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Aug 2, 2014|

Saturday August 2, 2014

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The following is a paid program the views or claims may you're not necessarily those of WYOK. Staff management or sponsors. It's time for Larry and -- Does don't your weekend. -- -- Until -- lie okay. And good morning good morning how are you. Wonderful how you know I feel. Fine I feel great yeah I think it's a lovely day so far -- supposed to be a little yucky this afternoon but. It's nice sign I mean. I am a fan of this kind of weather this. Upper seventies low eighties thing if so is this for all summer I would be so happy he had a hand low humidity piano NATO. NEA it's nothing like it. Hello do we need to move to San Francisco so I was what is their own tiny well it's kind of nice weather that there lake around that kind of sounds good man -- So my name is Linda Evans and I'm the president and CEO of northeastern financial consultants -- fee only financial planning firm and clarks summit. And I like -- the -- of Mari cabin enterprises which is a fund raising PI and special event business. And that. What's been going on this weekend. And I'm usual for you. I'm now it's okay. Not unusual and none on you you alone doing go to I don't know of no and I am sorry that I go off -- those hey I'm. Now I had tonight I am hosting which of course we're here on Thursday taping for Saturday. I'm I'm hosting my 87 of -- were very dear friends through high school us -- and we haven't we've you know from doing missed. We talked about this before but we've been slacking I'm getting together I don't hurt anything -- a model. -- six of my friends are coming to my home this evening for little pizza party. Valid pizza you know. Well rounded and I'm. Not there might be well rounded and I am and always. I'm. Think you got to promoted baby yeah. Anyway this week so we're having dinner at my home today it's nice I'm very happy because of all seven best of seven of us will be there good. Well I don't know -- I luncheon on the ninth yesterday went online and buy a ticket. For the jazz festival through various thank you for the Manhattan Transfer performed their performance. On Saturday ES yes so. We'll see if we can get the boy Patrick. If we can get him to do more than half its like maybe Friday night and Sunday night. Well it's a great event it's the ten day and you won't coming up on August 8 nine intend Clarence -- is the headline on Friday evening. Saturday in his couple other people I don't have to listen trying to make there's two performances on Friday but just clans being the headliner. For Friday's Saturday's headliners as you said. And Manhattan Transfer and on Sunday night Bucky -- a rally along with admit big band which we always traditionally closed. How -- so I'm. So many good -- ten years in the making two years or two I think it was a two gallons growth. Men in the big snowstorm. It happens and collapsed as I bet -- gang began. So anyway yes good good events and am looking forward to it so peaking now. Check it out go online Scranton jazz festival died or -- and Afghanistan north Kenya yourself -- It's good. So have a Friday night we route you MA is everywhere we went higher -- in the lovely place I'm trying to think. -- a castle like hotel. Yes men and had another incredibly wonderful dinner. And the view and the evening no humidity -- on the lake it was beautiful yeah. And I was pretty darn good guess who was. And you had some company saying next year. I sure healthy enjoy it I love since secretarial work a lot better. Yeah another hour and all of a couple other ladies were with there and they -- its -- seemed to have a really good time was just packed it did but they were there they were talking about the saint -- festival -- last weekend which I went to Saturday night we were there. As I said my. Friend Lindsay chanting her son my company we take. We go the last couple years together. And done might go I'm. Is done. Who really loves every minute of being there because he himself was in a wheelchair. And so he realizes this until how fortunate he is. Because he has a wonderful kid needs theory. Alert and has since it is very independent should I say that Amanda. So he's -- he's grateful NCAA and the kids when you see them they're just so wonderful on -- Volunteers and everyone who works that it comes out to support and it's great and of course I saw a sister Mary Alice walking around -- get to talk during. But she was very it was beautiful weather for them site I'm sure that they did very well. Well my understanding was there was greater than 30000 dollars erased some of it being. From. The charity to again note twelve now 1230000. Additionally I mean was from Joe's by Christ. Now -- thank that he just like 200. And sound that's yeah passionate they -- on very maybe it was thirty more or something amendments to defend -- huge they do. Very very well I mean I was so I he I think he makes a couple 100000 okay I could be wrong but I think that's child. RM puts a lot of effort into the his it can you imagine that now I cannot every time really -- even as a terrific guy just part. You are going up and down hills and hand that's how he doesn't run. Think I saw somebody does. So we have to save birthday wishes to tell -- after this week. Well my uncle my great uncle Jerry Sheridan and you will