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9-7-14 Paranormal Science

Sep 10, 2014|

Features Spirit Counselor and Light Worker, Cleta Prince and Demonologist, Yvonne Michele Allen from Light Seekers Paranormal Resolutions.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Paranormal. So -- and still. Okay. Okay. Good evening everyone welcome to paranormal science I'm mark ties with Joseph Hough and stands are. So beautiful moon coming up over the Wyoming Valley tonight you guys see that coming in indeed almost the full moon looks beautiful nearly I think tomorrow might be the full moon but the effects are. Being seen already. My guess they are stand and I Amanda the pleasure of being out on an investigation last night and you never know what's gonna happen out on a case especially from. People. Not directly involved in the case but they happen did you show up. Anyway and I just does some very very odd to interaction with with some. Non connected to people last night not connect it would be the way to word that yeah but it's confidential. Investigations are we can get into the details -- just say. Bizarre. Bizarre definitely. Indeed they wanna let everybody know that. We're going to be making a public appearance in October October 17 with -- psychic medium Robin Marie she's been on our show before. And -- is going to be at the old popcorn factory. On Mercer having Kingston PH. Relatively large our historic building and it's now the home with fields metro restaurant if people are familiar with that. And it's gonna be a dinner and a ghost -- and tickets are on sale now. If you go to. To your phone number four. Feels natural you could Porter right through there there's actually if you go onto us. Our web site. We're FaceBook page you can get information -- -- of the paranormal and our science website we have posted there. But it's fifty dollars for tickets. And that includes a lot though of course you know we're going to be appearing there and where at least worth five dollars and that's right Wednesday includes a dinner and a ghost town afterwards in the ghost town is going to go from. Pro -- -- 9 o'clock to midnight through via. The building in should be a really really great time so everybody jumped on -- Paranormal science. FaceBook page and you can check out the information they're gonna be putting it up also want. The PP eight website as well shortly -- possibly -- -- -- Robin's website correct. Yes we can www. Red Robin Marie that's very easy oral BY and he. MER I eat. Dot com. I'm not PayPal Visa Mastercard check. And a deadline is October 13 for us -- should be you're a really good time jargon appear with this with Lauren from the PGA. And Robin Marie will be there are talking about with which she's. Into and those of readings that she does. Re having some lectures and question and answer should be good time this question. And I also wanna throw while another shout out to test two daddies and as I had mentioned a couple weeks ago Lauren and I had. I got over there and gotten some really great deals on on tattoos and we looked around in the in the work. Driver and -- Jordan. It is fantastic he does EO of the or worked there and you. Suggest anybody drinking and getting a tattoo before you go anywhere else jump on the tattoo daddy's dot com. And there's a profile there for Jordan you can go on there and actually look at a lot of his work that he's done. And there we were just thrilled with the -- tough. We know what -- I ended up getting was. Contest to see Michael which anybody involved and the police who knows the patrons safe -- police. And it's a it's a little symbols not a full -- Michael what a phenomenal phenomenal just gonna go to every job he did -- -- the -- Austin doesn't madrassas. And yes he he definitely gave us agreed to for one deal forgetting to -- the same time so you can always ask about that. I thought we got a great show tonight to we have to lead Nissan from late seekers paranormal. Resolutions and they are just outside of the Philadelphia area. And there in Delaware County. And they are in the right arm of the PP -- they they take just a tremendous amount of cases for us and others are phenomenal what they do their paranormal. Resolutions team. You know they're not done the typical ghost hunters they actually do. Resolve cases. And between older members they've got a combined average of about well over -- years experience with all and so have been doing this work for a long long time. And they specialize in -- removal and that's both human and non human good and bad. You know I'm sure they agree most of the cases out there are not necessarily. Bad. But does bad situations for all involved. So -- I wanna get them on the show we have far. Quickly to prince who is -- a spirit counselor candlelight worker. And we also have -- -- Michelle Allen who is a counselor in demon colleges to four late seekers who -- -- hello ladies welcome to the show. -- -- -- Welcome lose welcome thank you and I know it or hate it and I think. Played I wanted to start with you. You've been working with police seekers for quite some time now and you just Aurora listeners who might not be familiar you're your spirit counselor and a -- worker can you explain a little bit of -- What each of those or. OK I am also reiki master. A labor worker is someone who works with the energy and and guide to love and light. I used that one now and dealing with spirit. I don't like common antibiotic called them spirits. That's been a psychic to. Not rarely if I kick. The spiritual counselor I do with them to try to pull them out there. That's what scared I think enough of the spirits stay in