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Governor Corbett and L.A. Tarone

Jul 30, 2014|

Governor Corbett talks to L.A. Tarone

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And on and lose break airline with us right now is governor Tom Corbett governor good evening thank you for being here tonight's -- -- thank you -- -- really -- now I'm pretty good pretty good bomb. So many things to talk about but I think I should start with. What many of us believe has been the most pressing problem in this commonwealth for a long time that is -- pension -- fifty billion. Dollars and you have. Tried to take it on. And you -- a lot of mock resistance from the general assembly. Talk about the tension dad as a whole and how we should deal with. Rather and -- -- people need to understand that there were no obligation to pay into the -- fortunately billing so we didn't see in the enough. He won't -- totally. Long before I was donors come governor -- -- into the formula for the you -- with somebody who wouldn't be -- -- think -- incur and how will you know indoor and different right now. What do obligate seemingly in grows. I'm nice sixty million dollar every year he. Solid principle actually 210. I don't know you can -- your -- when the we have less than you -- -- me here I'm probably here. By 1718 fiscal year point three billion dollar -- budget is going to be pension obligations. Of this goes to continue to systems and stay completely consistent at a pilot commuted the judge did she. I look -- -- people who work for the state. Owned and the other would you please state. Including consistently is battling in this state -- system. Who contribute to that only this school districts. I spent to make you are seeing your school district taxes going up significantly. And humiliated district 360 treat the flu can go about -- the -- more -- by law because they need to contribute more to the pension system and I. I think you know you have -- remember that completely complete numbers. Southern district and then -- -- -- with the people -- Last week to end their increasingly extreme years it's really astronomical -- to retrieve old. -- -- -- until I'm usual very. You mentioned a couple of govern governors and other reserve decision made any general assembly's -- -- and I remember writing about this when I was working in a newspaper at the time that. Times were good we can use some money for other things. Some of the union's increase their benefits to retirees he here's a little remorse and you get everybody back at that time was just. Very irresponsible. And I you got to deal with it 81012. Years later. Well and you you can scrabble whatever way you want I need to know it was a mistake. Who knew what those people. Those members of the legislature aren't -- -- patriot words are -- still left over the ultrasound -- makes it continue to kick down the road because -- We're really going into the future regular your grandchildren. But frankly are great great contributors to know they didn't pork. Will -- -- wise decision to time. Of about four years ago I had does they represented ten Krieger on this program you know first guy who introduced a bill. That would replace. The defined benefit system what we call a pension plan with a 401K. -- couldn't get much support around it at that time. -- know that idea anyway is still floating around and it is part of your program -- Do you -- control -- this to actually take post them on right now. -- column from the Pentagon police. I'm -- no clue and no it's no legislation to deal with seconds to deal frankly of -- would be effective. -- judges are reaching out and then who don't myriad of bill now that we via hybrid bill. These first 50000 dollars in -- Revenue or Korea -- come to an individual of these have you. Benefit program. Then the second -- anything beyond that we go into new prime contribution great player so performed a so its hybrid. We listened to the -- experience. The general assembly would not deal with that bill. Are you can -- lagging well I read the you're considering. I'm asking the general assembly to get back into session a special session just to deal with pensions are gonna do that. Well then we will let you salute the leadership but I would traders. Well I don't know much -- Monday of next move in this comeback go to tried believe that we can still get something done. Maybe I won't buy a beer or you know we can make a decision here this episode and then. The stoic and we'll work to let -- know we just talked about how. I'm digging a hole could only apply to new police -- at least Sunday continued to go deeper. I'm -- -- to come back in the mix and here after a military taking on. The existing system he actually thinks there's -- can be system will be a great group. Look forward fighting to protect those people that are inconsistent right now picture they have a pension system Kirk they can -- -- the good -- -- -- year. Now I BA is worth noting that most pensions in the a private sector are are long gone and I'm glad you well underscored the fact it is new employees only but it but even if you do that it's in -- everybody -- -- have about meeting of the minds. And okay we're gonna adopt a hybrid system. He's still have that fifty billion dollar bill out there. -- dealing with data retire again at some point and again have to talk about either increasing contributions. Deep freezing benefits or a combination thereof or another revenue source. Well I heard it absolutely that there you're immediately you can change it. You know you need you of course we would move to court now I think we have to take a look at it and you know we will go to court because of the judges. And out remembered Lou the -- they received the benefit of it I think they have a conflict of interest but a lot of things to be this aspect has to be. The political backbone you know there -- -- legislature to take this song and no election this year. Little more difficult may be next here you have cool we can look at the existing system. But this year we just got to look at -- getting past the people into this system. And and it's sort of related yet it's kind of separate there's a big problem with municipal pensions is a -- state pensions is trying to Scranton you were tea and talking. From a few miles from the city that has a huge. Palin problem hazel and write down the road as a huge pension problem. Is this something that the commonwealth is gonna have to deal with at some point. Well OK it can look at the problem in many mistakes in the chase and take a look at it. I'm. -- to a live and can be legislation until put it. How -- will -- when you lose it legislation in the -- bet that the legislation coming into the general assembly. But there -- if we can email and then -- so religion almost impossible. Gentry municipal police have -- into the first step of many steps people stepping companies and encourage you to conduct some. Economic -- mentioned -- pensions are adding to the property tax bill. For our school districts what about education spending. You're getting hammered by your opponent you well -- a million dollars. From -- public education and I want the budget -- you proposed twelve billion dollars in spending. On now public education this year and that's the highest amount ever. Well you re right yeah this is something that -- -- -- -- now on the attitudes that you were really. Many Democrats -- escape and neo leadership but they had teachers union I've been single from the data we had our first budget. I lucked into complete pro couldn't do not -- -- in education. No I don't politically if you when they -- system expanding. And -- -- humanitarian and replace -- with a one -- stimulus -- religious authority at all. Okay and that would -- to treat you generally know going to be gone past. I'm only -- a little bit and I. Comfortable more good -- not making me angry and I could wild preliminary list we have a -- -- can't conclude. Liberal approach but in the meantime we've been able to grow education funding -- -- -- Ever asked a who broke through -- and then in the group compared well Amtrak but they will not give acknowledgment of the good that you keep -- job. Well week and he said he got to know we didn't learn her current crew there will come down to it Matt. If you subtract -- look at the money. Good -- even in the different career. You know you haven't had that took place earlier you know like a puppet. You know and I've I have a chart that shows in under governor Ed Rendell BS states share. A basic education and fallen all the way down -- four point one billion dollars in measures -- -- doubt with. Stimulus money. The bad thing out of that is at that stimulus money are supposed to be used for roads and bridges and -- I don't like you were move we've got the mess that we have now -- That's exactly right. You don't even like you can readily -- I -- and what do you hear and have proved that you can go to help build up the road in the future and maybe we wouldn't have had such a problem. That money would be needed care when they cutting education. What they can't save money back -- his administration. We mentioned we're just talking about education spending and its effect on property tackle smoke we spend education. And I don't know -- you have this conversation on the phone but I made. There's the dispute of should we do ESL or should we do Immersion. I should -- heterogeneous grouping is -- -- more genius groupies and of course you're a former public schoolteacher so you know what all that is. How involved should you and your office yet. And why do you spend an education and in what areas. Well I think because of the people think about it -- -- -- and this vehicle district with a certain you -- Murray. Who can either but -- point your -- motor guy Ares would have to participate even. The negotiation the contract shouldn't teachers in every district. -- and Michael Moore. And delusional to believe that how much money we can contribute and how much money the country actually you should look and really could there. The temple coordinates within the bank would have no -- to keep -- York. More money well a lot of good things out there and had -- not exclude Julius and torque but to drive the lane and