7-28-14 Am I Lyin?

Jul 31, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And -- object and somebody -- said that balance who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat itself I do wanna repeat last week paying attention. Think -- got the speed limit is seventy miles an hour part of the turnpike into Canada's favorite chant victory eighty premiered at Monroe County. Don't think transportation officials finally bonds and signs -- network cards but don't know awhile out there of course now that it's seventy. -- -- -- -- -- The barbaric the -- in Washington dining packed it in all the congressional hearing back in April that he would have all the laws or -- over the -- goes -- as possible. Am proud of -- the July jobs. I drive now back -- -- all on salary. Then last week and IRS computer guys that he's not sure they're -- -- now the back -- what I don't recycle my schedule all the leaders about the being. And now task and it says they have them but they didn't but -- -- -- old so we'll see. This is the guy who can take your house if you put a decimal point in the wrong spot. Well kinda crazy gone out of where Russia and Ukraine a lot that but the Gallup Paul -- -- -- -- -- and asked Russians -- they think about Vladimir. Open and -- that couldn't get that favorability rating of 85%. 85% of Russians like -- they think he's doing a good job. Meanwhile in the US to own books that are anti Clinton -- battered and Hillary book is doing. On MSNBC. There wondering about Fulton Bernie Sanders that it can happen in 26 feet. Again made that last part. -- client anybody objects. -- news clips to remain CEO WY a we will be right back ever worked remarkably sponsors.