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Joe Albert Interview

Aug 20, 2014|

WILK's L.A. Tarone speaks with Joe Albert who is running for Pennsylvania State Senate in the 22nd District.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I round -- is under way it's Wednesday night it's 807 and I and Sean and Mike colonel Joseph Albert I know you should formally say retired. The army lieutenant colonel. Joseph Albert and to everybody cautioned colonel Joseph always know you worry -- candidate for the 22 senatorial district regular cutting and and I'm quite clear though I am and I'm so pleased to be here and I thank you for the courtesy and inviting me. Before we get into the issues that are gonna matter in the 22 senatorial district race. You have a great deal of expertise in foreign policy in you being here standing -- control run the last fifteen minutes they heard some of the conversation. About crisis. And trying to build. Coalitions. Didn't mean what -- can add from your expertise is is that a possibility. Well first of all you cannot win a war from the year by itself. Crisis is not a government it's strictly a terrorist organization. -- they call themselves. Of the Islamic state there and taken territory they're not recognized government by anybody. Even their fellow Arabs are either scared of him or hate them -- probably both food. A coalition is a solution is at peace solution I don't know I heard warning viewers listeners earlier calling -- and say. We've got to involve China. Britain France on Friday etc. yeah. He's absolutely correct him and I'm sure at the Pentagon right now they're putting together through the bite my -- office strategy and policy. They put together several plants the question is can miss him -- Attempt to do it. She knew that that is one of the things that I alluded to earlier and I'm try not to turn this into a big party thing hair anything it's just I don't think this administration as much foreign policy acumen and for example -- at loggerheads with Russia who otherwise could be. A major player in this unknown her own you know sort of stuck that way well my. -- is a mayor of major player in this respect. They're backing Iran which is strongly banking crisis. They're giving ices the weapons. Along with what they're taking from Iraq what former US weapons and supplies saying one of those humvees we talked about the amount to enact exactly. One of the problems with the United States is when we finish a war we leave we don't take our equipment with us our. I don't wanna get back into the beginning of this whole thing -- we can debate that for days whether it was right wrong or in different. The problem now is state they talk about arming rebels in Syria but the problem is we don't know the good guys from the bad guys down. And that's a major problem especially when you're trying to. Devise a strategic policy. For your country now we cannot find out and tell you can arm the wrong guys with the Arab Spring disasters that I want -- toppling a number of American allies causing the bar for example. Well that's and that's a major problem. For example. One of the ability you can transfer this even further over to the problem with Israel and Hamas Hamas Hamas is not a government. It's a terrorist organization. We give them credibility won't we even mention their name. Instead of referring to home to what they are a terrorist organization. And they're funded by gutter and trained by Iran and -- receive their weapons Russia is Bakken program. Iran is backing Asad. It's a bad situation that's been going on for 5000 year smooth I think you even -- earlier. A mature countries can talk to each other guests cannot talk to animals right cannot talk to -- -- And that's a fundamental problem and we have to be tough I don't think we've done it. You look at says some of the scenes from marrying a beheading video at this point by the way we do not have another beheading video from the other journalists that was promised last night that didn't happen. And good anyway we're a little off target because that. Well not necessarily. Tell us about your you're. Focus Palmer retired lieutenant colonel from the US army my last assignment was with the Joint Chiefs of Staff that the Pentagon. I was in what they called. In dealing with foreign countries that subdivided. -- division was responsible for the middle East Africa the Persian gulf. And the United Nations so we talk about this subject this is what you did for how many decades -- exactly exactly. In civilian life -- the insurance business life and health and disability long term care medical insurance. And I've also been involved in government I am a former chief of staff to congressman until late congressman Claude pepper Florida. All I -- was not aware that yes that was my first official job in Washington -- 21 years of age. I join pepper as a staffer. And I became his chief of staff before I left to join the military in active duty. It was fascinating career to have Claude pepper was so among the strongest. I think when you think of senior citizen issues into names did jump in my would be Howard Metzenbaum and Claude pepper absolutely. Claude pepper is one of the fathers of Medicare now. He's the icon to the senior citizens. He's. Totally revered by those that know what they're doing. And he's always acted in the best interest of this country it was a fascinating. Experience. Mr. pepper was a Democrat in your Republican had that happen that's correct -- And what the reason for that is. That most of the people when they go to Washington. You have to look at where you came from I graduated from the university Miami. Down in Florida. And politics on the