect -- it's what's for yourself your family from absolutely. Well this person and believing that Don mentioned that he known that he knows John's at this right. So mr. -- and attach himself so that thinking this guy knows -- set the -- -- an -- can help him cross over he -- if you never know that's just -- can never thank don't have that there's. And there are -- wanna get the same here have been the gym toward Clinton unfortunate never been through amusing yet or increased. But this is some -- seen it's -- published -- one of the cells and that there is a story in unfortunate I don't remember of why this. And prince is there I think there was if I'm not mistaken was somebody be executed -- put his hand on the wall saying. This'll be there -- for the day and found innocent or something you have basically claims he proclaimed his innocence that I have nothing do with and they says -- up. This -- -- -- there like you said shown to prove my innocence that's never done this pain and overs frozen respect Lorenzo has been I mean they've cleaned it -- -- -- -- -- -- final -- coming back content print brands in rock crater crash or something threats from I don't know what it is but it's -- -- I just like a wall and it's in it's it's -- embedded pretty good. And there is ghost tours offered their stuff anybody we're interest that it you can go down there you can see it can be some -- you almost have to know myself checking I'm an urban. Forward on there was stuff at the end -- -- took us we can't built an 1833 in supposed to because it also. Changes or -- -- around -- you if you listen just before we're not being an arms but if you wanna see dorms they're floating around. People take pitches official was shadows. -- open maybe next person laying into bed. You know who -- TVs operate by themselves things move around. Just -- -- -- the -- chairs in the rooms have been turned upside down right this it's just it's an active place. It's a one of those places if you're interested in the paranormal. Look at night there. Good -- see what happens. It's just. I must also stay on I want my two. And it's not that far away -- but you know I picked this list out everything probably fifty miles away and that's it I -- go beyond that. I -- went way beyond then pulled in 200 items just Gettysburg alone right. Play again -- I mean. That the cash town and you can't you can't because it's it's. Basically I mean as you know we can have a whole couple shows on that just. What else do we have what else. Can if you people -- to a Bloomberg. If anybody is up their -- -- -- they heard in this in this car public DNA Turkey hill. It's an old farmhouse built in the 1839. Supposed to be hunted by the owner's mother. She died in the building in the -- must love the building she's still there the smaller perfume. You listen or watch in place and I think this is a rocking -- on the porch and she'll sit there and right from the -- I -- So those -- and a mother can. It's been really ran out in the 1980s and people who were there report the attic door wouldn't stay closely weighted down. So they wedged a knife in the keep it shut every Monday morning the knife was found police just decide yet. So this this lady probably didn't like her door being shut in stuck to a bright house in the -- thinking maybe this in the knife was found somewhere else but. By that I mean that she's kind of -- just to get an extra cost handsets another and if you're interested it's a public and poker night there. Another one though don't they -- mills will. Hold till I pull in some pronouncing that right -- thing it's another when nineteen century hotel room we'll tell. It's been -- it's been up for sale. The places said the behind and evidence of a bar stools turning -- over rotating by themselves shadow forms appearing in line black dresses. Yes subtle forms appearing in long black dresses excuse me. And faces wearing. Victorian style collars. Materializing in the -- -- -- it's it's the place where you actually see -- apparently. That's not I mean I've never never had that happen I mean of course even investigations it was really. Nothing that's actually manifests itself in front of us I mean you know you -- shows glimpses of to -- -- person or groups are -- here I think -- ones that. But I personally I get the same -- truly manifests itself where you can make out. Something that's -- -- -- you know I mean. I'm not sure if -- Cullen a manifestation. Or does it this massive fence in front of me when I -- and house we do investigation. And a little girl -- -- peeked around the corner and it was so clear it was a little girl -- the blonde girl look around the corner and I thought it was the owners. Do little girl. Now this is just thought this was apparently the oldest daughter's playmate right there was -- you know the invisible playmate and -- and Virginia was there at the same time that I seen in your time from a patent system and a nice little girl just like playing games peeking around the corner -- -- -- what I know I have to say that I see my time work you know who I came -- -- the hospital where a lot of local hospital no Michael Callahan. From this is one area where I was this little girl -- to projected. Any resolution poltergeist is passing game discredit I mean not actually that violent or that -- but. The little girl those ocean -- -- current -- of how looks like precious little one Xeon. Cash -- bear and I I have blond hair I mean Mia