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7-21-14 Buddy Rumchik

Jul 21, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- the Christmas decorating them yet hey it's me but object and -- things take a look at it from last week. Champion Germany beat Argentina at -- -- I don't think I know the World -- only happens every four years I don't know it's on TV for what it's like four year. That's -- and -- has laid out about American Idol and that that showed raving that really gone downhill both Caleb Johnson. The winner of American Idol this year. -- The Bucks County instantly -- corpse on a stretcher out of the back harder -- I can I -- We -- mention any errant Israeli agent we got calls from some listeners who did we should have more respect for the dead. Mentioning that a body out of a banner that around is way more desperate MacBook and let the body roll out of the and around. Street story that is gonna rattle than mine because trying to make a joke about them what do anybody any good. -- to be shot saving get rent from assassination attempt in conflict want. Despite your lower center of this state prison and checked swing and it might with a certain. OK and finally last week and that and that -- activity went north -- the -- ballparks I'm gonna be down to one lane until the end of the month. Translation. I think you have 81 north in the -- Obama clarks summit is going to be down to one lane until he. Undergoes a maximum entropy and experience that he debt in 100 billion here. It. -- went to remain C. On the right back every word. -- sponsors.