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Jul 12, 2014|

Saturday July 12, 2014

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The following is a paid program the views or claims may or not necessarily those of WI OK staff management or sponsors and it's time for Larry and -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- don't lie okay. Aaron. Good morning good morning power -- today I'm finding. On this beautiful Thursday day -- where he is taping on acid is quite beautiful -- it was a relief today divvy up in the morning and say well heavy humidity is -- name you know more and -- crazy so -- cell well -- I'll clear the trees that we're down in the hills section of Scranton there was like a few people that obstacle course trying to get around. You know -- -- actually nothing. Your Q and no absolutely got rained. Helping out one gust of wind and the tone early voting days yesterday and yes -- honestly here yesterday so I don't know I wasn't here for the day I didn't get backed. From New York until about 930. But I came through it surprisingly steroid. And that's when I heard more hail and the craziness -- -- PM. There -- trees in clarks summit that are down by the for that big storm. I was really thankful that we didn't have much of anything no trees were down our development. There's ugly skies ugly and I can't Lisa's eyes scary huge. But I was thinking as I was driving here today a couple of -- be nice to just have a normal ordinary thunderstorm. But instead -- give me out -- every time we have one any more afraid major events now what you know and I love and one of those people who love. Thunder and lightning storms like the only in the when it goes become men like them. In Lyon and then just go out -- -- Don in the sun comes back yes. I love that I'm sorry only time and this and I think if I'm safe somewhere you know but I really do. And it was funny because Joshua Bell said the other day you know could -- out there who like thunderstorms that this isn't. This is not one of them when she's going to -- and has a miscarriage you know was you know yeah. Again that's okay we and that's how I get this summer you know itself thinks it's a good thing. And we needed the Marines. So we -- trending in the summer sun and then ends have to take what we get what sets out. Campaign you know the I'm farmers' markets opening next week no NCAA. Cola co anchor -- violence or they can this year I promise that I can get yeah. Are you can come with me hello yeah. Hey you know daily gallery -- Iranians a I'm like yes it opens the eighteenth a week and discerning Friday. And then and then their opened three days a week Monday Wednesday and Friday. We checked all day. It's exciting going on in your world. Now. I mean I took Shawn Shawn was home for the fourth of July which is a very very nice weekend. And Sunday. My mother and my -- I drove -- back to. A week he went to Philadelphia so we took a bus from Philly into DC. So we did that. And took a long way home. Went through in New Jersey and back to the Poconos that was very nice night for right so we in good. Thanks so get away for the day. And and then this week no I mean I then of course I am and I'm. In the throes of making -- began getting all the information I need for Broadway theaters northeastern Pennsylvania yeah. Which again will kick off this coming hot October. And so just making sharing the ins and outs and working -- man which is exciting for me because it's it's no it's a big new challenge and it's great some Cano an analyst. None out right now I'm then we're working on -- continue to be as I told you before I TC AMC's -- the sixth annual gala to be held that -- Mohegan Sun. -- Laughs insists. It's just a good time good. Yes. Well I have. A blonde that I wrote this week and I thought was interesting because the a little different take on retirement. Because actually this I changed on the names and whenever protect pianists and yeah. But the point was very well made and I called it only time will tell. I was talking to a client recently about the fears. She had was taking their big step to retirement. We had it all plans to as much detail as possible but she was still hesitating. To make that call. When I figured it out -- all make sense. For all her life she had defined herself as her job. I'm electrical engineer with company ABC. And now she had no definition for herself. She was a wife a mother and grandmother. An aunt a sister and a whole lot of other relationships. But she could not see any of those as having as much prestige as. An electrical engineer graduate of Penn State classes seventeen blah blah blah. I wanna talk tour events she realized that's what's holding her back. As we discuss this new phase in her life surrounded by a very different people 24 hours of the day. She saw this retirement thing is a fresh start with new friends new adventures and of course a new definition herself. She had no fancy -- no career goals no desire to find the next career challenge. She found herself loving the freedom to define yourself. From the perspective. Of an emancipated soul looking for the next thing and the next thing and the next thing. Without any reference to our education our job title. She used to say she would be -- retired engineer but now she realized that was so lame. Retired any