local level in Florida which is something that. I really would hope they would consider here is basically nonpartisan. When you run first City Council county council. Tony mayor Newsom the mayor everything except state and federal is nonpartisan thing which saves a lot of money. You have a chance for them to vote for actually the best person consent of the parties. And usually wind up with better people that are candidates Miller campaign spin. With regard to pepper. -- majority of that time. Was democratic. And when I worked for pepper. You have to work join up with three workforce through and that's the similar situation today for example. When Richard Nixon was president the majority of the staff were Democrats then that's where he got the bulk of the staff. That's saying an and that's something that isn't very often noted but it is categorically. Absolutely true. In a lot of people have been glad that. Absolutely and if you read the constitution. It does not say Republican or Democrat turned there's no party mentioned. What may decide to run for the state senate this is you know this is. -- district that is very heavily democratic. For many many years was held by -- Bob -- John Blake Kansas has held the seat for the L last for the last term what made you decide to jump in. Very simple. People feel powerless these days when it comes to government and politics. Camp of course northeastern Pennsylvania is noted for corruption. And most of us feel the politicians are in the back pocket of big corporations. Or just out for themselves -- I'm not. And very frankly a small group of local citizens came to me and asked me to run to represent the people not special interest. In this district these are the small business owners the homeowners. Parents grandparents they're all struggling just so difficult economy and the losing faith in the system. They want someone they believe dishonest. They want someone who they feel was really trying to help them with the problems they face every day living here in northeastern Pennsylvania. And it's I am I am and when you go awry and you have to spend a lot of time. Fund raising and all that -- that's the worst part I was his face so people always had a -- -- who -- is because I don't wanna get is baking for money from people and stop. That is the hardest thing believe it or not I have to do. It is. Very -- very very difficult for me to ask people for money I've received some very generous. Contributions from people. That I know and -- I don't golf and I was very surprised especially with those who don't know me but felt we need to change. You have the vision for the future of northeastern Pennsylvania. The incumbent. They believe and I agree you know why ask for years has not done many things and his excuses -- well it's a Republican majority. So I'm a Democrat -- a back venture. Well quite frankly. Whether I win or lose in November it is going to still be a Republican majority in the general assembly very likely and the stateside right it's so very likely -- -- -- did Democrats have to win an awful lot of seats in both the house and the senate I can see them narrowing. The Republican majority but I don't see him when he have to be majority leader house well you don't have to be an Einstein to just comprehend. Who has more potential. To help the people of northeastern Pennsylvania. A freshman Republican in the majority. With big mouth right or returning incumbent who has no respect in Harrisburg. Who's gonna do more. Or attempt to do more for northeastern Pennsylvania let me give you one example before you wanna go on senate bill 76. I this I was gonna mention this is a first of these specific questions. I was gonna ask you Alan I mentioned last week the you're gonna BI here I get a whole bunch of questions you make sure you ask him about senate bills -- sex. I'm glad they didn't expect. The senate bill 76. Calls for the total elimination. Of the school property tax. Now. I have. Seventeen. School districts in the 22 district -- I have three different counties that are represented. -- -- from top to bottom part of Monroe county and part of -- -- county. The elimination of -- school property tax would be replaced people say where's the money gonna come from replace it. By an increase of 1%. In the state sales tax -- six or 7% 67. And what school districts. Would get the same amount percentage wise that they get now from their taxes for example just I'm just polling numbers on the air crews. Let's say that the school -- Scranton is 4%. -- Abington heights is six and a half percent. Riverside. 3%. That's what they would receive and -- they felt they needed more money. And so the money would not be going to told RT couldn't steal -- Pittsburgh couldn't steal -- -- if they felt they needed more money. They would have to impose an income tax on their own residents. I don't think they're gonna do it but the key is. You shouldn't use school taxes to build schools but to educate the students from prom is on strong believer senate bill 76. Goods that's us that's encouraging their knowledge and this is a passing -- I I had a story that I pulled down and in the other day and -- get a chance talk about it that. According to several studies we got over 50%. -- school district employees -- not teachers. There are department heads in their aides and things like bats and and specialized. Stuff. Program coordinators. And now boy that set -- a lot of money that. Yeah that is going into the classroom. Well I think in that respect you have to take a look at what are the core responsibilities. Of government state government especially its. Deep person and foremost it's. -- read across the board for the most