be 91 years old. On Monday then. The fourth of August. And so I'm stunned that I. -- and can RN. We'll be OK 77 year old woman -- the fifth of August OK so PCM -- and RN yeah. We sure -- happy birthday August 5. And to be thrilled to now and she doesn't care she wants and my wife to tell nobody how old she doesn't care about that. Like I don't. You know how we feel about that dialogue going on our side of the family this past week -- -- Brothers two daughters has momentous occasions. My eight my niece Emma the oldest called on Saturday morning and tell me that C. And her boyfriend are now engaged and very nice and -- you throw throw throw throw. And I was too firm because they've been together for five years I think it's it's great they know each other they just moved in together and that's good. And then there. Her sister the younger one turned 21. Cents. TA twenty -- and much -- And then this past week and my other niece. My sister's daughter was 23 I think changed her her birthday. And has a new ball. So yeah me for all of them. It's good news good you know to a London and tell you I'm. -- Patrick out on my birthday and sure on her birthday was seen the other day so happy birthday and I miss just fine -- of the party. So I'm. But she. I couldn't help but happy birthday aunt Sharon after she is a real terror broker associate broker with. ERA one source realty combined and he she and I we well our license or am -- held at the same company. Owned and operated by Sunnis are Barak and -- our guest expert mr. Jeff scientists in the house today so he'll be out later on. Time and also right not far up the street from ERA. The who are they're good friends Linda and I'm DR re seeing your veterinary referral and emergency. Center. Is having a yard sale a big community which I think is really cool a big community -- -- -- out. What's going to be held got athlete on the grounds in the parking lot 318 Northern Boulevard in south Abington Township -- Jim DN days. I'm at all of the -- the proceeds from from each vendor will come on anyone who's -- who's a seller who wants to sell add a community yard sale. The money that they raise will go towards their Angel fund which they said up to help. People who cannot pay for the care of emergency care -- in some cases of their Panama. And they set up a fund so that the tax can take this could care of these people around her the benefit of the Angel fund. It's gonna take place on Saturday September 13. Set up -- 7 AM and it's got to be early because I don't know if you've ever. Gone by a yard sales and people are there even before it's opened up like 6 AM there's people looking for yards just I really get goodbyes and they love it. The sale starts at 8 PM and right now they're interested in sellers so anyone who wants to south. -- items instead -- I'm the best way to do it is to contact Heather and be reckon it's fixed phone number so easy. 58777775877777. At the veterinary referral and emergency center in. -- That south Abington Township and they can reserve your spot up to. August 23. Okay you can also email Heather. I had their G act -- -- PA data come. Have there G act V -- PA dot com or again Friday 77777. And then look for bad if you wanna be part that I think that's a great idea. -- yeah see I don't see many analysts is at a church or something but very feel. Where it's a big in the community so right in the big -- that -- gonna slack off they will have tents and that tends to cheesy but tables and chairs available for you which will be. Part of the deal but I think that's gonna be really -- and then they're asking for us at 20%. Of the proceeds from each to go back to the front I think that's fair. Yeah and it's I just a whole different group of people right. Yeah because -- -- apparently not only now so visible right there and yes that's occurring exactly at high visibility. That's wonderful so I think it'll be good for them -- -- you hear if you're about oh yards still if you think you have any ice on you wanna pull something together and get a table in a couple chairs and -- -- support this and DR dog lover any animal lover. It also you also give back and you get together and it's a big community thanks I think it's gonna be fun we'll talk more about it each week and also then we'll talk just about the sale itself but they're really looking for sellers now sounds. Do that -- help them out. But I am. Yes and that's going to be on death. Alice and Dana and AM and I -- Wrong pasted away I had a good time to get on FaceBook assistance at the end of about a ten. Yeah they have been a blast and it was I missed you are desperately plus and I were just -- I -- in my. You weren't they can not how would -- -- -- on the night I got everything secondhand hip hop and. Since I was Robin's birthday to write yeah there was asphalt she -- she told an American go -- Saint while the girls they -- -- were allowed us to have those kind of things. What can you don't and you know colossal listens to a CNN hi I'm -- land and and Najaf. I'm Mary gave Wenzel ex marriage Scott a former -- -- the former mayor. A Scranton -- I was at a meeting with him because just so you know the city of Scranton. Is celebrating in 2016. Hits access -- Centennial or a 150 year old city we will be. So we had a little meeting about that whole celebration yesterday and down. -- Wenzel was there any scenario I have to tell you I listened