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Aug 16, 2014|

Saturday August 16, 2014

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Following is a paid program the views or claims may you're not necessarily those of WI OK staff management or sponsors and it's time for Larry and -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Good morning good morning how are you wonderful new. Doing very well thank you. We have no idea. Have a visitor this weekend. -- hope surely leaks. Surely say this week coming week she's here now in the will be here through the weekend when did she -- Wednesday evening. Thanks hands here by herself no -- do little. The halfway point thing -- and we went to. A place that was called the river walk. And I guess it's consider Palmer ten. But it's. As you can see it from the turnpike it's C. Exit at -- heightened. Because until nine south or something like that but you can see it when you're coming either way you can see you know her on the side so we went there because. We originally expected to go to trainers and that's found that they were closed for remodeling. So we just can't drive and and that's where my -- tomorrow project. Her grandmother. And the four of us Patrick. And I. We had a wonderful Tex -- meal. They had -- as they had not shows we have burgers. And wonderful time it was a lot of fun way air at this price for a walk. House it's it's a Tex mex saloon. It's really any place has a lot. A -- -- goes way back to tables outside everything nice place so that's when he picked up mom brought her home. And she's going this this evening we're recording this on Thursday she's going to. I believe the place is called Tiffany's and all offensive -- Archibald summer yet about how -- Who joined some of her classmates from tech high school. And that they are. Going to have a little dinner party for the heat for union committee. And so she wanted to make sure as she saw them so she came up. Specifically for the purpose ago and have dinner with them and then the rest -- the families coming up on Friday and will be here for the weekend. So you -- very happy yes very happy everybody's he asks is that where she is right now though she's in clarks summit I went -- -- Chris Patrick yes. We'll tell her I said that I shall aliens don't go well I actually actually sent -- when -- come down with us and said in here and she's at now. She said no because she says I it it was a busy day yesterday and I know I have. So look forward to something tonight and I just don't wanna get myself. Called tired out. When you're 85 I guess I. Mussina. Like. So anyway that's that certainly lynch -- around not in the house but. In the area -- she is very happy to read the Scranton times this morning why it's because she doesn't pan out just shout -- So easy to go online I explain that tour and I told it we're gonna do that. Because it's a lot easier for her fear so for. Good to have her hair yeah she's very happy to close proximity. -- of course I still have faith I'm at home but they found someone in my house my special envoy. -- Soto -- -- next Friday OK but he was just -- -- one of the Finger Lakes for a couple days the beginning of this week. And with his girlfriend. -- -- and she came in over the weekend. And then they left on Monday morning and went up to the Finger Lakes to meet her parents and the -- came back. They'll start school they go back next Friday the 22. Professor first day that -- and then move that he has to move into his disease in a fraternity -- Sharon and are staying in the fraternity house which is right on campus and part of school so. Killer they have to move them as a member of the fraternity yes he pled yes last year I didn't know that. What -- -- which one because I think. It's all agree -- I thought I. Okay fine Harry fans so the other day I said that he was moving and that he joins a sorority. So. I'm perfectly okay and they said well although we must win nice way to meet girls they can tell exactly very but the. Now so anyway yes so he's slightly cramped -- he just got in last night and give me an Emma came to. The jazz festival this weekend and they had a good time themselves. All of a good time was had by eight -- off from what I hear -- fest so people were happy with the tenth annual. Not at -- historic. Radisson station didn't sound unusual or strange happen with any of the performers none I was pretty down pretty good it was a nice nice weekend beautiful weather most gorgeous and now. So yes it was it was a great day. And weekend and so then last night. I went to posh afford dinner -- and Michael -- mine and I had dinner first at posh. And then we attended a little preview party the airing of who do you think you -- -- Oh from him as Valerie -- I guess in value for Nellie was slow was here a few months ago. -- bad. And it was so funny because the day she was then unbeknownst to yours truly. I was on my way over on a Friday afternoon I went over to visit since today's house -- -- house. Because I had a sign some letters as a board member for something and when I got there. -- met me outside was as I was rather strange and I said. -- She's so like could you will maybe do this another day and I sit TLY -- Simitis told Michael I would come over she said well -- Remember earth we got the notification of who do you think you are I said yes she said well. The film is coming is going on even as we speak I'm like OK to myself well so there's like some famous person in their right now. That I don't care who they I would love to meet and I have to leave yes you do. A famous person I meant so I -- we didn't know who was. -- -- later but I mean a damn good -- mean you didn't know now I did not now. But I did Maryanne an Ariane no of course yeah but they re sworn show. Phone privacy and you know how it is and asked how account some of the people no I did not know who was. Actually