thing was more a statement of her life she'd be leaving behind and not a reflection. Of the life she was living and would live. She deleted that term from her vocabulary and decided when people ask her what she does she will say I'm looking for the next adventure. Knowing she was very happy having the freedom to choose every day what she would do is fill those sixteen waking hours. What a relief. She told me she would submit her paperwork to the HR department to get on with her next adventure. Is this holding you back from retiring time's a -- and get some help in planning for your retirement don't let the loss of a title -- hold you back. Desk. Great -- a great way to look at it because. Many people do define themselves more men than women I can you tell me -- to -- that way the women are now doing the same thing again. -- -- try when you salmon retired this time retiree -- that well fear not really not retiring and anything except John the head. 95 for the most part for how very many years and I don't have to punch and so but it is a good idea it is a good 'cause it it's a different way of thinking. Plus a completely different way of looking at it because of for the most part I think a lot of people feel that retirement. Are saying that I am retired. Any thing. As a way of acknowledging. That year used up and useless. You know your your best times are over something like that the year productive years are behind you and iron just coasting. And when you when you couch it in those terms. That's the kind of life you can't stand when you're when you are retired but if you look at it like it's an opportunity for you do something you've never done before. And literally math and I don't know how often say if people. Spend more time planning their vacations and they do planning what they're gonna do -- retirement. Because it because it's only two weeks. Well next up for -- whenever she but the thing is you've got to come fleet wide open landscape here. And what they -- and had to fill those days most people all think about the retirement part of it is as the financial peace. I but let's say like with this lady -- we had well done she was ready to go Ellison -- -- Put that an and that that was the point it was apparent show the thing is Fleming and do -- my going to be. And I don't think people talk about that. They rarely talk about that and they rarely talk about it in the contacts or retirement planning. So I I just wonder how many people around they're doing. The same thing they've always done because they can't imagine what else they would do and they don't know how to define themselves. That's true men more than women. Do that the women are trying to catch up. Do you find it helps to be so I'm do you think it EU automatically become or because of who you why and what you've done and how you've learned. That's psychologically you have to you have to understand. Like a lot of people Maine and even think about it it's just all about the dollars when you go to a financial planners do you think she you've grown. From learning that this is part of it from what you've learned and studied about. And taken on your own sense of knowledge or it is it because you're a woman. And you -- a bit differently it's the first one because one of the books and I remember getting really excited about maybe it was written ten years ago at this point. A guy named miss Anthony who was a speaker. And a lot of these financial planning meetings everywhere. -- talked about something that he called the new free -- mentality. I love the name ascent against the new free tire mentality. Smoke act and his whole point. Was that that people plan un retirement as it's being merely an economic event. And they don't think about anything is now magical in Canada and the reason for that is because when Social Security was created. Come back in the thirties or forties or forget right now when it was thirties I think it was based on. A system that was in place and Germany. And Otto Von Bismarck was the chancellor at the time. And he created this thing that he thought would be -- social program for the Germans. Who would retire. But he expect is that they would live for no more than three years. So it was 6568. Simple. So our program. When Teddy Roosevelt put it and was based on exactly the same thing the expectation that people would live for three years after they're retired. Well we all know that's ridiculous. And our -- almost as many years of retirement as they do working lifetime. So that doesn't work which is it explains a lot about -- Social Security system is bankrupt. Because every time they start doing the calculations stayed until they now have extended that to say 83. Is the normal. And mortality rate for a an American. Well OK then we've got to start funding it like a person's gonna live. For almost twenty years after they retire. But we don't. We don't but the point I'm making is. Even if it's twenty years that's a long time you know we go through the whole thing of we have guidance counselors and they help us figure out what we wanna do with our working lifetime and we make career changes and different opportunities we learn new skills. But nobody. Talks about winning and doing -- retire. And it's not just a place of leisure people just don't wanna hang out there. They want to be productive