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8-25-14 What, Am I Lyin?

Aug 24, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Tragic yet what better way to start a grand a week than shaking your head about last week did we got. -- Robbins a councilman in Scranton last fall brightens and they wanted to put cellphone towers up and a couple of city park square. And Rogen was an enemy it's. Fast forward -- last week and Verizon want to put a cell phone tower up on an empty lot that -- and bought and it shares to operate the hundred box. Is it me -- does not like the compressor that truck carved out right after pull out of the loading article -- market. The NFL announced last week that they want at halftime show at the Super Bowl to pay the beat the halftime show at the Super Bowl. And I don't gonna end up don't have time Joba generally speaking. Record companies they might be work that support the bill since whoever plays halftime of the Super -- usually have that sound a lot more concert tickets at record and download when they -- Not a new idea. -- Madison radio years ago only then it was Paul begala. And it the story I saw last week where a guy what his Social Security card he wanted to get every place. But to get it replaced he needed a picture ID and didn't have a picture ID. I figure they'll get out of that your IT but to get a picture right thing you need to sort of security guard. That Pennsylvania. My my. Body wrapped gifts. News went to remain CEO WY. On the right back ever worked remarkably sponsors.