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Andrew Staub Interview

Aug 12, 2014|

L.A. Tarone's latest interview on WILK with Andrew Staub from the PA Independent.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- 737. And I you all know I go to the hands of any independents web site virtually every day and does an outstanding job. I'm covering what happens in the S State Capitol on legislation and stories that you really don't see. Anywhere Els and Bruce -- and many of you will remember from his days of the citizens' voice here in Wilkes-Barre is one of the reporters for. The Pennsylvania independent India historian today. That I had not seen anywhere else Sandra good evening thank you for being here tonight. -- -- The proposal from state representative. John -- a Republican from suburban Philadelphia Chester -- to be as specific. Well -- you want to increase the cigarette tax shot. Except sort don't fear card in order to fund property tax relief for low income senior citizens' -- basically take control and I don't. So used to the fact that to forty -- packed thousands -- -- -- property tax relief. 240 and I'm a fellow cigarettes modern RI INA cigarette smoke right shouldn't say -- -- you are not. And it's 56 dollars for a partner in Newport red right now -- advocates are about 64 dollars. Foreign property tax relief that saw a buzz word dead dead that's a buzz phrase it is gonna get. Some interest no who has has it generated any buzz on Capitol Hill as anybody talking about this like this might be workable. Simply new proposal or what I'm just want to actually just didn't accomplish first time yesterday. The current sponsorship -- titans didn't. You know a lot of time to react and that's why not -- -- found talk. This year has been without us senate bill -- the search teams were actually get rid of property taxes. -- that is stalled in committee in the senate right now so who knows if that's unknown who are not. Hi I am a supporter of house bill and senate bills 76 and many of our listeners aren't that matters -- warrants these he's a cosponsor run -- -- I'm not -- Armed or he might DN LG and so -- why not they tried to get -- also an amendment and that effort and -- there was some timely last year. Money would would this would in eighty. -- increase in the cigarette tax in Pennsylvania in 66 Downey says doesn't -- Philadelphia. How much money is that gonna race. Travel so good about 300 need two million dollars more physical and then combine which limited in rebate -- -- -- -- come from this state lottery each party and sat. That would be enough to actually give. Sort eligible to come and 82% discount on the property tax -- -- supporting using those 3500 dollar property tax Bill Clinton should be reduced to about. I'm a bad 22900. Dollars. Tell -- cents a sizable reduction but climbers and that is the number of smokers. And Pennsylvania continues to decline and are a lot of reasons for that is virtually impossible to smoke anywhere in public anymore. But cost I just mentioned 56 dollars per carton of cigarettes and some are much higher than match. Is alarms or anyone else concerned if you add another eighty cents. To a pack of cigarettes that the number of smokers is going to drop and -- The concern amongst some of the property tax reform arbitrage -- -- -- that. He's under a troop increase the tax on cigarettes -- -- -- and smoke so maybe there would be up to. I'm so over time you -- collecting less from less money from the same impact. I'm definitely concerned if the question is it. How quickly will people. Around quickly -- -- caddie help reduce first smoking habits you know where I could because the higher cost. -- boy when you're looking at some of the discount brands being I just under five dollars and your run of the day dole. You know marlboros. And new toward greens being close to seven dollars -- -- had slept that's already caused quite a few people to change and to -- give up the habit I -- One billion dollars cigarette taxes raise last year. And that's why it's called Tony Perkins fiscal year and how little more than a billion dollars could be a pretty big revenue generator and stayed in this just built Obama. Whom do now is that figure has been going up and Dow upper down the last few years I mean is I assume it's -- freezing slightly. Haven't actually looked at -- -- -- didn't I didn't go back and checked to see Alex Ferrer in overtime doesn't get this not be for any homeowner right this is only a select group of homeowners. And before. -- proposal are older than 55 and who make less than 35000. Dollars a year. Will be there homeowners will be eligible for that. I don't know if I want. Call that a small group but it is a fairly. Small group and it certainly wouldn't affect a guy like me who's under 65. Or. You know there's quite a number of bomb homeowners who -- whom that would not apply to. Is he concerned about because I don't remember there was Taylor somebody else and proposed. On god I don't remember exactly what I was but. Some increase. So there is some increase in some thing it's who. And did some property tax relief. Four people or 65 and older and that raised something number rockets people saying wait a minute that's not fair because people under 65. Also clobbered by property taxes. And they're concerned about -- commemorate her look different -- not a lot of talk is about. Because obviously continue to really the group -- -- -- -- are very concerned you know about. People know not a smaller stick in -- might not be able to -- local property tax increases. Don't put as perhaps the most noble group that is the fact about a property tax increases. I see US spoke to -- day involving your who has been the big pusher behind. Top house -- senate bill 76 and he doesn't does seem sold on this idea. It's an open and wanted to property tax remain the mr. -- Going to see school districts where that's actually you're near route to keep up -- -- increasing cost. He really conferred in particular property taxes and certainly this -- all going to be an issue. Well I die I would think the track record has proven him to be correct I think it here now it's we didn't get property tax relief Sama. -- from gaining and at least five school districts in Pennsylvania one of them by is the one I live in Costello and the homestead exemption. So you know there's been some -- aboard. Taxes keep going up every years it doesn't seem them. Matter that much you give somebody a little creditor or a little. In some people are really skeptical an idealist and see how that Federer is the property tax in place. And surgical. We've got another revenue stream may think you know we've seen this before with the gambling revenues of rightfully