did find out later that. More and I shut up but yes anyway. I didn't know what the time she was in the air when I came over I didn't realize this was the day. So I said sure I'll leave nine -- And so last night -- -- is so while I'm not side she's like fifty feet away from me in the house she says yes I support might god and and anyway she was Marion said and you could tell the show was fabulous so what we did was we had a little. Posh -- little party. Any donation that you wanted to make room went to the historical society and they had -- fruit and vegetables and cheese and crackers out and there was downstairs in the Scranton club which by the way is beautiful anyway so we headed downstairs. And so the broom with all the comfy chairs and -- set everything up what the seating for everybody many people -- who could come. And weeks watched the airing. Name was so neat to see. Current day lack Monica how any kind of you know professionally done with all their cameras and that was just really really need and so that was the beginning of the -- first she's speaking to her parents and then it went right -- Lack wanna counting just brands and she flew from ballet to Scranton. So Marion said she was a dog could not be nicer if she saw the thermometer. I'm an -- because you know we're in the middle of a capital campaign a very modest capital campaign 500000 dollars. To put air conditioning because believe it or not. The house does not have air conditioning and it needs and there are some other things that are being repaired. But it's a very modest goal I think a hundred most half million dollars and he and done. Whereas 300 and some thousand which was just in the paper the other day so anyway. We keep track of everything and it's you know the thermometer to say yes we made it to the top. And she said what is this this for the and -- -- were in the middle of our capital campaign and here's why and we need climate control with the artifacts at pains and all the things that are in the house. And she says you know what I like to hear so much I'm making a contribution. To your capital campaign mobile she said -- contribution. I'm very. Generous contribution to our annual camp -- nice isn't that nice very and so she said she wanted to put you know they need to she's everybody's name obviously and she said Valerie -- -- In quotes. Yes that Valerie birth -- south. Anyway this so we need to see your Sony to see him. Everything that happened and how they do that and you know it I don't know if you saw the show but it turns out that her mother's family. Goes all the way back to like fourteen something more and her if her. It all the way back to. King Edward though whatever was I mean it was I can't remember now but that's this startling information you get by doing these. That's show is so well done. And it's just so neat -- Kelsey Grammer is up next week with his wife and I think it was just the event was great it was just very nicely attended and it was just need to sit there and see our town in the beautiful cabin house. On the television -- -- was on TLC thirty channel thirty to get Comcast. And it was great. Well that's the thing that I think was the best part of all of it. That we found out that the show still airs on TLC I have because he used to be an NBC a -- -- NN SCN Friday -- right you've talked about it the -- so yes. And I couldn't I thought it just died -- but until this local aspect of it brought it back. Then said yes and they still do it I was thrilled to announce I don't know that I Arnold I don't know obviously Pete -- to show switch off of them -- the regular networks I ask cable networks I don't know what the real reason is an all money you are on their sponsor or who knows what it is. But it's very well done my life TLC anyway yeah what -- has this already aired on TLC does it aired last night was the like I carry a single thing and yes OK. Love and I guess AM and -- -- this week is Kelsey Grammer. Well OK but with things like Netflix and -- he is still not ASEAN because not Gil Martin said today. Think she tried to go OK she missed the first part the -- with slack on account again. And she said she went on and it's just not it's not done yet they don't beat him. Like download and whatever stone but it is -- at the moment that's good I'm glad. Thanks so look at it was great it was a neat lady get together about you know above mentioned local people -- -- -- some board members and their other people from the community and it was really a lot of fun and Heidi you know with some of the chairs and that scram -- fabulous big big. Leather comfy chairs and ninth all I knew it was a pillow and a little blank I could've spent the night match here but he'll ask. It's great so weird and just it was a lot of fun. Well I saw Mary and being interviewed last night. On when we were sitting at that Tex -- a little yellow and I am CRE a yes -- -- but don't sound was on -- so I couldn't I -- -- to do with -- -- -- he's -- but I couldn't. Really see what the whole point of that was last night but now I understand I'm pumped -- That's good SL was a nice and just. Different something different and. I'm -- we had good task. And we're almost better go all of 500000. So we're -- proud of that as well and that's -- and of course the board is is is chaired by Michael go Marin and he does a great job and and all of that. People on board to a wonderful just happened Marianne. Is that is as -- Alley says wanna be best executive directors of any nonprofit around here she does a fabulous job. So I'm proud to be associated and I have -- they -- refinement has all my information. And some. Yes doesn't anyone to do anything like that the defense for their own. Benefits to China and about their own family. Is that something you can just go there and see and they married -- things as a matter of fact I just said to Marianne coming down. That