this. They keep doing the same thing over and never -- for -- I call it. They try to get them out of that track I think can I try to make them think about -- what they did when they were life. To bring them out of that blood that. Your Phillies sometimes gets stuck in a certain situation in in just don't realize they can move our. Half price a lot of them do. A lot of them if they're if they got them. Braces on her legs character missing a limb they still think that that's. What's happening income and that's when my child -- and let them realize that they do you have that blimp that -- that was missed so much with the body. And there are no longer and that body passes they're fully. One piece. Just kind of interest in you reminded me of a case that I was involved in years ago and we were out. Working with a medium at that time by -- mean Michelle and she was having a real difficult time getting this gentleman. To come to cross over and how he was mad at everybody is whole entire family he felt that they had taken away his his land and left him with nothing. And he didn't care he was here want to stay here did not want to go and see anybody. And and you know just. Out of I don't know I don't know what was something popped into my head but I thought let's give this a try and and I said Michelle. So this guy ever had a dog you know maybe he wants to see is dog again. 300 dogs you know -- -- on the other side sure enough he did an animal that Musharraf. Michelle however she did it was able to connect to this guy with his dog. Granted he went tyra I was actually calling green yeah armor that do you aren't. So I called love one spam from the lake and also call any attachments. That we're too that's sold. And so when they actually get to see them in the late they realize that death isn't permanent it's a continuation. And what kept them from not going to have heard this their loved ones and when they see their loved ones. They like -- I think finally realized that they are not on their case they are waiting for a. -- and I think. People who also have a fear of being judged in May be condemn didn't cast out of heaven or wherever they feel they're gonna go. When they see a family member or loved one that's enough comfort to go with them this -- right. Yeah and and so when they're when they're afraid like that and I usually say you know you know are you sorry if we percent. You know do you believe in god you've even -- angels through anything like -- And they try to convince -- let me call them down from the life and then you can talked about. And you decide what you wanted to ask if you when I go over to be with -- -- you want to stay here. McCaffery well I can't make them jump into that later pushed them into the life. You know we also you know we we have. Some people who kind of jump. Jump on us I don't know any other way to put it and how they will say well listen if you know energy worker medium whoever is saying that they can cross over -- over spirits. Then there liars because I can only come from -- light that can only come from god but. What I don't think a lot of people understand is that -- the living correction we praying for help from the other side to the other site ultimately has. A lot more control than we do but at this the other side who is giving help. Break their the other the other side scan can be viewed them. And you know show themselves but they can't make them go into the light with some they have to do that themselves. Sounds good patient try to do is to bring them out of that tunnel vision that they have. You know that. There's nobody they are forming. Everybody did much there's no animal pictures no nothing and once they see that that whole freight. That's that's what they're afraid to go on. And that fear and and that's why they -- again -- and you should look turn around and say thank you -- or later wanna come back and say thank you. And let my husband know you know how the -- thank you for helping me and let me see the light. He doesn't and that's one thing is for them to see that and make during judgment. That's uninteresting. This thing is just made there about them coming back to thank you because we've we've had them the privilege of working with several mediums to -- my there are many years and every single one of them has said the same thing and let's just -- -- something that I have thought about before but. I don't know it's just. Kind of neat to see that connection where they they actually come back later and then we'll thank you for help. Right. They they they think they're very appreciative if they finally realize. You -- all the time they were standing here they were wasting that time that they could have been with their loved -- and that's what I tell. Why you have such revenge that you don't wanna go along because of a certain thing happened. But you're taking them in your town only he's waiting for him. They're putting all my time -- this CNN nowhere land when you can be happy with your -- only. Now you'll find new or counselor of a different kind you do some counseling for the team and I'm assuming. And it could deploy against rather than spirit but you're also demon all just Kanye. Tell us a little bit about those two things how how -- your counseling. Helps the team and again for people who are really familiar with team -- What's that about. Certainly -- guess I'm just -- religion Scientology and so therefore -- have that this study has such systematic demon. -- -- team and going nine Yemen. And they counseling that I did do so there's affiliated web. It is our clients they were having probably travels. Let them. But. Hey Brad and -- and as for the