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Chris Belleman Interview

Aug 5, 2014|

WILK's L.A. Tarone speaks with Chris Belleman from the Luzerne County Flood Protection Authority.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

806 it is Suzanne and I am very happy to Adalius. Red Chris development is here Chris is the is the formal title chairman of the flood. That's incorrect LE OK executive director of those -- Tony flood protection of the executive director of the Lucerne county flood protection authority thank you for coming in and the invitation I'm I'm honored we we we were -- talking about this after a series of public meetings. They you and the Army Corps of Engineers had an unfortunate adhere writing get to. And go to why any of -- and some of what was reported cause some. Conversation. Apparently Mitt may not necessarily have been 100%. -- what's the situation first and I'll do it did the levees in Wyoming Valley. Need repair or upgrade. No not at all it's not pro posted this time to upgrade any of the components of one belly -- Pegasus and in fact we just had our periodic inspection by the united states Army Corps of Engineers last year. And they found that all the structural mechanical -- who components aren't very good condition and there were -- they're expected to perform as designed in the next flood event. I remember in 2011. There was a little -- page on the market street bridge but apparently that was just because. The floodgates. Man. New and now they're old they -- necessarily fit a 100% in my they had maybe a quarter inch crack well that means water or what occurred and it can't force and we found out after the flood event but there was. Interference in the poll swished his which did not allow the full weight of the post the panel's long press on on the gas gets. So. And so because of what of that be I wanna see beach blow the gates and blow a gasket but just let everyone know that. -- all the all the damage that occurred as troublesome way to the flood protection system. If it was repaired by the ice is Army Corps of Engineers at a cost of one point six million that was borne by -- -- -- up government and that was just recently completed this past summer so. We are I wanted to send. Operational capacity so so that money chizik has that limited is also word of some hairline cracks and something around preparing them for -- yes -- some here -- -- cracks in the concrete flood wall on forty purple and the cemetery. But you have to understand that that the concrete JC from street that's just. Cosmetics -- the Celtics what the real structural component there is associate power and as driven pretty face feed into the ground. It's -- what you see there there's just make a look pretty. So but but but we did repair those hairline cracks -- OK so looks nice now. Now. Performed. Not it's higher Levy system worked perfectly. -- in in 2011. In fact I think some of us were a little surprised to find the water level was actually higher than Agnes and and you got a forty feet Magnuson 44. In 2011. And all along most of us in the media had been reporting that the dikes will hold the levees all -- forty feet forty feet forty feet. It was more like 47 of 48 feet right. A proxy 44 feet you know or -- and every -- number it's. As part of -- levee raising project you know the levees were racist she's three to fight feet and the design was based upon. The other egg egg is flawed from 1972. And of course when you design. A club of Texas system. Flood wall or -- nurse embankment when you design for the base flood elevation in this case with Agnes was. The proxy port 41 feet from what you want to add. Pretty bored to -- And in this case what's free board what does tell me what the free board is now like a little caution it's it's a little cushion it's it's -- heard that the vertical distance from the base flood elevation to the top of -- flood protection and then this to account for anything because this is it in the modeling. For example off ice flow in you -- to Friday come get them downstream. And so it's a war. Our actual top level of protection is a proxy 44 feet and again that's your best average them because it does very the top innovation does very. When it was reported begin though the paper. After their second meeting that there was. What is under consideration. I guess to be a proposal is. Free board I guess is you just turned it around play NF. And Plymouth township -- how can you talk about that what what what is what's really under consideration. And let me back up here and let's. If it's because of what's right this whole thing like after tropical storm Lee in the September of 2011. I feel a test a nice his Army Corps of Engineers to relook at the hydraulic mauling of the Susquehanna River. From our son buried up to. You know the border what like -- -- and and what they found. Is that the base flood elevation has increased to get what anywhere from one to four feet and that's based upon. You the frequency and intensity of storms that they've increased dramatically over the last twenty years. We're seeing much more increased development in the watershed now the -- is huge and extends. Went -- far up into upstate New York get it extends just -- Finger Lakes. It goes as Far East as the Catskill Mountains as far west has to be Tony it's a massive wash it all comes down to Wilkes bare. And and also. In that the past -- past thirty years. Here we have more string gauge data that the technology hasn't improved for the -- for modeling on the one. -- for I talk mauling