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Aug 28, 2014|

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Hey it's -- on the street I'm in downtown looks Cincinnati -- second annual -- -- is taking place Kentucky three young lady -- manhunt. Played from its mom but -- you getting done and get cover up on on some bad have things like out of high school. You see deficit high school what was that. They were accused of arrows on my head. He just got tired of them. They weren't what I wanted to in the first place it over the last sixty years they've they've haven't grown on me. I regret so what is he doing now to repair that. He's being too large bruises bruises even for background to to cover those -- and I'm what he and Simon your tattoo artist. From Youngstown Ohio. What do you work it on here. How do in my get all seeing Iowa semi geometric designs and crystals and bubbles all kinds of funds it's quite creative it's a process thank you. There's a lot of good artists here we're all doing a little bit different. Different styles are -- what your -- style and I actually mainly due blacking greater realism. Portraits -- movies pictures and things. What's your most unusual tattoos that you created on -- Not do this guy you know hot dog in my wrist when I was. One years old I was drunk. Is -- to regret it absolutely yeah. Hey this is Carol I'll see you. On the street.