case is. Better left to residual own content can't afford it or where I make councilman before I -- and feel that it's time to go ahead and do good food delivery and the word. Have for the -- have more Arabs and person. We'll. Now to become a demon colleges there's there's no like college courses for that is more like keep an apprenticeship I guess would you say writing you from -- work. -- -- Certainly in my life and it can't find studied. And I'll have an interest and all my life my father and grandfather -- because. I think the rights of -- than -- Elizabeth episcopalian minister as very close with him growing up and I am always an entry did and that and therefore I've studied -- Several. Famous actress sent around the learn and I'm bishop long you happened to be a Catholic bishop knew. Has done probably 72 actress doesn't -- -- and -- deal I don't know if you're familiar with him but to. I'd studied his work as well and they are my mentors. And John Farrell Ed Warner and his past but his wife Irene happens to be my mentor. And I've studied it must not. As well. Yeah and that's a name that a lot of people are probably more familiar with. And yes she's actually got ties to worry she's done some cases around here that that are -- Yes even made an amazing -- and I had this opportunity to go to her town about a month ago I mean what turned. They're pretty economies ganymede -- about the island. You're familiar with her Pakistani community coming up about her that the it didn't turn over but found and treated the real story but it's the case that I -- -- it's part of my schooling. Now the handled all is that not a -- But what does it look like a sore losers here I have found curtain comes with a right hand you don't. Yeah the bragging and -- very much so but she happens to the very killed. In other though and he may move to defend their forests so yes she possessed. And locked up and -- decades. And decades they've done very entry to things Doreen. How would you handle getting stared at an offer had started turn -- and I think. Definitely moved me out there -- a little quicker I think that's why they -- period in that case. That I always wondered how do you. What does a -- do how does that hold back. Something like that. Our glass bottle -- He -- all the facts. Well you. What happens is and the economy AM glad capable hornet actually blocked and -- but thought that we have a priest under people need to have a priest on the premise that. That comes and then actually live there come. Gallium glasses via com museum and therefore -- friendships. Keep that demonic forces. Each object from the case is that they had done. That's okay yeah. It. All right well ladies I'm gonna ask and a -- -- -- around and -- round. And ask you please just to hold on we have to take a short commercial break so thank you know you hold on we're talking with -- -- in your bond Michelle Allen from white seekers paranormal resolutions we'll be right back. All right welcome back terrible science we're talking. Fingerprints. And your mom Michelle Collins. -- Seekers paranormal. Comment for the breaks and you're asking interest in question actually he's got most spirits being glorified as being held. And a glass bottle right I mean it would keep them there isn't specifically made for that -- could you know it's just because assault is there. So I guess I'm asking is this week is the priest in command every day and actually help hold them back with the salt than the actual. You know and container compartment class what ever work. All it says and I can tell you from my experience with the okay from what I've done. When a priest. I had that -- from diet just to. Keep something flick and it's round. Then it is the fact that and it is how are trying he had shared told. Are affected batches. Exorcism falls -- -- headquarters where prayer that you may put around an object. And I have found that from being able to seal off pound. She's she's been my experience and so that I can get rid of them -- they don't leave the ground and try to run for me. Passers. Understand. Does that work in her personal it will wander around and -- the people out there and it did that nicely it had. In the past that there her -- I would just suddenly appeared and -- office manager Eric Bob carpenter may be painting a wall or something and they graded at all come I don't. Honestly because it does have a life of its kind. -- assault work in reverse if you close your house can you put -- around the exterior house working. Anything that help. It and depending on and it is -- it turn you actually. Have to know -- you're dealing you don't want to stir things up and make things worse. If you don't know what you -- doing. -- I'd like to. Talk to you a little bit about how would you got involved with the paranormal and investigating. Did did you have any kind of saw on the sensitivities when you were younger is a child or does that come later in life in him. Now I can hates it came later. When I was sent Paris study taken some classes and things. I did open up some and left my husband rough. He was soft so there but she was opening up more and understanding his step. So. I'm more let's just backed down and helped him do this more than from Iowa. They can you to work hand in hand now and -- -- I guess. And there's definitely a great combination soft smooth and tell you you have a unique ultra right youth of people. On the team there in India have a few -- mediums. You know you have yourself talk alike worker or -- -- master and did it. With the reiki. That's I know a lot of people can. I use that firm. Personal benefits and you know four helping the body to heal