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Alex Milanes, Luzerne County Convention Center Authority Board member, and Corbett

Aug 13, 2014|

Alex Milanes, Luzerne County Convention Center Authority Board member, talks to Corbett about an incident during the public comment period of the August 13th meeting in which a citizen asked questions about background checks of board members and was confrontational with Alex Milanes.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And thanks for the call Alex melanomas. Good evening Steve I'll -- we -- sad topic really want to share something very important. How bad the -- get to where it was at the meeting today that we. Having -- job fair that they re not part time job fair August 19 -- yes. From ten to 1 PM and again at 4 PM at 6 PM. And those who are interest have been applied can do so at your -- -- I'm worried now are unarmed missiles are especially in the county where -- have the highest unemployment I think this is that that's what -- -- -- I would gearing up for the one season and parties and nobody understood. Come up to this job fair. I was nineteen and that's from our two -- -- 1 PM and 4 PM to 6 PM. And again the dates Alex. That -- August 19 and yes you know let the days of the week that up I would I would I know I don't know what they will present a masking his I didn't know if it's in the middle of the week or if it's a weekend I don't know. We advertise it but I'd like to show -- -- right away would our listeners -- -- yeah it's absolutely important but now also important is this incident that I find someone troubling. It -- and you description to me. Tell us tell us what happened the at the meeting and that was today -- Sure we had a meeting is do we need a meeting at 12 PM -- Purina. And as usual we have opportunities for. In the media or public to make comments at the beginning of every meeting. How well as -- up -- -- a sort of person from noting other republics that gets into needing it. And ask many questions of the board. Regarding X and background checks. And that one point. It's seemed to be directed to meet. About my citizenship here in this country and in its it was a -- back Cranston police background checks and -- -- board members. And -- and sent the conversation came out confrontational. The -- so in the less the least he never that we designated for those who don't speak that it's sort of -- in the side of the room well that area. -- too -- solely. To face. And he sent the ball was sitting at. And -- some comments of -- you know we want to handle this issue out in the parking lot. You know what she was going to take care of me any different maybe I'll eat just the law I wanna say this poem. And -- the -- That's what I'm gonna do that next week in the meeting I would have bitten by the issue a certificate prove -- citizenship. I would come out of -- prepare myself for the state police to do a background check on my instinct would be in my possession and went to -- -- And understandably for the sake of good governance and transparency. That in my position for anyone in the public. That wishes to come and inspect those two homes and in my position and to see. I know nothing -- and in fact I am a citizen. American tech you know might I don't know Stephen -- but my parents. Teach you a look Cuba on the stroke. And it came into this country for an important opportunity. And that chancellor of Arcandor. When nothing but just go and contribute to society. And that's challenge tomorrow to ensure. -- that I need to go out of my way and get my pressure to cut. Everybody's concerned especially this person's consent. And prove my citizenship and I grew -- -- -- pocket. Police police background checked and I myself think anyone who wishes to see these. Document you have any idea why this person would have singled you out to to challenge your citizenship. I -- I have no. I -- To determine if it hadn't whatsoever. About Miley citizenship in America. Did -- didn't break. -- -- gentlemen. You know is it is well known. In some circles and eat eat eat -- you know there's some newspaper. I have in the past ripped out to those letters. Trying to correct the accident and end. In my opinion too low altitude and opinions so there may be a little history there that that I seem to have a personal Whitney. But that was before I was appointed -- I -- the letters went out before I was even appointed to the arena board so I think there might be a little I animosity. Which you know it's understandable if you want to address -- issue is I -- -- -- anybody -- -- anything at a public meeting -- I disagree with its feet. College with a Alex do you do you believe he has any idea -- -- Europe Cuban heritage. Did with -- county council and it was no secret what Iran. I would. A Cuban and I was a systemic and I was the first. Metastatic breast milk to run for this position so -- -- sure it was reported in the past the papers mother reported and he met picked up. In that manner and I think that's how he was aware. And that's nice that's what's troubling to me and that's why I ask you that question. Different fact that's why you singling you while that's that's almost. And intimidation tactic of asking where your paintbrush. Yeah what I was born in Kenya that's for sure I wouldn't second from the and they didn't look -- in Jersey German American influence who and I love this country. And -- It government transparency in its bid if I need to -- up -- away too so I hope people or at least one person concerned about my citizenship. I shouldn't have to -- you know really. No they're not always know there -- and there's not but I but I think you're your. You're making a decision. That that will show that you were. You're willing to go the extra step to even -- -- when it isn't necessary and shouldn't pay. And you are willing to it to go that extra step what what I also find it troubling. Is is your description. Of him coming. -- you almost face to face because you seated at a table. As part of an official government body holding unofficial meeting and making the statement shoot you say he meant TO. Including asking you if you wanna settle this in the parking lot and saying that