I think it would be neat if we as good historical society picked three people. Local people who obviously grew up here and do that type of a show an area nanny CTV. And do it with three local people and pick them or one a quarter and use the historical society and how. And as president be more even an educational -- how do you research what do you do and find it fascinating to get somebody who people now. But the mind figure out who and where they came from and how much information we actually had stored in men in the archives. I I think that's something just really made. I India yeah pet but it. And I got a job I kind of steel was chosen from Hollywood on what the heck. Are you finding it sooner or later darling now. Just to switch the names to protect the innocent and we're fine. Anyway ready to take a really quick break here listening this morning till REM and shop -- Saturday morning a little Korean land and we'll bring -- more. Good morning everybody here in the. Seeming to them are human shown time -- caddie I'm the owner of Larry can enterprises. Which is a fundraising PR and special events business and I am Lyn Evans and I am the president and CEO of northeastern financial consultants. Where fee only financial planning firm in clarks summit. He is and just so we know before we. Ten out before we go to bat I'm friends message back. Doctor Sasha who desire adamant and guest expert today I will be cutting out and get to be -- LA. Sorry to miss our Barbara but I have to go out so anyway. Jesse said what do you have to say well I hate. -- a couple things here and one thing I thought might be of some interest of people who. May qualify for this but many of us know people who are. Recently married and I'm talking about same sex married couples. I was reading something the other day that I did not know about and I thought it might be something that. Anyone who's been married. Same sex marriage. A for awhile for a couple years might wanna know about this because perhaps. If they never used -- CPA or anyone like that has filed tax returns. They should be made aware this. And so I said this is up a blog then I'm putting out. This week it's that called -- social I was called good news for same sex married couples. So far we've been hearing about the less than complimentary responses to those who are trying to get married those who are newly married. Some good news so lighten the load with the Supreme Court decision that the defense of marriage act. We call on dome mosque. Section three was unconstitutional. A whole lot of important rulings came back in the play. The IRS our girlfriends. Recently announced it would recognize same sex marriages for federal income tax purposes. That is huge for federal income tax purposes and now. These married couples can file amended to income tax returns for the last three years. Amended estate tax returns if they were married at the time of one partner's death. And apply for spousal benefits under Social Security around. And review income tax returns for tax deductibility of IRA contributions. These rulings won't try to couples married in states that recognize their civil unions. Even if they no longer live in a state that recognizes that marriage because it's got nothing to do with the state got everything to do with them. -- As a very important -- saving for same sex married couples. If you are married couple you should review your tax filings for the last several years after your marriage. And see if there may be some tax refunds coming your way. So let's have -- be known -- -- there is good news today. I'm. I guess we have a story so let us begin the story. -- Martha was a woman who always got things done she was a master organizer. The church -- chairman the girl scout cookie mother and her son's little league's number one coach. As they got older she found herself looking for more projects in her community. And notice her skills were no longer needed by her children are there current interest. She began to look in the herself for some direction what skills do I have that I could turn into something that creates some income from me she thought it. What if I'd done and I can translate in the skills that are marketable. She consulted some books on the subject like what color -- your parachute. And a few others -- purported to help people find a career path face on what their life experiences have taught them. She did some direction memos he does see some direction in those books but she felt. She needed to put together some type of action plan that would get -- onto a career path. She felt she might be leaning towards a career in entrepreneurship. Owning her own business but a lot of self doubt crept in almost as quickly as she thought about it. She visited the small business development office at her local college and they were great. But they told her she needs to be a little clear how -- Candace and she was entrusted them. And once she had that they could help her develop a business plan and guide her to the funding she needed to get it up and running. Then she turned to franchising. And found what she was looking for. For the college degree in elementary education she thought that would not afford care much in the way of a formal education before it was she wrong. She found a franchise that helped college age children search for scholarships and get some direction. And two matching their educational needs with the right colleges. How ironic should be helping young kids how to find the path she was looking for herself -- when she had the information on the cost -- the marketing she would need to do she came to see me to figure out. How much of her own resources she could put in this endeavor. Her husband was fully supportive of this and told her to consider using the equity in their house for some part of the costs. We looked at her own investments including an IRA should