part good free and universal Qaeda twelve education. Is one of the core functions of state government. Now. To your question about administrators. Down. No shows -- nepotism until that is so local issue unfortunately. That they have to come to terms with look what's happening and I hate to keep coming back to Scranton -- school district. But Scranton area school district is a disgrace. There are some excellent teachers pierce some outstanding administrator who. Their school board. I think needs to be totally looked at. How they appoint people perhaps needs to be looked at. Where they spend their money certainly needs to be looked at. But the citizens of Scranton. Elected school work -- and it's so a local matter unfortunately to all I can do -- a state senator just tried to assist with problems. Help revised perhaps the state pension system. That that it that is another key question that I wanna get into does that affect it's -- 826 is Wednesday that a guest tonight is state senate candidate Joseph Albert. Joseph on the 22. Death. Senatorial district and in fact I'm. Bonds from -- -- Bob -- on W I can't judge Robert. Okay good evening LA good evening colonel general to welcome aboard. And -- thank you Bob yes senate and I did meet you but that's it radicals -- think. With a jolt G solutions. -- -- and education you gotta. Get up that makes an impression on me so thank you yes and I think the ball beyond. But tensions native Indian extraction tax fifty million dollars in the hole. Governor Corbett trying to get around me you know some type attraction. Well what he had -- pensions and I guess he can get something more on what the house but he. But sure is a hybrid LD LC and what I bridge built and down you know. Has -- situation that we can't seem tough week I -- pension plan out. What we can read more money in the people's pocket and they can use that money to spend in this state for you know whatever everything they need but for some reason. And I guess in 2001. They were red and midnight raid and a -- summit LA drone shots. So maybe we commercial talking about. You're back at 2001 -- which. Excited that they understand why they can't reverse that decision and go back to 2001 -- I got twelve years in there you would have to while fund one want a web engines in general what do you think I mean -- -- a fifty billion dollar pins and the added. Did the state pension deficit is a disgrace. And the state employees the teachers. The problem is the pension plan isn't defined benefit plan as opposed to. For example 401K plan news which is defined contribution. It's turned out that defined contribution is much better in the long run for the most part. Between employers and employees. The problem with -- defined benefit plan where they got into trouble is when the market was high and they were making a fortune now they never bothered to make a contribution. -- -- -- they have Bob was talking about in 2001 for about a three year period and it will contribute to -- at all plus the unions raised the benefits for their members cancel double -- absolutely. And for the most part when I try to do. I try to keep my words quite frankly actually it's a short and -- just in case I have to eat them. But with regard to the pension plans there is a solution. Everybody has to jump in and take a little bit from the problems the state legislature for example. Should I be elected to the senate I won't take a pension my opponent is -- already has one state pension. And is working on a second right now. Ball State legislator for example is entitled to under the state constitution. Is mileage and his salary through. These people my opponent takes part in all of the benefits. He's driving is being a state legislative term there aren't going to bring something else up after Bob has done the Bob also raised the issue of an extraction tax on the natural gas industry again anybody who's listening. I you keep hearing a mantra that Pennsylvania is not taxing gas -- not taxing gas goes DD is in true. Under acts thirteen gas drillers pay approximately 300 million dollars to the problem while I mean if they are Saudi Institute a 5%. Extraction tax that would raise 500 million dollars or not. Much of indifference to the problem is is I would like to avoid what they call sin taxes and excise taxes and extraction taxes. Attacks on specific goods and services. -- is often unfair. It's unreliable and it's regressive and it's shows that it studies have shown from 2000. One through the president but they don't succeed. Excise taxes are quite frankly an unreliable source of income. For the community for the government. And eventually what happens is they have to start raising other. To keep up from one of the fundamental problems of a Pennsylvania. While things I'm trying to do you encourage small business growth. Pennsylvania has the highest corporate tax rate in the country nine point 9% in the country whom we have to lower taxes. We have to pay taxes. But we have to lower our tax rate we have to do more to encourage small businesses to grow. Hire people. We have to let seniors enjoy their senior lives percent of -- but how much gonna pay my taxes. And it's a problem. I'm not going to solve I'm not gonna tell your audience I won't solve your problem. The day I get to -- -- -- -- -- eating words before there -- be -- you have to be sucked up absolutely but I will do my darnedest. As there -- state senator. To do what I can to try to lower those Texas. -- and I appreciate it called is an a couple of things in you've just said he will not accept the state pension what are opera dealers. ME and they get to and how these work is against what do I think the figures up to 