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Aug 9, 2014|

Saturday August 9, 2014

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good morning everyone you're listening to the -- inland shelf and I am Mari -- and the owners -- you can enterprise is such as a fundraising appearance special events business and it is. Thursday because we as you are now we tape on Thursday beautiful delightful day. And miss Lynn Evans is on her way home from a few days at the short think Cape May. And so our resident expert in the house today would be attorney Barbara. Our with Maine to a feeling different men and then finish up. Bring in the bring up the rear on her events her for her show her show and I -- to show too -- really don't. Her your -- the last segment of our -- And -- help me out so last thank you Barbara French opinion and delighted to be here and at your place I. I spoke to. Gillian and she's on her way back from Cape May help. The F and none sounded like she was having a wonderful time amount she needs it everyone deserves a little break I would tell you I don't know where -- if you guys routinely go to -- the beach. But. I find it's the only time that I completely relax is to go away to a beach because you're sort of stuck no matter what you do you're there. If you like the beach or not it's just that. Your it's just relaxing no matter what you don't. I always found -- going back to the beach was. Centered me and I always felt very relaxed to go and and fortunes and two Brothers Jeff passes at the journal. Where. My one brother lived it has a house. In Avalon and the other one has a house on the beach in ocean city New Jersey -- and their beautiful houses. And my Brothers generously invited -- down. So that's nice. I will tell you that I love the Jersey Shore excel come to Philly can't and that's where you yeah. And I mean I lived in Philly first and almost seven years so was easy just to go there. And -- I'm but I just level we were little we really didn't go I'll. Very -- on many vacations because my dad had his own business and people put a pool in our backyard and built in poem I found Ecstasy that that sounds lovely CCC cattle country club right now. -- I don't and so that was really what we did and but when we were little we went to. I'm ocean city New Jersey and that's that was one of -- -- vacations that I remember and I just think it's neat to be carded -- hole. This Jersey every year growing up and then my parents -- house in 1978. They put casino gambling came in there around the same time and come my dad quit aerospace engineering retired. From General Electric and you went down there and sold real estate for ten years while since you like it did was -- caught -- why did he -- absolutely loved -- my dad was. When innocent wonderful personalities enjoyed meeting people. He loves what he is I mean he cannot he was my kind of a go down and -- beach. And he talked to everyone on the beach and it was there and find out what the connection was. They were Catholic what parish they -- from and he knew somebody there and he would talk to everybody on the beach but what. The parish question South Philadelphia is very -- and has yet you didn't answer that people are some don't you ask Larry nationalize. So and then you know I know because I'm like I said I live there and it's easy here that I started doing used to not that I knew it because I live downtown but. Everybody in the outlying like you know especially in for some reason seemed like the north northeast Philadelphia this season and and that I was born. Northeast Philadelphia and you knew where somebody the pilot perished -- And that would be the first question like appear it's what's your mother's mania and down there it would be let me -- finishing exactly says. -- well. How was your week in general to get a good week good guys can't -- -- and compact. And -- my son went to the US air force academy. And it just completed it is. The basic training. And I am absolutely thrilled this past Tuesday was the acceptance day parade. Where he was accepted into the air force -- sequentially done basic training and done a lot of the horrible stuff. Other things that make content while -- -- which one is that Christopher's tough Packers just graduated from Abington. A June 19 and reported. Into the air force academy in Colorado Springs on June 26. And has been doing that I'm really a boot camp. While -- on our. I think each other crazy you know if he's a funny -- -- is -- usually is I see kind of the same. -- -- And not fit the public persona honestly and I Jennings sent it right because he. Yeah like he used to saying he has a very cricket since you yes and and then he doesn't -- but yeah. How seriously are you missing why it's just -- so I. -- know what I miss Chris turned terribly him because. We had him like an -- I'm the last seven years. And these other kids and after college and law school and and now he was our only chance for the last seven years and. There's a lot of nights where gray would be working your meetings or whatever and animal my mom and Chris yeah and now. Now I think -- he's gonna end. Old they're not allowed to they can he called us on July 19 site prison almost you know why. I think Chris. Prisoners handler -- at one and he. Was not allowed any communication other than written letters. And they would even regulate how often they got letters. It's their way into