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Jul 5, 2014|

Saturday July 5, 2014

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Following is a paid program the views or claims made or not necessarily those of WI OK staff management or sponsors. It's time for Larry and -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Until you lie okay. -- Good morning good morning how are you -- wonderful you just fine. Thomas duties thank goodness it and it is -- -- is a lovely day and I know that I'm by the time. Give -- listen Damascus might not be so lovely setting could be. Quietly here it is lovely lovely term yes it will be because less humid yes exactly -- he's already Dicey silly people who talk about. The heat. After the winter we've had yeah. Well but I really -- -- maybe I'm wrong hunk. Which I'm really am. I'm always buying bad. Thought put into it is always easier to get warm. Then it is to cool off I -- I absolutely you have I've always said that so when your not your time when your not you're not yeah. But we're more cold you can get warmer. I am playing Theres something else CNN's Ben Bernanke. Site in her -- he's my little boys coming in so so little baby talk you know money can have a blank page I'm. My youngest is arriving today with all of Thursday 'cause we're taping. He's in first three days -- kind of sound on Hank okay. That's a good thing I haven't seen him since the end of may so I'm happy. I'm sure he'll have wonderful things to say. Having been at the Brookings institute yes yes it's not he I actually did I tell you -- we -- I now last time yes I did prove. Think I told you met come Deedee Myers panel yeah I didn't senate finance. He was having lunch with the stone from the Brookings Institution that is meant in this following her shadowing -- working with I should -- And that his son who was facing his back the gentleman's that was towards them and he could see them. Any son a -- unease says to this gentleman EJ he said. There's Deedee Myers and Kathleen Sebelius sell it anyway. They came Oliver and China to meet them he was introduced to -- very needs and is very thrilled about that whole thing encouraging us updated NI RS. I don't think so he was very happy to meet simulate is it you know when you're in DC those kind of sightings -- like. Being in Hollywood LA I was running star rain again and notice I use -- to timing all the time because he went to George Washington. Kenny was there for four years and stayed every summer in interned in the city and I used to -- did you see the president. It's easy to press -- now. This is motorcade well I saw a lot of motorcades and don't know if that was so it was like come they don't even pay attention to that come through when they live there. Well I it I thought it was pretty interesting I guess it was the Wednesday morning from this week. CNBC. I was doing alive. Broadcast of a meeting between you and I believe her name is Christine Lagarde. Who is the president. BP -- laugh I'm. And Janet Yellen who is our time. Fred Sherry now. And it was really interesting to watch these two women talking. I think in English and I think it's. Ms. Lagarde was speaking in English. I don't know what's so while -- slip until a little French. Suffice for the most part the -- -- -- talking it just struck me as to how far we have come. Says the two of the most important people. And the world as far as monetary policy is concerned are now women women who have done. That's a remarkable job and have had incredible careers and in both of these fields. And it it just seemed it was just so interesting to listen to them. It sounded like you and I talking like we have just conversation because you're the most interesting to people. Well I know in she can be very early in monetary in what did you say to monetary monetary policy. Maybe they weren't in Eastern Pennsylvania kid is writing okay he's married so anyway it was pretty neat to see it to them and I I've often thought. If I had an opportunity to sit down interview either one of them what questions what I asked for what I -- now. I have no idea ask and you know me if I set done an interview them is just come off the tap my -- off course because I am no I'm. Women we we tease out what all the time no preparation and a -- -- we used to -- -- if I would roll in here at like what time 12 before we went on air and I would sit down put the headphones on your. Here we are. As anything different I. I don't think it is an endeavor but at least we're not undergone attorney knows for sure. And you end -- all this research on these things she does talks about. And I sit -- so -- doing all this research and we only have a couple Minnesota on the -- But you know I am now officially. As of the first of June guy. Doing community valley development work as a community development director for Broadway theaters northeastern Pennsylvania. For free. So. I've always wanted to be on Broadway so -- I am serious oh that's a pretty good. That's it's great news mining areas so they look out and look how to. -- any faster. And going to be good time I'm looking so forward to it. And anyway so that's a good. See I -- also include a -- wait till the end of the show because I ran into somebody who. He listens but they sort of seemed to catch the later part to -- beginning so we'll wait to