210 dollars a day. Any time you drive more than fifty miles to go to work. And now I'm not sure what senator Blake called it to probably isn't all that have been I'm thinking I'm a guy in Philadelphia named mark -- who alone. Pulled 45000. Dollars in per Diem as last year rather than expenses would you do produce -- I would not take podiums this. OK if I'm the senator I won't take premiums. He's okay. We. There wow let me ask you have a question before we and it doesn't get some calls lined up here I'm. Yeah -- quite second senatorial district is just. Suffered two hospitals sort of claw almost that's correct me to open them in the -- valley mid valley Alley Carbondale. And I have the -- suggests that whatever was called and the -- hospital. If if I'm elected I will do whatever I can help to ensure that there is. A new hospital in the mid valley area to service the opera and the black on accounting. As -- the -- to end a quiet corner coming. Did you all -- and. Is -- I healthcare group that has expressed. And interest. -- ET -- without naming anybody but I -- recognizable group we said hey that would send a good market for us I understand. There is a very prestigious. Significant. Non profit. Organization. That is and a health care business. Supplies health care plans as well as facilities. That would be very intercede in establishing. A facility in an area -- Problems the microphones Michael from old Ford -- W -- K web colonel Al. Kernel extensions they didn't know your feelings toward though these are pension funds Stater. Intractable being defaulted. -- shaking all the municipal pensions where did reduce fire police. And put them under one consolidated. State plan all the cities. -- And townships. -- an excellent question I should Saudi and I had the governor Roy is sol on the phone -- I guess is three weeks ago on Tuesday nine Amazon a presence I asked him as well because in addition to this state pension problem. A lot of cities across this commonwealth -- municipal pension time bond none more so -- granted -- absolutely. Took the fundamental problem again comes back to. The hardworking. Municipal. Police fire and other workers covered -- hundreds -- pension plans. Undermining. And they are entitled to a respectful pension. With what they can get as a retired. He. Cost. Of undertaking everything simultaneously I think is prohibitive unless the other side is going to come to the table and say look. We will start. All are new people. New hires I am -- going to do that that would that I was among them that how I bring bill and unfortunately I think this is because it's an election year because you said. -- saying well I'm in the minority I'm in the minority and a guys in the house are saying exactly the same thing maybe when you don't have an election pending they can say well maybe we can work something out. That will be very intercede and I hope to be part of that January. What else hello everyone. Go ahead or more questions for the colonel my. Our approach feelings and regionals nation wrote the leash as far as services. Indy. Colonies here in our northeastern socialists. Good question I think it's a great question. I think it is certainly worth looking into pierce a fundamental problem Obama -- just talk about lack of one accountants. They lack -- wanna county we have 27. Jurisdictions. From Moscow to Scranton to Carbondale -- forged Taylor clarks summit. South Abington Township. Dalton Waverly they all have police -- some part of the problem is convincing. Those police chiefs. About the titles -- And -- usual regionals station would be a would go a long way toward solving. Crime problems. Enhancing response time and most cities municipalities and townships and boroughs. They have agreements with each other the question is you have chiefs and chiefs and who wants to be the chief right. And it's something in the county commissioners. Half to. The work I'm. And that's questionable especially on Michael on accounting and fundamentally. You have to from a state legislature standpoint may be you have to use the money. As an incentive that if you -- July as you get X amount. If you are not willing to regional -- well don't come looking for funding for much. We in the in greater -- hopes and we started -- headed this way several years ago. I'm quite a few years ago -- about ten years ago and the regional idea. How was this big that he method involves something like seventeen municipalities. And everybody in the rule -- remember covering the meeting. When I was -- a standard speaker. Everybody who knew this thing wasn't gonna flock. There's no way it was gonna work but -- got down to. A good hard -- may be four -- five regional municipalities that could have regional lines. Two things you will -- one of them what's -- you guys is a police chief who is OK with not. Being a police chief terrorism problem with a matching the pensions up it's not as easy as people say. I know it's it's of fantastic concept. That same thing with school districts perhaps we need to regional -- or school districts. -- cost it would certainly be less expensive. Whether it's going to work or not I don't know as I said I have seventeen different school districts in the 22 senatorial district. Each school district has their own problem. Abington heights for example is threatening a strike through Scranton school it district. Tests -- own internal problems the problems affecting north pocono school district are different than those affecting the Riverside school industry and in so how do you satisfy everyone. You really can't do it. -- Let me back up to the pensions and this is a city issue year if you're elected to the states and you really can't