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Jul 26, 2014|

Saturday July 26, 2014

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Following is a paid program the views or claims made it or not necessarily those of WI OK staff management or sponsors. It's time for -- and -- Distort your weekend. -- -- -- You -- okay. -- Good morning good morning how are you today and how -- I am feeling a little tired but what I am well I spent the day yesterday with my -- I'm CPA Jane -- taxes done. And that was anything. I said to pardon my steps unless -- we had dinner together and I said you know it feels like it feels like. Having colonoscopy. Trap is worse. Than them here the fact is our worst foods by. Because literally I must spend 25 to thirty hours in preparing for this half. And they get everything ready with all the different. Companies and an AD's and everything else that went on. And we were there is hit with him for about an hour and a half. Yeah WTO I don't I do who could have been mad arduous can no it wasn't it was not it's at -- gonna -- some money but. Okay no offense but I. -- you mean an ended man and I'm kidding it's my. God. Let me I have to explain in my in my mind is I'm really sinking quickly here and now I am now. I'm tired that's the last time I was saying so. That was done and then we drove into new York and met with -- my stepson who is fiance. Southern new apartment. And it was absolutely. Wonder where are they there and liberty street OK and that's. And Wall Street area and it. Right next to the Federal Reserve and night out like it was you know it's kinda creepy to go down there now. There are. Cops and all kinds of secure our snow everywhere streets are now an honest talk may be because of that Brooklyn Bridge fiasco with the flags. Yeah yeah what's happened now about current. I don't know but there was this weird to be there and I didn't see. The former Twin Towers. But I could see through the buildings the new one and then. Peek at the top of the list but I didn't go over there because I really didn't mind now. But anyway. We saw -- apartment it's absolutely wonderful it has a full wraparound terrace. That's gorgeous wonderful and that is just beautiful place it was just wonderful wonderful apartment. And I went to couple blocks away to a place called the capital -- for dinner and I know that feminine DC together all over the LA do you know I -- and DC -- but this was we had a wonderful time there we headed to a half hour dinner we just had a great time together before -- it was really nice. So by the time we left and got home it was around midnight last night. So I was about three -- -- -- have to six hours a driver and nine month day China. Absolutely if you knew she -- sounds so and I did you know that makes it better and I didn't catch a -- say about well I told him when I came home that day. After I. Pick them up. Thought it was actually a week ago today and I went and picked him up. And that I -- told them I looked at myself in the mirror and I thought they look like Martin Scorsese classes -- that's. Okay it's okay thanks we'll see if they don't really has been telling every line that I am. Wearing the female version you're daisies the classes. So anyway -- think they feel like really very much good feelings -- transitions lenses so. When she walked and I thought at first they were new sunglasses. And then I realized they weren't what post a picture on Facebook well hello -- I'm Ghana I know but I'm just telling you got a lot of people who look death sentence and looks fabulous and many people -- you do look younger with that -- do you if you don't know what it is is this even the young he just looked more hip. OK with the program he had a few look like you know -- too cool for school. RNA and DNA there is -- there we are -- you know me so my glasses as you know I don't Wear glasses except. I'm very low dose may am I don't -- yet. I haven't moved cheaters you know re reading something or small print and benefits well that I can still read back. But I. By eight and get glasses that are they have no. Prescription in the lands just to Wear them as an accessory -- because I love glasses it's a fashion taking it really is they're great I don't know why people. Did people I think look really good in glasses I love good time so Wear your glasses I have. 'cause women with glasses to get passes when they're goes yeah. Thursday. Does not. Implicit something kinda sexy about classes where you like pure rip them off kind of all you know yeah there's some Americans think about that there. Anyway so there we are satisfied so this morning I have to tell you -- -- watching The Today Show fan as early. And they had a scaled down in the morning television version of the trailer of fifty shades of gray. Well coming out -- yeah I'm Valentine's Day yes. Yes well I mean that was a scaled down version that they had that was -- what do you mean -- self well. I'm going to see in how the heck. I am -- -- my answer him. Did you read this trilogy I didn't read the trilogy had only read the first time and I thought about bringing other ones that really it's going to be more of the same. After a while I decide it's just got to be gratuitous. Because it really wasn't about furthering the story. And I'm wondering if the movie is like through the paltry books