the mailboxes. So what we were allowed to right. -- those first couple letters were real sad Deanna. And and you think it. What what did he get himself into but. You know when he did he likes it now and I told nobody supposed to like basic training yeah -- wake him up at 4:30 in the morning. And they yell at you for everything so when he got yelled at Fuller was when he was shining issues he resigned your knees instead of one. See that they regulate the amount of time you chew. Like how many of them choose you have the size of some of what you cut your food into. They they regularly absolutely everything on that and no offense to military because I don't have any issue but don't you think there's a lot of that tells a lot of control issues how -- I mean eat how they explain it is that you're there. Stripping new love of a lot of -- Ego word personality incident they can build you -- to be a leader. Yeah so although I as his mother's a different I think this was a great idea. It's that the bigger military concept that I had. Tell -- I'm not really familiar west. I mean there isn't because punctuality is a big -- and and I -- total control of they would go bullying come back to me and he can't slowly being punctual insulin but it's all the control Israel limited yes it is true. You know and if you go in there is a big ego I don't think you come out there out of there with a big. A so it's then it's been an interesting summer. Well that's -- I think it's great any of those. I'm happy he's gone I'm now -- -- always farm for a full year stint yes forcefully yesterday -- to deal done. He wants to go into aerospace engineering and and so so we'll see him. And the academy would give him some. The wonderful opportunities that I think he won't get in private industry sell -- don't cook. Good for -- somebody wanted to do since he was telling here at a loss when he disease any interest in Moscow after what he does not now done his. He started this thing he wanted to be a pilot and. And he did. We started lessons when he was fifteen K so it is sixteen. And he enjoys the flying but he doesn't wanna be a fighter pilot. And he would have to give the air force ten years if they train and as pilot. Anger at what he has what he's committed to do now is give them five years after. After his Wear -- seat and he doesn't commit to that until his junior year. Thanks thank. Good luck to -- thank you so much. Because here's an unfounded target hate him what he's not a target know where he's been gone almost two years to wait a second yeah where is an answer to GAAP peace and Sampras. I'm sure he says senior just got promoted senior analyst at the gap right overlooking the bay as well have you. I mean I then several times now since he's there's my camera. She'll be home in October and -- Christmas -- well my little guy came home we went to DC last weekend. Because Sean was doing an intern ship and DC and now he's home for a couple weeks I'm happy to have excellent. Kim back under my roof because she's the baby and happy to have them so that's a good thing. And this week last Thursday I should say I had -- several of my girl friends from high school. We were supposed to be all seven of us for the first time in a while getting together and two people could not come. So I had Lisa Ferraro and brutal crack in barricade and Lynn Walsh and NBC could Davis. And we decided let's wrap my house so me and a very lovely tie ties and nothing like. Being with your girlfriends who know you since your little girl took all of the major changes in your life to. 53. And I 35. Reunion is fishy here -- the end of September. My fortieth class she's 79. Yes I have to learn like -- would put those people who really knowing you from. -- -- that's a great feeling so bad so I -- well and then my mom's -- where you're really and I think it's at GM. I'm Walter fat feet and keep -- size since the end of September will be nice -- both. And then my mom and I and my uncle celebrated a good day apart birthday and we went out to dinner with small fire -- my hand. -- you're not an answer on the stage I always do what I can actually 77 she'd end who cares where -- the rush him in Dothan will throw RH another time we. My mother is ninety NBC. He's very very proud that she's ninety's she was -- real happy in the years leading up to ninety but now realize is when they met office and don't you know what they say. When you start out -- lake eighteen here five months of foreign half concentration and -- proud to say how many months you're living and then as she started getting you know tell on them and start getting albeit trail to say hmmm how many years and months -- -- 50s60s and seventies she didn't bring enough. Now that she's nineteen she realizes prevent an accomplishment it is that you just got a new car sounds harmless she drags you. And yes. I'm in Philadelphia area so right she isn't impressed wow now she's the one that's gone 55 Henne on the turnpike sound. So wait until -- She's staying in the lower slightly if you ask just passers by in the -- -- what's your first and Magnus Magnus so we'll say -- dad and mr. -- Agnes -- the -- collared him nag here and no food no no look like this fall on angle on aren't the -- Well ethical thing. I'm -- known as -- wish another birthday Joseph appear on August 6. I'm happy birthday and my good buddy Giles he does all of my landscaping gardening in my house