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Jul 19, 2014|

Saturday July 19, 2014

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The following is a paid program the views or claims made it or not necessarily those of WI OK staff management or sponsors and it's time for Larry and -- Distort your weekend. -- -- -- Until you lie okay. -- Good morning good morning here we are lives that really. We're alive but if you can hear -- slice -- far and -- show. You know I heard this morning when I was listening to our friends who have married there's a name for the studio studio. Something eat and I -- Maybe I went isn't done in locust what's the studio name. Let's assume DNA insignia and studio -- Estonia. He's commented talents casinos were tape and that's okay. Plus there's a name for everything around here and there was an announcer who commands and lions from studio room bow at W Ohio okay. So I just funny. He can scenario AM radios that Hillary and -- excellent says that's okay so we're in the right place AL. So my name is Linda Evans on the president and CEO of northeastern financial consultants. We're a fee only financial planning firm in clarks summit. And I am Larry Kantor is the owner Larry can't connect breakfast. It's as a fundraising PR and special meant business plans laughing -- and she was introducing yourself I got up to turn out the lights. We have to have -- all ladies you need to island. Yeah sounds much better with the -- Davis did it's not relaxing I bullying parents -- little hard to breed success so yeah well sorry I have to I have lights behind my house. Anyway we do have to mention that Weaver as scam -- last week yes we work. Evan and you and I have now been in a while yeah this is Gammon was wondering where that's where we went -- so happy to -- in. And -- she laughs all the time and I. Yeah I had the ultimate hamburger. Of those things they rarely have I know that is so I have -- I want that one Scanlon because it is it's got to be sure sirloin or something. Yeah it's really really good. And of course we had our fresh fruit ice hockey mom. As we're having right now I'm done and doughnuts and I do waste of some other. Restaurants from wake up and get that little talk about that all the time -- -- and then I am listening I don't really understand why people get that happen whoever puts that tap out. It stinks that she's shed -- that comes out of the tap and really it's a it's being discussed staying. And just do some brewed iced tea I don't what's the big deal. Even if -- made a picture -- yeah like in the kitchen who went. I thought just treat jumping out the night before Italian -- and I don't like is the next morning nice okay. Week ago there. But -- so I told you when people don't do that I ask for -- team can make my own ice tea because it's. Just so much better. It's coming but there's a difference because that other one is not refreshing that something about the -- and the lemon that really does make -- it's the real thing. Yes it's so good. And of course you know we get our well -- investment group we have in Duncan we bought stock in dunk -- I always everytime I go. CNN -- I can't -- -- and I like that's part of being in the group ran right to be a little risky yes that's a that's risky. But you can it's not -- Pension plan -- your IRA if necessary you learn about being companies in the stacks up -- citing those. Investment clubs and clubs are really they're really good thing when they're great thing I wish more people would do it. Because it's a wonderful opportunity to get to understand. The stock market yes and it and see the thing is I think when people invest money in 401K plans and they put. Their money into what they think is the stock market they have no awareness of what that is it's just nothing you do. But when it like you just said. When you. Belong to a group for you select the individual stocks. You do some research on them you'd get a sense of what they do what the company's products are. And if they are in a retail business where you can. Physically support them there's a whole different approaches that when you walk into a Dunkin' Donuts now he's say. I don't except I know little stock in its in and Peterson honey please send him there with your iced -- who cares I staff in the business I want that's why I'm doing it. And that's why a lot of parents have done this for kids I do and I just couldn't tell you that on my kids were little gas when's the god -- -- -- Susan gore goal was our broker and I took both of my boys and we opened a small account from. And they got to pick the stocks. Of the things that they like to eat or drink or die and that's. They did and it was a way to get them to pick what they thought they could see and know that they were using her drink Cherie bank. Well especially when caring for kids yet we're wearing for clothing -- that they like -- a lot of kids by Disney because they know Disney and love Disney right and even things like Crayola. For the crayons and stuff like that so it's it gins them -- an awareness of -- there's an. Engagement with whatever they're doing it's not just something on a piece of paper. And I think it's a great idea that's what I love investment clubs yes because they really get to engaged in what you're talking and I know years years ago as you know when Rosie Broderick -- asking everybody -- let's hope people in and do best. The group of ladies that we haven't particular