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Aug 13, 2014|

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Hey it's here on the street if it's national night out and please PA it's like an incentive Oliver as a country. You are -- to your neighborhood yeah definitely lined. Well I have a favorite it was too -- -- down in his state mostly kids that live four houses down so I feel like there is keeping an eye out for. It's national night out to all that take -- back in nineteen saves on the streets. I'm from street did you feel facing your neighborhood for the most -- but it seems like crime is getting a lot closer to my area that credit concerns meal that. National dynastic do you think it's a good incentive for the community. Heading a solid and a lot of people out right now screen people together a lot of -- upkeep of the kids. Have you ever comment on line yes I have actually I called 91 because -- -- a child left in the backseat of the car that you teach your kids has to protect themselves when they are out on the street. -- with -- demonstration no comment on -- if she sees anything we are just turn -- the other way don't talk to strangers on nine yards hey this is Carol I'll see you. On the streets.