itself and you could help cleanse the body that also applies to home correct. Yeah. I can I put my reiki symbols on the wall. How. But with that the rates he had wind Russia's top contenders spirit. And the -- tough gonna hand sometimes I can give him energy. So he doesn't get tired and drained. From his energy and also some comments I'll give this. Spirit and how are you answered my next questions. So they just stayed there longer and talked a lot. Thank you that have and there's sort of it's an emotional. Uplifting I guess for a spirit to help them -- more clarity let's say to help them move on. Yeah. Its troops come in contact with a live in person personal contact. They'd like that they would they want somebody that's gonna hear their stories when they actually have a communication with Q they wanna tell how they died. They wanted to know what month it just like people have operations. If they want it to come around they wanna tell everybody about their operation or their hospital experience. That's the same way with spirits they wanna tell about. How they died. Or what's going on. And and that's that's what you have to have a you have to have compassion. And I cannot judge anyone even if they did from bed I'm not -- for judging from the air for sending national over. And that's what I mainly do I listen I had my -- comments to own my question them. I can't judge something I just try to make -- clearly. Why they should move on and not be there. Caught a lot of them give you all kinds of excuses go on here to help I'm here to protect them here to do different. And I say well did your job done and it's time to move on for yourself. So that's where I try to tough and I call myself the spirit counselor. There's no actually degrees different scary camp points. It's just something nice calm myself because I feel what some think it would solve their problems. And and a lot of the problems so this same thing and when I can make them speak clearly and get the manager -- nation. Then I'm helping them. Yeah and that's something that we've talked about on the show before in that as a team the PP he has to run across just a tremendous amount of times. A lot of people really don't understand when they think -- got to go see my house her first concern is are we okay is my family okay but when you look at a ghost as a person. There's usually some kind of emotional trauma -- of some kind of psychological issues some kind of traumatic event that occurred. They can be something as simple as just being completely depressed and they just wanna stay here and occasional depression. -- that you become. Literally counselors for them sometimes in order to help them move on. Slams so much growth and yeah I I did I do that and a lot compliment can only find out once once your given name or story or what happened -- the feminine -- he's up. And they start feeling sorry for their forgiven love the spirit. To help them. Found when they realize says it's they have problems just like yourself. They're not afraid of them. And we only have what I am the person -- -- the most or the owner of a town where based ethanol without. With the Russian billionaire former cup -- spirits. And they really felt sorry for them and they think if and the slump which helped -- cross temper. And -- I think that that's definitely an important part of any investigation is taking the time to find. How would the with the issue isn't trying -- resolve that. And for the living just knowing sometimes whether you're able to get -- not just knowing. Helps them and there's tremendous amount yes. -- are you thought I want to. Jump back fuel and can't ask about that. You guys started all this in in demon -- why you wanna go there and I understand you're your family history. Traces back to the early days of Salem Massachusetts where there -- so that's correct -- A lot of club paranormal influence. So how did you get to get started with you know demon Knology. Sounds actually of just solely they had an entry and then it they -- forward. Later in my age I just I found -- -- calling from guys and it's sad case study it and and move forward with that and was grateful to have an opportunity went. The lights acres. To be able to. -- -- I -- and so forth to help others. And let me ask you this is third. Are there certain indicators but you know homeless say. That will do. A lot -- family to differentiate between just like a normal haunting. As compared to something where there may be demonic presence there or because sometimes I guess what -- trying to get to his. It's -- you have a demonic presence that's a very subtle. Absolutely. Absolutely. I think that's part of the gift and the calling from now myself when I go into my hand I'm very trying to start negative forces. I can pretty much how. Fade away. Whether their president and on and find him. Even if they're behind a wall I know where they are -- and so forth so that's that's very helpful that I am able to -- that can help others. And. When when you're dealing with. And demons again you get -- back to that this is the subtlety that you can have problems physical manifestations of the living let's say where. Maybe they moved into a home and now all of a sudden. People start getting depressed there's really like when most people here -- Demons I think that that they have something in their mind like they're they're being attacked all the restaurant Friday LA is your yes things are flying in New York they're hearing growling but he can be just as simple as. Physical manifestations or remove and all of a sudden you're depressed or they're becoming agitated and each other you know it is. Very true. There -- invited and that the only late payment can comment as they're invited in and a lot of time there and play it and soon we just -- with a ouija board. Any occult practices. At the and therefore he don't realize you're inviting and your right the infestation I'm tired. He can't recognize whether. The person may have a mental element. All learned. That if there is a real problem with them. Carrying into the Gambino going to the oppression stage. Before words such concessions to age. That's why -- -- had to demonize just it's been very important so that's the key and have a 100%. Mental health records from their doctor is well. Because yes that is very -- on that does happen they do affect -- mission they're very negative forces. And yes I can I or positive energy to make it more complicated you can even have someone with mental issues who has something attached to them. Oh absolutely because he -- a crack in your aren't there they're trying. To veto today well. Attacking pleasure -- easy target. Now can. A demon also beat -- attached a prison in a home as compared to. A person or does it have to be attached to a person can like I could someone moves into a new home gas and then you find out okay got a demon in here. Guess that they can just get the opinion how monotonous confessions stage yet there's a street stages. I would be more of an infestation stage where. Maybe a previous and I invited and somehow or. There's the board tax the prodded and before they hit me again and they start noticing on that's banging enact Kennedy and there are four or eight people like us for help -- can -- investigate. And I had done an exorcism on her own. Not a person I was doing very effective because of a ouija board put a little girls for flying west oh. Yes it does happen. And it's very real. I've been present for an exorcism mobile home myself where preset commands on the rite of exorcism and -- it was really very quiet calm and you know afterwards the family said they definitely felt the difference in the home and -- You know days later the activity had a really calmed down and also like to soft flight data it Aaron. And you know it was very uneventful would say while we were going through it have you had cases where. You've seen some physical activity manifests as a result of trying to do an exorcism. -- do you mean hand holding and everything like -- is the right thing he didn't release them the demons. And I guess I'm trying to see you here or will go to the Hollywood. Version like that Joseph was just mentioning there were you see. I you know chair sliding across the Florida lights flicker reading and maybe hearing growling any any physical things going on. At the time an exorcism. It was being performers a little bit more. I like playing on the floor and therefore -- the physical all the facts cabinet this. But I would she means. Well you're gonna have I guess it. Got a client who would be your. Reacting emotionally yet if there are going through it but. I guess I'm talking more of the effects of the environment around you like so you're in -- room in the lights. Start flashing or maybe a chair slides across the room -- falls off the wall yes sometimes goes across yeah is that I was all adverse. Lee that what would happen is like when I think I have actually working on the case straight now with the person his does that. And I had been working with him turn for a couple months. And we've done might actually have physical application put them with ten twice and herself. Working with him that affected so far. And I just been mentioning this because and what you're talking about thank you do you have the power to find. -- affect them. And then of course that means that there are not allowed to. The team and it's not allowed to turn things around the -- does have to do OK. And it's not a lot of physically attacked any of our members. And you signed an awesome they will think Saturday do -- -- -- act safe state state dealer that I. Feminist causes in Jesus name out of -- Absolutely and that's what it is it's all got to thank our guys killing -- -- that our team has -- a 100%. Now -- There how effective guidance and of course we did good this is what we gambled. Plus you know yes -- that doesn't have a choice and I must stand back until I find that would get her fault. Told. Before where I get going to prayer and then an actor says them. OK okay and effective so you know throwing around -- getting hurt which is good. That's real good yeah yeah that's good I think -- OPEC kept up. Now who we have to take another short commercial break but I deuce is still have a few more question and answer citizens when we come back so just hang out with this for. Just a few more minutes we're talking with -- the prince. And -- on Michelle Allen from white seekers paranormal stick with this'll be right back. Hey it's mark tries from paranormal science -- get that feeling like -- a thousand -- staring at your back. Are you comfortable in your own body like your possessed with somebody else's torment and suffering you don't need an -- or sister who -- chiropractic school. Dedicated to providing the best chiropractic and rehabilitative care possible terror practice we'll get you back into the body you remember chiropractic school. 