he's. Wonderful -- -- the other day site tournament in the big shout out. And done. What do I said I'm trying to remember. Sunday night I was at a time wolf fund raiser at Von Lugar's a lot of good people and done a nice event. So it's -- good -- -- green was yeah -- nice -- to Bob Dicker when I was leaving I said how I had to see hope green get to Europe. Establishment he said he was. Playing somewhere I can think of it I saw him Saturday night. Where Lionel -- a bit Woodstock passed -- vessel what sets again then when he said again these based Afghan and it was great so Jimenez said he was -- wonderful yeah and the kind of let's -- Ice-T was there and somebody else and I thought. But the week before something I'm I'm I'm. -- -- so glad Bethel woods was. Those temptations and the four times so I love settlements -- -- great location I didn't really help any -- Heidi really some pretty well there was a first time who we went. And it is beautiful there's flowering trees oh where is affairs -- isn't just pretty stunning break and then you know it you know John Fargas. Well Jon isn't it from the Syrian he's a development director for apple will sell. That was lovely and they had terrific -- to -- -- -- So that was my week. And craziest -- wise and then we went away for two days of big shot and just being in DC it was very hot and -- didn't get to doing DC we didn't really began there in the afternoon we got delayed because of the traffic and and the whether it's it really does a lot of rain going down and so we went to dinner and then we picked him up and loaded the car and we went to a great place called founding farmers from France you know we had a myself. Yeah but it was I'm and it's nice I'm just so happy to have a -- So we are going to take a very quick break Barbara who will be right back to talk a little bit mark. You're listening this morning to -- and shop it's Saturday morning -- little Korean DeLeon and freelance. Welcome back you're listening to Larry lynch on March hadn't. And I am joined with that today with eyebrow hair Barbara. Who is -- I wrap our guest experts. And she's filling in for me is that Lyn Evans so Barbara again to me in Cape May ascent on her way home I knew that I receive from the related caveman Angelina have been singing I'm -- and I -- alone -- -- -- -- so. Hope she had fun. And done we're talking about everything men asked to do as we were talking -- about our weeks and I'm a couple things here in little couple announcements of happenings. Around town Hillary was happening yes. One is the jazz Scranton jazz fans to most tenth anniversary now you're listening to us on Saturday morning so Friday when Marty had passed. But Clarence Beatty is our headliner for that what -- when you're hearing -- would be last night. And tonight we will be having. The Manhattan Transfer will be playing one we have a lineup you can visit does Scranton jazz festival -- award to get more information on -- I -- -- jazz -- Manhattan Transfer will be dead had minor and tomorrow night. Will be but keep its rally and the big bands festival -- -- Rascal so where are honest people in there I just on every man's name astronomy. So I -- prior to the headliners. And it's at the Radisson Vermont -- in the back return I don't know if you've never -- we turn them. Not Wear trousers them. -- -- out in the back where the parking and I can't park where the arcade is how we that's all turned into an outdoor amphitheater so it actually really cool. So rain or shine. It's great and done the Radisson has their barn food set up that you can purchase and relax and listen to great music. Attend here the first two we did -- hammonds growth in Athens and may god and then -- multitude of Radisson because the collapse of hammonds growth tends. So it was. It's been very good to -- had a lot of good run and this is the tenth anniversary so if you wanna go please don't. It's a good lineup. The F 25 Dallas tonight and twenty Dallas tomorrow night so lamb. It's a good night and this good a good good good defense so appeared jazz fan -- even if you're not you can learn today. That's happening this weekend and I am coming up to was I talked about last week. Did you ever go to a -- do go to yard sales ever -- yards so I am not my husband has so cancel lots of people are. So I'm about the veterinary referral an emergency Centre in week. And I clarks summit is having what they call community yards after. It's a 318 Northern Boulevard and south Abington Township -- Jim -- east yeah so there it's benefiting your Angel fund and what it is is the Angel fund is set up for people who cannot afford. In a very sick dog our dog who needs something and they just can't afford to get it. Care there's an Angel food fund set up for that purpose and how -- actually what happens. I'm not a 100% sure how they determine when to sell cars tents -- -- that's kind of a neat -- so anyway what they're asking to do now is to Fannie sellers out there who -- -- -- They have a table and two chairs set up for you bring your stuff. All they're asking is if you would contribute back 20%. A what you make to the Angel fund so that they can. We use this money continue to help people who can't afford to help their dogs. With some surgeries and different things that they made that they do when they specialized -- that clinic at the not so when is they -- husband and I. That's better said one when CR six yard