say. Hello how -- them. Later from the Pentagon. So what -- -- what else is happening well I -- I was thinking about the -- the night I read every Monday. And this week. I was writing about the fact that it's something we haven't talked about in quite some time. Stock market going through the roof and a -- Yeah I know it's pretty awesome that wait wait wait to forgive me. If it. Yeah. I like best. I really don't act okay so. I really think people are starting to get nervous. Why well because it's going so high and -- and -- if you listen to all the people on the Talking Heads on CNBC. And CNN and all the other people they yap about says. Everytime some -- at every time it reaches a certain point everybody's ready to say when is it gonna fall when is that gonna crash. When is the next time never gonna have good. Debacle that we had in 2008. And there was a point of this blog was the senate -- -- Really there's no reason to be concerned about there's so much more room. For the stock market to -- the question yes. Because every time we get the quarterly reports like we did yesterday that we've had 600 some thousand jobs that were created last month. It's it's always good news it's good news that it it just looks like the economy is expanding. And finally. Some of this money doesn't sit around and cash in corporations and in people's. Pocketbooks and underneath the mattress and everywhere else people have been stash and it. Are starting to -- gain a little bit of confidence and put the mark to put money back in the market. The problem is for the party that's been going on for the last four years you miss most of it. So if you're starting now. There's still some expansion. And somebody said the other day they thought. The market just crossed over the past 171000. -- on the close I think it was yesterday which is a whole new record never meant that I. And there are those who feel that by the end of the year to be over 181000. So there's still room there is some room to grow. The reasons why it might not is simply because of the fact that there are those things that are going on in the world. That we have no idea -- gonna happen that could just come out of nowhere and really. Strike a serious blow to his drive that's going on and I'm I'm talking about things end -- and click -- economic and political things that could happen. We don't know anymore that they never used to be an issue but now when things like that happen in the moment peoples are taken money on the market. Because they fear that the everything's gonna collapse and Obama plus. From my point was. You know these these things happen all the time and you cannot. It in the same way that we live our lives at a certain way. Not end. Denial of them but for the fact that we never know what's gonna happen or when it's gonna happen or even things like. Mother nature. That now hurricanes. Wildfires. Saint -- all the stuff from drought to all the stuff that's going on in the country right now we have no way. -- knowing what that's gonna do. You just can't sit on the sidelines forever and just hope for the optimum time between the Clinton this isn't anything no we never know what's gonna happen going to happen. This is this is what life is and indeed you never know what is -- is this the reaction time. It used to be that when things like this happened they had a certain time frame. It's almost like that analogy of looking at a snake when it eats its -- it moves all the way through its body you can see it doing that at a very slow pace. But that's how it used to be in the market when something happened. Couple weeks later couple months later a quarter later six months later. -- the effect of that. There is I do want to announce what -- and one half and inning starts eating itself into the marketplace and so maybe prices drop or if it's a good thing. -- prices go up. But now what's happening because of the availability of information instantaneously. People react to it. Right and I've always. And so it dries it can drop the market. Several percentage points in a day we just unheard of and you know what I meant. The web they're part of how it fits what -- and changed like -- BC can't sit around. And now and do things because this is going to and what if I mean right that's exactly what I'm saying. Yeah down you know Ireland are responsive -- with that with proper asset allocation. You're really spreading your risk across different types of assets and so if something does happen to one cent -- -- -- -- you might take as I had but -- as -- -- -- -- right as you would -- But so go back to the same story proper asset allocation will have to get through some of these ups and downs. And the people that was interesting article here about people who took their money out. 401K plans in 2008. May have -- that well they still sit around and cash but those who left an end. More than double their money with double digit returns every year. And that goes back to what you said last week that -- you can't although it's because there is the reaction. Scary way of being now cause of the instantaneous. Information to people. You'll have to step back and think about it beforehand because. -- you said if you. All the scared the phone calls what you do did it if you let it go it would have been fine and so even -- and get an instant