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Aug 23, 2014|

Saturday August 23, 2014

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The following is a paid program the views or claims may or not necessarily those of WI OK staff management or sponsors. It's time for -- and -- -- don't you we do. -- -- Until -- lie okay. And good morning good morning how are you good how Rio. I don't find this morning my name is Len Evans I'm the president and CEO of northeastern financial consultants. Where fee only financial planning firm clarks summit. I'm -- can and the owners like ten enterprises which is a fundraising PR and special event business. -- -- -- shout outs this morning well I have a couple things to talk about -- because I think it's important that we know a few days have. One -- C. Which one is -- the 31. Annual -- made Pittston tomato festival this whole weekend of course for taping on Thursday say you're hearing us. On Saturday so all day Saturday and lots of stuff will be happening. So our good friend -- scene now. I'm told me to tell you thank you she sent this text and thanked us for giving a little shout out for them to. Now gloriously chairperson for the last seventeen. Yeah Ike says she says years set up. Affiliate to give a big shout out to her because I know she first and I love her she's in the best chicks around as far as I'm concerned she's so involved and so. Happy and cheerful I just lover she's so positive about everything she does and so this is a major undertaking as we all know anything like this is so. Seventeen years doing a 31 years that and in downtown Pittston it's and what it would have been Thursday that two point eight. First through sat through Sunday the twenty fourths of your health and you wanted to. Check it out please don't. I'm she said there's about 50000. People in attendance for the four day event and it's been a touted as one of the best. The best festivals and northeastern Pennsylvania okay. Do you go from now that I love to sign up and then once but I have to tell you something funny about my mom was here last weekend again. Shirley leads come on Phil Philadelphia. -- -- has been. A native of northeastern Pennsylvania -- life until about four years ago when she moved in with my sister and showing. So somehow or other something came up from the news about the Princeton to -- yeah. Speak it should be says I think that is terrible. Why this isn't what's what's still won't sit and -- say your name when they throw those tomatoes and everybody now -- still a waste of food. And somebody said mom now a lot of the Mariah -- to me no with well still that that's not good you can make -- side of it. They do they saw it play any of the senses that the tomato capital of the world knows we're okay with -- so funny -- -- you know it's amazing how people think I'm president I think it's great because I would love. -- seriously for summer that I really don't like. And I would love to slam with -- main -- is no better way because the seeds go everywhere that read so I love it I think it's like Jesse great way to get your reaction that we -- -- and I know now but -- a few people in my hand while not many but. OK I love that so of course they have the tomato fight entertainment a five K run sauce wars which I. So -- I should be a reality show doesn't aside yeah. -- should be a reality show they should film it right there in -- I think patient and do all these people in the sauce whereas I think it's great. I'm games rides arts and craft and of course the homegrown tomatoes -- which Laurie says just keep the crowd coming. So I am. The opening ceremony this Thursday and then on Saturday. The parade which you here today but the -- begin at 8:30 in the morning. And it's going to be televised which is great on fox 56. The parade lineup is at 930 which at this point it will already be too -- well indeed have a little bit of time. And she said that the rubble started the eighth plus many market and continue through main street down Kennedy boulevard and and at Coopers collapsed building. And she said the grand Marshal who I just lover of the grand Marshal for this year is attorney -- run Gaza do you know -- now I don't. She's great her office is right downtown Pittston. But she is say -- she lives in Scranton with her husband -- President Obama was fabulous but rose is a sweetheart of -- was at the Jazz -- when I talked to should beautiful woman very bright very. Look I just slap her -- Sheehan Gloria I'd like to -- to -- as far as I'm concerned so she's -- grand Marshal which is great. And the tomato fight was just which is sponsored appropriately by priced jobs. Is great. We'll be held my earnings at -- waterfront parking lot and the address there is 304 Kennedy boulevard and damned. That's a lot of fun coming to fit lady here this participants must be. Fifteen years of major or their company entry fee is eight dollars. There's tomatoes fight