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9-22-14 What? Am I Lyin?

Sep 22, 2014|

Looking back at this weeks news events that seem unbelievable- It's Buddy Rumchik!

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Hey Jamie Matty out not that anybody run -- and I think about this stuff all weekend to pay attention. -- aquatic county last week they had to his -- Article society to construct around the court has ground to see if they find any mistakes on the different memorial houses that do and Pratt the one that. And the historical society claim they've got a whole list this stuff -- me around that's what misspelled name on that one of Southport now. The connector that the report and what are they gonna do about it. -- -- -- -- I want to know many -- apple product that doesn't spend the money. I think they ought to build I think they ought to let the historical society they don't walk around inside the court hasn't come up with a list of mistakes start the bureau of elections. It's beginner mistakes I don't survey found that 40% of Americans think Teddy Roosevelt was the president during lower still. 80%. Shouldn't we be trying to take these -- candidate for every penny they have. And I seen a picture of Hillary and bill out in Iowa some political event that some doubt in that picture there about smile in a way grilling steaks. Because -- right you're -- now except the stakes record might somebody up ahead of time so all they had to do was -- -- bachelor recovered a camera make you look glad. But don't stay given -- vegetarian. But I gotta say they've come a long ways that they that the White House flat broke and bill benefits we currently don't -- look like it cost about the same as my car payment. What everywhere I have. I tragic. -- went to remain CEO WY. Be right back ever -- there aren't always --