squirreled away from a previous employer and came up with a nice part of the initial costs. Armed with this information she went to the small business office and got the business plan and the form of financing. She needed to get her scholarship and college counseling does a set up. So far her business has exceeded her first year projections. And she's well on their way -- paying her entire loan from the Small Business Administration. She went from a woman who thought she had no marketable skills so successful businesswoman. With a very satisfying mission. Martha it is a happy woman the end. -- -- -- Because that it was a fun thing to do because. I think this woman was system high energy woman who was always involved with everything that her kids why they do always took. So leadership role. But never thought that any of those skills that she had developed in her life would ever be. Something mission could turn into a money making deal. I'm glad that she actually saw that there were things out there this year and done that she could translate into that and then. Getting frustrated with a -- may. You know sometimes people look at -- masons say oh this is a stay at home mom no matter how you. Package it is still stay -- mom. And that gets very frustrating for a lot of women because those skills are clearly. Marketable skills but a lot of employers don't see that if they don't see a company named -- and it timeframe. Can't they just so. Being your boss is that a bad thing I mean at that these skills are clearly something. That people would want. To it. Include it in some kind of a business enterprise. So she did some research on her and franchising. And and found something that really works for her she's very happy with it and she's still back working with kids and months to see it. I've -- so it worked out really well I'm glad for her. -- know we have this talk about that. These are real people. Yeah I know piano and some of them aren't. The some of them are compilations of people that I've known that I put together and created this event. This was a real person who did this maybe not exactly in the order -- I mention it but clearly she did. So -- won this thing. Came up with this week about. Conversations. -- make it's not under something called. Women's financed. From. With Google. And it was a an article about. The conversations -- so many. Children and parents hate to have. I somethings that you really need to talk about and especially. Baby boomer. Individuals. Who have children need to really consider. What they want their children to know about their personal finances. And unfortunately what happens and a lot of cases is. That without sharing this information with their children they end up. Being in the situation. At a point where they may be losing. Their mental capacity. And can't. Honestly remember. What they have where it's supposed to go where. They can find the information. And it makes it very difficult for the children to try to fill out applications for their parents. To be pink and assistant. Living facilities or things like that so. While York. Cognizant and an able to have these conversations. You really should begin. To have something like this I know it's not an easy conversation to have -- for a lot of people. Money is still the ultimate taboo you just don't talk about it. And parents fear that if their children knew how much they had they would start tapping -- saying hey listen I -- by how he's an anti. So when I give it to me now rather than wait -- -- -- that stuff. And that's and that's scary. And really mean it does happen like that but at the same time. I think it if there is that the children who would be asking those questions. Are the same children they're probably are not capable living within their means now and they're never going to be. But it doesn't mean that you cannot. Consider that you have other children who may be are responsible. For this and and might you want to share that with them because they need to know somebody needs to know. They get to the point where this is ultimately the question. If you have. An estate and I say that. It needs to have a definition -- everybody has in the state because it's whatever you've got when you die that becomes your state. But what I'm talking about is when you have a state of the US assets. That exceed the amount where. You have to start paying federal. Estate taxes. Then you have what we call in the business in the state tax problem. And you've got to start looking at bats and right now it's somewhere if you're single around the five million dollar mark and for others it might be ten million if you marry blah blah blah. The point is. Do -- there's one then why me to handle this. Which is to start gifting. Some of those assets away to your children during your lifetime time. Intentionally. Giving them money so that there's not much there or less fair when you pass away and kind. The problem with that is if you're right on the cusp there of those numbers and I mentions. If you going to a nursing home and you have no long term care insurance. A lot of those assets would need to be used to generate the income. Necessary. To pay for your monthly cost. Being in a nursing home. So if you start giving it away. You're you're essentially telling your children. I'm giving this to you now but you I can't put any strings on it. But the idea is that you will use that money to pay for my care in the future. I'll -- okay. But if you put strings on it and say it has to be used for that. Then the IRS assumes that's money in the is still has control of air -- still -- your state and ebony do you pay tax yes. So it's a it's a kind of it's a Dicey thing because nobody really knows what's gonna happen in the future. But -- the extent that you think you you have some issues about this like. I don't have long term care insurance and I'm probably gonna have