say it takes it or is it just from my understanding is well it's my first my stepson was -- focus features of the time when they bought the property. And he says to me. First of all kinds of noise about casting and who never gonna end you know. -- tested the guy first -- many. Blackmail her bailed on -- out -- So he said this is a book it's just that their first but it seemed as though that was the case because when they showed. The trailer with a -- it was the cover of the first Fiat sound I don't know paltry coverage of the same kind of nice so I know I'm only what I've only purchased one. The first one and I only got like -- thanks. Through May be ninety pages -- never picked it up with him not not because I wasn't interested I did like it. Always like to again I've said this before that China came in sunny reading it accused me reading my mommy porn that -- that's what -- as. And -- he said he then I sort of didn't pick it up again it was like. But now I just didn't have the time and when I sleep if I when I read I. Like it's usually at night night. Fall asleep so -- just focused -- would not make you found no no I know but green was one of my New Year's resolutions was to read more of course we are now through the first half -- yes. And I have you cannot accomplish that I did get to one movie because I so I was gonna go to more movies are still -- the six months okay. Itself glamour to tennis -- they have I'm trying to own moment right there could get there. So how -- your week otherwise. Otherwise it was some pretty exciting but. To tell you that I went to. I did -- TV show -- CTV for mr. -- are -- go junior. Who was a lot of people's music teacher at central high school the moon and done. He had a concert to 26. Purse and contents. Musician -- piece I guess I should say 26 person. -- -- orchestra guests get a lead that at Scranton high school on Tuesday night. And it was wonderful he was called Cuban fire was Johnny I'm Richards and I -- Stand as -- stand Kenton park distracts from and take off it was fabulous. Wonderful was. Great a nicely done by hand and the music was incredible. And it was there would also was very nice it was very very very. Nicely attended never had to be over 300 people which was really nice on Tuesday night inside concert in the summer and that was good. So -- -- of course he talked about the jazz Scranton jazz festival which is coming up on August 8 ninth and tenth. I'm Friday night he is Clarence Beatty -- he's he'll be performing. On stage Saturday night we have our headliner and the Manhattan Transfer. And Sunday night Bucky paints a rally will be playing and then the big -- filed by men that they can't. But it's still. Or tenth anniversary. And its premises to be nice weekend again so we're very happy about that but this kind of music made you you know was perfect because it was out. And yes it was great today and full bed until. The jazz festival yeah. Usually it's the first weekend this year is moved to the second weekend so it's 89 and ten -- -- -- You availability of the artists. We can say if you want to. That's actually. Let's get to know that there's something else going and that is that Radisson which we do with outside at the Radisson under the pavilion which is a gray which that's the best thing I love about this. It's as all outdoors is nothing like being on the summer and having. Listening to music outside and so when you have major thunderstorm comes. Haven't even still I mean your -- I know you know your average -- -- -- know we had to stop him you know why is because it was a big. Huge -- known through town and now that we have just because you don't want them. -- -- equipment so we had to -- have to stop them once or twice but really. It's a good time in a year more than that but if it just wanes and yet still proud because you're undercover gaffe and it's very nice and that's coming up collapse itself. Leo I'd be nice weekend so please come to that. Check canal. And so that's what I did this weekend. For this week so far. I was sure path. For our beloved clean fan who likes to know all the restaurants -- and I go ten. -- just because it's gonna let him know with me I was down. That I forget what the name of it is it's one of those that's end. Stressed -- and done more than one sided with the Chinese restaurant you know Tyrus high -- C and Japanese Shu sushi and -- okay. Yeah -- rational guy side. So -- at it I never gone in -- -- -- food great I've been there several times and I really enjoyed my. I have some kind of dumplings better than. I'm kind of yeah because it's not mean it's not. It's not the usual steamed dumplings or something different about it with the songs that I just I like the ball. Is that good. Wow so that's -- I was money and I really enjoyed that a lot and Tuesday is kind of a blur because I was just doing everything and get the tax stuff done but. Otherwise is it was a pretty good makes a far from I love the fact Phil last night the storm broke just as we -- New York Times and so yeah an awful speaking event in New York because it was entered a bad that's clearly didn't go very far. These anywhere you -- -- and where we walked we went through the air conditioned building now good so -- really made a difference accent is yucky. But when that storm broke and move it comes time for what came behind