T shirts which will be available for ten dollars in each and all proceeds. Benefits the greater Pittston charities which is great live entertainment. And advanced. After the -- step shell. I'm Saturday afternoon will feature the tomato festival queen. Scholarship pageant at 1 PM. I'm the highlights at 230 Phyllis Hopkins at 430 Jordan got tired against this at 530. Some denounced -- 630 this is -- a while. Eighty our -- and -- and flax -- Morgan and 845 it is huge tomato contest will be held at 7 PM on Saturday in the tomato. Festival committee stand on the festival grounds and she's saying bring your largest ugly as -- And most current or most perfect to made out. And the minister was a judging at 6 PM to see for the best our greatest man I don't know what it's gonna make ourselves molasses stuff on Sunday little miss tomato. Just a whole lineup of entertainers the whole time and Imus is going to be great that you Marxist you now that the Pittston tomato festival. Has been featured in Parade Magazine -- the Washington Post. Reader's digest. And Pennsylvania magazine and was preserved. As part of The Library of Congress local legacies project in Washington DC. And -- no I did not yet another colonial and I just think it will first I have to go because it's great. It really is a lot of fun it's almost it's become now a tradition press we go every year. Dislike the last fast at courthouse square in Scranton and and it's sort of the same that in the same I'm. In the sales -- and my promise I would probably eat my way through -- you don't really do that now first time that a fantasy of doing like stand. Eating and did I just you know and that doesn't but maybe the people and when you see at the so many different. Varieties of food and the people eating them and having such a good time in the kids in the family in all the dance dance stuff with all the music. It's really people really look forward to each and every year no different than a lot -- meaning that's people go live. Fireworks that happened at a festive it's it's just a big thing and it's nice summer's going to be nice this weekend ask him. Really well I'm I'm another thirty face -- first annual pension to manifest we're going on the rest of today. And tomorrow so go out and check it out and like you'll be unhappy did I have a question about what happened so many do the fight to -- showers as I don't know if I don't know. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And also just so you know there's going to be a barbecue competition. As -- -- montage mountain resorts behind you can go on to Scranton. -- Q dot com and find out more information and it's called the call I love it. Coal cracker Barbeque -- September 12 grand -- -- DBQ. I Scranton yes I'm Gary thank him because I saw France and BBQ dot com go in and check it out and that's going to be my month itself or some about that I saw on the ad last night on channel sixteen and thank you must. That the west Scranton what was -- going to say our Karen Foster who who runs the west Scranton. Thank you and I nonetheless had a nice park Heidi how are you have something association yet more and -- is -- eight I'm. As we say the senseless Centennial celebration committee for the city of Scranton. Will be happening in case she did know a little information. The 23. On April 2016. We're BV 150. Or at recess was Centennial birthday of the city of Scranton. So there's a committee formed this is lot of stuff was happening Caron is one of those people on the committee. Gave me this said to please let everybody know about if we could. And she's doing a great job because she comes loaded with information of course after she and she said -- Karen. West just ask me. There -- some what I looked around that committee who don't may be live there now yeah grew up last -- Movers and shakers is on -- tell you about west Scranton they were there thank Karen goes to great jab so hats after her -- Our anything he's out what else do you have anything to tell me you know I don't I don't have a gym this morning weaker -- -- did pretty much so. Sarah wasn't a whole icons. You know -- Kevin Foley goes back to. School already his third year. Only when you're hearing this hilarity B komen in his. Paternity. I told them that I told everybody last week he joined a sorority. And none of eternity and the reason he did was to meet chicks who I got an Emmy for -- and I decided now and the name of the fraternity did tell me -- -- alpha sigma mower some. I don't know why can't they give them all up I told to saw agreed to -- And yeah. I had a good. I well. Find out what -- the last weekend. My family was here from Philadelphia and my niece my nephew my mom my sister. And where all all at the lake and had a really wonderful time we went to -- and was on Saturday night for dinner. And Sunday we had a great dinner at the house with some. I guess it was a butterfly leg of lamb. And the growth and we