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Jul 14, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And any leg kick in and get a reminder that actually -- not just a bad dream this stuff really happened -- arrows. We found out last week that -- -- counties in last place worst in -- state referring to bring people get arrested last place. We get the idea -- -- is the best that had they only has about 1% of the time either county already don't percent. Almost half of the prize -- directed the attorney did not get fingerprinted. Neglecting yet when this they'd find out that -- -- not get a lot of fingerprints. Not that they can do about it now thank you -- that may try to do a better job and it ends up an ever growing old well category are even -- What that -- -- category don't have that -- fingerprints on file all well -- -- -- now that you're with somebody behind bars well. A lot three banquet -- billion dollars wow yeah. Speaking of billions of dollars President Obama wants congress to come up with four billion dollars this and those surprise surprise somebody that is coming back in January illegal immigrant my. Miners coming over the border. Back Guatemala for a billion dollars I haven't checked lately but I bet your four billion dollars to buy at a however a lot of friends. And what that the president of the northeast Pennsylvania chapter of men sat who caught three local bank last week and expect them to believe that he was able to make three bombs. Would you then able -- in three banks. And that he was able to set them up by remote control if they think about money. Watch TV their rainy act I haven't looked at the Labor Day but I'm just -- guy that already in custody of public not -- county. He did there. I ran my body can't. News clips to remain C don't you -- -- game we will be right back after a remarkably sponsors.