to every Saturday I -- down and have. Breakfast. With a group of guys I think he said that -- downtown Delhi. On Saturday mornings and on my way I turn on. WI OK and you're in there and I listen so I just like you know us we have to give the big shout out. -- -- David went -- good guy and some wonderful man yeah. And continues to support and give back to the city moon which is good. Did you see your letter to. Yeah on the board of the chamber of commerce yes receive a letter that yes yeah but think about that. -- -- Well what to think about the light of the fact that he wrote the letter tough on the people who are chamber members. Can essentially said that he encourages the city to go back to the bargaining table. And start there that this is all a big. That that this proposal from Ambrose so was really designed to be something that was four. A lot of different components I -- problem and he was suggesting that. One big piece of that this seems to me being ignored. Is that. There's a need to go back and sit down the table with the bargaining. Unit so let's get that straight I guess that was really. Great that he took the initiative to do that and send them out to business owners in the greater Scranton area. Yes it's -- I it's great it's it's a good thing com. For all I think because I'm eighty -- you when you show that you're involved and you care and you willing to step up. I think it's a good thing instead of taking a backseat in complaining that stuff isn't happening or news and I think it's solid it's all good and they can only get better if we all work together. So we're gonna take a really quick break you're listening this morning to the -- in -- Here is -- inland. And Larry Kenney -- -- I mean enterprises which is a fund raising PR. And special meant business. I'm came across. -- -- story you know holes because. I guess I even though I've already always known this and it's been a part of what I've done. I didn't realize the distinction until this woman. Steve Kaplan. Broke the story and she said women face higher stakes in financial planning and here's what you can do. If you're single woman. And this is really I think the point invest if you're single woman -- because you're widowed divorced or never married. Your financial planning needs are greater than the average couple or single man. She says the reason for that is because. You'll live longer and typically. Fact I think at an and they called that's what they -- that is the longevity risk. And it's something that in it couple's situation. But to -- I didn't really think about this teller ran and she doesn't really address that piece of good but. In other cases. If you have husband and wife who husband dies and the wife becomes a -- She always has a choice that she can pick from her own Social Security. Or the Social Security benefits from her deceased husband whatever's higher institution against pro life. But if you're single. And you've never been married or even if you're divorced and never remarried you don't have that option. I must have less. Only if it's less than ten year right -- ten years of -- -- far less break but generally speaking if you're single woman you don't have that choice at all. So you have to put in whatever you have to put an -- -- for Social Security for your own and that this idea that's all you're getting. And this. That's that's OK that's fine because that's anti choice that people make to do that. But it also could be the wife to husband collecting on the wide Sosa 600 hits the -- just -- made more. But it's also about that the disk in his contacts and she's talking about that women face higher stakes in financial planning because we live longer. Well assuming that is the case that we outlive husbands or whatever -- -- that and that's the way that it works that you actually do have an option. To. To select. From Europe ex -- acts but your ex husband if you've been married more than ten years or. Your husband's. Social Security if indeed his was higher than -- -- a single woman who has never married doesn't have their choice. So it's yours or nothing. Country secondly. A lot of those who did it in the older situations where you had pension plans where. The the benefit was what we -- is defined benefit where you've got a check for. For some amount for months. Come -- for the rest of your life. When you elected that particular dollar amount you at that time could make a choice to give your. Widowed wife. A percentage. Of what you are gang. For half event bar none of that and you had an option at that point to select. So in theory married women of divorced women sometimes as -- the divorce decree. And also. Women who were widowed at the time. That they had they can still look to some pension plan to continue income. Whereas most single women who are never married don't have that option either. So there are a lot of advantages. And financially. For women to marry. At least a ten year at least for ten years but that's exactly. Sure of the outcome what was interesting is that I know I talked about this once before on the show because I was fascinated that. The insurance companies can come up with something actuarial -- to. -- face this problem. Is this longevity risk. Most people the greatest fear they have been planning for retirement is that they're gonna outlive their money. And then go get to some point 85 whenever and there's -- laughed. And what what do you do them well then you just -- -- Social Security if you do have that and at the venue at the mercy of your kids or whatever -- can I ask the question is certain -- -- what you can get from Social Security is that yes okay there's only it is the cap adjusts every year for inflation. But it makes no difference after a certain point. That's solid as that is the maximum benefit can -- but on the other hand you only contribute to Social Security while you're. Making money off to a certain amount of money. I can't say you're not putting any enact getting an -- so let -- say the cap -- 7475000. Dollars a year. So anything over that I get on this got taken out OK so you're you are. It does justify itself from the unpopular here's something else to think about remember we had a conversation about Social Security taking it because it's running out and people who opt to take their husbands -- security. I'm benefit home. What happens then is it just lumped into the pool of -- to -- the money that you contributed that you're not actually getting that word is that factored in because. Here ex husband may be another wife or whatever are also collecting on that is that. What happens now that you make the choice at the time when you go to elections right. Cool Antonio's so if it's if you want to use your ex husbands and that's higher than what viewers would be. That -- force fitting yours right in favor of tennis so -- so that's stays in the high I'm saying OK but there really is not -- time now but. Cameras in there -- yeah. It there's accredited amount to you but it is forfeited half Mexico's back and I thought Potts got ahead. OK so this idea of longevity risk. There are. Insurance companies who have come up for the products that they called come deferred annuities. Which I have always been around but this is a deferred fixed annuity that starts. At some point in time down the road so when you're 85. It starts to pay you a monthly income that you can never outlive. So you basically used up everything during the course of that time and then if you need that. Then starts to pay you that. For as long as a left. It's it's an interesting concept because. I don't know how it's factored in how you figure out what's the day you start to do -- so. I'm thinking like this what happens if you're an anti money at eighty but you bought a policy that's supposed to pay an 85 pounds what do you do for those five years yes. I don't know I've never seen one have never seen a policy like this but I've heard about a conceptually. But this woman who wrote the article highly suggest. That a single women. Consider this kind of an opportunity because it would help them not worry about running out of money. Notwithstanding when I just send -- But you have to put in a significant amount of money in a lump sum like most annuities. In order to get that at the other end of the road and I just don't know if I would be willing to part with that kind of money. When I'm sixty. And say OK and you know 25 years are now finding an -- While they're still beneficiaries of somebody would get it it's not like it wouldn't go in a black hole. But the point is. If you really are banding on the fact that at some point down the road you're gonna have burned through everything you have and you have nothing. I just think it's around -- crazy thing I don't know I guess I need to know more about it but. Second thing she said is that. People need to take -- women these take a look at creating a plan that assumes you live to 95 or beyond. And that means making sure that you have some percentage of your portfolio. In stocks well in the -- seven days. And you know not enough to do the thing that everybody thinks oil lamps that come when I'm 65 I got to take all that money put in something conservative. Well and now a conservative means. CDs -- stuff like that bonds to no money now because now you know Enron. The American and it and it's not gonna do anything and inflation. First thing she says which I think is at that crash. Is you need to move somewhere less expensive. Car. Hello yeah. But I'll let you know they're late as being outside the United States and a lot of Americans go to Costa Rica because there's -- cost of living is very inexpensive. And the climb this wonderful and they love it there's a huge population. Of American expatriates that are down there. Or any other place you know you can think of where where the easy issues are -- heating and cooling and stuff like that on how you don't look at that. I I don't think that's a high priority but then of course saying that I think makes a lot of sense of people forget about. Is that her first mortgage if you've got a house somewhere and your kids are gonna nobody needs that house. Why not convert that into something that generates a stream of income you can narrow list. And you can withdraw funds from the house as well. They want take a trip around the world thousands to get paid off right now we are free and clear now knows is so how what how does that work and as you can actually refinance it and reverse. And and if there's any equity you can take them to take the equity out -- lump sum. Or you can set it up so that it actually pays you and income in reverse. So have you paying the -- my neck and right I know that's what they cause I don't think people understand that they don't. They do not understand. It's