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Jul 16, 2014|

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And it's here on the street talking to folks about this summer summer vacation time and asked me about your childhood time reduced to go -- during the summer. Wildly at these pictures and what favorite memories you have about that place. The boardwalk of course swimming in the always. I'm having cook outs of the family one of the vocal rest resorts that we stayed. Really had a great time I -- excited and yes. Do you have any plans for summer vacation I've been very rather short again look at the shore we'll I'll remove it. That's cool off to get anything planned for vacation this summer and since -- and never get the outer banks and on the outer banks might insert tonight. Rachel want to ask you about the Ocean City, Maryland I'm coming. Just happened -- went on that and -- -- song all big horseshoe crabs and. One -- these ideas in an athlete and I'm last year my mom think of Atlanta CE and -- thing. Good luck in some countries have problem what they've -- yeah. Carol I'll see yeah. Street.