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Joe Yanuzzi Interview

Jul 23, 2014|

L.A. Tarone's latest interview with Hazleton Mayor Joe Yanuzzi on WILK.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And we're back it is 730. On Wednesday night here on nine W -- today we jump on the news -- line audience is hazel the mayor Jillian is he Joseph is in his first full term as mayor actually is that. Second term as he took over Indiana expired term Lou -- -- dad is a little bit of a battle here early is a little bit of PR war wins county counsel -- good evening thank you for being here tonight. When you add lose our county council's meeting last night right. I -- So the previous medium where they voted in actually similar forwards Joseph. So. They look like a done deal before they are -- actually. And had done deal is that hazel in public transit which by the way isn't apartment on the city not an authority that could be important in his conversation. At -- -- council voted not. To give him the transit -- -- rain its usual all laugh matching fund grant which is what about a 135000. Oh yeah and so on and 34000. Are now what is done in the past several years. Maybe about fifteen -- They -- 150000. Dollars would see understanding that. I don't know one -- -- -- anymore. And they give a higher chip Ginobili -- agreement that would and then three years but the last two years so. They cut the Mac and now in this council in their great financial literate. -- -- -- cents a wait a minute we wrote our page you're all these years so you all this month it. And maybe they do you know what he's done the -- that we can't solve. This is where they came up but that we have moved their money and we should be paying. Our DL allocate our problem that they do. The story in the paper this morning once much was made over the fact that he's on the public transit is well run enough. And it hasn't surplus of about 550000. Dollars. Is right did they tell you is that part of the reason and then and they didn't give him -- -- -- it'd be announced that it in the Al allotment that hazel the public transit. Has been getting as. At least as far back as the 1970s. When -- used to have a public transit authority. For a great. Out doing what they're doing it and bad not -- this publicly. But they are in not. Only in there and stand up and around me here. They're really not doing that well. So what they're donors pulling back all these. Allocation gun. Money that they've given to -- municipality so far condone a charming back -- malaria. Local municipality. Or lose I'm counting that game and through our make up for their mistakes. So all you now -- may result in public transit thankfully has no surplus to cover it. Biden how big of an impact is I like is just get are you gonna have to drop a daily run or anything like that because you're not getting this allocation group. Right now. Now we have the surplus which we played for capital improvements. Fortune perhaps the dip into the now. Lucerne county transit. Ford can own more millions more than we've built right. They use up their surplus scenario I'm a thousand so they can you cannot afford to pay fair only allotment. But it'll ten K and so they dumped on from mr. Benton came up and so that. Ain't never gonna vote for giving them allocation bagels -- or not part of the grant of authority. I OK as did C said that he not quoted as saying that the paper this morning Jack Monday was also went to act county council. And he's -- he told. I guess says and gals. That he thought this was the county's way up pressuring. Hazel in public transit to become part of LC TA and that's been going on for quite awhile I know you've been fighting match. -- -- That's exactly what's good what's gone on and feel very -- to -- I don't. He thinks that Biden though he does so. -- seven million dollars well. You know I'm a businessman I've been in there -- 53 years and Eagles fan I'm gonna look at April 10 and serious surplus. -- well run operation. -- look at Lucerne county. Fully that you -- he stay out of three million dollars I've always been fine but this state who. Officers have been RS or. While loans up parent company what it was on county it you know red and now there has shaped. We want -- to -- put them. I would never do that is a businessman never. It doesn't care need that they are looking at hazel and public transit as a cash cow. Because it's well run and let's say get over and use disk access. Take cover LC CA's. Rod with a ghost rider ship then and mismanagement that's what it appears to make the. Oh looks like but let me tell you this we water sites yet. We don't make a lot of money but we don't lose an eight and the main thing and that's what government followed -- not in they're making money. Here and there operator that would be out by the I'm not even though and that's what we know no 1 need here I am of the opinion that cut entirely different. Our operations and Lucerne county Lugar and cameos. Bob they have their bus drivers they have all of mechanic we don't have anybody we have three employees everything is. Outsource we contract out our bus. Drivers police these companies take the bus and then supply in the driver's face -- some and maintain them they go to Montreal. And they'd game make Iran go -- Leoni actually employee showed that money is being made here. -- of course they don't see it or why. It is also worth noting that the last three people of one hazel and public transit that's row shark now was may Craig -- allow whose body -- and. They're constantly looking at routes. And they adjust them based on ridership which is something LC DA doesn't even think of don't want. Who -- -- late morning. We latter route we now eyebrows saw a ball. What's your loved me -- industrial arts a lot of employees now I'm. Only -- goes on February we -- -- mighty and -- we -- we're not gonna run mr. -- first glare. Because Lucerne county cut us off. And -- will not promote. You join me you'll need not on top. Or cutting Iran out so we are glad following up until scurbel dormant because we have a right is. And Tom the fact -- get this county. Allocation is this gonna effect any thing any of the normal allocations from -- dot. And that's all I'm in the process of checking out because it's. What is wrong -- -- and they want us to pay the allotment but the money goes so those are not and they have to