of the river and an all this has worked together. Where we have we have -- vice Todd Russell and -- young -- -- flood always has increased -- from the four feet. And we feel in accord did thereof -- the preservation of the from Texas is and there's a 63 reaches there's from this keeps you center goes up twister -- okay others Plymouth. And there's been there's so -- -- Donna Hanover township. From -- to -- trucks that are. It's fully accredited we have three we if we we we free board in excess of three feet. Unfortunately in the tour lower reaches employment in Hanover township. Where were you were getting free board of two point one feet made it all other requirements -- with a virtual predation from their met with the exception of Freeport. And unfortunately. What what they'll resolve in eventually is that. Did that properties that are there are located behind -- authorities in those areas. They're -- they're a -- there because they're designation on on the FEMA throw interest rate maps are are gonna change from his own acts. To -- -- designation but they won't be considered a special flood hazard area but it didn't but that will affect their flood insurance rates -- knock it will. -- will ultimately affect their flood insurance rates but this process is gonna take four firefight peers is going to be a long time before it's all said and done. In fact FEMA is gonna start their -- process -- -- -- analysis mapping procedure. -- -- did you begin to get two million point and that's gonna start next year. -- -- so the story we I saw about. Looking at. The way it was -- raising the Levy was really just. It would be that making get free board three feet instead of two point one feeder whatever it is in play in Hanover township. And and that wasn't the message that we're trying to give me at the public meetings and there are no plans to upgrade the -- Texas system it's. So it's fine was put in twenty years about it it's fine on innocent man is is they said before that the structural. Electrical -- opponents of the subtext says some very good operating condition and they are expected perform as this designed for next plus an event. Lance does exist talk to Linda from Wilkes-Barre lend out here on WYOK with -- element. Side half I know I couldn't -- critical element. -- the what if and me from playing. And I believe punt protection authority. For the corps of army engineering. Arm -- -- Detail about the condition. Of the correct content that won it in -- that's what Hannah. Many of our great country a better feeding their return and the repairing an area half. Article bloated -- when they're very. Dreamed. Of vegetation and and the bank very soil and rock and a humiliating from the high water episode. And that it's definitely my concern is the creek -- happened behind the woodland. Right for the group that hired as the type confection of welcome there ain't okay. And getting down into a book -- connection and and down into the holiday park section. On that particular. -- can right now and we've got a date and -- is actually. Before we can't. Vegetation. Piled up. Dream sir glowing just as there aren't known as they get here Don and vegetation growing on the walls of a crack. We -- compromising the integrity. Pretty cold walls that were killed during that the EPA time. And many of the people on these great -- in wilkes-barre better feeding into that I have -- are very concerned that had a problem occur the the backup water -- and ineffective. -- these communities along the creek are going to be flooded with. Other that it looks very is pretty much ignoring the conditions. Of these correctly they need to be to manage its -- Leno let's what let's get an answer I can bring that up anyway as it relates to last Solomon creek. Which it floods. Adelaide and in 2010. It's funny Linda mentioned that particular creek. I was a television news director and -- and in. That one around Parsons said did actually go over the banks in 2010 and I had cameras there or not. The buzz is that part all of the entire system are those crew also Null. Now it's not it's not it's. -- my my job is exactly directors to maintain and operate. Beautiful Texas systems that were ready to go for the next event unfortunately these creeks that that. He had their tributaries to suspend river right image they're not part of our club certain systems so there's nothing wrong I never knew vessels -- so we're not tasked with that went with him. With the maintenance I know that is home and so in that Solomon's creek there was. Yes these are recorded -- corps of engineers does it is called the section 125. Feasibility report was done back in 2005 hot and unfortunately if you could indeed be looked at it that the wash in that area to see what type of flood. To prove that they could perform. Unfortunately. They -- -- -- to -- that you're the result the report was it came out with the benefit the cost ratio. A lot of all plus someone plus 11 point zero effect I think it was a zero point 55. But however there was a water resources dipped -- -- back in 2007 which. Authorize this project could go forward if it became an element of the one dollar flood protection system. However that it was going to require. Project corporation agreement to be signed by a local sponsor. And since the major. Beneficiary here would be silly walks -- it -- to -- -- very -- have to step forward and signed an agreement. And it can get the time you know it gets ten years into the future the concept project was estimated fifty million dollars fifty -- okay. Because John Solomon