it. It was cold. Fabulous I mean you know good wedge you know what's funny is less than I had my ceiling fan I'm thinking I would needed a and then I turned it off and I got home and and the storm hit unless of course I love I was on my front porch welcome back you know how I am about me announce their bench and I'm I woke up in the middle of the night freezing I had no -- the covers -- -- music. Because they had to see him coming this way and didn't windows on both said there was a beautiful breeze but it was a crisp and cool -- hello. Yeah it was great great big disgrace my parents. Love it like back stabbing like. We just have to say show that the Patrick -- Napoli and so they did a fabulous job yesterday. Doing going through the growing. Today without a nap at my mind. Where he is absolutely eggs hunts that is a but he had a wonderful time with his son and future daughter in law we had a great time together form has had a good time. And I -- and a shout out to my bloody -- Santos. Who was running around the neighborhood again taking all of the the shares -- -- see garbage and garbage cans and recycling cans. And putting them back end where everybody scratches which is very nice thing he's done as soon. And I have been since last Thursday. Going to -- mean every day at time and and I have to say and it is such a great experience there's nothing like doing mad and I don't -- the 330 it's just -- -- -- And -- you see so many people. Going to that end end end end end. You know going to the devotion day after day it's it's amazing how many people go into. What began as an and the things that are discernment so it's just been wonderful summer it's been a good good week. So we're gonna take a really quick break you're listening this morning to Marion and show will be right back. -- -- -- -- Good morning good morning Harry you could how are you. I am just fine this morning. My name is Linda Evans I'm the president and CEO. I'm northeastern financial consultants for a fee only financial planning firm in clarks summit and I'm sorry can and the owner Larry can enterprises which is a fund raising PR and special events business. And here we are DT DT to see you seeing out it. -- -- here. That's some guy who had power returning into some nasty things this week. But I saw something in the paper than I -- and that's the paper when they articles I was reading and just sort of popped straight out to me. Raymond James which is a very large. Broker dealer in the investment world. They. I'm pursuing. More than 800000. Dollars from a former financial advisor. Who swindled a 96 year old client suffering from dementia term. Com today -- The independent broker dealer arm of our Raymond James Financial alleges that this woman I'm Joseph Allen Fisher. -- diverted a total of nearly one and a half million dollars from the accounts of Edward Martin. An elderly clients who lives in West Virginia nursing home. After some of the lost assets were replaced. The firm says it's out of pocket costs for making Martin hole is 835000. Dollars. The diversions began in July of 2013. And continue through early 2014. Fisher and her husband Andrew Fisher spent the money as fast as he came and stuff. Explain to me if you're gonna do this why you would be this comes under the dumbest criminals. Thing I. They bought two automobiles worth 87000 dollars. Diamonds worth -- 165000. Dollars. My 146000. For appliances and home remodeling. And send you additional funds that take tough steps. Up. Really if you're gonna do this so you think if you would put it somewhere in a bank account is some other country where nobody could find it. This kind of obvious ostentatious. Display of money. Has got to make somebody say well we're at the club up. Stupid. OK I am anyway the off. How much of people are are trying to get in and this thing that FBI eight. The US attorney general's office for the south district of Ohio and blah blah blah. They alleged fraudulent gifts were transferred into accounts that the officials controlled and at a local bank where this woman was employed as a financial advisor. They and brokers firm -- first learned of the alleged fraud in May of 2014. From Martin's niece. Who acts as his trust me. However I want to know is where was the niece. And why in all this money leaving his uncle. Edwards. Accounts and why didn't anybody. Now are saying how long how long from when they didn't in July of last year killed through early this year. Okay that's a lot of money to be drained -- -- usually how to punish yes distrust steam which Japan like what's her capacity Ollie says that she acts as his -- while not doing a good job. Cast your I don't play piano so screwed anyway. I'm not saying never because I think. That any bank or whenever he. -- is doing this on purpose but the point is. That when somebody has dementia. They really have a diminished capacity. To be able to understand what's going on and to be easily swindled. By people who suck up to them and make them feel like you know they're really taking care of them playing so I say for those people out there. Who have relatives. That are not. Really on -- day to -- contact bases with people who have this disease that they really have to pay special attention. To the finances and what goes on with these people because just putting them in a nursing home. So