do anything about it. Directly or specifically but in Scranton this case it is a unique. Pension systems I have never heard of anywhere if the current fire chief for the current police chief gets a 10% raise. All the pensioners who at one time held that position get half and that -- I heard that before and -- the India does play some role as Zell with our last caller about. Is some common now is some commonwealth support for a be broken municipal pension system. Each pension system stands by itself Scranton is unique in more than one way. First of all is the only class to anyway cities in the commonwealth -- might lose that status over drops below what is -- sixty or 65000. People. It's something that I hope the current administration is looking at cursor personally. Again. I won't take it away from the union state had -- negotiations. And negotiators. -- the administration. And we're talking we're going back. Oh I'd say at least five majors. Where the problems really started. The problem a fundamental problem in Scranton. They are no longer a major manufacturer. Industrial cities like they used to be used -- is not thinking anymore right. The garment industry is not -- existent Scranton for the most part is college down if you look at the universe is Scranton and Mary weren't Penn State. -- on a college. Keystone College which were not in the city but has a direct economic impact on the city track but commonwealth medical school. The Scranton he should in my opinion try to utilize the resources they have and they're not doing it. Breaker -- -- allowance lets get one call and before we had take a break raise funds cigar I'm sorry rich from Scranton Iran WI OK where's Joseph -- They're confident mr. Albert yes -- for -- Well. He would YouTube are pure electric of this state senate. And upload them to reduce -- And the expense of feet. Legislature. In this -- sobering enough I'll -- no mood to serve you know what the government retiree. Called -- -- and then once it's so I don't know which are pure electric. I hear already answered the -- tension in -- per Diem questioned by different on every state and I had and what orchard church -- Eleven record and help reduce the size. Of the legislature. And ordered her to creep across the. Well very simple if you want to decrease the cost of the legislature you must. Decreased the size of the legislature. Do we need all the state representatives the we have do we need all the state senators that we have. Maybe we need to take a hard look at how we allocate. Our. Resources with regard to. Voting for senators and state representatives. What I support a reorganization. And a downsizing. Probably what -- pass quite frankly no. Well I don't know I mean it's it's gotten more serious consideration. David Arnold was not occur after somebody in golf from what is 203 members of the -- 153. And I think -- from fifty senators. To 38 senators and at my job I kind of lost track -- but I believe it has been approved by both the house and the senate state government committees and is waiting for. A floor vote I really shocking here I am vehemently opposed to it I think it's a horrible idea why they caught us. You've got approximately 65 to 70000 people in a state house district now. And about 230000. In his state senatorial district if you increase that. 285. To 100000. May be 216. At 300000. In eight states senate. District I think -- you know it's not the quality of representation is gonna suffer -- I'm the only one year old believes it's right I'm the only host on W while -- who was opposed to cutting his state legislature but. I don't think it's a good idea. Well maybe be a solution would be to cut the salaries of the legislator about the size of the staffs. That's a fundamental point the problem is. We have a part time legislature and a full time staff. Maybe we need to equalize that program similar to that. -- -- in our psyche can take away this is the face is somebody mentioned before but the rest of the body if it's still very and I gonna get any kind of kid except parish bird is not like Washington where you have both a staff. For example congressman has a staff of maybe 2530. People right. He can actually have hundreds if he gets he gets an allocation first office and staff. I'm sure the same for the state. And they can spend that money anyway they want to give the state senator wants to have one assistant. Three secretaries. He can pay them outrageous sums of money food or if he wants to have a district office and every community. He's gonna find people willing to work for what he's going to panic -- and your caller asked about the cost it is outrageous vote. They don't need to participate in the -- take away the premiums under the state constitution all of legislator is entitled to. His travel and. -- Parallel -- here 847. And our guest tonight is in -- Alberto is running for the F 22 senatorial district seat that a bunch of other things I wanted to get into I think in the last couple amends for just getting here. Short answer a couple of questions are a lot of things I wanted to get to take out one -- -- called all essential irate from mountaintop -- -- NW while they would -- Albert. And technical. Earlier that a Republican or Democrat he's he's a Republican candidate the democratic incumbent -- John Blake. -- -- -- Joseph let me ask a question to welcome. You are providing our educational -- Well group -- Broke a personal. Right at the capitol to the family. And they can do that party. Sure I can -- -- attrition. -- online. Whoever. Not let me interrupt you fill out and I'm Manny if you don't mind. You must limit of one or more equipment what are -- -- may let let let did I I had