creek while an end in the end the cost Blaine was approximate 75%. Federal and transferred to a local. Well SSL a lot of money he had hit it's a big nut and it gets to be not but enforcing -- -- forward to. Beat a sponsor that project so what's. Lingering out there so I. I never realized that indeed none of those -- -- I assume I guess like everybody else did they were part of the you all know he's system so losing Gupta is at -- this city that would be in charge of Solomon created -- one Linda just mention I didn't see what's fair and also department of -- -- protection yeah they're responsible for the waterways in the commonwealth. You know I'm that would that would be another -- to contact would with with regard to these streams. Why. We don't let me take a break and -- the property taxes just -- ask questions -- and all well. A lengthy involved answers so why are right and our guest tonight is Christian element using executive director. On the Lucerne county flood protection authority Chris should mention a couple of times. -- that job. I forgot the term you used but by that will be free board. Well but I'm sorry with the in that were actually one to four feet so. That I guess a flood plane had risen one to four feet over the last twenty years yourself. Right -- -- let me just back up a bit and yeah play metal barrier against -- Deliver racing product was based upon our hydraulic model the Susquehanna River. Based on technology that exists -- beckon beckon the mid 1980s. The current federal law the current FEMA ferocious free maps. They're based upon. -- technology that existed in the early two thousands. After truck after truck was firmly a FEMA. -- a corps of engineers to relook at the -- drug among of the river and see if there's any changes and unfortunately the results will astounding they found that. -- flood elevation of up. The one hope not do the 1%. It more than 1% annual chance plug which is to direct a one a year flood Bryant has increased like anywhere from one to four feet along the river. And and they attribute this to. In we have increased in intensity and frequency of storms there's been much more when the -- in the watershed. We have better us streets the stream gauge data and we have better -- modeling and and it's led to this result. I remember in 2002. I was one of the panelists on the at congressional debate at WD IA Tom Berry was mayor at that time -- okay and after that I brought up the question. Concerning. Something about flooding. And what got off -- gritty came -- be introduced himself to me and then he started yelling at me. Why are you blaming this city. The river is more likely to flood because of developments in mountaintop I thought Betty was a little off as rocker apparently he's not that's true it is. It's development region Y -- debt that has led to. At least partially led to the greater flood -- today. I mean. -- greater -- -- -- news's this massive is as -- it is as Tony before a yeah in upstate new York and extends his part just south of the Finger Lakes. -- -- as far he says that the Catskill Mountains. As far west just stupid county and pretty much all the fault of -- county is in business is when river walk -- -- this is a small liver in this in the southeast corner. That goes on to -- the Lehigh river but from ninety. 9% of the county goes right. In today at the river. So developing -- mountaintop yes it did it impact the Susquehanna River. And an overall so -- I'll hold for the peak came stand Edwards -- Correct. And this and these were vice what hasn't is just not restricted to Wyoming Valley it's that it's all the way from some very all we north to. The border with like one accounting. I remember in Agnes in 721 big problem was the hunts mill dam is that part of the system does not part of this isn't it is not. There's there's essentially five reaches and there's certainly just going to a background here it's this certify Regis there's approximately. A mile. Reach that that voice -- the publisher says -- reaches our prayers approximate is just shy of a mile in Exeter. Fathers I've -- three half miles. Freeport to sore Israel another -- have miles Kingston to Edwards -- there's a little less than two miles into Plymouth and and starting right front behind the courthouse in see what's fair always self to assault -- -- creek and I Hanover township. We have tough fight fight we have miles. -- so they -- so we -- -- sixteen miles of our first and led the end. And to flood walls we have thirteen scriptural pump stations that contained 39 deep well pumps. We have it miles of electric transmission lines. Seven's -- has from a sub stations. We have what thirty. Restructures. Monetary relief wells Tony. -- twice closure structures so what's one of the largest I mean that was -- criticisms in in the United States and that was my next question -- your season is one of the biggest flood control sitting. In the eastern united steel and -- you and your and is now because as you know it's an accident that -- is grand river is one -- most flood prone waterways in the United States since they can say. Since 1860 fives is. Since he soared to record these things. The river has exceeded its natural plus they just point two feet crusty said he sometimes or an average every 22 years so. What happened in the -- -- only if it's gonna happen again. So so every two years of -- system dies get tested the Levy system does get test we have got clearly isn't and protect us from our policies just have to try to palms when the water elevation and reverence ten feet. We