569 pierce street Kingston PH check them out on the web and getting chiropractic so dot com and TIX on the end and we'll call 5702885800. And get back to living. I. All right welcome back I'm in science were talking to run. Cleveland Chris didn't your mom Michelle Allen from my -- paranormal. It's an ancient stuff we're talking about here and it's sound it's intriguing to me tin -- to find out that like. It's this the first election for her bashing each possession being a residents are home -- you know I was done. A possession was approved a personal interest colors first something physical somebody right exactly it's crucial to our listeners. Let me ask you this -- remarks that I guess. It's two individuals families and individual themselves -- moves into an apartment house whenever. And the apartment or house is obviously possess -- that's maybe why any other individuals laughter or whatever may be can they be affected finest. It accurately. And Tammy how they know how does not just. You don't use a new young couple you know arguing for you know someone -- harassed because -- alone like how they recognize this is very science. There are signs. There are fine she may have physical signs. -- could be attacked physically. Bring your dreams -- things can happen around the house -- -- usual enough. Not normal. You know and saying like I'm hearing footsteps upstairs or not king street kind of and so forth for -- waking up at 3 o'clock in the morning. I'm a regular basis and so forth there are signs that aren't normally yes it does cause arguments. The demonic. But it does cause turmoil. To the families citizen -- and that can also follow family. This problem if that she's just killed it's attached to someone is trying its -- someone. A specific person and it went to his dad. And you had mentioned that a person has to do something to invite them in -- I imagine that could even be unknowingly correct. Yes you have to -- played it then I'm a month. And you may not realize it if they're they're cracking here aren't. I hear you invited and not that it had found -- -- around north. Vick case I'm doing now actually this. That the best case the -- in case I'm doing now. The demon. Actually my clients hang in that. Because his father was killed and it's father's sold itself to the -- And so forth it's so long story but he's paying -- debt and so that's how I was invited and through his father a generational. Flight. The circumstance which is very common. Not the first round that -- not the first heard about it it's it's unfortunate that and it -- we're eating your right we don't realize the ripple and we -- you know armed. I disable his true sometimes mom when she worked case I'm not sure if mark remember this time with Tom Michelle actually up. Awhile back and she action is for -- into my attention there was someone that we're working with. It was actually their grandfather. End up having come this deal demolition will. And -- possession the grandson I was paying forward and actually. His father never. He was known also the proper father. And then -- you know he's not getting the senator's father passed on and then his his wife clearly said that she saw a change like peppers dad passed of course. There's the mourning period some people don't necessarily you know looked on that initially. And down there just are getting worse from there and it's just that is coming out of we realize we do we never looked beyond ourselves time with the core. Making the right decision win. -- infected is greater than. Certainly in any cave in happened up to six months later or six years later actors. So one -- thousand pound. Past. Then there's their time on the other side you know. It just depends when there aren't cracking. -- get involved in drugs or alcohol or even that sort of thing. Device you were mentioning about waking up at 3330 in the morning yes. Hello. OK in my house -- curt Knox and for years since this seems the last three months or so every night I wake up about 3330. Flap over look at the clock is this something you should be concerned about. It says some things that. If you're hearing knock three times then you're waking up the three or 3:30 in the morning it's something you might wanna keep an eye on any other activity. That might be going -- especially how you're feeling. At that time of night when you -- you are woken up and so forth he might wanna keep the channel about years. How you're feeling psychologically. Farm what you may be about fifteen mile dad and so forth right. On me like -- Pretty tracked as he would like to talk about that more are we indeed adamant spiritual counselor and I can now be what happened. This will this progressed or anything like right now I don't feel any. Evil anything prompting anything bother me Bernanke -- something progressed little farther at some point he's like six years six months and. Think I've ever now it could be enough saying you know it could be happening now he would feel something. Because even if you're not sensitive. You are able to field. That's tremendous negativity like that genders and he knows something's not right. Right. -- cleaner while also is going through an exorcism or how season. King and adding reiki to me that helped the either though Lucinda demon colleges to word until the home or the person going through -- -- -- Yes. What I can do is I need I'd like I said before the try to give them energy. I did. Because they need that energy. It takes a lot out of him when he's not -- nano or one rough is doing then it deeply care energy because you're so focused. And it's okay gotta train the spirit train. And I I and you're. The -- friends and some long lecturing us. How does it's. Imperative that I think we need this training has come and we overcome this surgery over the next. Next train -- it's clear -- there where. We it's. And it should be done -- Com to get back to pounding out we. I try to give them energy. Around lunchtime football so I'll try to clear the crew and the client. Own bike trying to -- here or. And also to