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Luzerne County Council chairman Rick Morelli and Corbett

Jul 23, 2014|

Luzerne County Council chairman Rick Morelli talks to Corbett about a review of a 911 dispatch mistake in which the closest fire department was not immediately dispatched to a fire and also about former county controller Walter Griffith's calling for an investigation by the state.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Chairman. Rick morality thanks for joining us to talk a little bit about this this. Tragedy in and then where you do go from here. No problem because. It meant so how are you are you satisfied with the with the solicitors -- the statement. I'm not satisfied at all right now on -- entity here right on the head we have to look at where we're going to -- -- right now assess certain strategy doesn't happen again that's what's most imports obvious that we need to identify what went wrong it was says. Our human error was a change in the system I'm do we need to put more people what not what one goes to keep things that we look at com. But the key is to make sure it doesn't happen again and so we obviously the solicitor. Well if I understand that the -- -- at issue was bubble or because others at the chance that there could be a lot -- and as -- respect we have to protect the taxpayers so that we don't. It took two of those losses and pay my that we shouldn't have to -- on this side there was a report given by the union which I respect but there's a lot of the lot of questions as to who who gave that report who who -- collapsed questions who bomb how would they go to. Accurate as the reports so it's well taken. But you know postal worker progress so I don't think that we should be jumping to any conclusions -- it certainly put -- under the rug right now I I do think that when this. It's such a situation happened. The communication from the candidate could have been better does the chairman -- wholesale data dump I would wish it was better. Public access. That's what rat now and we need to be the most -- right now. And does the council -- have the oversight responsibility for news blues are counting on more and more on. Well we -- you think that's part of the executive branch so so technically we we cannot. Tell them what to do we cannot. There are certain things we we -- out or but we just don't have the right it falls under beat. Executive branch in matters that separation of powers what what -- -- government. So would that be the manager of accounting managers responsibility to be okay and and it. How have you as a council publicly discuss these statements together meeting last night. We have a meeting here there was meeting discussed in executive session. We did have by the gentleman who had about what one what the council discussing what -- -- and out. What they felt was the one of the problems and no where we're government. And dumb you know that there is -- you know at I have to be very careful you can understand what they're there you go discuss your concession I don't -- -- put in jeopardy but. I think it's fair to say it and -- the majority of the problem was human error but that doesn't mean that we should still look at their infrastructure and what we can be doing better and so I am all -- format. Now. A public discussion that follows the executive session was -- was the public in Malden in talking about these statements by the union and the solicitors office or will that come down -- You can bet a lot what happened what what how would capital what do you hear it out with a report we know how the combination bellowed when did -- know much about how to misty and Eddie delivered this so is something that was unexpected we certainly didn't have to I suggest -- -- probably read it two nights. -- today after the meeting so. We really did know was that report last night's work to be discussions. OK so the the the report that you discuss an executive session was. These solicitors. In Korea there at the union. Representative. Merely read a statement that the public meeting and that wasn't really discuss. Having -- get Bob won the match or I had no idea of that at its stay kebab weekly -- and I think it's too much of that but. Didn't mention it disintegrate conversation Tom spoke to some other -- some of the staff. Had no idea about this report so there's some question as to who reportedly talked to with this report so hunt I'd say that the report is an accurate understand that in. We have to look at it loosely sure I think we should look at it and respect certain they're Canadian press. I don't think it's it's. You know it's tense -- so that's exactly the way it has. Right now because of because former county comptroller Walter Griffith is no longer accounting employee. He he doesn't figure into this anymore then the the average should listen figures into this. But because Walter Griffith is injected themselves. Into this situation by calling for an investigation from the the state government the 91 more oversight. Group that that looks into these kinds of issues. You you know you became aware of the letter he sent and then you responded to add to that state commission with your letter how's that plan out Rick. -- -- -- -- -- I tried a letter. I'm he does not represent the county solemn and there are somethings that letter that I disagreed with whereas -- to -- -- handled -- -- war what each had about a mystery blonde but most importantly even talk about all the things he did. As a controller powers -- and I want this