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WILK News Radio>Audio & Video on Demand>>U.S. Representative for Pennsylvania's 10th Congressional District Tom Marino with Sue Henry on His Encounter with Nancy Pelosi

U.S. Representative for Pennsylvania's 10th Congressional District Tom Marino with Sue Henry on His Encounter with Nancy Pelosi

Aug 4, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Right. Labeled insignificant to -- his colleague. In the United States congress and now what is called by ABC news. And then usual. Breach of decor and boy that's putting it mildly ABC news that's toning it down a -- this is US congressman timer you know I Tom. Where do I am well how are you know you're doing -- UBS news received so much attention. For what happens you know we play out a little bit of that the clear for you were speaking. On on the floor of congress about your believes so. Try to set up for our audience what was going on eight during this is time frame when you were confronted by Nancy Pelosi. You're an -- you know that its -- immigration. Issue. Where each side would have to -- present there's synergies as to whether it's still have to vote for the immigration issue. In -- nothing to do with where I was going over there to -- We just -- some pretend you're ready to vote. And then that being in -- close to get up and spoke. And excuse when Republicans. For. That being censored. And and not wanting to take care. The children. Different this well like -- -- personally Foster kids and she's taken. Well it's -- -- because today. I just don't know sort of moved the -- so let me two minutes in game two minutes and I simply says. I find that the this group unbelievable that. Simply because the president went outside ability and because of the senate one. Taken up that we should not do our job. Then we're doing and then I also made the statement that. -- also find it interesting. In 20092010. When the Democrats -- the White House and senate and now. I'm in touch the issue alone on. Security at the border. And border control. They did. What was -- -- -- MacBook there was. Two bipartisan in the house. Got over to the senate the descendant the Democrats shot it down. As it has nothing to do securing the border and in the tone towards the end of that. Apology comes racing over across the front of the floor which are not supposed to do to break the rules. When someone speaking this year like -- I was saying she -- stood up and so what I yield -- the fight didn't yield. She would have some time afterwards. And edition saw my what I should wasn't so right she -- That if there -- was. You can have them taken down not because they were right to because it is still so personal attack can there was no personal -- anyone mention her name -- just sit under the leadership. I live from previous speaker and the leader that nothing was done. And so she came over live -- to -- Which earth through the speaker. So where was going on the acting speaker. And she called me a liar you're lying you're lying there and I simply simply no I did my homework at different researched these facts are right. They should try them once and awhile. And they finally the speaker called some mortar it and she walked away and then I finished out by saying. Some effects potential for this in the Palin must have struck a nerve here and have deployed a great home. -- so that she came back contest I was walking up the island from the so what's behind your insurance killer behind me and sit in your finger MySpace. And I am just simply saying it's. Twice and I was -- significant. And I am not gonna take it just simply responded. There and certainly to my effectuate this sort of do this on the floor -- to go back. And -- sit in the room. She was getting very. Excited. And then you have security -- you know master sergeant Lawrence and security escort girl for. So I didn't -- for someone like Nancy Pelosi who held the position and a speaker. And has been -- in congress for I believe more than two decades she should know. And though the rules the regulations. And they decor and -- There's no question I don't know Lisovicz is not too because. We're told that we learned that and it's just that -- respect the kind of real says. Opposes. -- people in congress this thing so loyalty. And they think they're better than everybody else which is so I was -- insignificant she was telling me my constituents. And the rest of them middle class. Hardworking taxpayers that we don't mean anything -- not important. Only rich people -- -- and how are important and I'm not gonna stand up for it. I'm not gonna -- can't win the fight back and to be gentlemen about and I think that's what really federal over the edge. It is I think the border about -- your personal thing caller names. It's the end of the new legislation came unhinged. -- Okay and insists then there's there's been on a lot of coverage about this including a statement that I believe was made by her staff the -- apologized to her. -- -- has been the typical I wouldn't expect anything more out of her assets they have covering up trying to make yourself now look bad. I didn't apologize. I would only have apologized there's no reason to had a gentleman I was -- with a member of two members of most of actually the leader. And so it took her after this was all over. Nothing like comments were not directed to you I wouldn't do that's. And she put out her hand to shake my hand and I shook her hand she says thank you okay. And then we talked about something else about -- to consider whether so many kids have to listen to look -- no one has more compassion for kids and I do. You know -- hostages and so Big Brother protecting kids all my life. Finishing well -- -- you know the can be beneficial to us through some Catholic to -- understand this. -- and so I just wanna make it clear that I would know personally particularly membership for a pandemic yeah. I -- that -- -- thank you and she's okay you're all right something along those lines but no return address was sorry if I had done something wrong. As my father always told me like a gentleman and apologized. Put. The -- didn't want to call -- action should apologize. To the American people. The members of congress. For disrupting. The congressional session like she did. And mutual which is so different there were insignificant and. Yeah and I think they're that dead time that