ours are supposed to and company actually listened. -- know people killed are still going up so you know but can't quite trust lawmakers agreed. -- -- -- -- -- eyes it's it's not related but -- kind is I saw our poll that I mentioned last week. About say and I usually get those. Those studies and prove people think congress is a bunch of bombs Bob -- -- congressman he's okay well that might congressman figure. Is down a 41%. Support the lowest number ever and I would suspect that. That number would be that level or even lower for -- representatives and senators -- And -- Pennsylvania he does this act. Significant support Andrew there's not a lot of time left in this calendar is there. Why about a dozen -- -- for NASCAR in the U ourselves and really awful lot of times you are. To do what they can let alone starting topic from scratch and getting it through committees don't serve or. And without from the senate -- But it it didn't happen by the end of profession in November you know it but I don't know want to be starting in their next year. Isn't fair and I'm god I hope this has changed but now I read in a couple of places where. The safe house anyway I was planning for a lame duck session. How has been some talk about whether they're going to do that or not last I heard they were going church. And anything you know after the election I think that's changed -- I haven't heard anything most recently come. They -- because lame duck session is run the risk of being either very bad. Where somebody tries to our rams something's rule. Before the next general assembly is seated or very still then I remembered the long debate over the Pennsylvania the official dance of Pennsylvania and the official folks dance. A Pennsylvania all this nonsense and a decade ago and it was all done now most of it was thundering lame ducks actually stuck. And really set the stage for. Well makers and they need to do something that was unpopular reported election -- you know announcer in the last few months there's no. Second day we here at Central Bank had done and asked. They get -- do when they come back I mean I'm gonna have us they represented him as a guest on this firm probably next week anyway. I anything get this may be a little bit more of a breakdown on the calendar but just waited to get done this small I mean I don't see that. Unfortunately I don't see that there is gonna be enough movement to do anything about pensions like the governor wants to do. I think the idea of selling the liquor stores is all but damn I can see there's going to be a big groundswell. In. In support for that is there anything. Substantive on the agenda in the fall. They might address the Philadelphia cigarette tax issued an order to help. Called their school district's budget deficit I think you actually see that probably. It unfairly. Leaks mound it seemed to have support and include. How much turbulent parliament a legislation keeps getting dumped up quite different -- and -- -- and both chambers. And that's how can that actually happen. To address at some point won't come back. They actually make it an additional pension reform option. Oh you know that they would have to vote for that they can go out there are even die out. Now they end and that Philadelphia proposal is at school dollar. Per pack cigarette tax increase right. Yeah 32 dollars per -- in Philadelphia. And only in Philadelphia. Yes only in Philadelphia so it's hard. If you -- -- -- -- a -- through legislation pass Muster up cigarette legislation package these kids about. And Philadelphia and the rest of the state. To be said. Do they think he does it does not -- and an -- school district of Philadelphia. -- if I lived in Philadelphia and I wanted to carton of cigarettes is gonna go to Upper Darby and by Edna -- payment to dollar. Per pack tax. They hope. That into their calculations are no direct -- intolerant so to help children get some border police and people are surrounding municipalities. And actually we're feeling an interest in situation that look at -- born just legislation passed condemned -- to a -- showed up. -- -- -- -- Solicitor there's so let's get our fiscal district and actually I'm -- -- Brothers yeah I I had you're a colleague Aaron came on here I forget -- -- last week and the week before last. Talking about that big budget deficit in Philadelphia. That is a hard time saying exactly what it came from because. The -- the student to teacher ratio is something like seventeen to one not 41. Like they're claiming. And they can't account for all -- show mother employee said. A complicated situation that's -- my college what we're in the truck can't commit entries to about a week ago. And from then and then have a lot. But there -- school district in trying to determine exactly how yeah does the student to teacher ratio would change if you're third jump -- -- need to import if Lara told us out flat out dead he'd nobody would column back you always from the school district wanted to say anything about it at all smells like dead rat -- needs -- -- -- would district calling back last week or they did pick up -- pollutant. -- -- trying to -- about that budget deficit -- are no you know there's talk talk about the ratio a couple of extra help what so what they tell me about the budget deficit. That's just options on the table right now as far as what to do what they don't Qatar which direct action Clijsters still considering you know. Well they're going to be able to open their school -- time -- there. Throughout the year I think we have. I'm no different in April that is going computer actually on restriction which is -- tried it I wish I knew more about that later on this week. Former governor gave them an advance on all the all the subsidies are gonna get from a Commonwealth Fund that. Does and that's not new money that stage to -- what was promised in January and February get it now site SS on enough for really found. So this whole districts so that's not enough for another thing you can do -- American order should be out. -- meet their obligation truly work. To your ads and the original lab and the main reason -- -- about this story from -- they represented him John Lawrence is our proposal to raise the cigarette taxes eighty cents. And give it to property tax rebates for homeowners 65 and older who make less than 35000 dollars a year to get a look at your crystal ball lie Andrea got. Less then not two full weeks of session days would just say twelve left in the years is gonna pass is gone anywhere. Think it's gonna go anywhere -- actually -- because at that time this year and it's fine it's as always Enders stuff thank you very much for being less. A dead topic and I ever stop from beyond Pennsylvania independent.