also had some fresh corn and some other wonderful things off fresh vegetables from the -- -- it's really really good. And he Timothy. Starting Tuesday at Penn State start -- senior year -- so -- you early on can happily until senior year. So I asked him when he was gonna do after that he said probably. I will go to Penn State law school. Again that's and I -- when is he taking male sex he said he -- they need to do. Why he says these are showing now yeah. Sorry but yes take -- look at a delegates are right and if I do just a little too much subcontinent well not even that you have to take limits -- -- I will honeymoon is semi decent I'll get around that -- -- -- -- normally make -- different bank doesn't he'll do it anyway she's doing -- any -- you well. Few opening for him from the radio wanna beat L a lawyer. Because she really what he wants to do. Is more than anything he wants to be on me forensic science class to be district attorney -- -- to get into that whole world's. So that's the end that's the ticket in Moscow in Canada and that that -- Hopefully you wish him luck and that's because it's it's I think he -- a great -- he's got one of those mine says. He can sort things through and figure out. Things that you would say wow I never put that together but that's so offense -- brains about. Now that's he's a very very bright. Person and you know they talk about and -- has corrected me a sense of he just he said that you know lot of kids not -- that a lot of people say accuser aren't taking. Some time off after they graduate college either deferring their law school acceptance. For a year -- Or not or there NBA wherever they're getting there would have their got revenue -- doing and working two years and that was kind of shines planned between yesterday. We had lunch at our favor scanners with this is my daddy done by -- And he said I think I'm changing my mind once I apply and I know I think I'm gonna go right to Moscow which I said I agree duet. Yeah get it over with and -- and that's it because there's a chance he may now want to once you start making money right -- there. That's what happens so just do what you can't he got a good school you get the job we need anyway. South. -- so. Who knows at least we'll have enough lawyers in the hammock beach you know New York except this. For sure and a half and then my -- tomorrow it is so starting school this will be her second year teaching first grade. And it's they have private school. And inner city Philadelphia it's run by a one of the but. None screw traffic there was a comment but. That the last year she had sixteen or seventeen children -- class this year she starts at 32 -- Well good for Sanford Wallace right that's great. So she's looking forward to that new bunch of kids can't put -- here this year the other did you hear this man they really lover -- Sound and and by the way Thomas. Went from the gap to banana republic or I'll loan by the same pace throughout memory taunted an email he got from the press yes well he's -- -- that Saudi -- so yeah. We're gonna take a really quick break you're listening this morning to -- -- shot. -- -- -- Know everybody we're back you're listening to the large human -- I'm -- cabinet and the owner of the large cat and enterprises which is a fundraising. PR and special events business. And I -- Linda Evans I'm the president and CEO of northeastern financial consultants. For a fee only financial planning firm in clarks summit. And I have to make it correctly and make it is we only remembered anyway again hopefully that's more like yeah remembrance rather than a correction. This age since being kicked around he putts. We talked before about. Those expand barbecue event to -- and I mentioned one of the sponsors and that was the west grand doping couldn't think of harassment Sosa west side. Neighborhood association. And we just wanna give them credit for that. Yet thanks I don't know sorry. So many times tonight I have -- I didn't write a story this week but I didn't. I'm blonde because I was reading some things that really spurred. Me on to write this -- Sam. When those things allow people just forget about that until. We get to the point where we absolutely need and then do stupid things but. They emergency fund. Most people some people called the rainy day fund whatever you wanna call it. It's something that's really. The basis. Of starting anything in financial planning. So that before you get involved in investing and doing all other kinds of things you need to really accumulate the emergency fund which is by definition. Enough to take care if you're single six months. Viewer. -- living expenses. If you're married three months of your living expenses the assumption being that. If you're married -- combining your resources. You know -- another person still working so that you have some buffer there. But there are many people who don't have that and they don't know about it they don't