a very complicated. Situation. But it is something that people really need to look at seriously because endless source of income because then what happens when you're no longer there -- -- you die you would do the reverse and you die. What happens is back to the bank right. And then what's the bank do give it to a real tennis south Dixie more money they're just yeah but the thing I'm I'm saying is it's it's obviously. People are very especially in our area very self that's self conscious very conscious. I'm not heavy any debt when they get to retire now they wanna know chaos that mortgage and that's -- that's a source of pride to them kind of pay off my mortgage down I can retire. OK but now what do you do with the house he can't sell off for Rome when you need money -- so if you look at this like it's an opportunity. To refinance at least get some money out of it and have a start paying you income is a great opportunity for people that say. Just kind of think about and might use at its farm more safe than they used to be unpopular. Different because it had a bad -- Yours -- right it's in which we talked about the work okay. -- -- it's not a bad idea I'm -- so I think people listened to single women or anybody should take a look at that as as she calls and an emerging. Emergency financial planning parachute I think this will more than half. I think it's a viable option in their retirement plan to considering first market. So anyway you recommend that when you sit with the Jonas yeah I do because I think people just have to look at that and again it's that fear of -- pay off the house science. It's okay it's easy enough borrowing against the house the house is now paying you money and if your kids. Have no interest in this piece of property why not let -- produce something for you. My. I mean that's just you know the way people have to look at so. I think fans and the whole idea of a reverse mortgage. Is -- Has no meaning today than did even five years ago because it was just so. Heavily lady with bees and craziness. -- it was just it makes sense you bottom line was it was costing you so much money to get that money it just didn't make any sense. It's still expensive. I'm not gonna. Downplay that. But the fact is it's a better way for you to get money then you know living off your kids and -- only companies do reverse mortgages. Claiming like certain reverse mortgage companies -- -- the only way that banks there's no -- I don't know of any banks that do we never -- now he's just that they may be created as banks specifically for that purpose correct. But mostly now with their mortgage companies and that's that's an important question ask. You know -- what's their collateral. Power they back time -- be able to do something like best prank and a lot of them are really fly by night companies such as I was just what they get the bad rap. My first -- exactly. But I do think it's even those that guy and an ex senator actor what's his name yeah Edgar Thompson editing and Jessica EE you know he's credible and he's saying it's a different story said they think it seems to be much more positive -- -- -- the funds. Henry went but he also has -- yes I met him you know I am not him. Anyway a couple times -- Anyway we're gonna take really quick break you're listening this morning so -- and -- show it Saturday morning a little Korean Lee and now. -- Good morning good morning we are back we ran. -- -- OK so. We have to get sexson who until we have our good friend director of marketing yeah. To them ERA one source realty mr. Jeff I aide -- one American local Arab resident experts aren't real estate. ERA has seven offices in ten counties. They have about a hundred agents. And full disclosure full disclosure yes I'm an agencies trying to licenses. Ask us ER day in -- on -- and I owned and operated. Owned in a broker owner -- a -- up and Jeff is here to talk about stuffy nose really well. Marketing PA. Are any -- don't want to talk a little bit about marketing property you how it's done why it's done what agents do like when you were talking about. Seeing somebody always at least showing up property on. FaceBook around FaceBook can provide you which really is it's kinda neat because you need you know you've. To see it is good and down so we're gonna talk about how what's the best way to do that and what kind of work so -- doesn't subject welcome. Thank you good morning -- the wrong. Com learning from learning. -- deficits like -- of course when my favorite. Topics to talk about -- for all states so far. But but frankly. It's its marketing and general sort something that really fit him under some of pinpoint specific -- Allstate. Some of these com trends that are out there right now marketing couldn't couldn't really be directed to any business. So things. We're all aware of the traditional marketing comprehend. Director now radio TV. Com and even some of that. Regulars indications like come. You have a -- if you put your listening into the multi US senate automatically feeds out to several. Syndicate website so I Petroleos fellow. Tom. I'm so those types of subsite. But I kind of wanted to step away from now because this really Tom Cole new trends and marketing. Once again. We're talking -- -- can be -- -- -- have a business. And the one day that one of the hottest things is video. Tom thank YouTube. No no like physically video going