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Carbondale Mayor Justin Taylor and Corbett

Aug 11, 2014|

Carbondale Mayor Justin Taylor talks to Corbett about the a recent newspaper article about the UFO incident in November1974 and how the city is marking the 40th anniversary of it at the Carbondale Nights festival August 13 to the 16th.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Just until I'm so happy to talk to you. The four I was wondering how you are. Well I'm doing okay and in like -- they can't spend it all good -- you know and in all seriousness. This story that appeared today in the times Tribune whether you know -- -- not often the Associated Press will pick up stories. And they'll publish them in their newspapers. Or newspapers will publish the AP story nationwide this story. Has been picked up by the Associated Press I'm reading your right now. In the San Francisco daily newspaper self this I think you might get more than you bargained for when does when Johnston. Well my dad and I hope so let's all of that database I think you know the background and the alien story from what Iran. And we'll. This can be alien but I marketing scheme wise start to do so well and it. -- roots heritage community. And until that process as we look at the strength and -- in the city should welcome an historic route 62. People in the room strategy. Cheap Russian contingent -- the control and pushed alien enemy would try and get our heads and do. He's a -- all I wanna hear it I can't be everything will be here so I must say about the only inning and Eastern -- should quirky and not get. We'll travel around sanction and and don't travel and you know what he can't. Here you know there -- -- event or whatnot entry and then try and to do. This year that anniversary. We're doing okay a little bit and anti. Without our party that little guy that we have our our. Actually go to the surgeon who were actually anniversary of the different the last. And in October. I knew I feel and the hotel. Up. Also. Every story the true did in the metal. Good. If you want in Roswell new -- is golf and Pennsylvania. She would name numerical designation I asked -- -- if -- can you want to. We look at you wanna I wanna -- -- no one now now I realize that this is gonna go downhill real fast. And that anything is possible but not in in in all seriousness it's silly enough that it's fun. And it's it's the kind of fun you can have. Because of everything from just silly little green -- storage to real conspiracy terrorists who are convinced. That as I just found on a web site. Carbondale is part of a secret military base Carbondale but this is aligned with the stars in the universe. And anything is possible but what is -- a real serious question here. But the bug boy who was quoted who admitted 25 years later. To throw -- lantern in the -- to -- sister Robert Gillette junior is she's still alive just long. -- flew into Baghdad I see him the ball once a week. A much carbon carbon now he's a local electrician. So estranged outside. A double -- -- and make sure that he would like common part of that. We'll have that approach it easy. -- -- -- Sure on the priority at all. Any right to comment -- story at all on the -- was -- and the monsoon except that now. Eight he's alive and well result -- -- and -- you and I had been when you're dead. I found in the -- -- you know we get captured on the -- then and now and you tried -- you know there -- forty years later. You know from the Stanley and Brandon people and I talked in the room like. And like I didn't -- Harrington yeah a really big ordeal folks are. We were just double and triple part so people really just a little rushing this this site and as a -- senate Bill -- from our. Around the country are the best story I heard -- -- on the desk -- isn't it. Look at the couch and get a million holiday and there are you know it's good one after another and -- -- -- for example -- and no I. And why. I thought I. -- you all kidding aside once again and because of the attention. And because -- 74 was a strange time in American history maybe we weren't as sophisticated. As we like to believe we are today but when people start showing up. And the government pays attention to people showing up. Interest dead. In whether or not any government investigation ensued I'm interested in whether or not. There -- any records that if you would file for example a federal law Freedom of Information Act request. What you might dubbed hey Amy in response and I'm also surprised. The and that it's the best of my knowledge nobody is really spend time to to really put a book together. Because it's the kind of story that that gets everybody's attention I read a Tenet and the editors figured it was front page knows. How much big concern was that Robert July junior was still alive and well. And -- not as long as. When he shows up as the grand Marshal in -- in the middle of everything as long as like. Both the viewer not sucked up into a beam of light that comes out of the clouds. Without notice. And then did that happen. You know it's it's it's it's a funny deal when you when you take a look at how. People respond. To what was a scary event and then some people didn't know what was going on and obviously. The police wanted to get to the bottom on that and the bottom of it was the bottom of the pond with a battery powered railroad lantern. That most people agree was the reason for this 'cause as Gillette ever really talked at length about the amount when he didn't we're -- buddies are. I don't know the energy production and ball but guys. -- there was a story imagine David Mamet I hear -- structure he'd need all the same. -- parents you even want stood out Colin Powell liked the story cluster and how tall and -- more no small group. Shelling on the Robert -- junior tells all -- I tell you it's it's a great idea and you're in your pioneer days get under way this week Wednesday night right actually I let this planet and we know when they learned Friday Saturday we have you know I Munich in the fire -- probably I can -- -- got a kind of like -- adopt drop. -- upgrade should never ever all the different content and -- it's simple idea -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- and -- -- -- -- Which now and most impact and not to Carbondale area as a at all also help I'm trying to move people do pretty well. I took a look at your FaceBook page as well and and I think that your your use of the FaceBook pages. His masterful. In in a very. Nice kind of simple almost innocent way I mean you're you're talking about. Neighbor is being vigilant because you -- an arson Sierra Derrick. But at the same time. And you know your your posting photos. How about yourself a Volvo sold by is that though the woman whom -- on the FaceBook page so. I got an enemy and the greater. Atlanta. You know in a hospital. -- Ben asking for people to -- send our thoughts are prayers I mean it's it's a good way to it to make the best of all what you are who you are. What you town is what you town represents and I mean this UFO business this is -- this is the cherry on the on the cake or the ice cream -- there. Well thank thank the president can well and I can't I can we do all this is that -- again -- -- -- generation shouldn't start or something big where Obama. Omar -- over the years of going about it is maybe add carbon beat LA and will rebound and I think can. Just -- just what we need and I have official -- and you might wanna tell Joseph what I'm officially reopen this case Johnston are. OK listen good luck -- everything and if you're running into low Robert Gillette junior. Don't give us a call at some point this week so we can now we can give them the plug did he needs well no I. It is you and thank you just the -- mayor of Carbondale.