this guy. West Virginia nursing home and this woman who was his niece was an Ohio. So that she wasn't seeing him I'll let you know yes and they wasn't that he lived in her house. But I can understand how they act -- the distance the physical distance could cause they're not to be that much. Interaction to understand this but thankfully. They caught it. After only about. I'd say eight to ten -- Disney's kind of handed it happens it's it doesn't say really cool was someone meant when minister I don't know what happened to him. The nothing. And nothing has cellphone channel half and the man how can. But I think that I think he's still alive but the point is. This woman who was the financial advisor. -- -- It's criminal charges at this point. So it's a good. And another thing I would throw in here to say I think is important. We talked about this I think the couple weeks ago when attorney O'Hara was here we're talking about. Identity theft and getting the free credit reporting yeah. See that asks me if I knew what the website was proof where you can go to get the free credit report. And it I said you don't go to free credit report dot com present charges that it doesn't -- that is business you okay. So anyway this this article was in the paper yesterday I think it was. Five ways you can avoid becoming a victim of identity theft. Even if your dad has been compromised first minding your bank statements. The easiest and most effective way to make sure someone hasn't made Friday on charges -- has to keep a close tab. A lot of us unfortunately don't get bank statements. We just ignore them and just assume that whatever is if we look online and see things like that. Well fine but generally speaking. We just don't miss a part of our culture anymore to reconcile your checking accounts. Please don't do it. Secondly is a credit card and a debit card. Government regulations protect you from liability for -- -- charges over fifty dollars. When you use a credit card or debit card with the signature or not a pin number. But if you use a debit card with a pen the regulations are murkier and you may end up being liable for some charges. Number three get free credit monitoring and can concerned consumers campaign organization for a credit monitoring monitoring. But the government offers three free credit checks a year or something consumers should take advantage of here's where to find free credit reports. It's www. Annual credit report dot com. That's the name of the site you wanna go to annual credit report dot com. And -- thanks smarter. Many banks offer service says sends an email alert when any major changes are charges are made to customers account. They alerts can be very helpful in detecting identity theft. If you want to be extra cautious don't make money transfers online. Or pay bills electronically is a check. Again part of our culture is not going that way. -- don't rely and count on companies. Then Dini the latest. Company to report a data breach on Friday. Scored a rare settlement for a class action lawsuit about compromised and a the company which offers ticketing services for theaters and events. We'll pay up to 3000 dollars per customer for identity theft losses. But it will be difficult for people to collect their money. Because is necessary to prove that the information that was used for identity thefts came from my company. So it's just -- word -- the wise. Keep our eyes on the stuff I've been a victim of identity theft three times and I can tell you that it is truly. Three time. And it's horrible to trying to undo it it takes almost a year or more and there are still things that. Come up every -- and I think it's more common with common names for identity theft is now are now. I think it says in an all these cases. These. I could Trace it back to situations where I'm 19 verbally. He gave a clerk my credit card number and the three digits thingy on it in order to secure hotel reservation. This was years ago this is 1015 years ago. So that I know they could easily have taken an information and they did somebody token had a blast when it. They just ran up all kinds of things on nine and a credit card the second time I filled out an application. At a grocery store. For my -- cards and gives you -- -- -- -- and the car. Well obviously somebody inside there was selling that information to somebody else concerns you got the answer has Social Security number and everything on it. And so there is somebody bought that information. And went out and did some incredible things started companies and other states in my name and it's an unkind things -- credit cards. I'm Verizon went down -- phones ran up the bills it was a mass. And the third time it was just that I don't know where came from but somebody. Obviously got my information and just use my credit card but. It was American Express card and American Express called me and said they thought there was some fraudulent activity going on quasi and Flagstaff Arizona or some mountainous and now. So if they caught it before I did put. So anyway it's a mess so just keep your eye and these things because it can happen so fast and that's exactly how these people function. They take the information. -- the first day and a half and then they figure after that they can't use it anymore because some is gonna catch up with something. And