to do. Use my money and use it up and there goes your hair this kind of thing. You really want to have that conversation with her kids and talk to him about what your expectations are. And let them know that you would do this if you have a commitment from them. That they will take care of your cost now it is not an noisy conversation about it is important you've got to do it on. And you know what to before -- I just wanna say -- I am and how you felt that I am so heartbroken about rabid claims that. It's feels like even I didn't know him personally I feel like I did and I it's it's just been a kick in the rare and for me this week. I just I absolutely adore them and mrs. doubtfire and Good Will Hunting I you doubtless -- decider I called my son Tommy soon as he answer he said I know why you're calling. I said why he said. Because of -- Williamson said had -- -- that he said Christiane I know why you think. Yeah and I thought it was so cute that he knew doubt about it anyway but -- got what a heartbreak what happens hourly and on my gun I loved I was so -- really know anyway compassion. Well we're gonna take a really quick break we'll be right back with doctor Barbara -- that you're listening this morning to the Larry -- shop. It's Saturday morning little Korean -- and now. -- -- Good morning. Hi my name is Linda Evans I'm the president and CEO of northeastern financial consultants. Where fee only financial. Planning firm and clarks summit and then as you heard before the break. Ms. Patton was unable to join us -- this -- but I am here with our guest expert this week doctor Barbara Tuchman MD. Who is going to speak to us this morning about vitamin. It's a big controversial issue some people think it's absolute nonsense and some people say. That it's a new thing the medical profession is generating get people nervous. So that we don't have enough event and others swear by the fact that it's made a huge difference even end. Alzheimer's and other conditions like that so welcome doctor thought that. Good morning how -- -- We are far -- it. Let's jump right in this vitamin. Where you stand on this -- -- -- this is -- an appropriate end of the summer topic -- as you know where we're a little bit lacking in sunshine this week. But vitamin. From being outside with our skin soaking up the sunshine. Well at least that was how it has always been thought to have occur until we all became much more aware of skin cancer. And began using our sun blocks from so all of our you VA new BB prevention. Sprays and creams and things that we're using. They're actually preventing us from absorbing vitamin. -- and so vitamin. 1015 years become much much more of talk about hot you know topic. And is a controversy or is it real. -- event many studies that have shown that when people have very mold levels of vitamin. There's been aha these folks are at higher risk. Four different types of cancers. Heart disease diabetes. Depression. And alzheimer's as you mentioned I'm and so there have been numerous studies now to date that have shown that an adequate amount of vitamin. Is actually quite helpful in preventing these diseases. And the debate really doesn't concern -- Appropriate levels it's what you feel as the provider the practitioner an appropriate level is because there's some variability in that range. Why well the range actually -- rounds from thirty to 110. How and so some people might tell you that when you're thirty or 31. That your quote unquote normal men. And others will certainly say we we don't want you above 100 although there really have been no cases of toxicity. Diagnosed. I -- them the happy medium more than middle of the road with the optimal. Location. Maybe somewhere around this 5060. Mark and that range so looking for that middle of the -- range in an effort to improve the quality of the vitamin. Really trying to minimize any concerns with -- -- or your parents I -- -- -- -- things of that sort. So that this is something. You would say is true for people who live where we do in the northeast. More so than it is an issue for those who live in Florida or south west -- you would think so. I don't know but I really do believe that the in the use of all of the sun blocks. Has made it an equivalent disease for instance you know I was doing some you know training and in Florida. Just as many folks had vitamin. You need to be outside with large pieces of skin not just your hands -- exposed to the sun -- fifteen to twenty minutes without any sunblock on -- and how as a practitioner how do you balance the risk of skin cancer. With the need for the vitamin. For you know and certainly not the hottest part of the day but to go outside for fifteen to twenty minutes without your son -- and then apply your sunblock. I also looked to food sources switching providers to provide some vitamin. But which should give more. More of this absorption which I think is a big key to the vitamin. But -- -- to be absorbed in your system. Is that more likely to happen from food sources from supplements are from the sun. Well it depends and this the source of your supplement -- and of course food is always my favorite I believe that we should be able the eat the foods that are appropriate but the problem is the amount of vitamin. And and the same thing for the sunshine you know it especially living in the northeast Pennsylvania can we get very many gray days once the summertime months -- over. It's just not physically possible to achieve and a high enough vitamin. If we if we'd rely on just one of those sources. And so while I feel it's a wonderful thing to eat as many vitamin. Most of us end up supplement and to some degree in order to get our level to that happy place of fifty or sixty. And one of the foods that we invest in new order priority. Which ones would give us from most of vitamin. So -- you know most of the time we we we know about milk vitamin. But I'm not I'm a big dairy person so and that's not the source that I I would express. Most of the time we think about fatty fishes buttons are dean's. Being high on the list salmon another great fish that we would want to eat. Tuna shrimp. Water a cash grass fed by her not to I mean I'm bad but organic grass fed -- keep it on the healthier side of things liver. Eggs. Great sources of vitamin. Me you know and I think you're trying to eat your way but again in -- -- will be very difficult to eat enough of those particular types of foods. In order to generate decent level of vitamin. So isn't that if you supplement. And I must say it that you're vitamin a -- so I think we should say that you're vitamin. Levels are determined by a blood test absolutely OK so you have a blood test and it checks for your vitamin. So let's say you find that your vitamin. 