know they should do it. Except that they've heard from their parents he should say for a rainy day but how much -- where you put it never been defined. So this was an article that was in a place called. Go girl finance. Which I've talked about the scores the great website for basic information. And this woman who wrote an article about emergency fund horror stories lessons learned. It's really interesting hearing what some people said YA needed an emergency fund. There's a woman in Colorado who said every year when tax season would roll around. We'll be financially wiped out because of income taxes insurance premiums that -- -- and property taxes. -- We'd have to use the credit card to get through. I was on first and another from California says. My husband received a promotional work and we were so excited because is new patient could be almost doubled compared to what we were earning before. So we had taken a two week unpaid break in between switching positions. We're anxiously awaiting his first paycheck from a -- position in order to repair bills. Imagine our shock when his first paycheck arrived and it was exact same amount as beautiful park. Due to an error from the payroll -- IMF. -- is promoted salary didn't go through and he wouldn't be able to receive -- up and this updated paycheck until the next billing cycle. Just came at the worst time as our rent was due we have depleted her savings to pay off the last of our -- We had inherently relied on our excellent job security. As a reason not to need a clump of emergency fund. Another woman from Oregon send my nearly two point one year old Honda. Was totaled well I had T bones and I had to replace a very quickly and is take out a loan for 6000 dollars. For a replacement car because I didn't have enough -- my emergency fund now I would. I would not agree with that as the reason why you need an emergency fund to buy a car but that's her idea. OK this guy and you and if you can't get to work -- -- be in -- -- and alone. A car loans would make more volume of accredited by Al piano and it takes 6000 in cash in the AM best show -- -- that is dumped. But then how another guy Nebraska. All right fidelity bank come in and around the day. Years ago when I was in -- I have run into meaning some major car repairs. But didn't have enough cash in my emergency fund to cover the expense of man a woman in New York said I was a car accident so this is sad. I music -- and I needed to pay the -- Hundred dollar deductible. I didn't have any cash available to them because that's. That's why -- made an emergency fund for things like that what do you think there's any number of people are who have done. I'm a wellness I don't know because it. My answer that would be skewed because the people to come to -- Generally have some. Framework a financial planning that they've already done some things so a lot of them have that or they don't have it. To the point where it's six months worth but they have. Couple that created this some kind of a disciplined Internet which is something that I do but yeah I do it so that. My paycheck is split. Part of it goes in the money. Fidelity checking account and from which I pay my bills. But the other goes into a separate account that's designed specifically for the mortgage payment and savings. So that that's always taking care of and because that's savings for the -- goes up or down I you know went to Cape May. At the end of last month I use some of that money for that purpose but replace it because every time I get a paycheck keeps going back into NAFTA. So CDS six months would be nice but I don't think I have that but I also know then. I have other resource is Frankie yeah exactly so I would say if I added it all up yes I have -- What percentage of people do. I think probably. None. I've not done but very slim because we've been listening last week to Ali. Stories about the number of people who have less than 5000 dollar set aside for retirement over the age of 45 it's very scary yeah. So I'm sure if they don't have that taking care of they also don't have the six months time. -- -- -- business what I senate that so I wrote a blog about. And is it might join me in emergency fund do you tell them how to do it yes aren't little start small. Life had just asks him and then he's a big chunk of money to pay dental bill car repair bill of deductible on your medical insurance -- replacement your water heater. Anything that throws your normal living expenses until there so -- most people go to get those funds by the cash withdrawal feature of your credit card of course. Except that's the most expensive way to get. First there's a fee based on the percentage of the money you borrow which could be as high as 5%. Then there's the interest rate on the cash advances which is significantly higher than net charge to purchases. By the time you pay LC advanced he'll pay off about a 135%. Or more of what you borrowed. There