properties. -- locations six Herrera. And doing well with that you've posted onto your website you posted on YouTube -- co-founder -- FaceBook. And you can even use secure coding you -- in print advertising. That's telling men that -- and then putting him on utopian married my school yeah in November and -- and yeah it's it's good you have to go on the computer to know that kind of stuff you might ask -- I -- -- yeah probably. -- but it but it. But the cool thing about does that mean you go to a professional cinematographer to do it Tom. We do it and it can be pricey -- -- 10500 dollars a video. And they have a cell flights are you really look at you know how cost effective this so we actually went down we got -- come to go pro camera. Oh you did ES oh cool -- -- you know I've done now. I know is is basically going to look it's it is a video camera and and you can come. You're on your he had seen non links there's. Come pollsters and sir yes -- all kinds of stuff. And to do well into the room. This into video and set a pick and hundreds and hundreds 500 dollars on you doing to yourself yeah -- just walk around of the camera is and you talk talk and that -- a lot. Having lunch yeah one I thank you to your lifestyle. Definitely and and it becomes less formal. Did you go onto our FaceBook was down fury one. You'll see some -- -- has been doing -- he would cinematographer. And pretend to be a little more bridges. You know don't have her talking in the background from a script but in this tournament it's -- -- -- your friend the guy and have -- now. How much of those cameras come they can be between 200 and allies. And but yeah. Why are they are differently they're all different bells and whistles attached to an area isn't on his and -- institutions you have to like change the lens or anything like a camera or you know and you -- it's intimacy it's like that it's like a regular. Video camera when my old one DNA and Hannah Montana and refrigerator. Tom. Tried both and ends but it didn't think it was just gonna talk about is com you can also for the month around. And that's another good and it's it's great we have -- different for a lot of us from our office. No it was a state police officer just retired you know now he's out there and his motorcycle went around having fun living your life. Well he started doing a journalist he bought it does I was a plate dinner one night and now he goes out and he actually. -- video houses and physical listening because he can get. There's so small the drone in and camera so small it can -- -- -- and look inside the window. That's how scary it's scary but also asked in terms of marketing. Yeah I think it's also good from another perspective too because. You know Agassi. Do you see static pictures and and the Sunday paper right. And it's a little shot that crops just the particular property you're looking at the but he had -- -- go around and say this is the neighborhood. Right this is what -- this is how close you are to the next neighbor or this is how far back the property go listen. Get a bit more dimensional. Perspective on this piece of property -- probably would sell it or not -- -- don't write chapters and say yeah yeah here yeah. We love you the when he recently did for us we've got a -- listen a consultant in the -- seventeen acre estate. And so he zoomed all around the hole found circumference. The acreage. And they got closer closer closer to the house -- you do exactly what you're saying. You get the Heidi hands and -- made yeah like that. And it's good but it's crazy though because -- the thing I was thinking about -- I had I reserves to a bit. Is what the record regulations are yeah it's I can't really are sent by now very very. I -- you're not supposed to have about 400 feet. And it should always be in my side. You know -- I assume that just yet again sorry to do you guys calm that it makes a difference for that both found. That was a whole thing I was getting back to long on the video is. There's so many different aspects of that come as -- as someone in marketing our group marketing professionals will save. Com. The average person now has the attentions back experiment -- You can't say this you can have a good and the city -- that's true. So. The old video even even though it's some of -- -- -- video was like five minutes I can do wow. Yeah and then I'm the same way if I'm wants your son if something -- on FaceBook posts and I must is really really interest -- This after not even a minute break. So. Basically good Broadcom is thirty seconds doing two minute sir you look at these how -- so you look at -- like one is a combination how do you guys like you were saying man. Reduce static picture is into the house and around the house at the same time -- -- It's it's really tricky no more concept is really tricky so we've been doing really is multiple multiple videos come. Snaps like ten seconds ten seconds ten seconds and posting them around your making a -- -- large. Now I consent -- and I can't even. Cab and this this process I really can't it's and I know what's cool is hip it's I get scared have been off it's just yeah. Animal -- it's the old. Did the old thumbs slide shows that yeah I remembered with the picture and there are out there they're right burst on to -- because everybody likes something different yeah. -- an end and it's just the way that it wasn't. Same thing its efforts on