35 so it's on the low end correct and something. But you're not getting enough of that's correct so then what would be the order of how you should go about trying to raise that level do it looked to getting fifteen minutes of sunshine every day. For the supplement for the food in what order would you try to do that. I would I would automatically supplements. I may supplement and a lower amount if I felt these folks were going to eat a decent amount of foods or have a chance to be outside more so in the summertime. I'm the general rule of some for every. Ten points that you would like the vitamin. You would consider adding an additional 1000. International unit dose. So I wanted that for 35 per day can if I wanted to at 35 to go to 55. I would add 2000 units in daily to whatever they're already doing. OK and then I would reassess that blood level in about three months. Okay. And let's talk about those supplements because we've heard so much about. Official well we've heard about krill oil. We've heard about a bunch of other ways to get vitamin. That it may be just something that's added into a multi vitamin. So what what do you think is the best way to try to get the maximum value out of the vitamin. You know I think vitamin. An and I really think that vitamin. You know there's always some vitamin. I say just -- the appropriate vitamin. But what I know some people have complained. They get indigestion. That every piece on the -- -- is there some trick for how you take that. Well that may be the quality of their supplements. And the other trick of the vitamin. So I would actually take it at bedtime. So that's another one of the benefits of vitamin. Decent quality supplements I would hope that he would not have that repeat like a fact from your supplement how would delay person known to about the quality of what they're eating. Then supplement supplements and they're getting you know it and that's very tricky but what I would almost always say is that the generic version of a supplement is not likely to be the highest -- And -- I always seek out a reputable place -- to bite my supplements whether that be and grocery store that your comfortable -- is. Four and I supplement place where there's somebody there that you can ask a question of and ask them what they think that they're good they're supplement minus like. And they'll tell you which ones are better we're not better. But again I ice I tend to stand a steer away from any of the generic forms of these things well then what why is there -- need for. The vitamin. Prescribed. They don't always have to be prescribed. But I do think a dose should be recommended to. Based on your labs so somebody should be having that conversation with you based on your lab work what. What amount of vitamin DH and I'm gonna throw -- These that is the form that you're looking for. What about what amount -- so there obviously are other forms of vitamin. Why is it says three is so important. That is the come Foreman Don vitamin. To the active. I think most -- most of the time that's what we're finding in stores but -- what is it that vitamin. What does -- help us do that we can't do without it. So we all know the vitamin. That's no longer just -- calcium that keeps our bones thanks to strong it's the vitamin. Think gets the calcium to be absorbed from our guided into the bone and and and create that nice strong phone. But vitamin. Wow of the people that had a normal vitamin. So there is there and they do more than doing more and more studies. Now vitamin. And there's this is that really helps with the insulin regulation was insulin is a hormone that your body makes it helps you control your blood sugar. So it works on the insulin and thereby helps you with your blood sugar and there's a lot of thought out theory that diabetes. I'm in a different form. We can lead to alzheimer's. So that the two may be connected and that in that didn't manner. Vitamin. -- have been shown to be helpful for prevention many cancers. Of the digest of -- the calling cancers. -- leukemia is breast cancers things of that sort so it really does behoove us to keep a high enough level to help boost our immune system. And prevent some of these cancers that are so prevalent. Okay I think you know about a lot of fast but I didn't. I didn't realize a vitamin. And so that's the question if fuel our senior sixties -- seventies. Is that something that you should really be looking at this to -- helpers is too late into. Never too late never too late and I think it she'd actually be checked yearly with the rest of York. -- your your labs at any go for your yearly cholesterol you yearly blood sugar in your blood count. And I think vitamin. And so all of us now they intend to -- until at least a hundred years old. There's never too late at -- time to start measuring my. Well -- offices located in Scranton. And regional hospitals. Jefferson avenue our phone number is 57034499. Nice. Sometimes we'll see you here you know whatever next week have a great weekend time hanging.