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Nate Reid Interview

Jul 21, 2014|

WILK's L.A. Tarone speaks with Trooper Nate Reid from the Colorado State Patrol regarding the state's left lane law.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We're back did is 735. It's Monday night let's go to the news -- -- line and -- three on it. He is Nate read from Colorado. That's -- strawberry is at Colorado Highway Patrol -- Colorado state patrol. -- Colorado state patrol OK and that -- Colorado's version. Pennsylvania state police. -- -- we have and I can assure certain. And you have achieved that and all your domestic balance and towels and things like -- but -- haven't been a vehicle that's what we wish. Al-Qaeda and sets went to -- state that's among the things that says state police says it does here. The reason now for anybody let's say the reason now we have reached out to. They commonwealth release date of Colorado. Is because -- -- do you have any less blame law in Colorado that says seems to work pretty well. I can you explained. Out of the basics and the loss first the ball. Act in that 2004. They came up with a loss going to be a lot -- law where. They've rooted reminder to be a 65 mile an hour plots were way. And delighted with more than two literature -- more. The last why would be designated as being any date I think lane. Let anybody in uniform and that plane. I'll be in violation if they work in the process of passing -- -- -- on the road over sixty problem on our American access. And -- lecture interstate system something -- content. Why is it to limited to highways of -- and I guess I'm probably should be asking a legislature this question but I'll ask anyway. Why is it limited only highways without. Speed limits of 65 because -- players tied up traffic. Is not limited only 65 mile an hour roads we have the so called expressway is around here that are jammed that move with 35 or forty miles an hour one of the biggest problem is he's. Idiots who think it's called the BMO left wind. Yeah and not. -- I wish I could answer your question that we have plenty erode that drove directly down that's senator and Denver better or -- implied. And it's -- if you follow our roadway and I think just the just a volume of traffic alone. I would -- how it you know except the middle of the night for. But luckily he gonna be opened for people just pass it down because the volume is so is so large group at our. And down a strike I guess I could see that what is the fine for violations. Oh where try and the last one in violation in the name sir. What a dollar three dollars surcharge so you know it's it amounts to about a 103 dollar fine. How is -- had there been any. I don't know if there's any statistics taken for accidents caused. By left playing drivers I tried to find them on knits and you can find almost everything and it's a site except that. Are there any statistics. That indicate the law may be doing what you and what down legislators hoped it would do. I don't know I'm in 94 there was a pass though there was a lot about the relative slow traffic law and now we have -- open until this one in 94. Are you an old war and not. It was -- -- and it's still on the books they've focused on the books but be left wing off out specific elements. All the trapped contraction instead of I'm summed it. No arbitrary in uniform traffic where. A little bit slow traffic gets let out -- pastor of Europe for howl. And it's it's really. It's really gory where -- be left lane violation had specific elements where it would help but not certain. Are determined what those violations worksheet and something you need to bring order -- your bring to court and a magistrate -- -- look at that that. In traction any specifics about an attraction and ultimately rule in our favor I'm gonna. Thought I was gonna ask is that things like must be in the left -- for more than half a mile or so why -- does that kind of discussion happen in the general assembly here when the very week. Last flame law this state adopted in 1999. Was passed. I it. You know this. The impeding the flow traffic it's. You know it it -- -- -- like. Reasonable forward movement of traffic. I'm except when you reduce speed is necessary -- safe operation soak up some words there where. It doesn't -- 65 miles an hour how a sixty -- are -- While passing another vehicle in -- road design -- truly -- more. For specifics -- and the trooper Burke it's much here right right right at ticket they doubled but based on those very specific -- here. Bryant how big of a problem was left flame. Left -- driving in Colorado I mean people some of my listeners get tired of hearing me scream about it but I put 40000 miles a year on a car. And most of that is highway driving and to me it is the biggest problem because there is any data goes by. I don't come to an interstate 81 and there's some idiot in the last point is always called -- -- here. An -- wins 55 and a 65 and everybody's got to zoom around him. That's what causes accidents in in this state there's been some road rage incidents because of that. That's a lot of people