give the client's energy. I need before we leave I always show them how to do protection. And explain the bell found people be in -- You know how one person can see any other person doesn't why is it always made. And and I explained to them you know it's because you have a different light over use than the other person. Interconnect come to you just like a mosque come -- -- claim they're going to be attracted you beat him but I don't know how much you actually. I think that you can help them and I wish economists say if they feel anything like that come again should contain -- tonight. But I do not I'm not capable of helping you to you know go to someone else that can help -- Now. If someone is going through an exorcism and your your doing -- I'm assuming now the reiki energy is is -- coming from the light it is a very high frequency vibration. So I'm I'm assuming that a the demon her just. And her energy wouldn't let her lawyer talk -- And direct our camp is is there any concern that like a demon would get. Energized as well from -- -- -- again I'm assuming -- I think the intention that I am given the equal -- the energy for. Like how would send an energy to -- I am dealing with the intention I am connecting to hand for the energy independent energy. Around as far as the person hate being bothered. Person that we've gone to work and went. In our nation and then energy. I do that I'd give him energy but I direct my energy. True. Like. The client or heard the -- -- love -- -- Iranian and also while tried to clear any negativity. From around them. I'll wait to hear -- It's and I mean and Jack here basically had just done that -- -- -- third not our -- back there's dozens. Trying to promote the one before her and she was pulling a negative attachment off of him that it was collecting. And in one -- started dealing patenting a fact that they've got very angry and then it came forward toward me. Well IE I didn't knew I had to. Very very ritual. Can't go -- clear but that's that's what happens when she's trying to -- -- -- It will bring -- -- out they get upset about that gap and also -- -- and energy in sunlight and to see person. I try to tell them my flight got flood and lights and protection I feel so they visualize -- a -- their whole body went that way of life. Because where there's life there's no evil are -- So that helps and trying to clear that person. Now being hurricane masters UT tricky. I used to help. Yeah this is mantra was get I'm looking for someone I'll look for -- teach me and that's I'm looking for -- How okay well you'll have to do to the different stages there's a level one channel. And -- between level one and -- you won at least a year. Because -- one is more left for yourself. Fit that's change you it makes you calmer you see things a little bit different. It calmed things would be able attempt. Com. -- now as -- be in and not create a difference between a level three and a master is. The minister does the age ten minutes on other ones to make them love of one unlawful attempt. -- Know there is some time period with that. That's yell I'm as Irish started and look for about a year two years on -- -- other help me so some of how far I guess so if there's any EI instructors out there please feel free to us. Oh yeah now cultists but just remember that you have to have time between the different level. It's on. Yeah because there there's some instructors out there that are taken foreign 500 dollars for people. And their make and I made -- in a weekend and you just can't do that that's something you work cup champions you know when -- -- from one level or another. When you wanna do it. Now I know you're tied into an organization that does have a great amount of different classes and yet. Services in -- called Paris studying that's in Chester heights correct yeah just outside of Philadelphia for people who are not familiar with that area. And what kind of thought events do you have there. Well we have meditation process we have class so don't -- life. We have Christoph -- Kirk. And we have lectures. And. And lectures are all different types. The end the only thing we don't have up there is we will not have any thing home black magic for witchcraft. We've had some people speak on -- So starting in October we're going to be getting a lot of different new -- then they can check out our classes. Pat at this PA RK ST he used DY dot org. And they can check out our web site men look on our calendar. And them. It's not -- we got our. Starts and I think you guys a lot of people like ourselves you guys that events coming up there with like seekers. Yes. Were doing paid. Two different Saturday. October the eleventh were doing an introduction to paranormal. And that's just play around anytime. I'm down. They're gonna talk about the different thing she needs to know before we go ahead and get them an investigation. Com how -- two different equipment and office and then October 25. Would have in the investigation of Paris -- -- itself it's an old Victorian home. It's over a 180 years old. You can get a -- like -- And check out the information you can get a Paris studies and check it out and also pretty outperformed and have the money and it's very reasonable. Because we are -- -- city is a nonprofit organizations. Aren't. Very clear and you Yvonne from late seekers thermal we're out of time but I want to thank you both so much for taking the time to come on and talk to us. -- thank you very having yes thank you Jesus thank you. Okay. All right folks that's it for us tonight we're back next weekend. This is Joseph -- then sends her. I'm mark ties have a great night Jesus face sleep tight.