film. Pray instead of a camera yours and I -- here. So. I love doesn't -- -- -- with the work we just started and it's so comes out front Tom you're talking about social media. Now how are you a source familiar. Maynor and sometimes tell me -- them now I know she's doing what I was doing lightning for you look better now. I don't do I do any avenues -- yeah I am I do have a FaceBook page which I never used it. And I do occasionally -- one because I get. I get this on my phone and then al-Qaeda like people but I don't do it because it really is because. The type of work I do know. Who I am not usually. In front of like a computer and to sit here on the phone doing -- I just it's just not. Conducive to the type of work I don't I'm not sitting down in front of at a desk I'm very little time throughout the day or so I am not I move an inch here -- there I just don't tell it. Now I should have someone -- -- -- yes when shaking your head Yasser. Even -- like a professional tennis dot com can actually come. There's. I can talk to separate good there's also ways that you can have automatic feeds coach your FaceBook. Aren't as and as close as a professional not a professional page and not throw things -- -- right now is. Talk to separate the two and that's always been kind of a concept right take your personal FaceBook for a so so much easier now to set up a secondary FaceBook. -- feeds to your FaceBook. But it's just for your business. And and so you go on your regular FaceBook account and you get into the secretary count professional account. And the good thing about that is. People post on it's what your posting after they can like OK and one I see there. So the so it's you're sending a message -- people are receiving it and you were accurate with the amount you know -- your contacts your -- influence. You would have a huge following on America thanks getting that message out and anyone in your sphere. Can see why it's what your post it was going to talk to about half the and I can't yes wonderful. Yet because I believe I love social. Mean this social media world but I. I think it's great and it's it's used properly it's fabulous I just because it's amazing what you hear like my son -- here things. Faster than I do any sense in DC because why he read it on -- a -- in Winston recite an -- whenever I think it's amazing how works. There one point three billion. People have accounts on FaceBook yeah I can remember me showing my age now I remember when I was very hundreds of thousands like like 200000. And how it would grow double double double double. So yeah one point three -- and panorama. Then you know euros within a few others saw trees you mentioned -- -- Seagram. Is the Facebook value is serious because it doesn't have all that didn't have you ever since the ground. And -- -- -- -- is that it's basically posting this there's a posting pictures pictures yeah you can collect little cartoons and stuff but it doesn't have the nonsense like. -- I just went to dinner. I don't know which I don't know what like a Twitter kind of -- its its -- -- you tell people and people say I just woke up for I'm putting the covers of and I had now I don't care just ask. My fear and shoot like really why death. So that's about faster no intends to -- is growing it's that there's actually almost as many I'm subscribers in to Graham has there are -- Twitter I can Stu grant tells. Yeah like this I don't care for Twitter. Either you know Taylor who come up interest. -- -- -- centrists Alonso and Jason yeah interest -- interest is -- and again in the short period of time that's how there's seventy million people who are on now. And it's just really a soft a soft two ways to. Dear promoting is almost like looking at a magazine and you're putting yourself in the magazine some people who like quake. I know and eight people love that site it really doesn't mostly women many thanks for that sign or do you think it's getting no -- -- now. I it's a good. So -- a lot of a lot of people I know armament or on the internal kind of weather and it because -- so there's architecture. There there are like crafts cookie on a kind of stuff. But there's foresters are -- model cars and all. Classic cars are. So that's that's a big part of that -- com. And then the other thing is mobile -- huge -- is huge right now for website and you have to have basically. You should you should have. Mean that integrates desktop and tablet and Smartphone. Palm automatically -- com. 90% of shoppers home shoppers are using mobile right now actually use their phones and I com. And the phones are getting a little bit bigger larger -- -- Can. Yeah. And throws that I'm so you can simply. We -- you because those photos are big so you can get a great shot and see with the houses are well and and you have to have the right tools on the site -- GPS recognition and my mom you you should have to have an athlete gets you to a far. Guess you can. Does come into the science. And social media integration we're talking just develop social media if you're -- if you don't have website right now let's jumps to. I'm social media then you're missing -- -- -- -- -- I race. We gonna talk more about this is very interesting next month but -- continue it please thank you just. Jeff thanks for joining us where everybody have a great week thank you for listening we'll see you next week be safe and be nice and I -- and I.