have we have to -- a -- -- about interior drainage. And what that is is gets warm waters of its systems in the municipalities. Yet like during when the water when the river is behaving itself in the waters flow. -- VP of that the storm water just drains great regret every two river all right but wind river's high eight when that was blocked. And so it's it's it's it's it's it's transferred over to pump station and policies is actually pump the water out into the river. Because otherwise you'd have and you get in. Did -- have interior flooding behind the levees. -- basing -- 22 feet I know meet two of the big. Floods. In the Wyoming Valley history 1902 in 1936 there was no Levy system I'm not all I've got the what the flood protection system started as a response to the close of ninety I series it's now yeah. I'm Dan and the kids it's funny when you look at it it's so sophisticated now as a mentioned. In the early eighties I lived on Jackson street only about three blocks away. And I would stay -- the levees system at the time to get near the river in the Levy system is not much more than big piles of dirt. At it's it's really advance over the years as it. Surely after World War II when the window. When it -- criticism was initially built. At at the time that there was a lot of protection authority it was maintained by the local -- -- Plymouth -- employment can return Russia maintained. Have a -- of -- and so forth but after. To Agnes flood of 1972. The corps of engineers was really concerned about. How -- some of them as important as tells performed very well with their beings operation and others. It was essentially nonexistent -- and the -- was concerned about that because it did increase the number Purcell. They wanna have one single entity to manage and control the entire thing and that's when the flood protection -- Authority was created back in 1996. Conference and now we are responsible for maintaining and operating the entire sixty mile system. Ninety years a 100000 dollar question we get into a bit of a debate here and I remember this debate from twenty years ago. Instead of raising and again just underscore everybody you just -- -- there is no proposal to raise the let me guess I was sort of miss reported didn't. Maybe we misunderstood here on this program and talked about it is -- what we're seriously being considered Chris is just told us that there is no proposal. To raise the Levy system. Problem back at the time that it was proposed. We start a pair off and camps. Raise the levees or dredged the river I was in the dredged the river camp. This story came at -- it came up again. After your last meeting. And maybe we get some cause yeah we can do what Gary can't do it. What dredging the river work -- we dredged the river -- that law or dump trash stuff. Well I've got to say at first blush looks attractive but when you look at the facts. It just really not a fix for the problems we have in the Wyoming Valley and all. -- -- to reasons why it's. Historically. Dredging projects they have been very low but -- for the cost ratio so. It's in in -- with -- Army Corps of Engineers they look at projects. What kind of benefits you derive from the project with regard to get decimated cost and you have to get a bit of a -- racial above 12 even. To Vietnam we took no justifiable okay and the historically. They have been for cost ratios are way less a want it but. Second nine back in 1981. Prior to whether recent project the court did look erected. -- it dredging of the river in it -- in the context of what it bit of what it would take to protect don't -- -- valley from another Agnes flood. And what what they found out that you would have to essentially from an area from -- -- and a Coke. -- -- Where it'll let Michael wanna wind river empties into reverend you have to dredge up twelve feet of maternal. And that will cost. In this back in 1980 dollars a -- 370 million dollars and in the amount the volume of both -- going to be -- that would be removed would be equivalent to the size of football field private half miles high. Public then -- Somebody like an island and Delaware rob bay all the time -- and that's now and a -- Manny is when -- a number of all of this is this planet is able. But also you have to look at you've got to all the bridges just in a river you'd have to what strengthened in the modified their foundations. You can -- appears and -- in the river and there's many many. Sewer gas. Watered shorelines and better believe the does that stream -- -- the riverbed yet but they would have to be relocated. Of course trying to of course addressing would essentially destroy that the habitat of aquatic life. Animals and plants so I think if you can final disaster. So when you look at all those things. Dredging is probably not a viable option frosting in the morning -- how -- bouts. The violence. That are essentially. Collections of -- open up some of them are big one of Zetterberg is called -- -- by -- rising after a -- him about it. But and then -- for the lions debris. Somebody throws a wash her in the river and inevitably washes down wanna what do we get rid of the islands went down now. Mother nature has a Tennessee to secure herself coming during -- -- -- you kind of like this summer I think elevation of the rivers like. To have to add to add two feet you know I mean that the sold it does have attempted to build up but when you have high water events is just flushed out. So in in the court did look at they have -- their studies bacon these babies and they found out it never really