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Jamie Longazel, Assistant Professor of Socioloy at University of Dayton and author, and Corbett: article in Huffington Post about Lou Barletta

Dec 6, 2016|

Jamie Longazel, Assistant Professor of Sociology at University of Dayton and author,talks to Corbett: about an article he wrote in the Huffington Post about Lou Barletta and his new book Undocumented Fears

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Jamie along gazelle welcome home body. Thank you thanks so much for having me appreciate it now 11 new world this column that appeared in the Huffington Post today what what motivated your sit down and thinking about you well know once again. But concerns you know on this is just on this and worry about what. Not just is happening in the country but. What's happening. Who typically the lessons we've learned from hey it'll send are starting to play out across the country and knowing the the leadership that that Barlow has. And hey look an his style of of of scapegoating and and didn't positioning himself as a populist but not actually using policies that are on the side of of working people. Took him becoming the next secretary of labor what some comedians so I thought it. I needed to get the V story out from what I've learned in my tenure as a researcher on the subject I needed people across the country so to recognize what. This prospect is really about. Now we are here. I have done my best to stay on top of these published reports of where Lou Barlow attic claims. That Donald Trump actually offered him the position as secretary of labor. All tour including today have yet been able to get any confirmation from anybody other than. What I read that while land told reporters. Even these stuffer and well in his Washington office today with whom I spoke on the phone said. I sit holding pattern we haven't really decided on that so that's a very mysterious and strange issue what's the seriousness stringent. His book while in its history the documented history of how little boy allowed out. Tried to push through. A law. Good demonize people and that was eventually determined to be unconstitutional. Therefore anti American by a federal judge. You know I I I think I don't know the whole story either hit it it is kind of interest thing in that. Most of these appointments are coming from. Trump and being announced by trump I don't know that I have another case where aid in appointment. Copper was made and then the candidate considered for a few days so. So low interest thing there and and I guess we can do nothing more than wait and see how it plays out. But. You know this is dumb. This dude paid open hey look I know strong style politics all too well the IRA in 2006. Was passed on the basis of racial and admit there were these assumptions that undocumented folks were committing more crimes that they were draining the city resources and when push came to shove and it came time to present actual evidence of that. No substance was provided them and well and I quote in the piece that said I didn't need numbers you know and immersing trump do this over and over again facts not matter in a much of those sentiments being pushed out and and it's it's quite disturbing that we see this kind of scapegoating. Especially I think in and ironically. In the sense that you have. Claims of immigrants being pardoned them and draining the city resources when. It. And then this direct cost the city one point four million dollars in legal fees. The keystone opportunity you don't initiative. It is costing the city. Countless dollars in income tax money and in many of the media companies that they brought in in recent years aren't aren't paying. Even consider any taxes but but in most cases they're not paying their fair share and so. You know if we want to talk about Clinton SM and then we wanna talk about facts it's it's. It's pretty clear it's just a matter of of getting out to a political point where we can. Started to appreciate attacked again and and you know start to demonize those who are our. Promoting. A lot of them and then who are scapegoating marginalized populations. You also mentioned in the in the column today that that ball is so political decisions have done more harm than good for his constituents. Including some of his most ardent supporters. Yeah ten packs still gonna be gonna be a lot you know that amount of money is is suited decent percentage of the city's. Annual budget until people are gonna have to pay for that and then you know I think you can see it. There is no direct way to look mean and mean who voted signed off on the can look these opportunities don't initiative and I am and these tax breaks and you know always in what what's really going on any hope and I mean that the decline that. That it can be sure is real and and people are experiencing but it's it's not a decline that's brought about by the new president of the decline brought about by. Broader economic patterns so I mean hateful and it's going through. A part time with twisty manufacturing yen and you know the rise of temporary employment and jobs that are are. I'm not gonna come would benefit of the matter gonna pay less than than men in some cases are dangerous I mean. This type of this is the problem the problem is is it economic in nature and the this story we've been we've been fed over and over again is it a very different one from from the reality in and so yeah I mean that it is her. It hurt the population and open the player of the population to. B to be manipulated crisis makes it wasn't able to get together and solve our common problems. When we are. He's the wrong tree when we're looking to solve a problem that didn't the real problem season you know and that's to me when we. When we're against one another when when white working people and Latino working people in this community are are. I'm home it's against one another with this kind of rhetoric. It keeps us from you know coming together and and demanding that we get some economic justice in the community demanding that bad local developer to bring in better job of those sorts of things and folks. I feel strongly that yes I can imagine all of our best interest to. Get some straightforward information on this and how leadership that's leading them toward a solution. And that's not leadership that's you know. Playing your game that that is is about ambition and about one's own political career in unite I it is it. Opening a lot to me it's it's a place that I still cared deeply about not climb passionate about this subject because them being SP. Manipulated tricked duped and and suffering as a result than and it's not just welfare. Tremble I looked blowout pitting people against each other innocence Latinos against a white working class people. She was living the legacy that went very well have happened to his own ancestors when they were singled out. For their ethnicity. Iron mine bosses by those robber barons but those coal barons. That's the legacy that little boy a lot of has more in common with them with his own ancestors who came to this country from another country. And word dealt with in in in disrespectful. Dehumanizing fashion. Exactly and this is the kind of two point I make in my book where. You know well as has voiced his being surprised at about