I. Wish there. Where we -- shouldn't. -- -- Now we have one cup and I really want and you're now one might fall -- and see this. I see you're not the one running for office -- always well we appreciate -- -- -- geriatric. -- You must have been reading my platform. I am a firm believer in school choice I believe in the voucher system I believe that I'm just going to use numbers. Let's say for example the Scranton school district of per capita cost this 121500. Dollars. What no -- -- -- let me finish. Abington heights for example which is considered a prestige. School down the cost is 151500. Dollars you -- your parent living in Scranton Porsche Scranton prep which. For argument is 171000. Dollars. US apparent Scranton. Would get about your for 121500. Dollars you can spend it in the Scranton school. You can apply torch -- the applied towards Abington heights and pay the difference. So I agree it would force to schools to become more competitive. Offer better education. Raise their standards. And they could take things for -- Saturday I assure you. I think on the whole I think -- are of great. Because he. Didn't think there are pushing for our group on the taxpayer. Will -- taxpayer. English right. That's -- will seven -- exactly how we as bread and also met in the pensions or another big thing. -- hammering tackle better and Andre involved. Joke the second question -- should be stable thought that would require a year. Fresh bait although it. Although I -- -- state to come up with a champ follow a vector injured. Well that's established. A connection can you. -- -- your pension benefits. 8%. Above average and -- garbage collectors. Can you remember a public sector it's -- -- the people that. There were well aware that I think he's running for office well yeah of course what would you even have the legal authority to do that though I mean that would seem to be a bit of a problem may open your books we -- a walk. Do you you don't have that kind of authority it can't be done it's nice concept. And if private pension plans were willing to say hey this is what the cost is right. Public office holders take a look and maybe renegotiate the problem is you have two sides in the table. Do have one side which is the unions representing. Their membership. Rightly or wrongly they store represented them out and they're looking out for the what they feel is in the best interest. Of their membership which may be not in the best interest of the -- strength Obama. I'm running out of time here -- got to ask you a couple of these and this might turn out to be a lame duck issue by the time you -- if you were to win and you take your seat in January but there's every do. Other acts 47 floating around the distressed municipalities and could try to put some taxes and it. Some new revenue sources. I'm not sure how familiar you are with the -- from what you know about it would you support the biggest grant any dad. Is on act 47 for 22 who years which is and ought to Scranton really is the main reason that they're looking at a rewriting the jazz distressed municipalities act. I think the problem is the representation. From northeastern Pennsylvania. With regard to the current legislation. And the legislators in Harrisburg this comes from basically down to politics. Republicans first Democrats. Is it in the best interest to rebuke the act absolutely. There's no question about that. Should something be done. Most likely will be done. That's and I think that's the 50000 dollar question right a couple of driving questions I was strapped as driving questions I'm a driving enthusiasts. And Pennsylvania is a tough state for driving. Would you support or oppose red light cameras. Stop Bob I speed cameras -- -- left claim block. Yes you would very simple very simply I would I would -- a major disagreements until about -- okay. The camera issues. It's something I would look forward to debating with my challenge with my opponent bad and that's the other question before we ran out of time here would -- Be willing to debate. Senator Blake in some sort of -- absolutely I look forward to the opportunity defaced my opponent. Face to face. Not just once but more than once in different parts of our district. Monroe County. Those aren't coming in Michael wanna count me. I look forward to -- I hope my opponent would feel the same -- care what kind of make up the panel would be more word it doesn't matter that much. Well I would hope that all I would ask is objectivity. Hi I don't want to see a partisan Republican any more than a partisan Democrat. I think there are legitimate. Forums to be had. I think there are a legitimate question -- their objective. And they're not coming in with their side already picked up and they're willing to listen to -- such as yourself and your perfect example. Well I would. He willing died because I've done -- a number of them in the past when Roger station be willing to host a debate I I can't speak for management but I -- will point out that we did do one year. First Scranton mayor last year in the primaries soon Henry is a matter of fact posted it here and we had a panel that was put together so venture run so we have done that. That's that's good to know oil. Very good to know well Joseph I got about a forty seconds left and he's seen in public to -- a question is I never really gotten so -- make this simple. I appreciate it coming in tonight maybe get it back to get to some of the things that are on this list and I never got sales. LA I'm honored to be here. -- on your show against your listeners questions anytime you want I'll make myself available I colonel Michelle Albert who's running for these seats in the 22 senatorial district.