are other ways to accumulate your emergency time like trying says -- something from every paycheck. Them that's for most people is impossible they say so -- repaying the loan and a 135%. There's also home equity line of credit interest rates and home equity lines are variable at this point around 5%. If you only pay back please pay and the principle you borrowed what you took from the line of credit. It's easier payment -- Michael on where you need a monthly payment based on the full -- -- plus interest. The home equity line of credit work similar to a credit cards. You only pay what you borrow and you're only obligated to pay the interest on the -- not the principle. And every payment. But as soon becomes a fool's game if you ever wanna get paid back. Consider alone from a permit a life insurance policy. The cash value as collateral for money you need to borrow and again you don't need to pay back the principle it too will eventually implode. If you do not pay the principal and interest on the loan. The best course of action. Have 10% your paycheck. Automatically move to a savings account every pay period that will accumulate very fast it's amazing what peace of mind a little rainy day fund will get you. 10%. 10%. Cigarettes. Join -- What you want if you don't pay attention to prove. So -- So I was reading this story. Clinton loves them. Did you. Cinema made great gasping. Via a long time and I bet I can't remember he has about the most current one no fun when -- the -- with Leonardo yeah I feel now I did not again. It was a cinematic. Experience because this home that he lives in. Was absolutely incredible and when he did every night was throw these outrageous parties. And they invited people that he didn't even know they just would come into his house -- thousands of people. And they would have champagne flowing from everywhere whenever they need under one and he just had these outrageous price. There was a reason why he did that he ultimately was trying to get the attention of a woman who lived across the bay. But. It was lavish system released. -- of this woman. Confessions of against the wife. Lessons learned from losing at all. Ten years ago daisy was living the high life and her husband was a jet -- with a fancy lifestyle and a flashy career in commodities. Daisy her jewelry her party's her circle of friends her figure. I think envy of the Hamptons crowd. Socialize flowed like. A cool breeze in another beach homes and country homes. Just like a Great Gatsby daisy is toddler -- about adding frolic in comic relief. -- worried for nothing she can -- remember how she spent her money. So good income she earned it. -- from her own -- working as an executive assistant for venture capital group she didn't have any idea where it went she can save a dime. Her husband handled all the bills weekdays for worker -- busy but I weekend days he became the social butterfly. -- about among friends -- until one fateful day. When her husband called with a horrible confession. Can collateralized their home against a hard money loan and they were in danger of losing everything. Fears of followed for a flurry of anger arguments and attorneys. None of which saved the home for the -- befriends. As daisy describes as we had we lost a lot of friends payment on hang around when you're not happen in big dinner parties like pleased to have. And yet. Stacy looks better than ever seen or seen her husband every invent -- themselves. Something that took serious self examination and brutal honesty. Over who was really to blame for losing all -- worldly possessions. Her husband went from dealing handling and check the stats settings. Around the world is dealing with high school students and commuting. By train. His teaching job pays pennies on the dollar from his prior career. They burned too many bridges to sustain his former business. Daisy went from lavish living to modest budget thing where she controls the money and pays the bills. To stay married to the father of her children. Daisy had to ask and answer the question. Is my husband evil or did you just make terrible mistake. She admits he gambled their future and a bad business deal when many genuinely thought would payoffs -- -- today. But she also had denounced her own role in the mask that she describes it I just fine to have dinner parties -- have a life. And I didn't wanna know about the details or how he was funding mess I didn't wanna hear about his problems if she didn't have enough money. That may be pushed him to have riskier behavior I wasn't a totally innocent bystander. Today daisies financially. So I'm not legally divorce from her husband. She pays the bills she owns the home and the 401K and life insurance. Her child has a trust fund at a college fund and our next goal is to get back turning passive income was Smart investing. The champagne life maybe gone forever or not the daisy is happy and optimistic about what lies ahead