gentleman's note to then number one. -- mr. -- left well just one major piece of information about himself the fact that he broke the law. As a controller he was forced to resign and to. That -- this gentleman had a questions for the county to please call me I gave myself all as well as the caucus a lot and the fact that we represented and does so although anybody has a right to write this person I'd hope that. I -- -- should take judges should step up -- let him know that we the people we should reach out to. -- looking at the back and forth emails and you you did if you did issue a clarification. Initially you talked about Griffin being convicted of felonies he took issue with. And then you clarified that by saying he was charged originally with colonies by the state attorney general's office. But he ultimately pleaded guilty to misdemeanors and you want that cleared out. I air and I give -- -- -- as far as I'm concerned mr. grip at Google who should get a former elected official you'd hope a lot. So it's a fact that he was charged with felonies just because he. Plead down to three misdemeanors that it was forced to resign. I didn't say a bitter talk to mr. Griffin later I'm like that's him did he particularly. Our record our conversations if that's yes that that's the south and I have no then why did he. I'm guilty it would include jumping up and why do you foresee what was it -- -- I would I would want. God. That I would like to know myself because as of right now I've yet to hear Walter -- Acknowledge. Exactly what crime he committed what exactly did he do. And as far as I'm concerned he is his pleading guilty to three misdemeanors. Makes him an admitted -- it's as simple as that. But I do believe that he's going to win jet himself and and offer his assistance and any investigation as he -- and is Gmail -- -- seven is email. I think he's still owes the people of Lucerne county an explanation. As to what exactly was the criminal behavior in which he admits he managed. And let me add to that the reason why I injected. Back to this assault was going to credibility factor I mean if it doesn't global Walter -- it's kind of read the paper Bristol what he desk and so I want to make it clear to the gentleman who -- up this from the state. As to his background and again that he does not represent its. And so I don't think Walter who's so he's all openness and apparently it kind of find that when it comes to position he'd been quiet. And that it was anybody else like that with few people are to be pushing it and I think Walter who's ever won an explanation as to what he did. And I'll -- More on why he did it in words that right now and not try to deviate from but not what wanted very portal -- racquet lots. But I -- Walter does not represent us and vehicles or elected official in -- ritual called tiger will not apologize to a criminal let me shot that's straight. I think that that's a pretty loud and clear and he's supposed to call. When you through he wanted to I guarantee that he could speak after you spoke and you agreed that that was no problem. I'm interested in whether or not he will call because we do need to -- who he is. And since he is volunteering to participated in the investigation. His credibility up -- -- is an issue I completely agree with him. And that's why I've wanted to make sure this Salmonella -- and get a walk. You know -- to want to write about him big controller he beat improbable story darkest part of the story and I think that's Walters downfall. Throughout its -- you know he'll throw out accusation then what I did wrong and what is wrong it doesn't Irsay is wrong it has moved on to the next. Agenda item and down you know again. So I'm not I'm not oppose anybody tried to outside the cheat the system and probably Carol Walters has done some things in the past that I think she identified but. That I'm in this job to to try to move the -- for an -- to make you borders look at the fine things that are -- still trying to find ways to war with. Puts a cap and to make a better and so every time someone gets up to the podium and they're always -- all you know they have an agenda and that's what I have an issue well. Here's the agenda that I think a lot of people in -- county do have they know the history of wrongdoing they know the history of political. Patronage and nepotism and and no and that and that. He's got a lack of ethics so one point that out. And and they can be confirmed that these are legitimate issues and that there is wrongdoing here or there there are errors made or or incompetence -- rears its ugly head. As long as the elected officials are willing to acknowledge what the truth is and then move forward to fix up I don't think anybody's gonna argue with you Rick. Doubt he had to get it the key is shared with the deregulation but not what what they -- -- -- -- -- side -- it. We work what then and it it's it's a tough situation with myself as circuit. There's only so much we are council could do I don't Cathy no question I was or what but devised since the release of the information and that's perfectly fine and I understand where Bob Bob Bob wanted to -- are in there and complete they're not. My heart of hearts are trying to I think we really try to protect the -- and it and it's just -- those situations so. OK I wish you luck with this I appreciate your willingness to talk with this because these are complicated issues there are serious matters. And will talk with you again in the future Rick morality thanks retire. Are you okay we'll.