customers are well it which is an acronym. You know how -- invest well and played well -- ladies investment club right. And the well endowed comes in the form of cash that house course in the world knows a little double entendre -- Yeah that's that's great but. We don't please sort in -- group is there are so we've all become so friendly with each other -- taken a few people I knew people end. And it's just stand. It's been years now and we're doing well and we love it home. I'm so we're happy I am very glad you do because you do have a -- much more. Focus centered. Way of looking at what stocks are doing you know people report from the sectors it's amazing how people find. The value and things like I -- and I know you won't believe this is special because you know other research I do for these shows that we don't. Now I of course to no recess here. I'll what I guy because yeah I read the paper and listen to good news and pay attention to what's going none from that. Spoken or written wired. But -- sitting at a computer in doing -- and -- and what's your. The vibe when they -- gallery rader would and we I don't know I'm not. -- -- -- -- what do you do when near -- I Paetec I'm in the consumer sector of all the bullet that's perfect with Rosie. And OK I pay attention to current trends and what's happening and what's not how. People are advertising cost you -- intend to when business is doing better. They put more money into advertising -- enlarged. So you concede that the shift in the fluctuation I watched that kind of stuff moon and we were actually east told that that is a way another way for people to determine. Because I'm not gonna sit at a computer and down one Morningstar any of those which are wonderful and people learned from month. I'm sure I would -- I don't have. The patients to do that -- -- the time so I do it in another waste a week all spring and the reason I'm getting at this as we all bring. A distinctive way. Of knowing what we're talking about when it comes to why we think or we don't think we should buy or sell a stock. And it's interesting because the way the group works is obviously you wouldn't mind your investment. Financial planner and like you saying I just pay attention to what Larissa and put things. That's why not I met at a town that's why am not a -- to Linux but well it's still want to manually does I have to say is. You think I may have said it before but there's a guy. You -- has had a really big name in the investment world famous Peter Lynch. And Peter Lynch ran the fidelity Magellan Fund to which started I don't even know when it wasn't that at least twenty years ago. It was nothing it was a really tiny fund. That was designed to find it as Magellan you think of that -- you know the in. What's so we're going to explore explore yes they explore so you're looking for new and exciting things. Traveling to places you never vendor before all of that kind of that was the investment objective of the fund. He did it. Extraordinarily. Well and that's -- he built it up. It was the largest mutual fund and the world because everybody wanted to be and that's the one of the things he said. Which I thought was great was said that he -- does something summary of what you were talking about when he was looking for stocks to put into the fund. He said he would watch what his children and his wife balked at what they did. And then look at them and she -- against his wife was a buying a lot of or stopped buying a lot of -- house yeah. And so -- -- -- -- -- said who does who's the biggest pains right well he's either bought or dumped pain right because I don't like watching what she was still on time so there is value to what you're saying as far as stock selection. But -- can't base in his case as -- -- allies and up that was yet not all of it. But there is value there is still watching and friends and you do now -- -- about -- house and I know I well I know I didn't she brought enough dance center hello she did not enough. I'm sorry. Anyway there is value in doing that and I'm glad to hear Eddie we like ladies are well like -- well I NASA are doing so well. There's no little little there's EU about CE. -- little short he got them along. It's fictitious or should I think yes for doing well and everybody is. Making yeah it's kid I have to say week it's it's interesting and -- JoAnne and there are fourteen of us have tanked. Yes and you meet once a month now every two month okay every two months I'm. And -- it really is there's it's more people should do it even start off with a certain amount decide. What you're bylaws iron -- get them approved you know register it we're not however you gonna do it and and then I guess you have to -- And then. The figure out how much a month you're gonna contribute and then. Duet -- he would -- some people don't small groups have more money and force some smaller some the -- last whatever you won until. But you know your commitment is then did some a lot of fun and there. There -- plenty of places on the Internet where you can go to get information about how to start one right. And it's really not a bad thing for eight and end the ideas says everybody in there knows nothing. So you're all starting from the same place as grand as this -- -- more than then you might not theirs but they're not begin an -- and -- -- they do for a living for the mountainside there. All trying to do and it's just it's very educational. And so I love it -- do you have. Something in there for these disciplines his strategy as to when do you get out when do you go win some people have their own philosophies and it wouldn't. We don't necessarily all of us agree on all of them including from an advisory standpoint. But I'm. -- -- it and that's the other neat thing is everybody has another idea but usually of course the -- Majority rules and that's how it is something else. Like coating on something when your stock when your sector gives -- reports we have each sector gives a report. And we recommend what you should we think we should do with the stocks that are in our sector. And then it did you know depends on who decides that it's going to be what's going to happen. It's gonna -- so they hiding as -- and they made made a recommendation. To sell some of the stock in our sector men and I eight voted against it because I made -- when I gave my report I said we agree we want to hold on everything. And other people based on that I am advisor positions were told we should do something so they decide that we should sell best. And so. It was majority -- some people went -- who voted no and others voting yes but the majority wants a -- and that's just how you have to do because that's what it is. Although I didn't believe it should be. It's was you know. More than okay now my felt so that's how that's what I you're certainly not gonna sit there and make a recommendation to. Old. And then say OK I'd vote to sell I just told you I'm told and yes. So but it took the but the fact that but it all right it was OK because it's that's what it is that's the beauty of it again it's and is learning how to. Get along and not always having your way which I don't like you. And I heard it here first asked all of a -- to what can I did -- -- -- anyway I say yay for. Investment club -- in any kind of in a relic lady yes and I wanna give a shout out quick before we take a break to miss Katie Gil Martin today. Which is one we're taping July 17 is -- our friend Katie Jim Martin's birthday so happy marriage -- Junior is Gil Martin and we also want to say that -- we were at scam ones last week we saw Matt I'm going get sleep and his family. And it was very nice to see him. And we just hope. The best for him guess in this girlfriend and pile and Kathy -- were there as well some -- -- -- -- scamming Harry we'll see real soon we're taking eight. Quick break you're listening this morning to. Hello are you mentioned -- Saturday morning -- little hurriedly and now. -- Good morning everybody you are listening to the -- inland show I'm Larry cat food and die in the owner of Murray hadn't enterprises which is a fundraising. PR and special -- business. And I am -- -- I -- the president and CEO of northeastern financial consultants Murphy only. Financial planning firm in clarks summit. So I tell you that I gut. Four -- and excuse me. For. Possibilities for the cover of my book they sent me for. Graphic illustrations. I -- album did you know yes what would you do send ambassador ambassador -- they start over again. Why does she hate them because they were just too cluttered. How they had goofy colors and I didn't like the colors and all. Then there's no art work on there except the name of the book. And are you going to do any type of Blake. Book signing an announcement when this all absolutely we have to roll the whole thing you know not -- again I told you what I really would love to do is to get. Found some kind of an arrangement -- it's. Coats. Culture and AM. The bags and bags yeah because and they let -- book is power of the purse he asked. So what I would love to do is to be able to go on the tour around the country and stop and some of the bigger and coach stores and say okay great. You know it come on and sign the book and one lucky person will win a bank -- -- -- -- man would be that's good for coach because it brings a lot of people moments that you should do so we're -- NN consumer happens but that's the idea of -- titles from Patrick and some other term -- now. -- No. Saudi Patrick -- in Napoli we have -- -- this name and your muscles say your mother's name -- so we can get that -- so -- can marry a handsome man it can't I think. We did that. Couldn't help but that's what's going out of my book I am really excited about that. So how can we keep moving along. As a pretext -- fit now and -- the story. Now around. IE. It was and it's Gentex. And Simpson Pennsylvania today Monday of this week and I did a program for. The employees of Gentex under what they -- other workplace presents program hunt and -- it was very interesting. To me -- -- -- the two groups of people each time it was about an hour tonight and we had some general topics that we wanted to talk about. So I asked the -- to tell me in order priority what was the most important thing and almost everybody every. Room I went into the -- was retirement planning. That was the vacation for a lot of people I said what does -- want to know and of course will I will I be able to do I have on time and stuff. So we talked about a lot of those things but when I was surprised to find out was. That and I I don't know that this is atypical but how many. 401K plans where you have. Hundreds of employees to participate. The majority of what they invest in is the guaranteed income fund. Because it's safe I think you know well I can stuff so I'd I looked at that -- -- you know there's something to be said. About. How are