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8-18-14 What? Am I Lyin?

Aug 18, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

At any magic here to -- open -- -- gonna get a -- actually happened. A couple of highlights they announced last week that the post office lost to a billion dollars over the last three months. -- two billion dollars but right. I -- the post office different plays I book would be behind that bar -- -- in street Paul RTM mail truck parked back there every have you know. I'm not -- -- gambling that everything gonna Jack he's going to be -- it that it probably doesn't pay for play charges about doing business with the state the turnpike. Today his lawyer try to get on a hot water they claims -- attorney general can't maintain her profits as well. Roberts never lets just say that stimulated physiological reactions from -- what they actually said was their political opponents so let me fair. I can say nice try but political opponents. But Democrats and yet you want to think about leverage that once upon a time. But some people say there was a meeting where certain products that are transported by certain -- stands for a certain -- allowed came up and totally unrelated to that I'm sure fire. She ended up not run -- -- all we have left now is an -- doesn't request for delays and at that don't work he's gonna start wearing dresses and driver the corporal quit your defense. Jim watt Zach commissioner aquatic Downey but probably the money was about to be spent and at the armies of the red roof and when he was as they -- Every that parents Greg he rented a house out and last week he solved it and pulled on a -- forty -- Brandon profit. None of it's illegal but some people think it's unethical. Sandwich a lot about the guy who want to think Rashard he's got what money he's really good it was somebody else's money. -- -- -- -- -- Loose lips to remain at sea island you live here and we'll be right back after -- -- from our -- sponsors.