10-6-14 AM I LYIN?

Oct 6, 2014|

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    Looking back at this weeks news events that seem unbelievable- It's Buddy Rumchik!


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I'm sure we forget it ever happen may need body project and a dark about last week but I didn't get it at -- enemy in Iraq you know Dennett. Hours Julia Pearson was that the Secret Service last week and she quit -- until Obama told -- you'll quit. Obama -- quite -- back and do -- And thirteen because she was gonna fix that thing where secrets are big we're getting -- in picking up Colombian Gucci Gucci. -- here's -- I tried my agent party it up but he couldn't figure out how to keep -- there ranged from run the white house with a knife. -- even start and -- garden at the same elevator the president. How times change back when Kennedy was in -- with -- -- right got to be on the presidential security team. Stepping gain was still rolling out a pardon that's the bottom they made the email rather than -- -- -- computers -- in Harrisburg but he wouldn't -- that -- shake out. I don't think the -- the issue here I think you guys don't lead that goes with sand and born on government computers can expect an attack I come back and bite you in the -- that dilemma. Bat after I was saddened at how bad could it be. Dad it's torrent but -- can't be that much some of them get even operate a computer and mark that I -- DiPietro Brian -- burned. Some of the governor Corbett had -- the debate last week. I guess things download -- be going back and forth about who is well why Ivins a bargain plucked its politicians OK you can't trust -- -- -- has argued -- proud of and Felix making those. But I see that some -- that on TV the other day. It was thirty seconds long and he didn't say anything that would troll I doubt about -- 472 mark and that was I approve this method of. What -- I have everybody objects. The -- -- Nancy do you live healthy and we'll be right back after a part of our public sponsors.