sale is Saturday September 13. Set up at 7 AM these people do get out awfully early and the sale starts at eight. So you can contact Heather GH EH EH ERG at -- TR ECPA dot com. Or you can call 30 I'm sorry fat -- and now. -- -- 77777. So we say 5877777. Ask for Heather and damn. -- happy out and tell you what you can do in their right now they're like I said they're looking for sellers. So give it a shot and it's really nice is that it does benefit this fund which I think is a great a great thing for them to don't trust -- -- community yard sale at two. The veterinary referral and emergency center in tech summit 318 Northern Boulevard and the thirteenth of September -- set up at seven starts at eight. So if you wanna do that it. Get on board. And also we have our Broadway series this year prior read them that I would like those are coming from yes Ali showed the show are coming this coming we have mom let me ask. Which I love I can see that every year and never be bored with that I absolutely love that when discipline. That is on October 24 two of the 26. And of course Judy McClain is and the cast and -- -- one of my locals from up to lined. -- -- -- -- And -- sister act but which is really a good eliminating gauge -- October and November 22. 21 and 22. And dad is on Friday and Saturday only. Million dollar quartet. Is January 25 to 23 to the 25 2015. Are ready to. Then we have which I love did you see the movie flash dance it's okay well there's a lot of years ago there's a way yes a light years ago flash answer would be music off. It's march 6 through eighth the all of these plays are at the Scranton cultural center in any Weinberg theater. And then the last one is may first through the third anything goes which is a good old. -- trusted and true kind of play which which will be great so it's a really nice lineup. And that's all happening. For the Bradley C. Theater league of northeastern Pennsylvania shows for 201415. They do have some advance let's talk about another time they're like one or two nights. In between all these speeds -- five but for the actual. Series today's mamma Mia sister act two million dollar quartet. Flash dance and anything gust -- -- is trying to -- is -- -- -- I love -- did you -- you -- you see mamma -- a couple of we just we just gotta love it. So. What else is happening then in the world. This fire breath JO hair and the legal world about the changes summer brings on some crazy times relatively -- And I -- chilly summer brings on and then you know things are hot viewer -- trying to -- his hot and I am I know between. This summer can be a lot of fun or summer can be a lot of attention to -- people. And -- what I see in summer aside from the custody leap relocations. Because everybody needs to get the kids situated before the school year starts. They also -- -- Check your prime piece actions and what have protection from abuse is is where there's been any physical violence threat of physical violence threatens to someone's life. That they could go into court and get an order to keep that person away from them. And a person would have to be either a family member a sexual partner partner. That or someone you then you've been living list. That you need a court order to keep their personal life. And it in some cases there's some real genuine abuse that goes on and other cases it's just that they. Tired fighting and maybe accusing some very very bad things to say to each other. That people don't necessarily even realized just how bad -- towns. -- two examples this week. One of them and a guy said I don't care about this house but it's okay if you if we just burned down the house now. That may be a figure of speech to him but to the recipient. Yeah that's a threat to burn down the house. And you know you try to explain to people -- to some other words might be taken in the wrong context. And it becomes very. Difficult to defend against those off handed comments that people make that perhaps they didn't intend that. But to the recipient who might be afraid of them of that person. How do you know that's not a genuine threat to us are afraid to have reality of it may be. Become a reality the act and it may become a reality it's because they believe at home key issue. When you call when -- obviously a judge has -- -- there is any judge hello ears and proceed yeah 'cause you would go win by -- Obviously by yourself so this is -- a hearing that you have on the spot. So you go in and you fill -- in paperwork in black and -- Lucerne there's people and even help you with the paperwork. And then you would go in front of the judge and the judge she -- and assess your credibility and decide whether or not just to signing the temporary order. The temporary order Wilson the will. Give you the following. The other person has to say away from you making it. You could ask for and get. Exclusive possession of the house that you're living in with this person you can get custody of the children you have a dispersant. Because in those counties still make the children protected parties so it. You don't have custody of children you don't have a place to live. And here under court order to stay away from this person. That's ten that it is a temporary order a Catholic and then -- within ten days she should have a hearing on whether or not that order should be made permanent. And that order could go up to three years. So I was just gonna say how