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George Millar of The Irish Rovers and Corbett

Aug 22, 2014|

George Millar of The Irish Rovers talks to Corbett about The Irish Rovers farewell tour and their appearance at the Kirby Center in Wilkes-Barre on Sunday, August 24th.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

George Miller is one of the legends. George Miller you Irish -- you know it's a pleasure to hear from you how are you. Yeah I agree it and it's good to be here and you know what you're probably right because police say our farewell tour we're sort of say in easy. You know that an American star share his daughter -- farewell tour so certainly this is only our first farewell tour so we have a week but the -- yet. You've you've got quite a wee bit to go now you you are farming in the foundation for the love of Irish music. This region George I don't know how familiar you are when northeastern Pennsylvania this region drew immigrants from. Ireland of course from Italy from Italy and Poland and Germany and other places because. But at the turn of the last century this was where the anthracite coal was -- my grandfather came here in 1904 port and Paul minds. 445. Years and then his Irish heritage is still strong with made and you're in your -- welcome home territory but it. Early departure and I'll tell you we have been here before and we know about Molly McGuire is the way back then the country so yes he's. Put your grandfather parred the last time. I'm not at liberty to say don't have to talk to his attorney okay yes I understand it completely now you're you're on the road. That's what this farewell tour all kidding aside you don't get a lot of miles George. We are net developer -- and -- and -- you're gonna end -- that you're a vault into the then we have to be tough for them to take offered New Zealand and Hawaii for -- six weeks. So let me that I failed to farewell tour technologically to -- here and we're coming back to the United States in nineteen and 2016. Authority -- For all of that is that we -- -- last farewell tour so it's. Sure I'll never get retired. You know maybe you shouldn't even -- retired because tripled the panda on one guys like you and and the members of your band. Poll we were talking before we connected with you here tonight tripled depend on guys like you to help us maintain that connection and from what. Came before and what brings us to the present and what leads us to the future. How does how does music -- music particularly. Make that continuum keep moving forward. Well the directly -- but the music I'm the Irish immigrants and also the -- Democrats when they can men do America. You were the fourth funders of country music as we know what'd he and any country star Garth Brooks is one of the many just say absolutely that supporters that's for the country's deep hole from. Not do what we're doing is we're doing songs that are probably about a hundred to 200 years old. But we expect a couple we've got so we've -- drums going on and of course we have a piano player. I think do you bands of today the new American Irish band they're doing this symbol songs were given that they've added more Barack -- feel -- I'm fine with that got -- the need to grow food ten. Such happy contagious do you think in the way that I hope it keeps going forever. And you know when you when you did listen -- Irish fiddle music can you translate that into the bluegrass and into the country music of the American south I often tell people. -- moonshine. From the American south also comes from their old sod in the form of a team. Well absolutely she and I also find a buyer is delving into that in the medium hillbillies. I would Protestant northern Irish people who within two days old. And because they were loyal to king -- -- -- the -- and that's -- the Indian -- good -- came from the content to -- -- from the old so. I loved the connection and I think they're very very haven't intelligent connections and I love to hear them. Think they are indeed and -- did tell you the truth like I always drew George. I don't think I ever heard that story before. I heard it myself about in the last year and I believe in researching -- -- think for fifty years now are more and so I was really surprised that you adapted to it is -- It was like the country artists and actually broader drop and they were they like the Irish music and they had built into it and that's where they say the term came from and of course. Country singer put light DS. No of course not I'm under 63 years old I've -- gone back to Ireland since I was 21. And for the past five or six years I've been leading basically pilgrimages. To to the -- -- as part of the tour. I was in Belfast two years ago old the first time. In more than thirty years I was in Belfast in 8283. Right after the hunger strike and and NORTHERN IRELAND now is also all -- itself up and rightfully so. To tourists who can enjoy the beauty all balled -- piece of that country that that sometimes was bypassed because of the trouble. Well -- absolutely was that that's for world from most the first -- -- from the north and two of the boys lived there are still and you're right. It should -- guaranteed to be able -- -- -- take the air with a nice kept attention was so bad but nowadays helicopters like any other modern city and I think the north coast of Ireland Italians culturally important Russia and there's some great golfing and there's some beautiful site and develop about bush milk which is one of the older but still read in the world which they're -- to -- -- good toured together we drink the bush -- at the end -- so it sold very very good for. NORTHERN IRELAND very happy to see that. When you think back George -- to you getting your start you were just a teenager when you who emigrated to Canada I believe. It seems so long ago all but -- some ways it just seems like yesterday. It has slowly -- like I was sixteen years old when I first met Jimmy and we started the band in Toronto -- he also had just emigrated. So we start in Toronto Canada just over the weekend saying. And within the next two years we were on the road and we can't stand yourself up cable cable one more year and she had close so. And my brother joined the band and our presidential pardon me to join the band and after fifteen years parcels sent album may be given one more year problems. You've got you've got an extensive repertoire your your ability is is is that absolutely solid. But like I said in the beginning there's no getting away from -- unicorn how does song get a start and why does that song persist. With. What's the appreciation of people who love that song that is the. Well that's straight attempt started because that within the state -- we first started with the -- none of the Irish public you have everywhere not to neighbor the first -- of the day. So as well the thing in the -- Irish songs that we bursting and we also would introduce a little sol song set. But some of that that kind of magic dragon and that we didn't releasing that until we find the unicorn. From Shel Silverstein knew they had done it and the ultimate talking to send. These Kern was done without really it shouldn't and so we lifted it from him and we got a bit of action behind it and we start playing that act in the clubs send people would stop. In this funny stuff they were smoking in the two pistols song is so. It is just one of those little magical thing that grew and then -- we went every card that they brought in Glen Campbell who played lead guitar and it was his very last session. He ever played before he released gentle on my mind. So it had successfully elaborate but never we did we never thought -- could go -- we didn't have any drums on it but just. Glen Campbell on -- -- rhythm guitar my cousin Joseph played the harmonica and we had a good player. And we were number two behind the people who and one ahead of Strawberry Alarm Clock so it does each I don't know how that little song slipped onto the rock and roll charts and I'm. Very polite and glad that it did and as you said we're still rating is back after fifteen years persona and get right on the immigrant. Well speaking of listed since that's funny stuff is not legal in Pennsylvania you can listen real quick if -- anybody engages self so -- look for the -- without the benefit of the funny stuff a lot of people look forward to seeing you George a lot of people appreciate everything you've done for us. And whenever you're in the neighborhood or even when you're not until freely give us a call Sunday night and Kirby center in Wilkes-Barre. Any any final words of wisdom from from George. Yes she did daily final weren't aware of his -- just too damn short according to have a -- on -- -- come into our show we're just going out each topic dear friends and -- and have a weakling that's what you have to do I get but the worries of the world done you can't change them hardly generally so. Enjoy yourself it's later than you think. Every wells said George Miller we'll see you Sunday night at the -- good to talk to him. Thank you for your time I played her to do your show you.