and why do something. And nobody really helps to start at that point saying it's sixty. Maybe 55. Video start planning for waiting and doing -- retire. Maybe on a completely different career and may be something you're both really really love to do. Doesn't have all the pressure attached to it. Or maybe not maybe -- do you know. Yeah I do. I I really would love to teach. That's that's what I had to. My entire you know right and that's really what I wanted to do but I gut sort of sideline -- -- financial planning part of it. I've enjoyed it tremendously and I love -- seeing. What happens with people when they go through the process and start to see wow I can do this or wow I can do then things happen and they work. I really went left to do I would love to teach financial planning. But where I don't know because aren't that many colleges and this point cutoff for that compound. But not just I'm not talking about it being an adult education course. I'm talking about there are many colleges now that offer. Undergraduate degrees in financial planning. And that's because fans like to do. But Alex. Yeah -- just thought about it just hit I confuses September to may get a guy like that mood I would love it it would be fun. -- Peterson just said that today I'm speaking tour then yes she said you know my mother tried to tell me to be teachers. When I was gone to college and not wanna meet you she said don't you think about it. They work so hard during the school year and they get host at that time off it's kind of nice nice and -- next I'm ready for value teachers out there are good for you. -- we're going to take a really quick break you're listening this morning to the Larry Allen show will be right back. It's Saturday morning a little Korean DeLeon and -- really. Welcome back everybody you're listening to Larry and myself. I'm -- can and the owner Larry can enterprises such as a fundraising appearance special event business. And I -- -- happens to -- the president and CEO of northeastern financial consultants. Where fee only financial planning firm in clarks summit. And the fear out there you know miss -- McAllen Foley was sure I'm happy belated birthday okay and to say that Helena and I took -- out. Down to our friends and Alfredo CN asinine and now with good stuff. I'll start I was gonna Celsius we were inside -- -- -- -- -- -- apply to people who are outside as we were coming in we're all piling in and -- like what are you doing in here. And and then you could see from outside the wind and the suicide anyway so happy birthday be laid it. Tomorrow my -- -- and everybody takes down almost hanging plants. Outsize and I don't think so -- all know that my plans didn't go anywhere that's good. Thank god and now famous thank here -- not handle all kinds of what -- Anyway well I didn't ask you the question. Before we went to break to you know what you wanna do when you -- of course gone Hollywood. Well wolf and all right I have to wait till you retire well I waited this long and I went along. -- -- originally looked a -- a good you know I would have absolutely. As -- dad used to save a lot of that he had. Now I am absolutely. He's just say that to me when I was little I could this be -- may -- all the time I'd be dramatic can do things thing. -- I'm gonna go to Hollywood and he's a good dialogue on the again. So encouraging you guys out there you -- it -- scream but no I have no idea what I would -- down. Well I think maybe. You know I have ten years on yourself so maybe it as a get a little older you might start. Nothing your -- consciously think about it but that's something says you know. That's something I might like to do. You know that he's just think it's time for a -- when our embassy and what I wanted to go to the school part of that again it's about what -- -- -- -- have to look now I'm just saying I he would have to be something I could just. To know how -- radio full time they go full time radio when I think I think it's great that's what I wanted to okay right now if you ask me. That's what I would don't. Would you do that vs tell -- yes because I love -- I mean I love TV but I love the radio there's if there's just I just love it okay. Well -- that's such as -- Our look out brush your book. Hey you are any -- this is an article that comes from my. But in my favorite sites. Learn best yes yeah and this was. This was posted sometime -- -- march. But I like the idea behind because it's really a different approach says something that most of us find to be very. Numbing. And that is. The saving for retirement is kind of a drag. And and those of us who have 401K plans and it's. Just something you do you know even think about it and that's I think what but that's a good point because that's happening Mac didn't I think. It is something like we said you were talking before we -- break and I said -- -- -- Behavior south into thinking differently and that's part of what it is you just do it it's just. We're doing it. Gift card when it's not fair. If that's true -- is this the same if you set something up. And you do it where it's an automatic withdrawal from your checking right into that it's essentially the same time -- just after remembered to put into your. For -- automatically done yeah. Tennis and then you don't mess it you don't because you never had the first place. I think Dorothy cotton soliciting funds. According to the employee benefit research institute's. 2014. Retirement. Confidence. Survey. 