say and I don't have a specific numbers because. Like you say we can't tie any one crash partial factor too. I left in violation but. I'm the rage that people in calendar where they're buying somebody a violator. In this case on the left wing law to try to talk about a -- religion if you put 40000 mile when your car. Every year. I'm sure the thirty plus style that is behind somebody go to swallow up twice and I can tell -- and when you when you confront people out of left forty law. I'm oftentimes. It's an education piece and they don't even know -- itself it's a lot lane violation. And it's it's hard to educate people on all elements of all traffic infraction. And now we too -- hand and it's really hard loss due to its force and we had. Just last year -- we had over 4500 contacts. I'm sort the last -- law on main contrast those that would impugn the -- I think you know what are stopped. -- under thousands not even need not even 900 intent. So I'm. But to have the but the -- there. But explain why it seems to be working its -- education indication he's content that comes with enforcement but. It just takes time and it obviously take legislation on the part of somebody in your state. -- comfortable couple like this because I think ultimately it's working people understand there are billboards and the deal -- an -- to hang over the sides they change. But signs. Educate people were able to educate people on their morning commute that -- going into what it. And now it's the law and things like that we're unused mobile billboards and things like that that. Couldn't -- in a daily basis and we educate people to get out of the way and if you're just a leisurely driver you what do those sixty miles an hour to become our Arab world. And violations not a -- put a lot of dollars off the fourth pitcher Carlos. How many points. It's believed that are out yep twelve a year to lose or 182 years so I'm. That's you know it's it's a good portion to your point but obviously it's a movie about relations soak you're insurance can be -- as well. Right right right by you answer -- espresso that was nasty Yonder took off putting signs along the highways and things like is because in this date. A previous governor Ed Rendell. Was -- being chauffeured around -- -- noticed how many -- -- drivers who were so we he had signs put up. On the turnpike. But not on the interstate system or anywhere is finished -- so -- let us. How about an -- endorsement. I'm -- we haven't we had in mind not on tall wave it around the state and we also album. On interstate system it's true channel and that was obviously there was earned only an area that's 65 blocked but. I I hope the -- do you know they're retracting you know to to express the law on her FaceBook page to her Twitter just to remind people that. It is the law and that we feel that. You know -- -- but hopefully we can -- and can -- infant should could or know people get frustrated that left blank. When they do to -- get an abrupt lane change to the right and it cut somebody off now and then ultimately and then the crap out ordered a road bridge and that -- you know and we've got people chill. After driving the look in the last play and not. And then there's that guy doing some Ngo right now have forever and it killed two people unload two totally. In November 2005. And because of the border agents because somebody below or. So I'm you know I urge your listeners to. -- country -- Singapore. And I understand that you can always get some more so quickly and now you -- are you PayPal summer right I don't know if that's simply -- It is you you did didn't used to be but it is now out. Yeah and now you know there's a lot of people that don't understand the law there's a lot of people that they do they understand a lot of days. Day. They don't watch all the law -- -- they just feel comfortable sitting over an -- planet a lot less traffic that. That it that can can not and there and I'd urge your listeners should just move around a person to the right he can't. And trying to not let that person get here because. Complete a road rage. Try and where you're gonna -- when you're gonna we're not trying to be really -- an -- -- secured. -- -- found you guilty of calm and somebody -- -- -- mean you get -- trying to person slam on the brakes and dual port checked. We're at that driver lose control such as car over on the other side I don't. -- what killed two people so. I'm this is a real a real case you're Cabrera -- rich case it's based on that up what let him walk and that it it it it's an unfortunate sentiment but until that happened that. I'm hopefully nothing like this -- the F -- Morale. So I'm -- patrolman thank you were very much if -- anybody in not Pennsylvania. I I assume it's not a problem to get a copy of a lot they would be interested in introducing you here just contact somebody and the state legislature. Absolutely I'm waking -- -- local Irish. Did on it on the Internet and you can -- can't you find a -- Far right. -- trooper Nate -- with Colorado state -- thank you so much for being with us tonight you bet they do it I don't accept.