Natal and dealing with immigration issues and I think he's implying that it. You know at this place so far away from the border and and so on but but really what's what's shocking about this is that we didn't. Learn from our past what's shocking about this is that if you read the book on the history of the 1890s. It looks a lot like a book from 2006. It is it is the same set of stereo types in many cases people complaining about. About time and about burdensome as some about immigrants piling into the same house them and not being sanitary and all all of these things that you hear on the ground they were being circulated in that air. And well in the air circulated intentionally by the coal barons who were making amends process and who were able to. Continue to make amends profit because of the B minus one who's being able to organize them and rallied together and and demand better treatment and better wages. Just erupted again on another and so there's there's evidence from all over the history books on. On behavioral sin of cold and coming out and and telling the more recent. I would think the more established immigrant group that is the reason immigrant group that the call to all of their problems. And and and doing that until you know if if he's well what is what what I'm most proud of of being from papal pen is his are working class. Heritage of of this history of of labor organizing and and you know miners fighting for further basic dignity against all odds. And then when we look back at that's a legacy at that history. We've fines and yes a little Bartlett a potential secretary of labor. Other things. Is. Acting far more. Like a turn of the past then he is of one of us you know one of these. Working people who who are continuing on this trouble. 4404 workers' rights and fair treatment that began so long ago. Well my my grandfather came from Ireland it to scrap many worked in the coal mines for 45 years started as a labor worked his way up to be a minor. With the papers and everything but when I. Moved to California I saw the people in the films and I'm an understatement almost immediately. When I see the Mexicans see the Irish and the same can be said for the Italians for the slow box for all the people who toil. As peasants and get abuse and get disrespect and get ripped off alana supposedly represents the interest said today. All the good so called white working class. Apple argued for years that this same group. It is working against their own best interest you saw it when they first voted move while running into congress. And now you see it as many of them support Obama letting in his support of Donald Trump and they voted for him joke. What's so I know it's a it's a complicated issue. Professor but what's the reason UC. The good people of hazel tend voting against their own best interest for demagogues like Orlando and trump. You know IIIIQ. What you're saying I don't I won't. Used a line voting against there interest because they do. I do think there are. Expressing their interest but here's the thing I think this story that's getting cold. Here is is made to look like it's in their interest tried and and that's what's so. Effective I think about the politics that. Comparability. Uses pack it back in action leads. It's not it's not just inaccuracies it's it's acknowledging people situation. But then. Changing the source of their problems. Eagle pin is struggling economically right that is true and I have nothing but sympathy for. The working class folks in the city you are struggling economically including many of my close friends and and family members that is a serious issue and we need. Economic justice in this community. Oh what's happening is that. Economic struggle is being acknowledged but then blamed on someone else try to retain hope the news broke. Not because of accused some opportunities don't initiative or not because of a third you know tons of of tax breaks but because as immigrants are sent to be during the resource. I don't know I don't know it's a different kind of play I really important to look at oneself so while a lot of and is pointing the finger at like tin house. As the they evil that is destroyed your good old days and drizzle then he ought to be looked at himself in the mirror. At the same story over again yes there marine every subsequent group went through the same thing and I know that the countered that it is always. Yeah my ancestors did illegally and who sued to save it to misunderstand. The entire. System to misunderstand even in the case of folks were here without documentation to understand that that's not necessarily. If it's bad system is built into control. Labor that we have people in power who are. Interest in getting the least expensive workers that they possibly could and they've always done it that way. And yes this is what the Irish went through what the Italians went through. And what the Latino they're going through now there's not a fundamental difference in the moralizing around my ancestors vs the immigrants today is. Is problematic because it doesn't acknowledge the similarities of of the situation there is about much of the distinction between between then and now. So what do working class people do who really truly want to exert their power. Who truly want to address the issues that negatively impact them in harm their quality of life. What should they do rather than vote for Donald try open blue marlin that's already too late what can they do today. Mean. To come together. Come together and and and reach across the line of different fed have been can created. And Miguel come together with the Latino workers who are crop from them on the factory line. More we got to read our history and more we have to educate one another history more. Sort of empty joked that there is history built into that narrative but it's an empty nostalgia that just says it was one so great and it's not so great anymore. Closer reading of history complicates that story. In a way that reminds us that again this is part of an ongoing trouble and every subsequent immigrant group goes through this and so we need to come together. We need to educate ourselves. I think we need to really do it from the bottom up I think is what the last few months have I have told us is that. It. That we can rely on our our education system to teach us about this history and I don't know if we can rely on a politician to. To pass a do that in fact in our best interest we really need to. Do this on our own and and make demands from the bottom up and and then fight for justice and and and and and for truth you know I think for a lot of people referring to this is the post fact err I mean we really need to be able to get to the bottom of what's. Happening and been through all of this ugliness and in order to. Recover. And our basic dignity that's being thinks script from a to consulting to be to be manipulated news when. Where ten people pickup undocumented fears if they wanna read more about this. Published by temple university press so they can check out their web site but anywhere else if you order books online and in person who well Amazon and eccentric. Jeremy longer is no Ph.D. University of Dayton thanks so much for being an activist and these scholar you are she said what does this. I'd have thought he would take care okay.