52% of workers have less than 101000 dollars saved for retirement. 52%. And 36%. Have less than a thousand dollars. Meanwhile only 18%. Of those polls are very confident that they'll have enough saved for their golden years. So why we have such a hard time stashing away even modest amounts. This author believes that part of the obstacle maybe psychological. It's hard to keep something that's still decades away. On top for your mind. One of the biggest barriers to saving for retirement is just the idea of getting started because it seems too big. An overwhelming. Are just too far away. It's easy to understand why the 25000 dollar car you're saving up to buy. By year's end can feel more tangible than the Fuzzy picture you're paying for your sixty something self. But saving for retirement as one of the cornerstones of basic financial security. And priority wise that should trump the new set -- wheels. So what if you could re train your brain when it comes to -- you think about retirement there's the -- How you think about. I'm ditching the Karen clever ways to rewire your noggin to start building up that nest egg. And maybe even had a little fun in the process. Number one -- to rethink that our word when you hear the term retirement does it conjure up some decades -- dollar figure. Or do you actually think event as an important milestone in your life like say your wedding day your first home having your first child chances aren't. It's likely to be the former something way out there. So -- troubleshoot this giant line of thinking instead of retirement planning adopt the term lifetime planning. This is on another author who has a book called the single woman's guide to retirement. If this turns in the something to think about now runs in thirty years down the road case in point. Consider viewing. You're ideal retirement is really your second career life stage. And your world traveler life stage as opposed to merely the dollar amount in need to get there. Number two visualize yourself in your dream retirement locales. I look contributes to the stress of saving for retirement is not knowing what your future cost of living healthy. We keep and expand expensive kids hair in New York City or beachfront Condo in Miami. Would you prefer staying put in the home rearranged your family. Rather than try to prepare yourself for every conceivable option. Do some research to figure out how much it costs to live in a place that exemplifies. This where you could see yourself. Too many choices are paralyzing him when it comes to that. Where to live when you retire from the narrow the choices and the three or four good lines based on your non negotiable votes. Footnote what's a non negotiable. Those are things you must have great when you retire that you will not. Settled on anything less than. So when you write up that list -- things like I need to be. Within a mile of the beach compound OK I need to have. My own. Free standing home or I wanna live in a Condo or whatever it is. When you write down what does not on the go tools are there are few web sites I know of where you can basically plug that stuff and and it will tell you what they cancer -- on cities that you might wanna consider. It just keep in mind that where you live now will likely influence how much you -- you need to save for example. We'll live in California. The cost of living generally means that you need to save more. -- this differs quite a lot for someone and say Tennessee who have a much lower overhead. Okay I'm. And number three give yourself retirement gifts I think this is an interesting approach. Since the ultimate amount you think you'll need to save for retirement may be intimidating if not downright daunting. Think about sending up smaller. More relatable goals for yourself along the way. Consider tying your retirement savings to a holiday or birthday which will give you annual guide posts to work towards. & Associates saving for your golden years with something positive. For instance make a goal that I know you see village X number dollars and your account and bump that goal number the following year. -- include the specific retirement savings amounts as part of a birthday gift to yourself. So maybe in addition to the high Def TV plan to splurge on you -- also commit another 500 dollars your IRA. And if you haven't yet open to retirement account the key is to simply get the ball rolling even if it's just a small amount. Or get in the habit of adding more -- principal whenever you can't. Number four -- take the path of least resistance. Overwhelmed by the thought of having to follow through on yet one more financial to do each month. -- defaults to help you save for retirement. So you don't have to make repeated conscious choices. And this is what we just talked about the most obvious way. It's a participate your company's 401K plan C can have that contribution directly from your your pay before taxes. Or you can send us an automatic transfer that a portions of part of your paycheck your personal IRA. Even automating 1%. Makes a difference and then only in the actual dollar figures and also. Because it it makes saving into your routine. Number five set rules for your