waited content. This sixteen. Wounded. And he never Katrina and could -- into the classroom. Can -- -- -- we can't look at the more money could go into education. To go into. Agriculture include. Until then -- can't -- -- -- and I don't know people who would have pretty cool little different going to a waiting learn. I didn't really need to know or can we don't we can reduce -- -- -- your -- and that's -- way to go look -- and 41 income of forty treat these big. Content that every you know revenue and we we -- today. -- -- That is an astounding figure 63. Cents of every dollar. -- everything go our renewed our -- why can't. We're talking about transportation I got a call from somebody right before. You came on tonight and he said -- asked the governor about. Act 44 there was also kind of a left over from the Rendell administration. And it's resulted in the turnpike commission. Almost bank robbed and annual automatic hikes in tolls on the turnpike should we repeal -- forty war. Well really healthy clip before but we can't candor revenue reported doing because what it wouldn't like it had been when I'm mart money on behalf of -- I've been -- Lula took a direct -- to -- we don't need -- so many Indians were -- to -- there it is my opinion that don't think -- prudent simply don't borrow money. And move he will would not. A bad thing you can continue. The -- every year you are. Then. And that does her work in device and they just cause a drive and from Wilkes-Barre Allentown that seven box. I mean -- -- that's a lot of multi an addition to the gas prices everything else that's a lot of money. Am truly from asked about it I mean I know I don't have too much time to let me ask you got a few other us subjects. I do you broach this over the weekend. With the administration the federal administration. And the miners on the border. What about them coming to Pennsylvania on announce my understanding is that there are already here and mechanics -- Bethlehem and somewhere near Pittsburgh in any thoughts on that. Well what they don't play until we didn't -- heads up from the department. Oh. You great to get to Washington to -- out. We can't let me play -- intergovernmental affairs within your secretary who lived and the district. Well it will go to the probation. Many great coach but I think president and less important no particular -- -- round and we -- right. I know we can pretty young people who you can you can you speak 1211 year old. You're leaving home learned over the united country because -- you can -- your country anymore. I had 200 can tell you you're -- you can only. I am an argument and you need a mutual respect for weeks you have to be aware. A little faster protected me pretty Barbara and me. Well why can't finish all the unit who we would make sure you have these guys are coming from all of our children have been inoculated. -- that wasn't -- -- -- that they had. Absolutely and then you know -- You -- any -- -- we want you to repeat these entitlements. They -- to round location. But aluminum and whoever I don't know if you've -- that we'll do go kill noted. But a lot of different. You can't -- to -- -- -- to be recruit to your country of origin. Hello to be here with -- coming up how close we are required within an older companies and oh did you think they're okay. Now on the Pennsylvania lost some of those would have been going so called age appropriate classes and I can be a little bit of a problem. But -- -- great and I -- house bill 76 a one that eliminates property taxes. Bob for funding schools I know it's still stuck in committee I don't know that it's getting out of it in the rest of this session. If straighten wordy get out of bed and it would reach your gas would you sign -- I. It felt comfortable little Hillary because there were no looting everything. You know I think that the coding you know openly in media interest. You know there is going to -- did -- know everything you can manually need to really -- directly to a pair try. Both can concentrate and you go to an obligation continue to go. It's a bad. It's an -- that are going on and -- political elections. Mean I know I'm just about out of time LME's squeeze in one question this is -- pet peeve of mine for years. I think Pennsylvania needs a lot -- law a law that will target these idiots who crews in the last plane. And tied up traffic around and I talk to somebody from Colorado last week. Based they have a very good what would you sign a bill that would increase the penalties for -- players on the highways -- -- travel around -- -- US renteria like ideal for. Well we do have a look at who we have you know what I would what I alluded to and I'm. Go away when you're there every children can read Craig. -- -- the -- I grew up 29 dollars but I know that did and it's not clear course anyway I think it would -- -- -- It would increase them and truly. Now it's our governor court but I appreciate you taking time if you're happen to be in this part of my Pennsylvania. I'd love daddy names in for a full hour in studio we can work that you do. What do you do Rory -- thank you very much governor. Thank you right.