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Aug 13, 2014|

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Hey it's here on the street nine and national night out into other venues that are here today big disappointment not -- -- tonight. -- Pennsylvania office of attorney general. On behalf of Kathleen came as the attorney general of Pennsylvania a lot of young person. This involvement in the becoming an asking questions. Yes the younger students enjoy seeing that air cleaners that we're giving out them. And I also we have senior agent -- more than and we educate them about what the attorney general's office -- and what we can offer them. -- with Bridget O'Connor she's the plains township commissioner. Just answer some questions for us national night out woody think of this event tonight. I'm very proud to be part of -- national night out is plain township. We've been doing it for several years it's deadly community organization. I really wish more parents to be involved their children's time. I think he is facing an opportunity to lighten things Carroll as well I always like to listen to our comments on the radio on the -- paint this as Carol I'll see you. The street.