contribution increases the stick to them. It's easy to forget about -- your retirement contributions as time goes by unless something like getting a new job requires you to redo the paperwork. But in the same way you schedule an annual health check up -- schedule an appointment with yourself. To up your retirement contribution. In fact. We prefer to do this in July it ourselves that's just not -- they just arbitrarily pick. You can also consider tying your increases to a salary -- can get a 3% raise say 1% of that and spend the other 2%. This way you're consistently say anymore while still enjoying the fruits of your hard work. Let us ask -- did they aren't let me ask a question about pension plans for a one case. What prohibits. A company from doing that even if they don't contribute to -- it. Important what -- -- -- of sending him out so so what -- what's the basic cost well it depends on what kind of planning. Have a 401K plan can be anywhere from. Basic go 15100 to 3000 dollars a year. And then you have to pay. For a 5500 planned to -- on the tax return every year. And it's a valuation testing has to be done -- let's -- third party. Administrator that gets paid per participant I'm kind of -- people to 200 people it's a different number cup so there's a lot of expenses involved and that. Even if you no matter what I do matches you have an additional amount. -- figured it is I'm not -- there and I'd say if you're 01 K there's other smaller plans that you can do. For yourself and your employees that would allow them. To tell -- is that some vehicle down that there's some way to do it. And and that's that's what do you think it's weird that people don't have some things nowadays for their employees. And what about none of it's it's not weird. Nonprofits again it's the same thing there's some cost involved at that may not be part of their budget budget and you know that's that's one of those things that you say well if we were free and cuts everywhere. That might be the idea you know you can still do your own IRA if you wanna -- exactly so that's the reason why I think a lot of it has to do was. May be the company is in a growth phase. And what they really are doing is putting all their money in their energy into hiring a new person for this so that our technology that they have to have. So if those expenses are requirement then maybe the 401K plans suffers -- you. As an employee can still contribute your own hiring and Ken in two companies. Once they say they're gonna contribute and do they have the right to revoke that privilege or do they have to keep it or lose the privilege of what what happens -- depends on the way -- up -- yes it can be a mandatory 3% every year or can be a fluctuating percentage. -- sometimes it could be zero. And -- Kind. But you're right about the other even if your company does that you can still. Open up. All different types of IRA and candy and even and in yourself able they just didn't. I fanatic again going right and offensive for self employed you can do a little bit better with different kinds of specialized IRAs for people. Of course self employed you -- more and -- a person who doesn't. Own a business. Lots of different ways -- and -- she can't clean academic answer this that's quick but I was gonna say the difference which might be night's topic next week yes the difference between now I'm robbed a sap. All those different things to give people some more information. I'm -- what do you say. We got here I was gonna go to -- medicine now to -- suite until next week okay we're gonna take a real quick break and will be back with attorney Barbara. Ryan -- Marco Andretti. Embracing the. Today and every Saturday at -- seafood house and pick this green didn't get to doesn't need peeled shrimp for just -- 99 plus enjoy live entertainment. Tomorrow gets steamed clams when to 99 and doesn't plus for a limited time only text Cooper. 7281. Can grab your text coupon for a free dinner when you buy a regular right there -- seafood house and. If you're suffering from hearing loss and turn up your radio because you'll wanna hear this life changing offer right now you have the chance to huge things again more clearly and crisply than you ever imagined absolutely risk free it's Saturday morning with the Korean land -- -- really. Good morning good morning how are you could power EO. I'm fine. We are here with our guest expert this morning. Attorney Barbara O'Hara and you tell me where she works because as I say Andre John I gaps and news and looking YouTube's. She is a partner with the law firm of Hughes Nichols an O'Hare I think your -- done march. All -- -- at the very top we can't go any further before you hit. 38 the 8380. -- section -- right and the left hand side barbs than doing. Family law practice doing practicing family loss for now thirteen three. In the year -- And and we're coming up now on the first anniversary of your daughter's wedding -- and if you're absolutely right yes well. On August 17 and and how is she doing as a newlywed very very well yeah goods and if they're very happy end. It's nice to see -- sorry for photos afterwards and of course you were gorgeous as -- the Brad yeah. She's a beautiful combination of the Viet Irish in the Italian isn't chic yes yes it might my kids all of Italian in nineteen well there you go. And hopefully they can get they can do some Italian cooking as well that the Irish -- no offense I'm Irish back. I'm an -- I didn't cooks Italian -- should keep everybody I love I think that's that's good is everybody happy. Because there's no old mate been as good old Irish dishes now is as easy to mean no offense. No that's not when the end of the highlights of he hires her -- my children love love Italian food. And my father in mind whose Italian -- from done more time was. And cook in the air force and an army -- and and his idea of cooking for a small group was a hundred how well they know these large Italian meals and he gave -- often I think that certainly not to. So this morning weren't talking about same sex marriage since and so time. Top home yeah has since may twentieth. 