so there -- the next person. So you've really got to watch I now have fraud alerts on all my credit cards so if anything happens they call me like American Express did. -- actually apply online. So you get to a service. Under PayPal called bill me later yeah it's almost things you can extend the payments. They send me a note and said that they could not. Give me the credit and when I found out why any sense because I had a fraud alert and they couldn't check my credit. I said okay fine -- -- -- like that mouth. So it is tough. So what else is -- your world. Anything with the events world. -- And I mean I'm an inmate. Usual man I'm you know and engaged and it's my dad TC MC Gallo which is coming up in October but. Now other than. You know working and Broadway theater now so it's it's. Fun and mill an interesting and much is going on there so that's. I'm very excited to be part of it and done so now just lining everybody up and you know looking at sponsors and fund raising in ways that we need to. Be involved in the community and that way looking at some special events and in that process now seeing what we're gonna do. For the next couple. Well that's kind of stuff. -- unrelenting -- that I signed recently about a some. Can I get an invitation in the mail about some president's. I know some news gathering presents together in the fall of some organizations I thought I had to do with Broadway theater now. Telecast than not that's carried. One on the thing I if I want to do before we introduce our guest experts this morning. -- talking about estate planning issues. Five solar birdie estate planning disasters. Jimi Hendrix for the first time. He. He's indicted -- is twice seven didn't have a well his father -- heritage is a state. And -- the right to his music -- managed and grew as the State's eighty million dollars. Hendricks close brother -- was left was nothing and took the issue to court. Leon and the rest of Hendrix family didn't receive any money as I left the entire estate to his daughter from another marriage. Warren Berger Chief Justice. Did a 176. Where document that he created and typed up themselves. His family had to pay 450000. Dollars and and federal state taxes. In addition to legal fees to the court to a minister of the one point eight million estate. Heath Ledger passed away with an out do well living testament. As well as created before he had his daughter Matilda Rose with Michelle Williams. His parents and sister rename this is beneficiary the promises to to take good care of his family. And Leona Helmsley the queen. What hotel tycoon Leona Helmsley died in addition to donating well over a billion dollars to charity. She left a substantial trust for her Maltese. Trouble a her grandchild or left -- these state entirely ensued under the pretense and their grandmother was up mentally fit to establish her -- The case was settled and troubles fund was decreased significantly. And the remaining balance was split between the grandchildren -- the story is. If you wanna do something shocking with your state make sure you get a sanity checks signed by a doctor first. And on that note we're gonna take a quick break your listing this morning -- inland so we'll be right back. -- -- -- -- Okay we're back. My name is Linda Evans I'm the president of northeastern financial consultants for a fee only financial planning firm clarks summit. I'm our cat and the owner of Murray can enterprises is just a fundraising PR and special events business I might give one shadow because I forgot. After a wonderful young photographer who works for the Scranton times by the name of -- Dana Stevens his father -- Stevens graduated high school with make. Think it is a wonderful photographer wonderful kid in general the other day he was economy at Dunkin' Donuts. I ordered my of course my ice tea tree lemon an -- right to the top as usual. On mulberry street and I pull up and they said years. Your -- is paid for. That nice young man who just left paid for your ice tape to see we were waving to each other. And I said that was sweetest sweetest thank you see the -- cost you know him I said no I think he must just looked -- her -- and thought oh she's Kenny. I'll buy her ice I think I -- not I know of course I know he goes who do you believe the people who commit here. And die for the car behind them just as I sit as a random act of kindness and he said he and a solo okay here's my brand demand here's the money that I would have put for the ice team putting your tip jar. So I said that's really did you have to sound but passed since the Arab and pay it forward but the point is. That then I saw a -- at mr. Amar Singh goes concert. And I think I just execute the sweetest I'm telling your father he said no don't tell my father's and I'm telling the world on the -- But if you see -- Dana Stevens who is a 51 of the from Thailand the Scranton times. Tell -- is a good -- himself anyway Mary what's happening a little let's introduce we're so happy Mary's here. Mary C. A senior vice president HR director at fidelity deposit and discount bank and done more. And she's currently heading the trust NHR department spent around for thirty some years we all know that. And let's just leave it at that thing he's he's married to Tim when my side here I don't OK and she's the mom I'm Brian Matthew and Sarah. So