very very significant thing that you could be losing. Okay -- it can set a precedent in custody in obviously sets a precedent as to you if you're going to be divorcing who's living in the house. And also the course now looking at you as an abuse there. So I tell people is they're going to continue living together. And you know either they're not divorcing. Or that the divorce might be filed are really living in a pressure cooker and they know what litigation. Would you. Ever share a house wins. By the people you're suing right somebody hits your car you wouldn't live -- that you wouldn't consider adding under the same roof put in divorce a lot of times you're doing that the contents people are doing that now because of the economics of the situation. Until they sell the house they can afford to move apart. They needs the two incomes to make to make the mortgage so. But I see that happening so much so much anymore and I don't remember and most of it is the as soon as you say financial reasons how do you do that. In my head I cautioned people wait -- stuff I've I've been married for 31 years and not pick later this month. I -- never convince my husband and anything while we're screaming anytime and fortunately that doesn't happen that often that we screaming each other but it happens. In every relationship yes you have disagreements -- But really. There's a time to talk to your spouse and it's time to leave this Basilan. So if here in the middle of a disagreement. May be it's not a good idea to continue that. And maybe you should back off because you don't need to escalate thanks. So how what happens with a temporary orders now it is he would have a hearing on that where you could be hurt. And to be honest would give the court wants to make sure that people are not getting killed. -- situations a lot of the of the violence that happens in relationships and marriages. Acceptance among pretty look. A horrible consequences. -- just 1 this morning. Where the guy. Killed the wife in front of the the two little kids -- the kid and then took -- kids I got at 4 o'clock or whenever my phone and a female Lara Lara went off on my phone and I jumped out of my skin and it was annoying loud and loud enough for me wonder what is that noise and it was and it came up. And that's scary images Drexel Hill I think you might I might might -- sits at Drexel Hamilton won Howell and I and by the time I -- today I guess how I got they they did. Then they got him and they wouldn't yes and what happened was -- your mom was shot in front of the two kids and what she killed. Yes. And that dad went to. Where an analyst it was his brother her brother to a CBS held him up in front of the kids and robbed him of -- cigarettes or something. And let the kids there and went and killed himself. I mean there's some really really horrible things that are happening -- kids and hardly scarring things. Because he's put kids are added there -- worrying about their mother. And then dad takes them and does this kind of stuff and I realize that there's a lot of mental health problems and play it. And just hope people get some help rounded and often. Come out with some horrible consequences for everybody involved. And what -- Barbara who went before we're gonna take a quick break and talk more we come back bench when so many somebody violates a PSA. Is that usually in the temporary stage for a -- after it doesn't really have -- okay there's really no consequence legal as to whether United's. Violation of a temporary or violation of the permanent. Both of them. -- that was a similar but the violations considered. -- criminal OK so it's it's a criminal violation of the similar content. And I wanna talk to little bit more about how long Pete what happens at -- south. We'll be right back and isn't this -- Delorean in -- This is WI OK powered by Sherwood Chevrolet into uncanny PA stop by Sherwood the view full lines of Buick GMC and Chevrolet. It's Saturday morning I would Gloria -- and now. -- and. Morning you're listening to Marion -- show welcome back. I'm our cat and the owners like had enterprises such as a fundraising appearance special meant business. And Lynn Evans is off today because she's returning from her vacationing Cape -- so joining me. And in her usual position is attorney Barbara. Who is with Hughes Nickels and O'Hara is a family law practice in Denmark. Barbara has been practicing family law and now a little bit over -- 33 years. I'm very well versed happy to have her as one of our experts we bring a lot of she does brings a lot of information to us every month about different things and how things happen -- and only someone who does this type a -- could understand. On the craziness that goes along with the -- in in some cases are ending a marriage are finalizing. Custody here all of these things even now we're talking about PSAs and how they work and how they don't work so what we how we ended that before Barbara was. When that happens if someone violates as you said it's a criminal it's a criminal offense so. What usually happens. To us it's considered an indirect criminal contempt which is that there's criminal consequences for your violating similar. So dad and the sometimes it's negotiated. As to how -- how long the and other times if he goes through with the hearing the judge who makes a determination. And will ask that that the plaintiff the filing party how long they want