8-4-14 Am I Lyin'?

Aug 5, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And remember last week now -- any object hit refresh your memories. A couple of years back -- -- you know what that new electric meter run a house and out of the cutting -- state of the art metered out now it's a buggy whip. -- -- -- now that they've put no new meter and a house. And up rod can't how much electric you're used to it transmitter that was -- ever -- -- hitting orbit tonight anybody anybody ride backgrounds with the antenna so. Time right. The beauty part is they wanted to put the over the later. Long story short you'll not only got a favorite electricity but now you're gonna have the pay just to get your bill. We saw some satellite pictures last week that we're told -- Russia firing rockets into Ukraine and I after USA and I wanna believe the government -- -- -- out there but if you believe that your sucker. That said these satellite data show -- -- what we're looking at here when we got to that there where court date to a couple guys won't eat red arrows are the figures. How about you -- the want it to look like Candy Land that would like to Atlanta. And right here in good all in the RD BA. Ever grabbed nine yards and a radio a year ago. That won't -- it a crime free. Garden spot that's a great place to raise a family and that the PGA I couldn't ask for better students. Don't Mary area school board what are rolled around in that truck load of an -- all day long but it gets. Rob told the truth. That I had a -- I don't like I mean I have -- them my lineup I'm ready objects. News -- to remain -- -- -- you live. We'll be right back after a work of our -- sponsors.