tying. Language doesn't belong because you all have the same vote power that it isn't that the way the country is structured. If you didn't you're exactly right and that they really don't care what side they'll learn what -- so the capital of the world -- I think there's so -- -- goes very deep ball well and everyone it's just that. You know they're there because of their position. The first. Two. I think their position. But there that they have one vote. Were all equals and thank you know about the problems she is the quintessential example why we need term limits. But -- -- touch with reality. Thinking that gives you she's one of the wealthiest members and how. Are telling people that very insignificant. And I'm not particularly just. Respond to turn a logical manner and and agility manner. And there's going to be able to get -- refrained from raising awareness and that's my mother my -- Pull out there you got. I -- not Tom -- about. This. Did did the immigration issue which is obviously a hot button and issue with our American people. The the calamity at the border that the people coming no grand masks and com -- of course children are are important to we find them to be vulnerable we love children. At the same time now I believe -- EU ear and as tough spot because you need to upholds. The the rule of law and and make sure that arms are citizens and our children. Are also protect is so you are definitely in a tough spot right there. It absolutely. And -- over the proceeded to go through this part of the White House welcome. Payable little and they were there when they know about that a couple of years ago. If applicable to a Jewish people would have addressed this in addition the proper way. That we would be in the predicament they -- until -- -- how thousands. Of what people are coming over the border and it's not only kids. Most of them over 50%. Accompanied. Young people teenagers. But here there's so less than 50% of them -- not much left those who doesn't have to be accompanied by some type of adult. And who I mentioned earlier in the Mexico and Central America few months ago I was talking to be stored into the ice agents and and the work they told -- look good the church's big government. These countries are telling me if you if you wanted to go to American thousand kinda go because you become a citizen. And the number one of the -- other rural women that I was gonna trip sit through. Due -- -- -- I think it was very same agent and -- -- until about the violence. And that is that I -- -- -- people that decision if I want to be taken place in the country for ten to fifteen years after did you know that they have to. Then they it's only have to say is they weren't so to come into this country because of their lives are endangered. Or third in. A situation where the country would. The polish them confirmed. One reason or another that's a good reason to get. Citizenship in the united -- to release fifty here. And that's that's just not. It's. It's not a case sending -- show kids and yes there are a little cute perfectly -- paying 910121000. Dollars to send their kids. From -- and -- -- -- -- dramatic -- to the United States have to dangerous trek but not only did and also drug dealers. You know we're just being. Yeah. We're getting into the country criminals. There's just no room there's no checking that the border. And polish food to take care of them were eighteen trillion dollars in debt now. Then that this guy who moved past the front of the -- almost four. Million dollars from just. And you know what part of this that we can have four billion dollars to do not tell the American people. He wants to build playgrounds. Even. There in Central America. And the pardon that also is -- -- subsidy for coffee growers have come out of -- seriously up out. Dealing with the situation why are you throwing these extras in there. Okay now it did the the men may be lodged. That. Congress isn't doing anything and then that is seems to be not the case it seems like you are. But eight it seems to me that there is going to be. Theory floated that since congress and the senate aren't doing anything the president is going to acting unilaterally time do you think that's true. My seeing he's talking big group do now but I'm not quite sure -- I'm not gonna predict what he's gonna do what he is he going to do. We'll have to deal that when the time comes. The president can do something about it again it is still you do something about it wouldn't. It is part of it is not very much. It is through metaphor for a billion dollars three point seven or eight billion dollars. That he wants to. Had nothing to do securing the borders what we have to do in the first Vista secure borders. -- the military. And the National Guard down there to check if people were coming through. That they don't go through what they're supposed to be going through this was a checklist. They -- -- in this country. Number two has changed the 2000 and do you all that was implemented when the Democrats should. Word. When the country that elected. And there was a loophole in that. That was so especially there was only design work does sexually abused as children and now it's been turned him into something else. And the third thing is cut off -- funding -- the country's. Of origin of these illegals. Unless the country's gonna help not a problem and that's not the case here. We have to take those three measures act and make sure that the -- the people that are here. But quickly process. And certain police sent back to their families. Are you seeing now a lot of -- phone calls in your office -- from constituents about this immigration matter. It is the difference the phone lines off. Just -- and also hooked I had a couple of telephone town halls and what's itself. It's not a scientific poll but I asked people. What is most important then what -- what should we be doing. Immigration was well over 80%. And overwhelmingly -- send them back. Okay we'll see what happens I'm sure there is so more to come the United States congress and timing and thanks for talking about this issue do you a lot of attention from the student yeah well. So there's -- -- -- -- player and minister and up from my constituents in the people's countries and I destroy -- -- for apparently. Ms. Pelosi does not keep things simple but -- the American people work for her. Thank daytime talk to the future I think there is the.