this. Towards the judge makes a decision -- rush herself. So. The -- about violations Seattle what happened okay so the court doesn't. Distinguish between it is a violation a temporary owner for a violation of permanent order because it's about it's a criminal violation of the civil order. Irrespective of whether it's a temporary or permanent -- and I have. And clients obviously violated. Under those circumstances. And sometimes on a criminal violation. They'll pick the person right up put them Carla cops. Put him in handcuffs. And now I am. In dealing with their criminal hearing about the violation of their of their PF and in other circumstances I've had people cited and then they're saying I'm hearing for a violation of the of the PM thank and then there's a hearing. You know within a week on -- as to whether -- the person goes to jail and what constitutes. A violation. Well you've been told not to. Talk to. Can communicate in any way. Or her come the year ordered away from the house so violation could be that you call them or text them. Or email them but isn't that or even I've I've seen people put in deal for sending a card to the person -- -- but isn't that. I mean something in writing but if someone says you Mueller by my house -- isn't just sort of hearsay Heidi well how did it because it no matter credibility talc and I've had cases like that where. That the plaintiff may take the stand and say I saw his car. I son and you know and tell accord with the make and model of his car he's driving up and down my house. And then the defendant says oh no I was in there may be gives an alibi has alibi witnesses. Minnesota -- credibility whether or not. The -- nonsense that's credible and in the cases I've had. The court looks and you know is this on a Backstreet or is this on a mainstream where the person might legitimately have been going elsewhere. And and then when somebody wants to drop. A PSA. Can is that done easily or -- the court wants to make sure that the person -- -- That the person number one is doing now voluntarily and not as a result many cores right by the defendant. And secondly when they're not just the prudent thing to do because. There's a lot of emotion that goes into into PSAs both screen them and dropping them and I know it in. It the court system. They won't just routinely drop them they want to really interviewed the person to make sure that they're not being course drop this. Because the same person who may have been physically violent towards them. Could now be talking tonight about dropping them. Yes it's a -- lane violation if they. If I talk to them -- they may not be telling you that makes me they may have -- -- it is -- times when acorn decides that no we are not allowing -- and a -- OK so I can't be it's not always voluntary -- Well it it's not always granted when the person wanted to -- time OK and the judge it. Typically will go back to what the allegations where. And will -- who will ask questions of the plaintiff of boy you said on such and such date that he. Did this to you -- today at TU. Are you no longer afraid why -- you know unafraid and will the world. Asked the -- questions to make sure that the person is doing this. Voluntarily and also weighing whether or not they genuinely don't feel afraid now. And then Barbara when this happens to your saying that a lot of times as we spoke about earlier. In the inning and then in the process of getting legal divorce people still live with each other so do you find I find them more than ever I didn't -- -- -- -- do you find that the -- but PSAs are filed more with the people living together or those who are part already. Or is it again no I don't know. Because it I see a lot of people at the end of a dating relationship. In PF acorn trying so it's not is not always a husband a wife like I -- a -- inch in that case is it. Think he's just because it would be. You know I think it's for a lot of different reasons sometimes you know it a bad break up -- relationship whether they're married -- not married. And at other times so you know there's alcohol involved didn't. People -- it's anything sufficiency takes. Well so you're saying it happens a lot and -- It happens alive in the and it has its early on in the summer and in the wind trip he feels like via. I -- I don't or is it just more than they're doing and is it 52 people can use that as a threat do you think India and like I'm -- file list doing do people. I am. Couldn't say they want to talk to say hey I want to an end. Is there a lot of people who say you know what I am reconsider I'm I'm not gonna move forward are people afraid to file. I guess somebody LA actually. The ones are very afraid to file using afraid to plan because of of past violence rank and they're afraid about the reaction. Of of the other party did you find out. -- to be honest with you did -- people. Dead from a legal perspective that need it the most but they'd look at this and say what is what is the personal consequences in the event said. You know is he did -- the guy is gonna violate discord anyway this court order anyway and I'll get hurt. You know because there's no guarantees. That a court order is as good as it as a persons who -- you know so. Do you have people who get physically hurt when they have a PFA order also -- they unfortunately they do so. To do many men filed PSA I have had men filed PM thanks. For reasons of bad or other