information. Processing. Talk about or don't we don't ask don't write don't react and that's what people do things is again. Finally -- Leno was if I may be says the last time when you react under fear in my assists. In an immediate parent you always run into the biggest thing you fear anyway. It's a psychological westamerica for other ways you can go to step off the curb and a car's gonna EU that's fear he jumped back. But if you if you react to fear instead of processing and you can head right to you fear the mouse. So don't react. So. Says the mainland market is doing very well and it's not time to still -- you haven't missed that much that you would not gain something by being in the market at this point. But so did you lose a lot. So jump on and so yeah but you know coming conservatively doing the right way don't just so look for a couple -- stocks and things have filed this is going to be -- and make -- A fortune for -- second half. You have to do this -- look at the long term so that anything you cash out of the stock could that count is considered capital gains. If you get a Montana yes mom it's always is no matter what -- know it depends on how long you've you've held it. If you are really January in his cell in June that's a short term capital gain and that's of ordinary income -- outside. But -- you hold for longer than a year and a day it's a capital gains rate. Which means at this point it's about I think fifteen -- 20% don't spend any ordinary income is -- What every year bracket is it could be emphasized so what percentage is okay which one that the. Let's talk a lot and Catherine Kim I thought I'd just clear for everyone out there if I had questions every once think it is so I'm asking. Okay we're gonna take a real quick break. You're missing the point to with a Larry myself. -- -- -- -- Good morning good morning. You're listening. To the Marion -- show I'm -- cabinet and I am the owner of large can enterprises which is a fundraising PR. And special event business. And I am Lyn Evans and I and the president and CEO of northeastern financial consultants. We're fee only financial planning firm in clarks summit -- Do think you could ever retire. Early. -- -- I would say now all I know. -- -- I was plus I'm way ahead of things I was going to say air space and now you see a place got they had the instant reaction I stabbed and thought about it. -- are you well. There's a guy here who. Retired when he was thirty. If it can't have a baby Hewitt when he did that I mean. It's possible for Iowa grand event but I don't know it's possible for a plain yellow cares to become a golden lab the golden. I'm a plain yellow pumpkin to become a golden. Carriage but. Retiring at thirty. Come on it's -- us to move well at the you know that's on diet to say Cinderella it's impossible for -- -- go ahead. For many sirens and the idea that. An early retirement is she sent in I have to say. Many surveys suggest that a good portion of a second chance I'll never be able to retire off. This was an article written by and various columns come up MarketWatch. And then she Cynthia did it retirement even early retirement as with them anyways grass is a big part of the appeal. I'm a popular personal finance blog called. My mr. money. Mustache. -- unbiased 39 year old man named heat. Who lives with his wife an eight year old son in long -- Colorado. No this. Just wasn't that these numbers the blog recently has 4171000. Monthly unique visitors and has had a total of four million unique visitors since it launched in April of 2011. They obviously think this -- is on the something. Pete who prefer not to divulge his last name different protect his family's privacy retired when he was thirty. His wife retired with him. And for the past nine years statement stay at home parents. -- investment income supports their lifestyle but they also work when they want. On their own terms. They live on very little for a family of 325000. A year. They own a car but mostly bike. Dining Alec is an occasional luxury and shopping for stuff that's best avoided. But their philosophy goes beyond mere scram thing says mr. money mustache and about enjoying life with less. So how old were you when you decide to try to retire early and how long did it take you get to the point he said it was a gradual process. I putts for frugal and things along with me from childhood updates itself. -- is somewhere in its co chief. I so I always tend to save a bit of money rather than spending at all my wife is that a pretty reasonable spenders and the time we met. So I graduated from college in 97 we eventually moved in together after several years of full time work. Some cash for starting the build up and our investment accounts. And we wondered if there was something useful we could do that. So at the end of 2005 -- savings were sufficient to generate passive income. That we could theoretically live on forever. So we quit the regular jobs. And have been winging it ever since. And we now have an amazing eight year old boy I just wanna say. Footnote mind. Okay. The eight year old boy how -- and get through college. Because there's nothing in here about them putting money aside for the eight year old boy I just wanna make it known that. Right going back to the article how did you decide how much money was enough to retire. He said