well now Mary thank you and she would I sign this morning as it -- -- westside husbands. And I said he's wonder yes she did about. So yeah. So we had talked this way let's go back to the thing about the crazies. What they did this does celebrities in their state -- so what advice would you have given them if they can't see you. Well especially about the dog he has done well you know people do leave money to their pets now and I -- How money you can set up trusts for your -- Parents for their -- maintenance and care I don't know if you're shipped back to those -- founders -- yeah okay what can happen. I mean could they leave them tell it like a family number I mean what happened I see. Okay yeah could be the trustee could be. A person who has always. Had an interest in their dog has treated them well again now I don't get me wrong I love my dog and I do I need them to treat her well and -- people who do bad. And to see his -- and I can -- any exact. My point it's one thing to make sure they cared for it's another thing -- -- crazy about it but anyway go had. Well no -- people do do that the end earlier talking a little bit about crazies gas and -- cleaning. And you know it's really. Interesting to find out how many people don't handle well. Like Jimi Hendrix. And eat -- don't you meet these people pop in and think it's a whole idea of talking about death. That others. Have to face that part. Can't face what happens after they're gone and it's very difficult I think conversations with people. When I'm sure you have -- then it's just move I don't wanna talk about that in. Can't even think about. Do you think they think if I don't think about it kept threatening I don't know -- you don't really just people I know so I think at times. That's very good foreign a couple McCain and the CS and we started talking about the estate planning piece of the financial plan. And the life just got up and left the room. And I kept saying -- so we wait for her to come back. I -- is okay we continue with continue. And then finally we found out that she left she got in the car and left him there and we had to call a taxi -- home life because she cannot. Really it's that. Let's DR EE it's scary but it has to be done in so you know it without it without wills and families the issues money issues always a rise at somebody's death. Fort -- family struggles there are issues that he had an out of work since it's not clearly defined even if it is it is but it's worse when it isn't yet because so much. Mask can happen yet we know in my career I have dealt with -- that where you had people that. I can't believe they don't have a well you know business people that don't handle well and we had a horror stories that we've dealt with you know we had a situation one time where. As a business person who didn't have a wealth it was the second marriage. Didn't get along with children from the first marriage to. Had a child with his new wife. Who is not the United States citizen now thanks so ended if you keep you know yeah -- that is Steve. -- -- -- -- And it it was very unfortunate because. You know as the administrator. Can now plaintively you're named as administrator because they didn't handle well. Just trying to sort through the emotions. And all of that. And in the fighting with the kids that came around who didn't have anything to do with their father Phil wanted their fair share to sustain. There are fights and it and it was a difficult situation but legally there are certain things that you. Must do certain rules that you follow. In no matter what your heart says. You need to follow the -- -- who gets the money and it was one of those things that we thought. How could he not handle will there have to be one from someplace because he's a savvy business and I would he not do business. But I think it was one of those things today. It's something that they just didn't want to have to face. Here. But it is the there are some real detriment to not doing it and I always say to people. You know you controls the destiny here. And once you're gone and if there are certain things that you want that and if you don't say what they aren't and you don't get it into a legal document. And sign your name. It's not -- Thank you you know I'm -- -- you lifetime. You have all of the things that you wanna do with your money in the things that you do do. Why at the very end when you have money left over that you want to know certain places do you not. Take that same charge of your finances and do it. It's a very important thing. -- and let's see end and tests to see Lawson Pennsylvania. Malady you know. Well if you have a spouse and children. Your spouse gets the first 30000. And and then years it is split between your spouse and your children -- interesting yeah. -- it's just for general. That's if you don't have no I know when and testing me I just mean that's not counting if you had a business set up in another way for business to pastor. If you business straight street didn't -- -- ownership of cash are signing up and it could be a business if you sole proprietor. Yeah again that's all part of your stay right. So I am but that might not be what you want. Great you know if you have kids that are not good money managers. And we've dealt with those as well you know and all of a sudden you're giving them an outrage. Lump