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WILK News Radio>Audio & Video on Demand>>WILK host Rob Neyhard discusses WB Area vote against Service Electric football broadcasts

WILK host Rob Neyhard discusses WB Area vote against Service Electric football broadcasts

Jul 30, 2014|

WILK fill in talk host Rob Neyhard talks with Webster & Nancy about the WB Area School Board's vote against Service Electric high school football broadcasts because of something Rob said on WILK in 2013 about GAR High School.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And that we are joining us -- Good morning. Round visible out of the blue did you know any seventy doubling -- had this been growing for a while at -- -- I don't remember everything that was said that they how could I -- had a year ago right. And that. I would confront and a like a couple of weeks after the broadcast to alert me that people were mad at me. No one that said they were angry with me had it broadcasted. And and the school board members were asked if they had heard the broadcast and nobody said yes. I and rob I remember -- I -- fight we filling in -- still got. And you have called me because you got wind as you say now somebody I don't know if you got a caller are hurting someone but. You even had said to me do you remember me saying anything because. This was something that even when you first heard about it it was like all I remember exactly what I said. Stand out and you're now you're standing on the soapbox screaming at the moment and just knows well let me let me -- -- said I could do this really fast okay it was a very busy news day. But I killed a perk that. Two teachers unions went out and strike. And the results to -- that I you know disruptions to public pressure from the -- people getting shot and stabbed caller kind of crap right. And at work home and and basically I was commenting about the teacher strike. In that. The really good teachers spend more time worrying about their salary. In the preparing kids for college which has been true like -- very I take offense when people -- teachers to these problems. And I think that's not true. And I I just used the G-8. That they are repeated and okay mom had nothing to do with the score two great school with with great people and it. -- the neighborhood had deteriorated. And I think right now frightened how I would not wanna be a teacher GA -- send my kids the GAR because of the conditions around the school. Okay. I also mentioned the fact that I didn't do we stop doing basketball games up there. And not because of of the problems is that we don't keep them anymore we broadcast from why didn't. And don't tend to. Looks very schools. And because field administrator didn't want is suing them. And I should you know whenever I can manage CAR at night. -- you know I had to park far away from the school that there I thought it was kinda scary for an old guy like me. Think you're giving that spirit and a -- experiences right teacher. Nor experience. Broadcast the games she would tell right how you felt. And and ice and several times this is my opinion OK. And under the First Amendment you are allowed to offer European. Without retaliation without fear of retaliation from a government. Did you know how did you -- I would I -- win that people were upset who is -- What happened the first time it was weeks later I was -- -- GA our football game because I was gone through the gates. Some -- take in the -- it's. Just said there's the guy who -- our school. Employee and you know what she was talking about him and wanna be police officers told me that. GA our officials are upset so what I did was. IT immediately. Looked for the GA are athletic director to find out why they were mad. And he refused to talk to me he retired I didn't ever met the man he refused to talk to me and let me it yeah find out what was -- you know. Monitoring on some is certainly one way to clear the air and -- blog about it. So I don't like it was like I said you know I haven't caught the boot after the game and and let's straighten up could I don't know why they're -- so I didn't. The through an intermediary. My home phone number on my cell number to call me. And he blatantly refused to do so so we got my home phone number two. To be. -- -- -- GA Archie refused to call me. Went to -- question I was I was -- of school -- at -- time because I got along with John for thirty years I never had a problem -- Quinn. And play to confront I didn't confirm my yeah I went up Tillman had my phone number to give DC so my thought maybe he connected to an intermediary since he was head of the school board yeah. And instead. He jumped down my throat. And I found out none of those people wanted to talk him because none of them heard the broadcast. So did you hold the broadcast well I don't -- -- -- did anybody know this classic this is nobody everybody's mad about something they didn't hear. Well now the east and that's who voted against -- issue she brought up last night to turn not well we veto -- remember. -- talked about her a couple of months ago instead actually this site. About. Being mad at me because I was. Talking bad about the school district to talk bad about the looks very cold this. Right that's -- losses earlier I guess like yeah I hope. Sure you -- on a lot of times she'd -- in the papers saying that -- you brought this up because I was spreading negativity. And I can't tell you the kid on the air cash tied to kid chastised the -- parents. Think I'll sort that for not teaching their kids responsibility. Right now. And that we're gonna take a break we're hang around with us OK okay sure we there's a lot more to this call an all because of this now all there will be no broadcasts of the football games. For wilkes-barre more accessible and let's. Doctor rob about that is what if you know service electric -- or was -- -- cannon and then find somebody to replace rob won't. Will little preschool were suddenly realize re green light the broadcast. It's seven to anyone at WLK -- honey trap him not on. While we're sorry to make you keep -- yeah you know what there. Don't get more discussion with you because there's more to the story there sure is about Wilkes-Barre area so first of all I -- again just to recap it quickly. And they said no to service electric broadcasting Wilkes-Barre area football games because of what you said last year on the air you weren't there last night so you do not expect officiating get any wind of this right. Kyle by the way -- started about a teacher designed for what is it L -- don't rob rob of his job. What we're now -- behind the -- right now around -- Today -- so do you think that they're going to be able to get broadcast through it and to do that do you think they're going to have to get somebody else. Well if I -- I talked about that last year because. I'm trying to slow down you know doing three football games a week kept my agent to get a little hole. So we already talked about. You know getting somebody to do it can help me out trying to not to do so many games anyway. You might be getting more help than that