he realized that you can generally count on your nest day. To deliver a 4% return of over most of a lifetime with a good chance of never running out in other words. You need 25 times your annual spending to retire. So let's put an and then into real numbers -- investor Livan and a 100000 a year and his neck is seizing. -- you -- 2500000. Dollars -- 4% would give you that kind of money so that's is ruled some hearing he says. That's how he figures it out so what he did. They also asked if he better -- your retirement plan in place. And he said we did most of the savings before we knew all that much about early retirement. But once the picture became clear we had a clear goals for the last three years the monitor was. God bless you. 600000. In investments. Plus -- paid off house. That's enough to generate 24000. Spending money which goes quite far she has no -- -- pay. Now that's my friend is the gross number. 24000. I don't know how you get down to having 24000. -- -- Twenty cents. I have kind of all it's done well I I can't think that you know and really ask. Really. If you didn't have to do why would one want to tell. Well he seems to think it's a stress free life. And me as well I don't know -- nine in the sand short and I'm but I am sure that there are people who would like to not have to be somewhere at work every day. And there are people who do when joint work core -- -- alcoholic -- alcohol mix it -- No I don't -- and colleagues and there was money did you get the -- eleven out early in the back -- pretty and the harmless who -- I mean I have to work don't you look -- -- I do I love what I'm doing you know -- -- -- like why would you even well and good advantages now. And then he also says they take some jobs you know I again on pieces are and that's why I'm saying I think this is a lot of hogwash personally. That he thinks that they can live on 24000 dollars gross a year. All right I get the idea of paying the house off no mortgage payment but still that is really that well. What do you do then if he's making this money. But many had stashed there is any pain tackling where's the best -- so I don't know how do you know how and then what's he writing -- nothing right. Nothing bad that tax bracket he's also got a child and these guys. Enough spare me right for a deduction right as he's probably a fifteen or 20% tax bracket but even at that. You still need to ramp up the amount of money that you're generating 600004%. Of his 24000. Dollars that's what you're taking. I don't know if all of that is tax free money I highly doubt it because if it is that means it's in bonds. And bonds are gonna grow so what do you do five years from now 124000. Won't work. Maybe have to go back to work from home. That the concept of being retired I email and and I think he's taken a break what he does and can actually contribute to that. Content so. What am -- looking for team simply as far as suspending additional contribution of he isn't believe an increasing the economy because some would see spending 24000. Non food. That's about it and for some clothing may be -- -- cheese and clothing is the one -- I -- -- basically made that they would say he had dunk on their match. My oh my god that's beside that is what I talked about this these frugal people who I am. Like I I there's something I think that much of this is because he has to be that. The sensational. In order to attract those cannot be plenty -- exactly as it looked Tennessee wales' Ian -- ha ha I -- I would maybe I don't do it how many innocent people. Better on his -- actually live that kind of life. Are they just there for the curiosity of it because is is. When you see people who live so differently than -- YouTube there is security asks me to how -- and do they do that I mean in any way up or down. -- it's. -- I'm also trying to figure out what they're candidates for this kid for college through methods. When it again and don't -- work. I don't know I'm series come home talk -- our schools. Have a great yeah because. My heart because they can. Go there. But I just thought that was fascinating how does -- you know -- somebody do that thirty make a decision that they're gonna retire from. I guess I just can't imagine what you do to fill your days. -- he's in Colorado -- fans. -- Agassi doesn't ski. Maybe does this down this mountain -- in his own mouths because he's not paying for us winning -- away that's it I mean if if that's true how high. And so I'm sure it's come old ski is the device somewhere yes. -- -- and he's says something about wanting to buy a brand new car and decided he didn't need to do that. Offensively and how. Happened she was -- gonna act era. Something or other. An accurate annex and that's acts because I value he's didn't run out to borrow money to buy an accurate and that's acts because they value having them money. For other things more than I value fancy car now -- days I can finally afford a car like that without even borrowing. How do you do -- but I am happy in discover that the desires disappeared. But that didn't end doesn't make any sense on that kind of money so that this is. Hello -- the other person as some people might think so much cost cutting is akin to living like Scrooge and that having any fun. How would you respond to that. He says that if you tell yourself that is how