sum of cash that's kind of split second at any isn't what they intended to have. And then even going through the administrative. Process after someone dies without a well dies and testing day. The up. The appointment the court appointed administrator. Administrate tricks whichever it is. That that's paperwork in involvement a lot of stuff that could be rectified. If the will is done upfront and named an exact year in exactly tricks -- -- both. And not only that a few minor children who inherit money. And you haven't named guardian -- that's another and that's another issue. So anything can be very mighty Mary do you guys at the -- fidelity bank. When you have someone in the trust to end of things do you also then work with. The way accounts are opened because as as a Trojan before we talked about this and Barbara -- attorney O'Hara. And I'm the proper way of doing it in compliance with the well otherwise the bank account I -- -- contract in an -- south overrides the what the will says so do you work very closely with with. Both ends of it from the retail side to the trust side. I'm making sure everything. He is adhered to based on what the will sense that you and I do make via could send someone. Board until we did because -- -- -- look at the entire financial picture. And it's one thing just to put a document together to say this is what I want to have happen with my money. But they are all of these other facets like bank accounts and how they're registered. Life insurance policies and who's a beneficiary. Is and how your property is seeded. An all those things really need to be looked at and it's a complete structure it's not just one piece which is a well. But it's a complete structure and when you work with the trust department. That's part of what we do is we go through that whole piece. We can't write -- will. The attorneys -- the wells but we can help people. To structure everything and structure. How they want -- any we've had conversations with people who had. Minor children that they wanna make sure that there's money for education. And talk to them about setting up trusts under their wills. To care for -- -- children. And looking at all those other pieces sold life insurance and how is that going to pay out and is that a part of the escape some folks just. -- automatically -- Thursday it is the beneficiary. Of the -- always a good thing. You know so when we can look at the whole picture. We can help advise them much better and and so. Began that -- in light of what was just in the paper with these three people abusing. The their right their power has the power of attorney you said we were talking before meant an air about the importance of choosing. The correct one of this -- prior to it and will kicking an obviously -- attorneys are not envoy to adapt but. Prior to that you better make sure you have the right person. Acting in the capacity of your power of attorney but the power of attorney is strictly tips to help this person who didn't. Do what they need to do in their everyday financial world not just for you did it take for what you want because you have the right to sign a -- That's right and when a parent attorneys executed there is an acknowledgment. That the person given them power needs to sign that says that -- use that money for the benefit. -- -- of the person whose finances they're managing my that they keep them separate from their own so there is an acknowledgment that they have to sign. Camp but is there an entity that oversees all of this to make sure that that power of attorney now really doing it that's the downfall right. So leave -- in -- that the trust department we have some different things that. Help people in those situations. And in particular things like remarkable living trusts. And just to give an example in that. Unfortunate situation this week had a gentleman had a revoke the living trust that the bank was managing. Part of that is managing the assets. Doing investments are making sure that the money is taking care of it's also paying the bills and it's basically acting. Like that power of attorney should have. -- you have the oversight of a pink. That is regulated. And audited. You know people look at our books to make sure that we're following right along and there's a lot of protection they can give to. Clients such as fast. And that's something unfortunately that he didn't have. So it's very important when you choose a power of attorney just like when you -- choose innings decade -- if you will. That you have someone that truly is out for your best interest. And sometimes that's that's tough to appear in a situation where there's dementia or someone who just knows they need help and we'll we'll trust anyone to do it says and doesn't always work because there's so. Many people who are lonely or alone and didn't need and because they'd feel you know bad each. They need to help they go with what they think that's the answer right after that without making sure it's the right plan has sometimes has to meet. So anyway we're going to leave you for it and then -- married thank you so much. He when he needs to contacts. Fidelity bank how they do that meet -- I am located. -- conditions -- done more. Our office and ask for me. I have -- -- -- gonna leave you have a great weekend thanks for listening everybody and save them. I.