you actually. Go about figuring out what what you wanna invest in and year. 401K plan. And if you don't do that won a lot of people heard the they guaranteed investment account. That's usually something that's investors and CD serves and something along that line. The other way you look at is this is to going to those they come on the target funds or the lifestyle funds wary when you. And when you enroll in the plan you find a date that's fairly close to when it is that you expect that you're gonna retire. So let's say you went into this. This year this was your first year of eligibility. Well the plan may have been up and running for several years so the choices you might have -- five years apart. So you might say well if I wanna retire when I'm sixty. And I'm 55. Now. Then I would want something that would did the year would be somewhat close to age sixty. So you find out whatever that one is and that's the one you you invest your money and -- that's kind of the set it forget it is the way that term is used. Because once you buy that it it's essentially all the money managers inside of that plan that make the decisions for you don't have to even think about it. The idea being that. The closer you are to retirement the more money they're gonna put until the bond side and less that would be in the stock side. But most people. Think says the only way to do this is to put their money. To bonds into what they call safe and secure. And they forget that there retirement hassle last. How long time for most people. And as I mentioned to the people attend tax last Monday. Most people will have anywhere between fifteen to twenty years of retirement. If you retire early at sixty. You could have third in thirty years almost as many years as you were working. -- and people don't say thank you Gary say this because I sit here and it's wonderful but it is when you think about blue how many. Yeah I get the paycheck and you know what to retirement age -- -- -- going to. For purposes of Social Security it's gonna have to work that way. Because they can't afford to sustain it at 67 or 68 which is -- does now it's coming it's got to be pushed up to seventy. It's just that because people would depend on that as their only source of income and retirement. And it was never designed to be that way. But you know at that brings me to another. Point says there was an article that was published yesterday to waste historic Social Security. And fundamentally it's comes down two things one is called a baseline program and the other is called reform program. And this is something that's currently being discussed on Capitol Hill. On both sides of the dial which is the good thing because both of them look at this and say this is a possibility. The baseline program says that in order to save Social Security we have to increase the Social Security payroll tax. I 3.3. Percent. Which a lot of people are going to be too happy about but that's that's one way to do it. The second way. Is who would do what's called the reform program which kicked it keeps the tax rates the same as it is now about raising their retirement age. So the starting in 2023. -- and that would mean then anybody who retires after that we have to go to. Of a later age in order to actually qualify for Social Security. So with a baseline program Mormon and increase the taxes this is what it would look like. If the average earner born in 1985. Would pay 13%. In his lifetime in income in taxes. You receive benefits equal to nine point 6% of his income. That's and a -- tax are really only three point 8%. In the reform program the same worker would pay a lower rate of ten point 2%. To receive benefits -- the eight point 2%. Resulting in a tax of about 2%. You away no matter which way cut this -- putting more money into social security and you're gonna get out of it. But there really is no other way so. Congress likes the second part. Can because it apparently has some effect on -- reducing the size of the federal budget and if there -- even concerned about that. That's probably the way they're gonna do it but I don't know when. Because we know how fast congress and -- and it works. So we're not going too far in this but I still think another option would be the people over a certain income amount in retirement. Could have the option to elect to take it or not. If you say I don't need it and you put their money back -- that's got to make a huge difference. But you're forced to take it and if you don't take it by seven -- and they have to get penalized. So you can't make them famous people who don't need it because they had the adequate means to live. They don't ever want it or just they don't need it then that they don't need their course fitting that the -- that right there -- do that no. But that's my point. If you could do that that would make a big difference people would doubt I do I think there -- a lot of people who would say this is ridiculous I don't need this money. And I am fine the way it is that there are a lot of people that we all know who are living only on Social Security. And if that goes bankrupt. Those people have nothing. So there may be some people who choose to do and say. You know I think am I wanna do that. It's one way certainly every day saying that the output from Social Security for people donated. Can't. So I don't know if it's one option but there's a lot of ways we talked about this for so many different things. They could