mainly because she's driving the bus now. Sober and with a good plan and she encouraged is encourages you to consider. The ten steps below so you never have to lose and all like she didn't do I have time to talk about after it's basically fundamentals. Financial planning tips. But I just thought I was very interest saying that. It's unlike the movie -- great -- few words she dies at the end she goes off with this -- that she's married to him. Has -- horribly ugly life. This woman really turned around and made something out of her life. Which I think is preemption saying -- and I some women who think that they'll just ignored and left a husband hand look at. She hurt it originally -- exactly but I'd like what I also like is to move money have to say now lynch. Where you're wrong and that's what you did and then it make the change which actually is a great thanks so good for her. Hi we're gonna take a really quick break we're back in a little that you're listening to -- Elaine -- Hi this is Nancy came in from W while case morning news with Webster and -- -- say. And I know Lari cannon a lot of people know -- can. And more importantly. Lari cat knows a lot of people. Might hadn't enterprises specializes in fundraising public relations and special events. -- cat and can take your business organization to the next level. This isn't something that you'll learn about -- a block -- can't even be taught. Lari cat and lives -- she knows how to work a crowd opened doors and build and nurture relationships. With large cat -- prices get -- rock Lari Camden and her twenty plus years of experience. Scolari today at 3578399. 3578399. Or email Lari. Lari LA UR I eat at Lari cat dot com L a URIAECADDEN. Dot com. Lari cat and enterprises. Because it is cool you know. Here is lowering inland. Good morning. Good morning. Don't I don't king plus that's good no -- but they won't everywhere now. -- certainly dead. My -- -- Linda Evans and the president and CEO northeastern financial consultants. Where fee only financial planning firm in clarks summit I'm sorry and the owner of wiring can put your transistor. Which is a fundraising PR and special events business summit just have to -- growth quickened this assessment I'm infidelity. -- time they friendship house board board friendship house call started out our -- Monday my cousin Billy hadn't played. And I was a -- sponsor so mind my business stain was there and somebody. Brazenly. Cross staff put it -- bill and it Lari tackle and -- and Annie said. I just wanna tell you somebody wrote I inch accidents -- what he's okay. Talley -- tell us nice. I know I guess I am please call but I was upstairs as chairman of the board I went up at the end of the day to say hello Owen thank everybody for it. -- in play but it was a beautiful today and they had to -- 128. -- -- and where was this a -- elk no fear. Anyway continue the beautiful guest with us today and I can't look at -- -- I known. Were you away for a couple of the NEA you can tell man and that's great things and I. Can't -- must say I am I miss -- As well as I can passively. Did though I guess I was pale and possibly be and so -- I know you LEY who will be here in between two -- -- Telstra now Colin I'm healthy and a mound now on. And it well this is Noel from pass ski. Come and -- is just an assistant vice president. And marketing and communications officer of fidelity bank and she's been Larry will be seven years and October noon. And we want to talk about some of the wonderful good news fidelity has banned receiving some awards since some recognition some stuff like that. So. Tell us what's so exciting enough for them. -- there's a lot of good stuff happening -- we eat just found out but I there's become legal Bauer financial. -- raids all of the banks in the country. -- time and their financial performance and how while they're doing and he just gave us a superior. Breeding my. And slippery very exciting and very good news I am and now and American banker. Without a magazine every suns even recorder. How many -- -- different industry trends and he just identified there. I'm -- gala at the top 200 banks in the country and we -- one of them yeah that is terrific. Iron I -- scary exciting Indiana this good stuff so yeah and then we have something going on with -- lemonade stands. Yes this since the beginning of the sprained we have been giving Alex. We're -- encourage small businesses right can they are and that engine that drives the economy especially in this area. And sell every kid every dolls had the good memory and they're summertime and then and having a lending means standing your -- coroner and right he can run every week ending event. And so to kind of push that we were on giving out free. Lending needs kids at every child the -- into the bank we still unclear. To me and three and I guess -- -- And then wind died at the opening new seeding to counts of we give dominate salons of Isaiah in