I guess -- -- gasoline will talk more about this so hang on I will I as we continue just discuss what happened at Wilkes-Barre area but they took some exception to something there -- last argue is great about the most -- school now probably aren't particularly rob -- with a teacher in the district of the -- -- And also you talked about your experience are going to games and you had made a comment about. The situation AGA are in how you would not want to be a teacher there because. Discipline problems. And you say basically you what you're saying and again it's -- it's a long conversation it's a three hour show all right. And exit evolving as you go along leader saying that you worry that some people are coming down and teachers and you're saying more that you're coming down parents of kids that are problems absolutely but they tickets meaning you were attacking the school. Well we'll stay under the broadcaster actually talk to me I couldn't explained that I would I did not say anything about the school itself the two great school. What with a great history it's -- right and how we in this time period. It's too bad neighborhood. OK I mean. That's just the fact. And the event because of what you said now days and it was a surprise I don't even -- did Dennis Scott cannon whose I guess your boss so to -- Com and you -- were not even married it was just brought up as and usually and goes through no problem because I don't most school districts want. We -- games televised almost fans and parents and grandparents absolute. -- and that's why we do service electric does it as a public service can make any money off it. I'll tell you I mean are we going to these places for example and the over is just a tremendous place to people treat -- like like to feel like god there. I think in the valley western crest wouldn't. And and the other places we go to. And and we do it just highlight the good things that the high school kids are doing and does the athletics and and there's great coaches all we do one service -- is it is promote the positive aspects. Of -- and cannot tell you that in I've been broadcasting games since 1975. I would never once. -- had a negative comment about a school and school district a teacher. Student athletes a coaching staff ever because that's not the place for -- and you know there's no room to criticize anything during. You know these are kids that high school kids. Right you -- you said that John Quinn and you had a you would talk to him and he would jump down your throw we happily back on the back in August of last year when you're at a game because you're trying to find out why somebody when running or walking into the game. Oh here's a guy who doesn't like our school district so yep you try to get more for OK so obviously he had his say America and on the and I am guessing you. Probably defended yourself. What I don't get a chance to you didn't even get a chance to so what happened after that did you hear from him did you run into him or anybody else. Did anything else ever come of it or did you just think I'll look bad feel. And yeah usually -- it's been simmering says they're using your head blown over or or where I. I didn't know I mean I guess it was simmering with him now I rainy and the chimed. Last month -- -- very tactic because Amman under advisory committee there. And I ran into him shook hands -- John how are you looked at me so I'm I'm OK Robin and that was -- you know that's. So you really so you finally felt after that that okay well he's not angry anymore. It's that he did that even welcomed the place for me to bring that up by the way that in the course of the year. Several times on when I've been filling in. I have first I have asked for anybody that's associated with this to call me in the tell me what I said was wrong. And and I also -- many times that anybody that I and that was offended by anything that I said which I didn't know. What was offensive. I would apologize for. And but I could do apologized or something you don't know why there -- you. -- -- can't -- that's in the you know isn't that the ironic thing here though I mean you know first of all it looks like that everybody was mad. Probably didn't hear it firsthand number one and number two everybody who is mad won't won't didn't would not talk to you about it now. Well I think it what a perfect solution to this issue. Actually and and the thing that I hit that really gets me upset. It is so they have put service electric and Scott Canon and video innovations in the middle of this. -- in this was head on on WYOK. Percent anything negative especially about that I school applicants -- -- place for. We always do is promote a high school -- so I guess this year you'll see more hand over games which is so he would make. Maurer. You know more -- -- games. Well let's just won't be any Wilkes-Barre area games -- and that's service electric toll has a huge looks very coverage area. -- -- -- And they do provide. The looks very area school district. With three television service to the school so during Bryant's. So I can speak for them make it. So so what do you want to see happen here if you can't see Scott Canon has stated I guess in the paper that he be willing to put someone Alan Murray and for those games. We only talked about that night and I was and I'm good with that that's what scheme connected to this fall. -- So you are racing you'd be okay with that are what do you still feel that you're obviously being well it's obvious that you're being into citizens' right to jury and answer -- -- -- -- Many into the games and it's -- obviously going to be you and then the military school boards and are well now you can do the games. Essentially what they've done and just band you. -- we -- -- it is it it's retribution against me period and they and they take everybody with them it's like a scorched earth policy. As a teacher ally in that district did you hear from other any other teachers can. I wondered if teachers took umbrage because we don't know that. Just the opposite. In just the opposite teachers that I talked to. I'm -- thank god that there's somebody in the media that defense teachers. The but the -- -- like I guess they didn't like me defending the teachers I guess they didn't like me you know protect not like I'm exposing violence is up the night. And you know this thing here is the moment and -- my experience -- people who were all about ready fire aim. Are really reluctant out of the blue apologized for doing that ground right right panel that they don't forget this. Don't forget John this is what school board that. That -- a bunch of grappling. Let's get political act and rushed out yeah and then and then couldn't find it. While -- probably will see what happens our parents try to see if we can get the other side on to tell us. What it is that they took umbrage with but I'm thanks turnaround obviously filling in as you have been did you beyond next Monday and Tuesday for me anyway I feel so well he will give yourself an anymore trouble. I -- I. And I do yeah. Are able to like deal later thanks rob thanks right moment.