do to the program that they choose to do nothing as usual. And I think part of it is the fact that the stock market's doing so well now they're returns on the money are doing so well. That people don't really care because when they do the actuarial assumptions -- warmer gonna run out of money. They assume a certain rate of return on the investments that the Social Security money is end. I just don't think it's. It's when those things they're very discuss how little do with that one later. It's always crisis management that's how we will get -- that's human nature but that's when we will get to us. -- nothing else we condemn. Them. Hopefully things change and it. I have been better hopefully we can be helpful can't clean then we can be sure yes. Yes Mary Poppins we can yes did you -- did you see the front of the Scranton times today. With me I'm stuff strong stepping onto the Mon yes and our good friend buzz once at but but what's his name Aldridge buzz buzz buzz light year for single line -- thought that I had. If -- every went to remember where they were on the twentieth of July 8. 1969. Well I don't know when I last I do. I remain Jozy I was eight years old and I really don't remember it -- I don't I know I was probably playing somewhere. Because it was summer and we just moved into our new house and know where we lived where I grew up. A year before and I don't have any idea so we -- out in the Alley playing and I don't remember. Well. I was at a friend's house whose birthday was the same day. And I was there the night before a sleepover OK -- your cell and raise her Branson knows was winner this was in the health section. All because you're from school someone ethical yes because -- again defected. And went to central instead of west Scranton. Just so we all now proud of it. Anyway. Anyway that was it so yeah that's right so I really -- did you watch yes we did and I am glad you're right tone and -- -- and it was just so cool thing. -- people like when I tell my kids we have black and white television until a certain. I think they think I'm -- like. Q there is no such thing. Less than I was watching something an unfair I guess it's WNET. Two that HD. Channel they have. And they show a lot of those old. Feel like almost family in on and it's constantly running. And they showed something where they've they started that half hour. With the usual thing that NBC is to do. And it would just show the peacock and the colors would come out and says -- brought to you live link color is -- it was a living color yeah it's a bit why else. And you just say well. -- is so we've taken for granted now. -- -- -- things and the way. I love how kids now so much about technology value and not and they can just go right to. It's amazing to see that I put my fingers or so ago. They're born when -- sent. HP three year ending their -- something I forget what the -- is -- amazing about face us now. There's this interest and so yeah going to end because we have our guest expert doctor Barbara Tuchman coming up next. And damn we're gonna take you know we're going to take a very quick break you're listening this morning to -- Ariel and -- we'll be right back. It's Saturday morning a little Korean -- now. -- -- Good morning. My name is Linda Evans I'm the president and CEO of northeastern financial consultants where fi only. Financial planning firm in clarks summit. And -- had a step out so we will continue. With our guest expert. Doctor Barbara -- nets who is the Euro gynecologist. With advanced. -- gynecology associates. And 746. Jefferson avenue in Scranton. Correct I'm 43 yes sorry the good morning good morning. So -- we gonna talk about this morning sort of total twist on our usual talk this morning again -- talk about the topic of happiness a little while maybe Johnny can play a little bit of the -- forests. Anyway okay what and tell me about why is an important that we are happy. Well you know a lot of us. I struggle with happiness at different times in our -- Simon there's. How many reasons to to aim for happiness is it just makes us get through I gave him a little bit longer bad. -- one of the -- books I was reading recently was so called choose the life that you want. Kind of mindful way to happiness by Taliban -- -- and hit a book he lists. And just an article about what's called the blue zones. -- these are these the blue zones is a term used to identify places around the world where people live longer. And better. And so this is something that was brought out in the National Geographic. I'm you know when did these areas that were distinguished. As blue zones where people. Faired better then those of us who potentially don't live in those blue zones and time and they're in their degree of happiness. Was higher. My ideal obviously when they do differently only to man. I don't go back to my old tried and true a lot of ways you -- you know a lot of what makes people live longer and better and happier are unhealthy eating. All men and yes yes so my favorite say noise goes back to food. Yes -- And so you know that they said that it's not even when it comes to nutrition is speaking in your choices of natural foods rather than processed foods which we've talked about the merits of natural foods. And abundance of fruits vegetables nots and so one self. Again staying away from the gluten in those things so that's how you know resound accident the other conversations that we've had in the past. So it