release of a lot. And I don't want that and I don't want them to get our hands on anything I don't want the most -- and get everything they -- -- you know a lot. And it. So low or be a bigger loss than a 135000. Dollars there's a potential banana happening then. Yes it has been you know we don't pay. We don't get their allotment and services for the GSS in the fatal gun and then there is an area. A little over knowingly and we can make Iran sort of well concern about that won't be concerned about. All of -- sign the 134000. -- that's all American during the bop its. Have you had does solicitor Chris laws are looking into is airing any action you can take against Lucerne county in those days or anything like that. In case I am checking into that group. We haven't found anything yet because we're not sure our. The money is allocated. For -- to learn county. So they won't really sit -- -- -- carried a week corny and our portion of -- and that's what I'm wanna get straight now orchestrate. They move through very county scores from -- -- -- we spoke to pull together this sort and count your responsibility. Then they should put it up. Change gears I I've been watching what's been happening with the securities savings building and I remember several years a doll I think I was still in the newspaper at that time. You worked out a dealer in the city word that Andy what the county you're gonna trade. The business exchange which is the old dice -- building two -- dowdy. For the security savings building because they county used it for -- reassess meant it was a reassessment office for asylum was turned down a. I thought that was all said and done now I see where the county is selling at one out. I have played scorer. I'll balls that found the end -- city council of angle from. And he has ended by American development. They are approved -- saying before in the manner that would emotion made two. -- the agreement -- -- joke between Obama mechanic sort of security golden Billy Bob Bob -- it was all done. In November 17. Such -- the all have a well might -- time anything that started. Its saying that governor government happened. And we'll see blue could also. Came in and didn't even look back at 2011 or anything else is considered. Were born full would this new government that (%expletive) but there was no obligation to lead G. And that day in November when I was little and a -- And they did not build it so it got lost in the shuffle line actually there could be a problem we all we don't. Thought I had an agreement. -- sort of generic emotion and that's passed unanimously. We know police say. The previous commissioners. Brought up that -- the other delayed -- that was. Now back room deal I mean it got a lot of publicity I mean I own stories about that there were T always worried about it. Well say you sound like you're recording because that that's what -- says that the bulb -- a bit lower -- the paperwork on TV. It's been done on a public meeting to what are you talking about. Slowly but no we're not far from ideal but there are shady deal or could there we go again. If and shady deals well -- not -- ideal but we're not gonna give the property rights for an election. Obviously there -- -- mentality. So you're an agreement with the previous commissioner errors and that had the change your government happened before could be executed. -- an Al council will not honor that agreement. Absolutely. Correct. And that's because -- brawl. Now they're not gonna make her lose money and they think they're gonna make money. I say have a better life for 290000. Are the I'm not create a -- of 290000. Dollar high debt. This property or -- bring that kind of money and solve this -- that they take my deal. Glad they may I think that's fair enough -- on the market you get a 1000004. And then they'll solve their budget problems. Well I tagged him for anybody you listening who's not sure of the building he's just talking about I know -- from them involved in the one at the county has. In a way sort of repossessed. Is an old bank building that was built in 1915. It's been fairly decent condition but -- is a relatively. Small. That -- building will not bring 290000. Dollars there's all. My god -- Follow we do have a lot of people -- down challenge fortune that building just so right in the middle of the plan because I don't neglect of property -- sort. And Maria were buying up another in the next couple property and we're gonna make got a cultural. Area focal point for downtown. And the -- That was originally when Bobby Ferdinand was the operate TV plan a putting beyond. Police headquarters there did this -- re investing any money any that the county might all. This is. Now -- really now we just get some -- studies should make shareware and so are structurally sound. -- catalog a lot of money won't let. Not just the idea that -- -- -- mean -- very self explanatory. When you read it now all these people passing revolution's remote children. And they seem to Somalia don't have an agreement allowed to my actual last it is getting booed here pretty. I shouted out you -- right now and it's you know it's very frustrating that talks. -- eleven people. Until eleven those children who and a girl. And how old -- that that council created eleven that was way that was one of the I'd I'd I voted for this form of government frankly now on me. Over the last couple wants -- becoming increasingly sorry that I have heard it. And eleven members who was one thing that almost made me vote against it because I'm big boy you see what happens on school -- this is like a school board on steroids. Yes I'm right there you know and I thought then there will be a good change you know have bubbles. You know the executives and middle legislative -- but it's not -- and they do everything. Eleven people should Karen are you it takes mom and -- get something done out there. Not looking -- and not have every -- a way. -- also worrying and everybody has their own little ego. I have supported in an area known so. Well we went. We've seen a lot of the eagle grandstanding on the last couple less and I carry no question -- as soon as I John at a time I got to take a break innovative property taxes back to about the county transit L and if anything happens in the meantime please let us now. I definite world thanks for having me on I -- thank you very much is -- mayor -- and using.