will be annual create your own truth and life will not be fun. But if you understand the fundamentals. What it means to be happy person you realize the buying more stuff for yourself has no relationship and also how happy you are. These fundamentals include things like close relationships with other people's health rewarding work a chance to be creative and helping others. And then also you will that's been nice but it's something you can do with guys spend money you are now belongs back in the sixties as a hippies -- A -- for a living on -- communes and things like that. I think maybe hippies and kind of a frenzy okay. Personally and what hammer I mean it works for some people sent you don't have anyone can mintier practice and tell you that they -- -- I'm this amount of money and they don't. Wanna spend money most people come in and say how can I afford to do this this and that's right yeah so how can -- to retire because. This -- -- in my office that says. I can finally afford to retire and a 149. Yeah. And that's about right because most. People. Do not have what they need. In a number in -- back to that conversation again I absolutely do not believe that people need to have -- number when they retire. Because. Retirement. Does not necessarily mean the cessation of earning compound right. And it is when people look at that as being retirement and they say oh it's so did so self defeating. I will never be able to do with so why bother. And they they assume they will have to work for the rest of their lives so often take them out feet first as they say -- okay. I think there's compromise and I don't think you have to do that and had everything lined up so that you can have a full retirement. Because it's generally means you're sacrificing something else during your lifetime you're -- living your life totally. You're not taking vacation why are you and I really feel -- when you look at the number you mean yeah some kind. I mean people just get so hung up on that number thing they've got what's your number. That they feel if they don't have that they can't retire. And I don't think that is true. -- well. So I I don't know I just that they -- I listen to people tell me complain to me about you know I can't retire I can do this I can't do that. -- you can you don't have to be completely. Cooking my here click here I guess hearing I was -- question that I know adolescent okay. Because I was going to say is will when it comes to buying a house you do need a number and that's going to be really talk about well not necessarily about numbers but. -- segue into our guests. Experts today mr. Jeff -- is with us. And we're talking all things real estate only returns. We're going to take it very quick break camp you're listening this morning to the wiring in mind shall we are lowering inland. Good morning good morning how are you today -- just Jim dandy how could offense and then my. My name is Linda Evans and the president and CEO of northeastern financial consultants. Where fee only financial planning firm clarks summit. And I am iron cat in the owner Larry can enterprises which is a fund raising. PR and special event business and who I wanna say hello to -- this mr. William kind of boy otherwise known as availability. From actor buddy buddy you remember that song from -- -- so good and I'm sure his name you know says his name's William it's -- billion bill in matrimony members. Can't think of it now that's the -- followed wanna do is and Santa Monica and around the -- -- share and zero crime -- in front but we got. We got to -- so hello to mister bill convoys. Then I well I just wanted to say that our guest expert this morning. It is mustered just died this marketing director for cash ERA -- real estate. And he's one source realized so we'll see you. While they know they can find me RA will find them but the thing is he got some numbers you know her say. Yes I do on good morning Enron com. I'm on to start Ira port by saying that's in need and -- her daughter and I think I'm just attended a conference about the -- Headquarters for the RA which is also the headquarters for real OG. Com which is the conglomerate that owns coal bankers 121 homes in -- I'm Sotheby's as well as they are right. And in the conference the C over -- came in and his speech to come basically spoke to the fact that the recovery -- states this stuff happening. Whereas the from the CEO. -- ERA Charlie Young. Tom mentioned that were more like 2012 and 2013 this year. And what we're finding halfway through the year this year is that -- the Scranton board is kind of Mirren mirroring and wise Tom Charlie except. Sold units are flat for the most part which is which is good. Of course but calm the markets are we always talk about before the calm markets where most of the homebuyers. And median price properties. Are down from DeDe luxury listings are down the only thing the only part of the market -- -- is fifty to a 100000 dollars on how. -- and everything else has gone down. The the other. Couple other. Spots are the average price of home. Basically again from the for the year is down but for the month we've went down from 12% this month the stream vs last year. And when we talk bad days on market which is another -- area that you have to look at in terms of concern as it were up from the -- Burgess