met in -- inevitable fact. Coming out of the islands. And a class and the vegetation I mean he would have Democrats pressing a temporary amount of vegetation have a very minimal -- benefits and and again cut the cost would be enormous. Food and I'm I'm I'm surprised to hear that and Linda had mentioned the vegetation. Within that one -- and I was I was gonna bring it operate in the river because. If you look in some areas right along the -- like -- and how far goes out into the river. But each year around Wilkes-Barre and Kingston there's a lot of vegetation and seems to be. -- a big game get away and I am also familiar with the river down around Berwick and -- network in Berwick for several years. And they get the same problem down there are so removing the vegetation. Not much benefit either hot. No not and not a significant benefit at all food. -- -- to -- small bad start to add from exit -- Ed you're on WI OK with Chris columnists. -- are you there. Hello -- we lost dead some had called back I I'm a little surprising here that I I I thought it would do. That it would be something of a yes significant benefit. When you raise. Many years ago I would be asked not that many years ago back fifteen years ago I was at a public meeting that was held in should Cheney. It wasn't even fifteen years ago was after. The floods -- 2006. OK I met at the GMA building. I had talked to an elected official from -- Shani. She had spoken that night and said that ever since they raise the levees in wilkes-barre we're now getting flooded. In places where we had never gotten flooded before. What about if you raise the levees and again and there are no proposals to raise the levees and Wyoming Valley. When it was raised. Didn't just make the water go somewhere else making the more likely that there would be flooding down river. Well that's one of the problems with these massive. So sit in a civil works projects impact in the thirties I think the trend was suspended on -- civil works projects for a flood protection. But it. But today we we recognize that you're creating the you know a subtext isn't quite -- we have and one -- it -- problem for -- up upstream and downstream. -- -- So that the trend today is who for this to minimized the -- in the flood plain and always control it. And also are. People were in harm's way part of properties. Demolish it -- harm's way. Well -- caddies on some -- -- -- an -- some of the flood plain like a long canal street -- and not -- Cheney has been now well and I'm also is parred eleven -- -- -- their project that is essentially complete but there are some mitigation components for the project they haven't been completed yet. We -- you we team up with the for a downstream -- county someone tore Norstrom northumberland Snyder Columbia -- Tom Columbia. Also -- -- we have about. Click click to -- that we have. Sixty million dollars that has been left as part of that has been author rice parred eleven recent project to spend on mitigation efforts in in these five counties. Now that this money's sitting in a pot. Discussing a part it's been authorized by congress. What it's like every year the corps of engineers and they released some of those funds for -- mitigation efforts for the past few years. -- there's been no funds police who have been doing litigation work but. But this past year they've -- a million in this can be more next year. And so we know -- it happens wolf boy advertiser get more applicants out there to try to get people out of harm's way. But is that. I mean I I'm trying to put myself in the position of somebody. He's got a home not far from the reverend -- -- any crime the other side of the rivers and I think it's called Italy street which is the main street in -- -- -- while. Out well essentially you're gonna buy my home and either Manning and get flooded is that. -- about it I mean I think that's classified they're dredging that you just said wouldn't be effective. -- so much as you can do and -- No in fact I think that was the most important message that we were trying to go to. The public meetings is that the flood has just along the river yeah they're they're changing effect is this going to be more severe. And and people need to be aware of all of these risk and make appropriate plans on on -- -- of the live event and and now because -- their lives. Like I said before I -- ominous well. What it's fluke plays a very scary scary thing and it brings a lot of emotions in people. And everyone has. Opinions on the effective it is my job as executive director and also as a professional engineer in the commonwealth to kind of divorced emotions. From the project and in just look at the facts in and try to communicate the facts. Is -- 42 on Tuesday night against an idea is Chris Allen and Chris is the executive director of the loser counting flood protection authorities and calls and Stockton Dave. For employment today here on WYOK with -- element. I -- I Crist. I gave the world had set their building. Upstate and Susquehanna county -- -- covering district but the water flow. -- Susquehanna. I. Won't I would have to say you know I I -- -- any information or dead on on that at all. I I'm I'm sorry I'm the idiot here what does a well pat I don't know what that is just your editor when you wish you all all I was sorry Alter any help okay. As they -- and you know as they you know they cut trees down to put the -- And I think Susquehanna county is a watershed -- Is that and yes that's one account would be in this water show wouldn't it even extends all the way to three fingers