and should always take the just walk on the corners here walk and then she just. Lead disappearing jobs and the only -- -- turns around patrol saw him nurses CNET. -- like -- stuff I've seen. Like Bangladesh like as we are sitting here -- -- during investigations they -- sitting room I've never I think manifests itself. Directly in front right to -- the -- that's -- I think still here aren't you get deal while factor if you will come if he's sending us here briefly. I guarantee a deal while factory in India and Iran happen I mean of course star response but you know. I just think they'll be something undersea I think that's you know that's Osaka class when he BP -- -- of them actually came in. You know can actually manifests itself frank funny fed that would just be awesome to me at all sort. Holy Grail of the one thing you just -- affect him something is found about on the side in my list. Bush still false. Guess you have I have a picture -- -- -- testifying this pitcher. If anybody's ever been the bush you'll falls very great place nice I want nice to walk around when you first -- -- going to the falls. This kind of a wooden railing wooden staircase she can walk around and you stand sort of in front of the false nobody is allowed -- in the water the base and -- Physically you can't get there you're stuck on these little -- wooden railing things right walkways -- I took a picture never thought nothing and now this was probably back in the eighties maybe early ninety's. That was back before digital camera it's taken on a regular 35 millimeter camera. Got to develop looked at it. And never thought much and other until they start looking at -- a little closer to the lady in the pitcher. And it looked elegant older English lady with the up. And on the -- color at the boy they're really com and things MacArthur our -- -- wow I never talk about I can't think we're just one little sleep if you see an older initially -- yeah. -- -- -- Right down it's so clear you see this she had healed so boots with the police is -- it. And if you didn't know -- not supposed to be anybody down there and there was nobody really took the pitcher it was that clear it's a solid form. That's that's of what I have to find and they will Paulson as soon as they do find them. I'm absent parent when Anatoly -- I think that's just -- that's -- I I'm. Any actual. Phelps got a message and actually -- prefer mine Megan just. Just I am does she -- I remember the little boy in -- the other lecture rooms. I guess I won't mention hostile but we worked together and I for all of -- actually. Local hospital like one tiny area and boom boom room would just like Truman actually just come on itself and those in the one entry. Room has like the floral number in the -- too -- like they have actually you know energize the troops also forced -- but I do know an extremist. Com and -- -- would start you know that the machine -- to kick on the table sometimes and move. Com. It was just us it was awesome I mean two point were like not just myself up. Another aftershock there other true -- netcom. It is for a couple -- report and and that bedroom when I was going down. What do an hours worth it would be up but there was have to have main assignment just weird be a little little boiler forget that up and down the session perhaps the most draft. Were also in -- one night -- sums birth they so we'll go over you know happy birthday -- permanent. And Debbie the one worker there she's like only got -- watch out and like literally she turns language it was like pulling farmer who went with the hacking into. Issues I was weren't so somebody in there -- one who would like go on the water -- -- -- -- Molecule super so overtime things right comic book I have got to finish like we all go overlook serious ones who don't goof around however. But as she tells me this she actually had water. On her -- -- now. I can assure you know was in that room -- left the room because actually endorsed -- now scientists from the restaurant shut down by more fuel on the seven shift. And she was -- water. With there was nobody in the room nobody's to square Machida didn't exactly and that is when when when they can actually -- I -- to -- Shia death brought back that the story. And I haven't noticed how those amazing -- some -- girls like in the ninety's early ninety's you know mid ninety's. And not cash for all month -- so there's something that actually manifests that she actually got physically wet spots on her who hurt her scrub top. And she was swore she described the guns and everything and there's nothing in the Tom about the itself that's -- conference and -- -- what a special and so Cameron take a break. Hey it's Smart guys from paranormal science -- get that feeling like yeah a thousand demons during anger back. Are you comfortable in your body like your possessed with somebody else's torment and suffering you don't need an exercised daily chiropractic school. Dedicated to providing the best chiropractic in a rehabilitative care possible terror practice we'll get you back into the body you remember and chiropractic school. 