2014. There was a media. As the court case seeing that. The prohibition against. Same sex marriage and requiring men to be between a man and woman. Was struck down by a federal judge judge Jones. Under federal court. On May twentieth of this year and what's happened since then game. It was not just seeing think gay marriage is legal but that. Gay and lesbian. People could now obtain marriage license from Pennsylvania requires a three day waiting period so as of -- and may 23. Pennsylvania citizens who could -- could then get marriage license. I know how many do they keep statistics on how many. People have of same sex have married since then. I don't I don't know I can research center where you I'm just here I'm I'm curious as to what just happened recently. Is that these Google county clerk of courts. Wanted to -- sixth and so they -- filed an injunction. To keep. And to keep this from. From going into law and that was. Struck down that -- the federal district court. And then struck down by the some period in denied also my -- the third Circuit Court of Appeals and now she's taken an appeal to the Supreme Court as of yesterday she asked for its day a stay means that. It wouldn't go into effect. So she was asking for -- stay. -- the judge's ruling and as of yesterday that -- denied this day was denied by a good idea. Supreme Court Justice Alito. So it looks like that's going nowhere and quite honestly and really didn't expect that. That the court would at this point Pennsylvania had been the only -- In northeastern had it in -- northeastern United States that did not allow same sex marriage and so we wearing. Well I -- her later and -- was in her letter and I think once termed Kathleen Cain said last year that she would not happen. Maybe she could not defend. The action that was on going to. Regarding same sex marriage and she said she -- as a discriminatory. And then. And then since then Jerry jones' ruling and can judge yeah. Governor Corbett even said he was gonna take an appeal of that and it's been one legal ruling after another and it's gotten to the point where. Plus I had as a lion has same sex marriage like the -- and outflank us stand I don't know why they want to learn it really who cares. When I don't I'm Pennsylvania hand in 1996. A law that says marriage cast to be between a man and a woman and that's that was -- -- it was that law. Was a root of this case the judge Jones ruling anything in saying that that was discriminatory. And in violation of due process Compaq would -- see now. A lot of -- gay and lesbian. Marriage and I'm very soon I think gay and lesbian divorce because what had been happening is. Where it was legal in other states and civil unions and and gay marriages were legal and other states people then tried to divorce in Pennsylvania. And Pennsylvania up until this ruling was saying. No we don't recognize. The same sex marriage we're not going to allow for same sex divorce. And I think dad passed to change now with this ruling. And I guess the older but I mean I say who cares like really other than getting rid of old antiquated laws that. Really cool people to -- people. Live their life if that's what they want until and there are a gay couple then let him do -- it then it just drives me insane who -- Well I we think so there's so much on this stuff and I understand has -- but political column let everybody -- -- they all are. The thing is that it's really it's it's safe and legal staff only because the reality is that so many people. -- are gay or less fans are living together and living their lives as a couple. And everyone recognizes them as a couple for years and years this is just a matter saying OK now we can make it legal and have. The benefits. -- of all of the other pieces of that. That at the issues word you know -- -- person yeah then I can name you as the beneficiary my insurance policies and I. I am somebody who would like to be called if you're in the emergency room and I have the right right right decision and those kinds of things and also -- Eight and yes. That I don't Janine who cares I'm changing the law I mean. Why did these people fight it to. To went -- hold it -- -- golf is sometimes anger sometimes and I got a -- changes I Catholic -- airs at at the head and let it -- They're human beings everybody has won a couple of drives me insane. Seeing how -- run the crazy what people alone anyways elephant does if it does and it is topical. -- now in this is very this is what's going on what what. What we UC head that I seek -- up till now what