area yes. Yeah I did not have to say yes to look at a map -- that -- -- the -- I think down the road that would make a significant. Thoughts -- once the Susquehanna has become more trees welcome your welfare. You're right I mean you figured you're disturbing the forest to build these these developments the other as well pads you're taking out the forest that the trees. And you're creating essentially and impervious surface surface and I guess there's -- significant development of these well pads. I thought I would have to say I didn't think it would have to have some kind of impact on the on the -- -- into the river. Well let's find out okay thanks Dave let's talk to frank from false trying to run -- -- K where's Chris Bellman from the flood protection authority please turn your radio down there. Do the right -- I thought OK okay. On the river and I can tell me. I don't think there were royalty before -- glacier. That's uninteresting question right there hi I actually no idea that OK -- I understand it engineers published this book in 1942. You probably find a copy of the -- -- -- valley. In the post defeat at 300 feet deeper into the bed of the glacier. That's an area. -- was totally and -- boulders. We can't pull these engineers did not predict that Kagan. They should what happened. It happened because there were dead at its own borders where -- the and yeah. There's senate could have been if there was of flawed because of the boulder and assumptions -- -- If there were demoted to -- just surfaced that trying to. And I haven't jail and when you're talking about haven't jail. My disastrous my disastrous believe that they're not doing it and has ASEAN and were to lose Annandale and it was knock some can't. Not that it did here. You know we need engineers built that treat type of programs. I don't know didn't. Send a little bit river at the trade LB BMW or. What are -- working order that the assembly to flood. That would already Trevor -- afford to eat well. Until the -- Lebanon Friday September. Well and it all -- water and from. OK I can understand the world really noticed dog collar crime and everything nobody would make them provisions for any of this. Engineers are all screwed up. Because some money. Now. We thank our commitment to effective. Whether I'm gonna give you another story no you know -- an engineer if you don't -- it. You know play in architecture in the area pretty good. OK and do good stay out sixty feet deep -- come. -- -- also helped. And don't make a concrete -- into the river. You can tell that that particular it would flood. I don't know what -- But you know and the only -- is discriminatory. Does stepmother people out there are you -- property damage just. I am pretty good people at the river or whatever we're all these custom WOK -- you're gonna get wiped out again. You're aware -- where you are. Frank you fall as you get your up river right you're up river from Miami -- -- so you get. Think additional flow coming up rivers right. What happened with the banks so they -- common sense and think about it they choked away from rebel group. Deportation -- they hope to reward them based. They can't take it won't go way back -- you know like a true. That's Iran didn't -- integrated -- Parker breaks it'll help. But they didn't date October until college and it actually river up and -- build -- -- -- what are what are they and I'm glad to that. All this money coming from the broke their broke they'll drop some mega billions of dollars -- -- well I'm like you sent his yeah I went out. Good big cannon and eventually came on the same content on the road all the people who work and no property is no homes night. Frank I appreciate the call thank you that isn't as sentiment that you do we hear from people what frank just expressed up river and down river. I you know what about us what about not saying what you know now. That's why it despite -- who before current thinking is is that we we now recognize that -- -- -- works projects we have in one valley increase problems upstream and downstream. As solid that the trend today -- it may get all that. Again any of the club at Texas hasn't started as a response -- applause of 1936 all right -- kind of hard to believe now but. The -- system is set -- five years old mom and I'm of course a -- -- -- recent projects started as a group responsible Dayton's flawed and it get it if I can just say I mean like. Like out like I know I don't believe -- he has really. Recovered from a -- this -- and with up eleven recent project that occurred. That can -- would have been the student just destroyed the second time in the generation we how went out again in 2000 I want normally and I don't think this hearing will ever recover from that. So I think they'll let deliberation project he was a twenty million dollar project I think with regard to Hariri was worth every penny. They get even get a good enough other people record reality -- -- -- really picked up with this. Can't dredged defected general before there was not a Hussein and these rallies one of those this is a dozen times scenarios like yeah yeah yeah. You can't -- I thought they could address but over the fringe element Samad an engineer but a little too much about it but I don't know. Tired they build dikes like you know what sandwich it's queen of the river in the pops up someplace felt it was my opinion on this like answering them it's gonna. Can squeeze it out in general before there was talk about caught the trade amounts. And you get people up -- not. The Dallas everybody build into