569 pierce street Kingston -- check them out on the web and then getting chiropractic so dot com and TIX on the end we'll call 5702885800. And get back to living. I know. All right welcome back animal science -- talk about -- locals often non never really heard from anybody we are mom of course we appreciate column in the -- guys you can you know raskin you're begging you basically a couple of I don't know that it got to locate -- no problem we pay for it won't -- Com. And -- numbers -- against arsenal. Speech freezers are 98 or 104 through seventh zero Germany. I know there's somebody out of that experience is up there yeah and if you're afraid to -- on the radio just tackles and 994040. That's right. Don't say what there is some you guys charts tell the stories if you will these circle back to especially you know work in the hostile setting. He's so many different ones it's just stuff like conceal hospital could have beaten active all the outside Holland that's why can't say that means because. People in the wouldn't go there or they would not like they're put him flock there is likelier it maybe you know they have like a promise saying you're sort of watchful. This just. Amazing. No continuing list us. Different budget -- -- I can even beyond that the amount of homes that are investigating the Syria private homes. Active in the Syrian people be astounded if -- if if anybody who put a list of all the private homes this area. I don't claim to have activity and if it would amazingly it's probably somebody in the street view and even. Think about I'm sure I'm doing the small house. Yes I mean really damning with endorsements there. I already backed a list we started talking -- similar stuff of blooms -- was another one -- -- The iron dale and this was just several ghosts and if I they reside in the end this in his supposedly sent out an old plantation. -- one of the goals is an elderly female likes it closed doors behind it just so if you say in in the hotel and you -- in a room the door slams behind you. Wouldn't tell Leo ladies thank you exact Sean keep -- that. Canadians goes to said the come from a large. Heating -- located in the basement on why they travel through heating vent but -- spirits do. Strange things path of least resistance has -- OK you always have come home to find a lid of the hot tub removed. And the normally closed door of the kitchen wide open although there was no one in the N at the time. So on the other -- if you're interested in checking money -- per unit three different places. France spent -- weekend Friday when night Saturday another ninety at times Sunday another night -- -- Might find something interest and then spent a week and marijuana. The CIA and they'll end in -- -- -- look close at home and we of one mind -- more apparent that there are trying to saw on the Internet. Triumph for the first place trying to find that I know I have an unlisted. There's secondhand I was the Internet has done more to Marion street house that's at. -- -- under thirteen years old. Put up for sale in January 2014. With the description slightly behind it. -- -- The owners since say they've experienced banged doors strange noises from the basement footsteps -- screens and and night ghostly faces appearing in the mirror in the second floor bathroom. And they constant eerie feeling of someone standing behind them. Back to close I don't know if it was sold I don't know who would buy it and ensure that something golf it was. My timing that's the thing people aren't you know it again just to distance -- be afraid of of course I don't. Not -- -- -- everything else sometimes it can probably additional people think it's negative publicity other people thrive on that's right dolphins and that the people who try entry. Gather aftermath. Know all these places were mentioning. Just a little disclaimer -- allegedly content. Right to so we make very clear we're not saying you know don't go to this place don't eat -- because this goes -- You're fully carried away Lagos -- we decision allegedly threat you know harassing and -- can draft apparently Google itself and we're we're not giving you any places where. Something nasty might happen to these places are you chair might have overrun drink might slip away just something like that. The press as we mentioned. There's there's not for lack of another we're demons in the police doing the -- prior to try to judge you harm fantasize semesters army didn't come. We mentioned some places him or more protests because they wanted to mention and so we -- without respect -- -- exactly. Okay not a lower this is that you you're going in my own home. Now my own home and it's. The book kills false. Hopes he'll false sounds familiar with the mountain home. Jane this now closed -- was originally opened by the quakers in 1901. Remain in business until 1990. It got his current status. In a place on the MTV show fear. Witnesses say that a woman commits suicide in room 62 just before wedding. And -- goes has been seen there. And the men's restroom in the days there's also said to be honest. Reports say building was damaged by -- in 2003 and is currently up for sale so if anybody is looking to buy it chronicled so. Look for the book kills falls. Hotel in mountain home find the money I'm doing contentious thing I mean some people would go to a hotel just because a sonnet. I'm trying to think the out of touch members about that one not the one hotel Jason it is Jason enough and -- Home home for a rapid enough I guess and -- trying to console for -- listeners I appreciate the call. I don't -- again had a happy fourth. And we're back next week before mark will be here from science -- And so I'm Joseph -- And I'm still in search. And no we sound awesome Maria keep the faith and sleep tight.