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Aug 28, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Hey it's Carol -- mystery. Happened downtown looks very at -- and you are an EPA tests are fast. Ominous development time he. -- this event. Corner of -- -- doing fatally that you are not a tattoo artist but you are piercing artist and correct somebody hears about trade. Not many people know what those things aren't your ears where they call. Those are. Floats. And the blood to get anywhere else there are people especially on the part about it. You know specialist Spencer -- registered nostrils was recommending if you put a whole -- distraction from what you refuse to deal. Here's children's book ever deal with angry -- against the anatomy because that is their mortars their childhood. I'm actually just protecting them. Canadian massacre was with me here on the show the New York -- It's on TLC and America's worst yet to post I think a lot of people -- the title and think it's all about you know need doing bad cat did but it's not -- knowledge about people. But really really bad Tatis and they come to me and I expanded and then the works of art. For a few -- beyond. -- you know and I had to do hundreds during my apprentice just because you know. Starting eleven years ago all the popular things like tribal. And Mike. Tramp stamps they follow back pieces -- -- anything that's coming ripping out of your skin these are all things that were so popular. You know ten years ago I literally did seventh incessantly until like -- -- learned how to tattoo -- -- I just never ever wanna see them again basically. Hey this is Carol healthy. The street.