there's about 10% more to it takes time for some longer to sell a house now and -- didn't a year ago. -- so one of that one of the things again that we look at is expiration grade sports those -- parked at 40% meaning Wednesday to close the doesn't sound -- -- Linux buyers up to 40%. From board -- were more 124%. At year end. Com. Jeff do you also have numbers of -- when they expired the retention. Percentage or do they tend to leave its. Nominate general and generally speaking I mean I don't have stats on that because all we look at -- certain criteria then -- but you look at new listings in the kind of their old listings they turn into newest thing right. -- -- And that's and that's also down. Come forward Julian -- 1% land. For arm. But for the year it's up about 4% so most those people are kind of jumping out jumping up and a lot of them are going into Toronto market down. Palmer if you can't sell -- their -- together. Why do we know why it. I'm a lot of them are you know religion and people who are relocating. From taking jobs also works on Iraq. And the -- sell them for people who have -- custom properties and you know try to sell them off let me -- they disagree -- -- and there are people who -- -- -- -- -- revolve -- buys something -- -- don't try to -- a bit and can't do it -- have -- and they -- -- -- -- -- summer specials are holding on it and we we figured that we're gonna have -- so much more growth in the -- in 2014. Forecast -- I'm almost double digits and were flat or been a lot of markets because in this class that I attended them and that obviously this year were. Class basically across the board everyone said that there are in the same boat there are no doubt some of them are down -- that's more like 2012. Com. So. But big class also found that on the upside -- there's ways you know nothing can. There's new ways for you to kind of secure the days on market. Com and my -- are expiration date is our expert experts are very excuse me isn't in the twenties. And one of the reasons why is because we have the oppression. Pricing strategy that we've had emplacement kind of focusing on that now. Com basically and Allen and the one thing I would love to know from your bank -- expert is a problem about closings on Darren because all of our closing. And it gives -- demeanor and how. -- yeah how many of them. We can ask always late you know say if there isn't there's there's a closing date how many exemptions are because -- got across the board that's what's. That's what I'm hearing that is one thing I'm hearing a lot of recently from. My eight. Friends in the mean I'm in the business -- very inactive so but my friends that are are saying the constant. Constant. An extension of closing dates is is hot -- happening all the time for whatever reason. There's a million reasons but it is all the time that these. Not just one particular bank but that everyone seems to have to go and get an extension for the closing date because there's some issues that arise or something that comes up. And they have to extend the closing. And then you think about how disrupting -- and then did something similar moving have gone and it's now making it's it's it can be problematic or one of the big things we always try to stress you know on the general state is. Recombinant by -- brands so if you have me. If you're ranting can you happen and they -- at least some men there's an extension. They're packed up -- ready go it's it's and it's not good -- and then. Who's going to be the signing of the bend them to that in the contract that option. Both parties have to sign into more paperwork it creates a more this and that and everyone has to make sure they get fat on the lawyers on the closing companies plus agents caused such -- seller plus and and it's crazy. So creates more work anyway. How -- I'm Jeff you told us about. Why would go I think maybe I misunderstood and didn't you say that used to be the average house that's sold was somewhere between 150 and 200 turnaround and now this is it and that that would -- with at least within the last couple months it was more. The 300 dollars 200000 dollar level that it was just closing the people are buying more and it was an average market that seemed to -- is that still true word -- now -- now the only the only market right now the only price points or 15100. But you did say a couple months back we were saying that that little bit higher was the average right correct -- compact and because my I've got a house right next door to me. And my black sold in a week. And we have been hearing and listening to -- and it's -- than a week. And it was in the trees. Well and and you know the market and there's this thing about the market when you get into the upper edges of Vietnam is that there's not a lot of members towards the immature resounding yes so so you look at the stats and you know on the market there. In this month or last month -- -- 50%. -- how does such a quarter but its inventory. It also is where it's located -- -- -- -- you know Donald Trump location location location. This is and that's how it was section has done more that's a pretty high art Adams yeah BL desire nurse. On and they don't come up for now my and so people stand around. Com. Once again you know the other thing that you come -- and Lynn mentioned as a couple the last month or month before. Com about staging so I I wanted to briefly talk about a program here a house -- gold star property. And it basically mandates a contract. Between seller in and ERA. And Tom basically there's our criteria arm. And they have to have a home protection plan which Tom so pre approval. -- -- appraisal I'm sorry. They have to have certain criteria is within the listed price based on the appraisal. There house has to be staged and Saddam they basically had there has to be the designated person commitment stage. And with debt when that program basically ninety some percent of people who partake in that program but saw her house. Com that's very impressive. 