their -- an attitude he can get it started it. Pillow process is really like it would be friends and real business owner to kind hand and sure there's an application that the kids need to bill allowed -- need to get approved for their money kitten into less. Isn't really cute it's it's an adorable and kids don't like really loved and then how many -- -- lemonade -- have taken out so far. -- liking given how close you hundred wow -- ASEAN. I have all the kids use some. Why -- cellular -- and a a little promotion on our FaceBook page where I'm sure we encourage people to post their pictures on the needs and come we actually had. A little girl from pits and who is raising money your money stand for our neighbors whose house was lost enough fire. -- and she got the most lakes -- the most shares on her pictures of she wind 250 dollars -- -- he you have to grant. There's somebody -- Only time I can't remember who was it that they -- -- mother or father Ollie said to them never. Ignore a child and a lemonade stand in other words always stop and I lemonade from a child who has a stamped. And it's kind of a neat thing because. It's it's just good teaches them a lot it really does and it's and we we all did it. Q did you do it landed my son I told to I had triumph. Real state right thing I know -- Dan because every time. Flew into the corner of our street and north may now. And every holiday. There would be so much traffic at everybody that -- turn uninformed screen they don't usually I. Harry Harris though the lights people would go through sit there for -- -- tree lights and I thought I get hot she's shown really OK so Simon and I lemonade stand out there I had so much business it was I have no idea what to do with profits up put him in the bank in your bank account. Of course is very god and -- my bank account that's my early entrepreneurial. Than you think you know part of your -- today's rainy day dry up as they battle line he still his communion money idea yeah I don't -- Thought I actually. Do you still have unbelievably. Some. Savings bonds that my parents font term mail from Yemen this stuff along timing I was a kid. I don't even know what they're worse I mean I can look -- up. I know I could still buy that is no well speaking event what's the -- UB CMC adding Danny yeah ideal on mine a PC cancer and now banks and he can't go to the bank Lehman can redeem them at banks are right now can -- I'm -- -- in my mind COB how T if you want churches -- which -- really does. Not anymore I he has to go online if you want and -- he wanted to you have to. It's the same but that's what happened so -- and a couple fifty dollar bonds or something ten effect and carry our engine and somewhere. Our policy I -- there's so many floating around town has an 88 you know we have a couple clients of command with -- boxes filled with them. You know because they were part of a system. Where where they worked they had been deducted from their paycheck -- -- used to -- and a way of doing yet so they just accumulated them they had -- and we have to go through all this and figure out the value. But it was there was interest and -- so and besides the lemonade stand even one of those things are going on the to support women businesses. She's. Hint hint. I'm well we had a couple of years ago we designated five million dollars -- I'm -- Q women owned businesses locally. Come and so we really think it's kind of important to focus on any women bringing different -- side to the table and they bring in different perspective than. We think it's very valid and very important in south we started earmark that money to be like this you women owned businesses. We do a lot with the team that we sponsor of the women's number -- and -- that's. Perino I'll be here September October November -- tomorrow our lunches. Time and you know we try as much as we can when our bankers. I'm talking to business owners plague is endangering -- different perspective and thanks for them to -- really hang courage Don TU. The race ends of the customary and we don't like she wound. Mean I just push product genius even count here Karen here's your savings account we can open our and I really in order taker. And so a woman -- Financial means are you know obviously you guys know very different from me and themselves. Our bankers are educated and trained and -- tube listen for those Pennington cues and clues that women will get many B nine don't because they have a different meet. None they have different concerns in south. Have you same -- some increase in from your bank. It's in loans given out to women business owners and last 35 years. Taylor before I didn't have any I mean I'm even just look I and there's an article in the Scranton times it seemed a few months ago I think about on in the downtown footprint on the -- little shops that are popping up there all women. Owned business -- is that -- I read that. Yeah I think women are getting