he would take care of the little. Well TR eight daddy gave it a prudent course was recorded. And and recorded and recorded at this meeting on bread and he could see -- apparently now get I don't know what that means no no. It's like that. According to him he's filed and what Robin and I are against me. The committee to -- -- public probably. Six complete with a capital. -- thank you don't chew my. The first and editor I guess is what this gentleman was was. Well I -- do you consider you and correct me if I'm wrong you consider yourself to be somewhat of watchdog. On the of spending -- behavior. You've challenge your your colleagues. Based on and on what you believed to be inappropriate conduct and I think that's fully within your rights as a as an authority -- He eats out sometimes yes -- -- sometimes have to be a junkyard dog Aristide's sometimes I got to show my teeth. I mean I guess -- I try to -- so sure that's possible. When looking at issues compound that can. Unpublished inflammation some -- and I thought. Just recently we had. Situation when the board member that I agreed that we should do something. -- were made aware of the situation. Some that some or should have been taken towards his board member. -- and -- -- you know I. Look I think to be a true person. I'm not trying to regroup cold shooter just the argumentative person for the -- goes you know a lot of coding issues. I you know we do we need our good government in this county we need watched college we need. People who are not true -- I had to speak up and that's going to be -- now are not going to be intimidated to stay quiet. And I'm not a person you know when things are good -- thing mister Goldman signature -- I'm gonna take things are bad and try to be as fair as possible. You're gonna get any argument not a mail on -- when Alex let me ask you this did you -- did you contact the police did you report does to the police. I -- he did many looks very township police department. -- a -- situation. I spoke to -- I explained that it was all video recorder and precluded. I explain my consensus officer the officer says that they will do what's -- I guess -- opponent contact the park. It was the person and let them know that they're aware of this situation. Two you know sort of like -- Well and I guess you know saying that. Next time it's the EPA to -- kind of behavior -- may be rules for her -- -- -- Other legal issues that I really don't wanna pursue that in another person that gets attorneys on the phone and what do those who have -- -- did make sure that. I am protected. And I think we've we -- -- this -- we get stretched into the -- -- -- -- feel perfect but I'm not scared I mean. I want to make sure that somebody sent Dominic Cheek -- this and I'm not a matter try to take you and another man. So no I can't clearly I completely agree with you and I've been in these situations for decades I completely agree with you you need to protect yourself. You need to tell your story nation going and you need to put. Know the person on notice that the behavior of stepping away from the speakers -- -- -- that close proximity of your face. And making the statement she made -- completely out of line completely out of order and they you won't step forward nor should do. That's that was the biggest thing I had no issues alone is the government stood where there was also stint as designated by -- -- to speak. -- you leave this area and enters my personal speak with the I reached. It red flags go up. -- slight can handle this in the park I mean what we have twelve great. That this is just minutes of older gentleman I expect a little more you know and do the trick here right now I'm -- -- And the city of what you're saying right now I defend your ability and. When he was finished with that -- just turn and leave Alex. Separate the remaining thirty sat in the audience or the remainder of the meeting till the -- Because you don't you don't you know you don't know how somebody should dues and then let's. Concerns bubble and that. You were right in and alerting the police say did did anybody any of your colleagues. Say anything about this incident. But the and all -- show in the all the bottled water and and you know it would try to lo green and decorum. And bring back to believe me being true. You know. Made control. Of which are crucial but they didn't you know other than you know -- the past. -- -- to remove including myself. There are people from the video from Vietnam in its security police security real security I think there. Another and that's specifically whom we have moved she couldn't and he needs re not committed -- -- sure he. Which this were true all these management company would have no armed officers armed sorry. -- in the rural or near the room they're they're they're usually -- can overwhelm the other at all. Well you don't -- -- yet you -- handled this so I think well I believe this will likely become. A story in the newspaper. If in fact the reporter was there you you say there was one. One reporter could have who led the league at times leader that the gentleman so well. You have so we told -- told the story he told the story the story is on the record the audio on the video is available. To publicly got to do is file -- right to know request. And I believe you've done exactly where you're supposed to do up until and including. Announcing a job fair that is very important for this community and a good use of the arena one last time Alex won nine is the job fair. Okay one more time August 1920. Notre. 10 AM 1 PM and then again at. You have to and true to the command center which is not the main entrance it's sort of around the back of the re not -- you. Looking I -- a few -- sort of be hijacked used to command center in the back of the arena and so again you don't worry we're gearing up for the busy season -- wonderful hockey. You know what I heard a bit too low -- this is -- I -- all people out you know I did to come. Yeah I college do you pronounce your last name with a with a short or long days of mulling this or maligned I bet there are millions and this. And it all very more than a mile it's OK okay Alex and laments. Thank you -- -- impact that.