also and it's about -- our whole society now marching forward with obesity and things of that sort. And they found that in these areas where there -- blue zones -- people do not have problems with obesity. -- won enough that I was gonna say that I was watching something not necessarily by choice but it just happened -- television. And I don't remember what channel it was on I want was one of the science or -- Natural something or others but they were talking about. This place in Alaska. Where the native Alaskan I guess there solutions -- as the name I -- group of people. And that's how they eat where have where they. They have a community event when they go out and get a big fish. Guess they bring him back and they use every single part of that fish. For something. And it's -- course obviously it's a fresh is just came out of the water rates but they're holed diet it was really interesting because I had none of the processed foods so we have. And and they would take -- fish and they would -- four days because different parts of it. The fact everything in every. Some really good fact absolutely so what if so what are the food that we should be. We should really be keying on front there's also have been some science behind foods that will boost your mood. OK health. So again back to the happiness so which shall promote our longevity and they found the different foods like KL. -- to some people is a difficult vegetable -- to some cream dark leafy green vegetables. Seafood I'm not certain means an angst. I'm -- foods that deliver. High levels of nutritional value to make our moods better and I'm leaning towards that I'm happier outlook on life. Arm of the whole thing about eggs you know that says there was so much controversy. You're not supposed to ease. Too many eggs in the course of the week are -- us -- to -- the -- in the eggs and then we hear things about how important the fact is. In The Hague and the yolk and -- you can now needed every day. What's your take -- that. Well I think moderation is the way to go. Many you know there's been many studies -- one done none none in Japan on the okinawans that learned to eat. And moderation meaning they would only eat until they -- 80% fall. Moderation when it comes to different types of foods has been helpful -- -- referring to the eggs. Communists in recent recent studies that looked at the -- state that you know cause for concern Leo can they found that is filled wins. Come a word called -- rotten noise which is what gives it the yellow color. And eyes and oddly enough they found that beat the -- rotten noise in this yellowish color can be linked to optimism. Yeah I -- another form of helping you wouldn't even think about it. You know so that means things they have current nights like -- correct and that Compton and what else wash squash and yes he had that yellow orange -- -- promotes optimism which also helps with our happiness. And you know the whole topic of happiness actually came up we started doing a women's circle in our office. I'm led by Shelley Rosenberg who is a life coach she's a Martha back trains planes coach. And we now do this happiness or fixing it is women's circle. -- once a month so where anyone is welcome to command and we have different topics that we talk about and it's it's really a nice place to sit down and there's no judgment passed you're able to say whatever -- bike. Time and the last topic we have I was happiness -- I want and -- and you know it's what is it how do I get it. None it was a really great. -- opportunity just didn't share how to improve our moods but it take and it. Well a lot of the things was you know. It comes down to personal choice and you have a choice to make about how you approach things. You know they AM. 40% of our happiness is determined by the choices that we make what we choose to do and how we choose to think. And sometimes it's about changing how we think about things and understanding that we always have that choice. It's it's the choice that we make there's a book you know called the road not taken by Robert trust. When he chooses the pathway. That's less traveled. And it made I -- I'm very big -- coming his life and it's that type of an idea. Where we feel like we have some control. That allows us to have some happiness. Did anybody come up with any examples of meth. And I like where you would make a choice that we traditionally would choose a certain way you respond. And if we stop and think about it and choose something else they've made huge difference in the way that for. Our lives our happiness factor was involved. -- -- think that you know a lot of that comes down to -- on jobs that people will choose work you know outcomes where if they think that they need to be in a traditional role. IShares they're willing to step outside of the box and make a choice that they think would be better for them than the traditional role. I'm that it serves them well in life and and I think that especially as women. None we sometimes feel that our roles are defined for us. And we need to be able to step outside of the box and move forward with things that we feel are important to us. You can't -- control that we somehow need in life. I think part of that too was that a generation ago there was some support for that to make a -- -- -- are correct and mother. Nurse teacher. Absolutely much it absolutely and sometimes just those two things that need to work together you -- what it's one or