you know the confidence and more educated than ever before them -- in Japan an end and yeah how Leinart I mean. It seems that they were young lady still admire women taking mad. Plunge into the business fellowship forum in downtown serious Atlanta. Police believe they -- the FAA and I mean really as young AS which is great I mean many think about it how much time do you spend it -- you spent more time and work. Sometimes and home -- -- selling here in fast on the time on that energy why not do it. In an industry that you love and prayers Allison and hearing your own -- -- it's a lot harder I think in Summers backs but then. But there is there is that sense when you are. If you got kind of a person too because the discipline is far different from having done it both ways. And then when you aren't -- match your box. Wouldn't you agree with that oh yeah I mean he you can you have freedom. And flexibility of many things but the responsibility. Is still. It's yours if no one to blame hard. Detailed policy hey what. Ngo and I know it's an presents in a lot of ways people -- to say to me won't yeah yeah you've got your own business you can come goes to please. Well -- -- -- I can. But on the other hand I take a love with me. -- my day doesn't start at nine and then decide hey it's because one thing I know we talked about it until and today I was just sank. I have not men. In this September. Will be four years and my business is almost five years old. Four years since I've done on vacation. And because it was on The Today Show about how many people actually use all of -- allowed a vacation days -- -- or. If they do go that there -- now plugged into tech analogy to two. Communicate with the office said there emails -- -- phone calls -- whenever. And they were saying that you what it is a healthier economy if people. But it would be if people took the time to take a vacation because it increases -- -- spending and everything else to be on mediation. And I think about that I have -- who literally one day to drag shine here -- there to school where every -- you know in turning. That's it I have not taken a vacation a four -- some lost weekend in neat little one time I don't think so believe me that I am but the point is like Lyn saint. When it is your business it's hard to do that tennis you have to make the time to do it -- and and carve it -- make sure there's nothing else happening so you can go ahead. It's so needed -- But women business and I know fidelity has always been and we say this all the time so I'm gonna keep saying that they are so good to women. Business owners and women put some organizations and that's saying that the things that go on locally. To support women and what they -- and you guys are always. Thought -- domain elites try. Mean -- you think a lot of that comes from. Just because there's so many strong women who are involved and fidelity believes and that. -- give making sure -- people -- out -- -- involved or do you think it's. Deeper than that. Deep -- and I think that plays a part doesn't think I'm begging to everyone recognizes. You know statistically. How much swimming contribute to the economy. In a variety of different ways you handwriting different industries and it doesn't -- sounds. Team that's. -- -- -- assistance and and be there can be an advocate for non Indian inside their two guns at any small business thanks. They gaze at eighteen they bring a different dynamic to the workplace and it just doesn't make sense to ignore that why would you do that. Time and so I think everybody can have from the top down has diet philosophy and sort of believes and that's in south. He -- not and we -- businesses differently for diet. Women going into street. They -- very different dynamic and it's important to recognize that each. I'm glad that things were kind of looking and dealing is I'm really trying to be on the cutting edge of technology because they think that's important. When they're running in 101000 different directions between. Kids in school and taking care of them thousands in their home -- hobbies and work in -- -- And sell on. Sitting face to face. So -- we got them sent to that point. Player direct deposit things like that are wonderful. The stairs and web pay and on yeah veteran Mike -- getting me around that has been great for me saves lives we just -- done. I'm mobile deposit where you take six here's act in any deposit Sony PS Tulsa. I'm no well tell everybody if they need fidelity bank the general phone number website information on the website is thank at a fidelity dot com saw spelled out. I'm and then -- phone number is 1038. Point 380. I'm happy to be Disney's go dot com slash -- infidelity you can always I -- -- -- detect that regularly until. -- -- you know -- from doing emboldening our planning a big thanks to fidelity bank. Then we'll see you next week everybody have a great great happy. Weekends. Nice now be -- first and then Venus.