91 yeah but it is budget Fred -- you have to jump through some hoops yeah you know the staging and the opry appraisal. As the biggest issue that you usually run into his arm. People would price again. That's its pricing pricing pressure may say it's location location location that's part of it for right now is it -- -- -- as a -- Kanye. And it and I have funny story we. Some of what -- like this -- we have programs in place to kind of make sure that our economy that our listings are sellable on that you can actually some logic behind them. But you'll get people who are com. Who artist Stearns and I mean there -- strict about what they're what they want in their in their house whether it's you know they don't wanna be under water of course but. You'll get some people who -- are. Astronomically. Out of line with what -- market the markets just. Dreamer Giuliano announced he's also so we -- and we recently had gates situation with a wrist you know someone who we have come through. Was we thought was in the category. So we had a brokers open. Andean brokers over and asked for feedback -- -- as a. President Clinton you brokers over. Realtors -- realtors and I'm by no -- just throw to see the property you -- so everyone who comes in new -- them with the with a with food and try and I mean yes and they come through and see the property said that in hopes that they will have a client to biased okay. Plus we get feedback yet we have feedback and positive or negative and that's good. And and and in the pricing you know the pricing issues always very and we have one property has Crissy ever priced. And we had honest feedback from the agents who came through hands. Zip drive or there was an -- and property so most people said it was about 30000 overpriced and there was one -- -- a hundred. And go well and you know you can't hold back and they were so insulted them by yet but at the same time they came to Peru Jose show -- that dash -- But they needed to reduce and now they went to that they went to with a majority of the -- agents. State weren't you know this was the price they should sellout com fans that just happens so wasserman happens when that. And you know what's good about doing that that's a great and mr. marketing -- that's -- great marketing tool for the business because guess why networks. Because everybody who says if you can't sell my house. I'm gonna someone else who can and usually they go in -- US and to lower the price and they won't within the go to Joseph blow realty and nailed to give them they'll say yeah I'll take the listing but here's what I wanna listed at. And it's nowhere near it's the price you gave them the go over to this place and they -- what happens with the brokers open when you get positive positive or negative feedback from another company. It -- all the owner of the property can say hey wait a minute I have ERH selling my house. But by people from AB CD any real -- here and they're saying here's what it should be so another words it works because if they can't go to these other people -- say this is what it is this is the true value -- -- and we're asking you without you leaving last we're saying to these people what do you think it is we're trying to tell you this is an and there are green with us so it makes it -- all comes together that what ERA is telling you. It's back to. And all these other brokers and they're saying the same thing. Nor import real estate people -- it puts credence to what they're telling you lowered the price -- everyone else is agreeing with us. In the end and you and you look at the amount of brokers that we had and it was an and I calculated that it was like almost. A hundred years experience with the agents who can throw. And she's so when you look at that and and should you save. How old Jim -- Not. Kind of -- give credence to the fact that these people people are saying. -- but you know it's it's that at once again it's against a good strategy we have strategy in place and part of it is our gold star property you wish him free appraisals or something that's or even if you want to sign up with a with a program like Kathy. Different dom elements within the plan are doing something about are things that could can help you. Sell your house faster cannot underpriced. Okay now. So that's the worst mr. Jeff side Martina director of ERA one source -- had a happy and safe silent no. -- and you know so we lose -- thank you all for listening. I'm happy fourth of July is an independence wonder if trump -- remembered Italian blessings on Matt and thanks -- -- who fights for right. And we will see you real soon everybody be safe and being nice by I.