reasons likes -- -- like does that come into play with them well they know item. Weapons are great equalizer so it doesn't matter whether. You know if somebody takes a knife a gun an inanimate object who goes to hit you it doesn't matter whether you might be bigger than her. My if -- -- if she's punching it hit you or stabbing you know it's. The ads -- lies gender blind to anomalies masses should be so yeah. The funniest. -- I can count that is I was representing a guy and he was much bigger than his wife and we were in on the support hearing the sheriffs who. The sheriff called me and said. Come on here your clients and beaten and his wife was whack them with an umbrella. And and you know wanna if he said I was always taught not to hit a woman and -- Chambliss said he -- any talk gas. And stupid me I went to grab the umbrella that hit. Since -- hit maybe but she could have yeah I probably shouldn't -- done that but he instinctively any sort of -- there. Well -- BM as China health woman and and stopped that. But it. We see people lose control of their motions and and do some pretty crazy thanks and that was in a courthouse the -- now. -- it's if it happens in the courthouse it's my. Tourists have signed. Yeah I idea. -- -- -- you behavior and even on those spirit who they are gas right yeah. And if they're gonna do right there there did I use it right there and it was smoke feet away from a -- Now aren't they argue that our PSAs only for a man and one man is a child and parent is yeah Canada parent B siege. -- Parent and adult children that are getting along. Or -- like an elderly. I -- signs and that's adults with a child or something like that they -- one of their children not a childhood does that happen until all of that wow. -- it's just it's a real. It's it's sad because you see a whole lot of families and in turmoil. And I dinner ever things that really. -- our our things and I guess they are so I should -- an answer but I'm going to show is it isn't you can you see through some of these things remained. To they have holes all over and some of these people who some laying in bed so this is what they need and they're doing it for this purpose -- I nine I mean I'm talking from all angles. Bad day it's just. Ridiculous that there even doing it. Yes there are people that is -- to do it and -- A means. To get that kind of protection or a means to get -- -- the house floor -- -- any. Any one of those things -- -- let the courts purposes let's keep them apart so I didn't -- ailing gets hurt. And the quick assesses the credibility of the person filing. So half. But then Barbara what happens isn't some of these cases that means you're not supposed to but someone unarmed guard each isn't walking around with a personal file just to make sure this doesn't happen and that's when this other stuff. It ends up happening when -- that angry and the control is gone that that's when things. Go I was so bad it's true true because. Because it's really piece of paper. It is a piece of paper. And it if if the defendant is the time personnel would honor the and respects the court. Then they're going to be OK they're gonna be okay and you gonna stay away from them and they -- -- listen to people and that happens more than the other I does it does happen more and then. The ones who violated an in London and the ones who violated if it's just there's not a -- just that's just how they -- in general nothing is gonna stop them. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Nothing should ever rise to the point where where's -- hurting each other and I know you know this. -- in convincing anybody did they wanna stay with you die by hurting them it's a horrible thing. So unbeaten. In matters of PF -- what it in the next couple minutes we have anything. Or else that is seems to be hat that again happens at this time because we always talk about that you view and I if it's like. Is it to me it's it it everybody knows which time in the -- things heat up or not. Like what else happens in the summer a while BC said moving PS -- -- -- -- relocation school because there's children are starting school. Thank because it the courts don't want kids destructed in the middle of the school year. So no one's kids to it if you're going to be making a move -- make in the summer so sick kids kids situated in the new school district. And to be honest with you and the courts are crowded with. We locations during the summer. So. Because is not scared of the child to do this in the middle of the year yeah. Well that's that's what's going on lots of stuff always happening in your world house. Some couldn't some -- but just keep doing -- -- -- even donate 33 over 333 years now. No one that's a longtime south. Again how can anyone get in touch with you might need to see you I can be reached at 5703447171. My offices located in done more. And it's 1421 east -- street in Denmark. At the corner -- can drinker. And again it's a law firm of Hughes Nickels and O'Hara. If you need Barbara please -- and she'll be back next month to talk about some more fascinating info -- give us more fascinating information in the world of and the legal world so bars again thank thank you sitting in for -- -- have done a wonderful rest of the summer and you tell and I will see you guys will be back thanks for listening everybody have a great weekend I'm my cabinet. And be safe and to be nice but I thought I.