the other. But in this generation and even in future generations I think part of that happiness is they. The willingness of mothers especially. To support their daughters and making any choices that they want for their lives difference. To go live out west serve until every whenever it is that they support them. End in wanting to do things like that and to take some risks. And I think that's really where people find happiness. I would agree. Hi I had such a mentor not that my mother wasn't -- because she certainly was that. This is actually a school principal. Really who came up to me in the middle school years and then expressed to me that there was nothing. That I couldn't accomplish in my life if I simply set my mind to a child and those words were very powerful to a young person. I'm glad I had her I don't live by those who those you know where you know here's special because I think. All it takes is one person to to instill that belief in you and if you can go forward -- that always in the back of your mind you can do it. Did you just work hard enough about it. And even if city you fall back on the mound because she -- achieve your goal the first time he get back up when you try it again and I and I think that that is the type of thing that. That helps. Push us forward towards more happy fulfilling life. So what else did you discover about happiness every. So we should be really looking -- or not. Right so there was this group rate quote from march oh ground was hurt and I Groucho Marx Murray showed ground. There was as great as well didn't. I would never have thought this to come from then -- from him. But you know the quote stars with each morning when I opened my eyes I say to myself. I not events have the power to make me happy or unhappy today beautiful. I can choose which in Shelby. Yesterday is dead. Tomorrow is is it hasn't arrived yet I have just one day today. And I'm going to be happy in it and I think Chad if we can approach each day. Regardless of how yesterday went toward the anxiety we may have about tomorrow. If we can approach each day for what it is and try to make the best of that absolutely. That day. Then. Then that's a good place to start have you ever. Of -- people saying that one of the biggest things they've done. To help them and find happiness in every day is at the end of the day to write a journal and say the things that they. Are grateful for that have happened in the course today or an appreciation of what they've gotten today. I have heard that -- that's a really great idea -- -- to be your -- reminded of the great things that happened in your life sad day because often. You know they they kind of little things and they scoot right by us and -- so overwhelmed with the bigger things that we do forget. That there have been many things in our day that we were truly happy about and may be only one thing that might have soured the day so to speak. But we should be able to move past that and look forward to the next day we should hope. So what other words will be wanna give someone about choosing to be happy. Well I think sad -- -- you know. One of the things that you can think about from being happy as just to set some small goals for yourself -- find some time to sit back. Think. And and decide what is it you like about where you are in your life and what things might you wish to change. And it is set little goals set large goals and then trying to decide how you'll start to achieve those goals. And very small steps so that you can make little changes whether that be in diet so that we can move forward for this helpful useful -- -- they can live better and not necessarily have to move to a blue zone. Or settling in with your current job or answers to concerns in your home. I'm just tackle the little things one at a time I'm working towards your goal of how would you like seems to be. And remind yourself -- Rome wasn't Helton -- -- absolutely yes absolutely it does take time to do -- because -- a sense of determination. Don't wanna keep after an even though you as you said before sometimes you get to a certain point and you're your stock and a lot of people would give up that point and go away. But maybe it's time to go back regroup for. Sometimes I think personally. It's a good idea is to let something go for awhile just take the heat offense and let it just. -- not be a focus of your life and then come back to us and it's amazing how things happen in the -- hunt him. And it's all good break you can kind of let things settle down take another perspective on things in and kind of regroup and -- to where you wanna go with things. Well how can people get a hold the view if they would like to talk to about -- happier life. So we do have these circles we'll have won every month they can call my office -- my office is located in Scranton and the phone numbers 570. 3449997. Maybe last circles and I'm. Once a month we do ask you reserved your seats it will cost 20 dollars for the evening which is payable directly to Josh Kelly because she doesn't need the circle. I'm but we also know we'll gladly signing up through. The next circle or that time after -- she simply need to come in and assess your lifestyle your health come we can certainly see many office. And we went thank doctor Barbara Tuchman you can't just expect this morning and say. We have a great weekend. End. I have to say would be nice because -- would ask that. We'll see you next week I had I.