all those countries more black stopped -- yeah. -- a lot of development that the air yet and you have more more watered them I mean I don't know. Yeah and in that sense second about a dog trying to catch -- help in el -- and I -- I have been asked iPod direct you would nobody would alleviate some of the projects a little at a time but. Evidently it's not that way in and you elect a guy saying. What went mad that Chris had an answer for that that will -- my dismay I mean there's absolutely no plans to raise the current level -- -- -- -- that everybody should understand it because we even guys wanna make it no we just had we just with two very extensive. They picked it yet inspection -- avengers lately we'll let you lets you resolve multi disciplined team. -- looked at a all of our means records in the structural electoral count opponents are in great we're in condition and they're all expected for a fine. By the next flood event but. Going forward into the future. Perhaps strategy might might be some that the court will look at but there's a lot of promises. Let's hold associate with that is is a little too before you know bridges. You have other problems here sinker and a blocked a -- lines in the gas line and all I'd be okay they'll all have to be relocated -- -- if any have to find. The real Saint -- the stretch internal. Where does that go and has been maintained and plus those body aches and though the animal plant life can be destroyed. So there's a lot of issues that they have to be carefully resource and looked up before we've crossed -- line -- I mean that followed the couple made it to the people -- down the river I don't wanna beat them by -- -- yet we're about that flood insurance. It's just come and support jitters -- there -- a lot of people can't -- move all of that just and suitable situation like it's gonna get some work on the -- it's gonna get worse but -- And that's something I'm hoping that the banking industry in the pro government can resolve this so. They have to make flooding they have to make flood insurance for homeowners affordable. I don't while I know that after. The last map came out last year we took I tonne earlier this year for that matter we take a cut -- calls from people whose absolute greats I mean in some cases they wanted to. 400%. I don't like god and I go for it here. We can't that's under this unsustainable and those people are gonna reaction did you don't believe -- to leave their homes in the they're gonna abandon their mortgages in the days and we'll have to and I know and that's not a viable solution Lisa. -- or foe alike got hot under assault also like down to Jersey Shore they're bold and also about ten foot adults. I mean you -- -- ID that's an idea that has been tossed around here are by and that is in the simple solution using them along the coast and also -- -- You're seeing a little bit in this area where people who live along waterways and the racing home above the based -- -- -- and sell -- so with the floods. Who cares there's yeah there's not very hard and got -- you yeah you're yeah well you're you're above the threat level and yeah. I I get I appreciate the -- -- Yeah I I remember is somebody. Proposing how oddly it was in the flood plain about your round -- Cheney good job there was a proposal to build some homes this is quite awhile and golf. -- and and nothing ever came of it but gave yesterday gets around -- -- odd odds don't should be a little. What do you put down to solid growth -- there's. Beautiful trip -- the car just right on the river and the -- raised and that's allowed to flood waters to -- running through and they can live above that and and and vacant and they have very affordable flood insurance. So that's also an option yeah and and it that actually sounds like god but with these were vice what hazards there's also be opportunities there's going to be increased funding for the mitigation efforts. Four property elevations what -- elevations. Property acquisitions demolitions. So obvious it's so as -- -- that. As people start to get their arms arms round and try to figure this out I think -- I think we're gonna see up. Coming -- -- who come come welcome to control government for for help. I not much time left let's try to squeeze one more call in here ripped from mount up I got about a minute after you've got to with Chris -- month. But hero quite Donna west many so there is. About. Shannon Perry announces that there insurance companies. They checked them out one story that. Block cinder block foundations underneath them they have options that way at sea change coming in locating all of the commercial are. An amoral but don't pay for and it was free to the cap on marsh. About that led have a that would be similar to what you're talking Weaver might elevating our house and it wouldn't seem to be a viable option. Well they did it. I'm sorry he's not alert they did it in what static open so I guess that at church and state board. That's why Greg thanks. I mean there is mitigation fund becoming available for a television -- can you Trace homes from other grounds from gulf war. You know from other grade a pile up above -- of the big flood elevation. I 'cause I'm -- came in tonight there there's a lot more to this sort of thing in most people realize and we covered as much as we put in an -- I appreciate you coming -- him -- with the invitation neither the workers fled to come here tonight I can I had a lot of -- I hope we communicate a lot of good information out there and -- -- more had -- come -- -- some -- sounds good.