would happen in I would see. Am actually act I've seen a number of lesbian couples that that. Who would want to stay separated and a lot of times they might. Own a house together they may and com -- other property together and they would come and you know you go to a divorce attorney. And although it's not recognized as divorce until now it would be. If they couldn't determine how to divide up their property he would divide it up and a partition action and what what daddy is is. Two unrelated people. Owning property and now neither one wants to buy the other one now. And you go into court and say I'd like to buy these other personnel they refuse to sell to me and an accord as a mechanism. I wish he get appraisals and there's. A person appointed to determine who. How much money the one party has to the other and obviously the the other option is always thank you both self. But if he didn't get a green and you does sell and one party wants to keep the property. What used to do is do -- partition action. And it would be one but you know one of the couple against the other and determining what the value of the property must. A guy that I've I've had this situation happened before and it was always that we can work out a dollar figure out. Public seem fair but in the ultimate goal was and you have to go to court and do a partition action for that. Now you have the benefit of -- get divorced code which should divorce code doesn't necessarily say everything's 5050. It's -- what's fair in this case and it might be that you know what one party. Deserves more than 50% maybe one party was the one that. Instead stayed home caring for their children and yes Pennsylvania has been recognizing. Gay and lesbian adoptions and I'm done them. And -- they you know they. Kids are in a much better place. Do then so then because it's a marriage. I then the way the property -- bank accounts or money is then held does that apply an end regardless of whether it's a traditional marriage or. A gay marriage and other words -- now that I very tired yes is that the -- adding -- as tough as a recognized. Gay marriage. I expected that will happen -- And then they'd look at that I haven't seen any -- yet right right the entire east because this is all very fresh. But. I expected that's gonna happen because otherwise it would look. The court will look at it as discriminate -- you have to tell me if I was family married to another woman in this state then why would nine hole property and by the entire peace -- That's great I don't know how to get a -- it's no longer husband wife by the time these guys. Spouses by the entire -- whenever you come up with a new word. Moving along that's what I expect to happen and that you had the protections that you have. Under Pennsylvania law as holding property by the entire east. And actually what does protections are is if -- speak. -- -- judgment get -- one of the spouses. That judgment can't. Can't be a lean against the property owned by the to the spouses by the entire -- so it's my husband went out. And pet and struck another car full of meteorologists we didn't have enough insurance. And after my auto insurance was exhausted. Then they look they look for what assets they couldn't go against the house that I am with my husband. Right right so. And that in tired he's protection ends with the death of one of the spouses or the divorce -- the spouses. Married so you have data protection. And now am I think that's gonna happen with gay marriage counselor. For same sex marriage and do you think don't feel like specialty out there and in this type of to be honest with you I mean I gonna be on I was being awesome to see just how much is. He used to see gay and lesbian bars now you don't because. It's. They are close they're all inclusive and why shouldn't should be glad shouldn't knew there'd be all inclusive so I don't expect today it lawyers will specialized. In gay and lesbian divorces because realistically now it's just they're all part of it part of the hole which is how it should be. Then you wouldn't necessarily differentiator discrimination and I NIC the same thing and in my field there are many people who used to just. Specialize -- end working and lane and gay and lesbian couples. Because of all this legal -- -- -- occasions and all that stuff. Well now they don't need to do that for the most part does no good thing yes great ally during the NN special I missed that. The discrimination right and treating everybody differently and so that's good math and business. And -- so unique so it's from a legal standpoint though because we -- the last hold out there. You didn't have any doubt that that was gonna pass. It was going to be -- -- inevitable you know whether I was can be legislation or. The court ruling and it -- -- So move on yeah. -- us how you can tell us okay. So if anybody would like to reach an attorney Barbara. My phone numbers 5703. For four. 7171. My office -- guess -- 1421. Street or street and done more I would be on the corner -- drinker. To sink campaign not for 33 years analysis has seen it all has done an office -- see your -- your private thanks for joining us. And early in the weekend to men only thing you know. And everyone listening thanks for listening and have a great weekend and we'll see you next week he's safe send emails I had my.