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Jul 16, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

You're on the street we're talking summertime fun -- ever that when your kid reads go on summertime vacations. He's got a wild -- -- Manning's name NX Anthony and Allen. A little bit -- cities changed now you -- -- was maybe in the sixties or seventies. I'll let us in these guys Don and it was just hardly anybody ever really be displayed on the beach and I have everything casino opening night Adam -- -- Put Miami Beach bodies -- guys are excited at south of the shots right ask -- and suddenly pulling his camera to go on vacation. We'll want to save favorite vacation when she was Burlington Vermont. In Stowe Vermont we just lots of violence on -- now. The best thing I remember thinking parade down there is an amazing thing about like when you're -- have a this summer movie. Probably the -- inside the -- came out. Mid eighties persona never actually go to the driving and watching. What's in the communities to drive it so that always sort of resonates as my summer. I was -- as the -- CN and I am. At least get the living out of it. It didn't -- well I don't colonial. Hey this is Carol I'll see. Street.